“Can We Send You A Sticker?”

David Plouffe wrote to me asking me if they could send me a bumper sticker. I’ll blockquote what he said with my response in between.

“Can we send you a sticker?”!

Let’s review your reasoning as to why I would want a bumper sticker that says “Democrats Change That Matters”:

“In the last two years, it’s been supporters like you who’ve redefined what it means to be a Democrat.”

Well, hardly. Apparently what it means to be a Democrat is: – to completely forget that we, the people, elected President Obama and the Democratic Majority to enact progressive legislation; – to roll over for the Republican Minority at the least sign of opposition; – to cave to big-money special interests; and – to continue as many of the previous administration’s illegal wrongdoings as possible.

There’s a renewed commitment toward organizing — which you helped instill with the campaign in 2008. That’s why Democrats have launched the most ambitious voter-turnout effort we’ve ever seen for an election like the one this fall. There’s a renewed commitment toward taking on the special interests and opposing their agenda — a promise you’ve helped us keep time and time again. And even though we don’t take money from lobbyists or corporate PACs, we’re still raising more money than the Republicans, month after month. With this renewed focus, the Democrats have introduced a new website filled with innovations to better connect supporters with candidates, state parties, and each other — and a new look to match that message.

– toward organizing voter turnout and taking on the special interests? How can you renew a commitment that you never really had? And you’re showing this supposed commitment by…”introduc[ing] a new website“?!

With just weeks to go in a critical election season, we want to help show that moving this country forward is a commitment shared by Americans across the states. So we’re giving away thousands of free stickers to help people show their support. Can we send you one? It’s what you helped build that laid the groundwork for this new commitment for our party. And together, we’ve spent the last year and a half building a new foundation for our country. Everything Democrats have accomplished — from reforming a broken health care system to reining in the Wall Street banks that were out of control — has been because of you. It’s something to be proud of. And I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to put that pride on display

The U.S. healthcare system won’t really be reformed until the health of American citizens is no longer considered as a commodity, and the out-of-control Wall Street banks are starting up their same old tricks. In this critical election season, Democrats need to loudly and publicly point out the blatant lies and hypocrisy of their opponents They need to loudly and publicly point out the ignorance and idiocy of the Tea Partiers’ so-called platform, and to loudly and publicly point out the real power and the huge money behind them. Democrats need to fight! Maybe then I’ll answer your question, “Can we send you a sticker?” in the affirmative. Even though I’m not a registered Democrat, I’d be proud of those accomplishments.

13 thoughts on ““Can We Send You A Sticker?”

  1. Great post, Jane. The last time the Democratic Party asked me for money I told them when you start doing something to earn it, I’ll reconsider. Until then I will donate to individual candidates. When you quit acting like whipped puppies and remember it ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog, ask again.

    Until then, lose my address.


    Vote Democrat, at least we’re not as bad as the Tea Party!

    Vote Democrat for a Change you’re willing to wait for.

    Vote Democrat: Our Party Symbol’s a Donkey because we have half-assed solutions to everything!

    Vote Democrat: We won’t roll over and play dead to Republicans…again…

    Vote Democrat: We promise to try harder this time.


  3. Hoodathunk, thanks, glad you liked it.

    I’m more than happy to vote to re-elect our Democratic Congressman, John Hall, he’s fairly progressive. His main ’causes’ are the environment and veterans’ issues.

    Most of the rest of Congress? Feh.

  4. Well, as far as I’m concerned, I can never support a Republican given what their party’s platform always entails. I usually end up voting for the candidate nominated by the Democrats because I vote for the candidate endorsed by other parties, who happens to be the same person. John Hall is often nominated by the Working for Families Party, so vote for him on that line.

    He’s the first professional musician to be elected to Congress. He was a founding member of Orleans. (“Still The One” and “Dance With Me”, both of which he co-wrote with his wife.)

  5. TtT, the “DemocratS” did not secure my vote, John Hall did. In person, he spoke very seriously and knowledgeably, answered questions respectfully and in detail (as much detail as time allowed – we were meeting in a library room that we had borrowed because it was too freaking cold to stand outside.) We’ve seen a lot of badly-needed infrastructure repair/repaving work in the area for the last several months–now I don’t have to remember to avoid falling in potholes at certain spots on my way to work. And with my old Civic, that’s a blessing.

  6. I’ll probably vote for the blue dog that represents my district. We tried to get rid of him in the primaries without luck.

    I will definitely be supporting Sestak for the Senate seat. As for Governor, I’m voting for Dan Ornorado. Tom Corbett (R) is one of the biggest pieces of crap and I hope he doesn’t get elected. Wake up Pennsylvania!

  7. I will vote Democratic because I would rather have an inept person with no delusions of grandeur in government than some clown who thinks they are god’s gift to government.

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