39 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: September 25 — Fall arrives on the Palouse

  1. Don’t you know they let that little brat out of jail! Lindsay Lohan was allowed bail, like she wasn’t already a convict who violated her probation!

    Apparently her attorney went judge shopping and found one willing to let her out, claiming the original judge, Elden Fox, had incorrectly sentenced her, and she’s now out on an appeal of the probation violation. This is starting to remind me of the Ted Stevens corruption case, where the prosecutors appeared to deliberately botch the case to give the defendant a way to beat the charges.

    While I’ve never had this problem, I’ve known numerous people who received suspended sentences, subject to drug testing, and every one that failed a test went back to jail, without even getting to leave the facility after the failed test! I guess the wealthy do have a different set of laws from the rest of us!

    • Are you just now figuring that out, House? 😉

      Just look at OJ Simpson. More evidence against him that he killed his ex-wife and her friend, than there is against many people on death row — but he gets off. Amazing.

  2. Well, in this one instance, I thought the judge had her dead to rights. I can see wealth being able to afford the best attorney, hire expert witnesses, etc., and be able to create reasonable doubt, in the trial phase, but once convicted, and on probation, violating the terms is supposed to be an automatic reincarceration.

    • Sadly, it rarely works that way, House — unless you’re rich, white, and powerful.

      It really has very little to do with justice, and everything to do with who can afford the best lawyer and pay the most bail.

    • Will do, House!!

      Same goes for me, even though I didn’t experience a very tough summer. With one mild winter and one mild summer behind me, I shouldn’t be complaining about the weather. 🙂

    • Well, I’m off for a few hours. Gotta go see how my dad’s doing.

      Also, it’s my only niece’s 17th birthday — Happy Birthday, Miss Wilma*!!

      *not her real name. 😉

  3. zxbe, that’s beautiful. Where is that angry sky again? Minnesota?

    Just easing into Fall here in Portland. It’s supposed to be sunny and 80F or so, then back to much cooler weather and rain tomorrow. I almost turned on the heat in the apartment yesterday when I got up, just to cut the chill.

  4. gummitch, thanks. Yes, Minnesota.

    I actually did break down and turn on the furnace this morning. Being out in the damp cold this morning for the photos, I just couldn’t get warm when I got back home. :/

  5. Hi guys and gals, here in 32085 it is 85, feels like 91.

    My neighbor has been borrowing tools from me today to make major repairs to his bathroom. I just took him up on ‘come over and have a beer’ and walked over in my bare feet. When a young man over there commented on my not having shoes on, I commented that I was going back to nature.

    With beer in hand I walked out of the house and after listening to some claptrap from the fellow about my bare feet I scratched my side like an ape and said I was going back to my roots.

    The poor fellow was incensed and asked if I believe in evolution? I said yes. He then began telling me what a jerk I was and went on and on about god and creation.

    I asked him if he ever took biology in school and he admitted he quit school when he was 16 and still in the 6th grade!

    I am a firm believer in “It is difficult to win an argument when your opponent is not handicapped with a knowledge of the facts” and walked away shaking my head.

    I have finished my beer and am going back to my neighbor’s for another. Do I dare ask the fellow who he is voting for on Nov. 2nd?

    Stay tuned…..

  6. Great pix, Zxbe!

    Pachy, I think I just figured out who you are at TP.

    14 months in Prescott, I dread the prospect of moving back into humidity. I’m definitely not as adaptable as I used to be.

    (Good luck with the beer!)

  7. Lovely pics all around.

    I too can’t believe that brat got out. I was so hoping she’d be cooling her heels in jail for the next month. I no longer have any hope that she’ll get more than a slap on the wrist when she next goes before the judge. There truly are different rules for the rich.

    It’s like 108 here today, and 6% humidity. I just hope no fires break out, though at least it’s not windy. I’ve been huddled inside with the air on.

    Pachy, I don’t think I could keep my cool with someone like that. And geez! Never made it past 6th grade? At 16? Unfortunately, I think he well represents most of the teabagger types. They are trying their best to drag all of us back to the Middle Ages, when science was heresy.

  8. With 3:18 to play Alabama takes the lead from Arkansas, and wins 24-20! ROLL TIDE!

    I see Stanford has beaten Notre Dame 37-14, so I have the potential for the Alabama Trinity. That’s when Alabama wins, Notre Dame loses, and Auburn loses on the same Saturday! Auburn still has to play South Carolina starting shortly. This is a rare chance for me to root for Steve Spurrier, instead of against him!

  9. Congrats to the Crimson Tide. Temple played Penn State today. This is the first time that Temple was actually in the game. Penn State usually beats Temple’s dupa by a lot. Today, Temple lost by 11 points and held Penn State to one TD. The rest of Penn State’s points were FG’s. Go Owls!

  10. Hey Gary:

    I must confess that at times I’m mistaken for the saint, instead of the 1st city.

    I became a dragonfly, like many others, when Billo called the posters at TP insects .

    I think Zooey was a butterfly.

    I’m a handsome fellow who likes to keep my eyes on things.

    "All Right Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready For My Close-Up"

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