The Watering Hole: September 29, 2010 – Hump Day

Hump Day

Wednesday is sometimes referred to as “hump day” in American English slang. The workweek is a conceived as a hill with midweek representing the highest point.

Then again, the Movie “Watermelon Man” gave a different meaning to this day of the week!

(@16:25 in)

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Migration…. second world America.

Not quite Third World America, but definitely heading down that road. Not an unusual solution to the housing crisis in these parts, there are many dry dusty establishments in the neighborhood with a water faucet, 110 volt AC outlet, and a sewage hookup. If you can afford the $200.00 a month rent. Shade will cost you more. Forget about any appliance that requires 220 volts. Hopefully propane won’t go up too much, and we have a warm winter.

Third World America is at the next exit.

Oh… wait… it’s this exit.

He’s sitting in the shadow of the WalMart sign about a hundred yards directly behind me.