Sunday Roast: “If we amplify everything, we hear nothing”

Reason?  Sanity?  Yes, please.

200,000 people on the Washington Mall, celebrating the fact that we are more alike than we are different; proclaiming to the world and the media that we WILL NOT live our lives in fear; and that we will not be manipulated into voting against our own best interests.

This is us.

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The Watering Hole: October 29 – Friday Light Posting

I’m in full weekend mood already. Nevermind the venison stew that’s marinating and awaits cooking. Nor the laundry, nor the fact that I have to get up at five tomorrow morning for a trip to Geneva. Stupid me, I should have remembered not to sign up for that one. What’s up in your corner of the world? Hey! Sanity will be restored this weekend and I am looking forward to seeing as much as I can from that rally on the internet.

This is our Open Thread and it’s Friday, so let’s chill a bit.