Sunday Roast: Homeless Children in America

Did you know there are over 1.6 homeless children in this country?  I sure as hell didn’t.  To say I’m shocked to the bone is an understatement.

Rich German has an article at Huffington Post that talks about this issue, and these are some of the stats:

  • Over 50% of youth in shelters and on the streets report that their parents told them to leave or knew they were leaving and did not care.
  • One IN four homeless youth come from the foster care system
  • 33% of heterosexual homeless youth have been sexually abused
  • Less than one in four homeless children will graduate from high school
  • Every day 12 kids die on the streets of America

Parents are throwing away their children — quite literally, throwing them away — and many of those children wind up abused, uneducated, and dead.  These children are part of the future of this country (minus the 12 who die on the streets everyday).

At the One Nation Working Together rally yesterday, a young man said, “If my neighbor is hungry, then I am hungry.  If my neighbor is homeless, then I am homeless.”

Regarding that same rally, Glenn Beck railed against the people and groups involved, saying “All of these groups, and the president of the United States, want nothing short of fundamental transformation of America.”

You’re damn right we do, Glenn Beck.  1.6 MILLION homeless children in this country is a deafening call for a fundamental transformation of this country.  The United States of America is one of the richest countries on the planet, and as long as our neighbors are sick, hungry, and homeless, ALL OF US are sick, hungry, and homeless.

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97 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Homeless Children in America

  1. It is most unfortunate we are a ‘throw away’ society.
    Appliances with built-in obsolescence; one-time use and throw away: paper towels; ‘disposable’ mop heads; disposable diapers; plastic shopping bags, etc. AND the most disgusting, heart-breaking of all: our children.
    Yes, those children on the streets are the ones ‘being thrown away’.
    Even the children in foster care are ‘thrown away’ at the age of eighteen. That is beginning to be addressed – at least in CA. These children are being assisted into transitioning to society (adulthood) at large. Hopefully this will help them cross that threshold instead of landing on the street because they ‘aged out’ of the system.

    I am ashamed when the likes of Beck or Whitman talk about ‘bloated’ government – safety nets are not a luxury – they are a necessity to the health and welfare of the citizenry and should never, ever be seen as ‘excess’ or ‘too expensive’. The preventable death (by having safety-net programs) of children must be seen as the priority. The f’g rich looking for tax breaks must be made to either live on the street for at least one month (sans any money they have) – or attend the funeral of those twelve children that have died from neglect.

  2. This summer the local HeadStart office offered free lunches for all children, not just the little ones. The outcry from the teafolk was deafening. “Damned lazy teenagers should get summer jobs and feed themselves!” Of course, there were no summer jobs, adults were filling those slots. I’m sure we’re supposed to give a man food because he’s hungry, not because we have deemed him somehow worthy of help.

  3. My mother always told me this, she said that my Babba (grandmother) who was born in what was once the Austrian Empire, taught her that you always feed someone that comes to your door, especially if that someone is homeless and hungry.

    How can anyone throw away their child?

    Outstanding – your comment proves the point that the teabaggers and Republicans are selfish people. They don’t care about the welfare of our nation or anyone else for that matter. For them to bitch about feeding teenagers shows that they have NO morals and that their values are in the gutter.

    God help us if the tea bagging Republicans take control of Congress.

  4. HoR – Thanks for the link.

    I have a copy of Newsweek in front of me and the cover has a picture of Palin, Bachman, O’Donnell and Haley with the title “The Bear Truth, will the ‘Mama Grizzlie’s really protect America’s kids?” I didn’t get to read the article inside except for a quick glance which stated that “Grizzlies oppose abortion on the grounds that “unborn children” (their language) are the most vulnerable of all.” I disagree. Children tossed out on the street are the most vulnerable of all and these elitists women wouldn’t do a thing to help homeless children. They are self-centered snobs. As the saying goes, they only care about the unborn and once a child is born, then they walk away.

  5. Morning all. The ‘protecting the unborn children’ thing always makes me think of the Shrub and his bogus Mission Accomplished proclamation. The only job they are interested in completing is collecting all the money. Still not sure what they think this will accomplish.

  6. I was looking for information about yesterday’s rally attendance and ran across this from NPR. No surprise that AP would “give the nod” to the Beckheads. NPR isn’t so sure, and at least mentions the figure for the previous rally that researchers gave: 87,000.

    NPR’s Allison Keyes reported for Weekend Edition Sunday, meanwhile, that Saturday’s “diverse crowd crowd of activists filled the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and lined the reflecting pool in rows nearly all the way to the Washington Monument.”

    The first comment below the article makes a great deal of sense to me:

    If they really wanted a usedful number for the crowd, they should compute the ratio of the estimated crowd size to the number of hours of promotion given by mainstream media to each event. I rarely watch tv but I listen to a lot of radio and I read a lot online, but I wasn’t even aware of this event. Beck’s event was promoted like the second coming of you-know-who, and the controversy over the date only added to the public awareness. If the crowd sizes were even comparable, given the disparity of promotion, what does that say about the “enthusiasm gap?”

  7. Cats, when you read the Newsweek article you’ll discover that with the exception of Palin’s willingness to fund public education, all of these so-called mamas oppose any policy that would improve the lot of children in this country. They’re only interested in protecting their children from the evil government.
    As to the unborn, I hate those darned pins made to look like fetus sized feet. I’ll respect their opinion of the rights of the fetus when I see one of them sporting a brooch the size of some size 10 teenager feet, and promoting policies that enhance the lives of all children.

  8. It is surprising just how few photos are out there and how small the coverage was of yesterday’s rally. That durned librul media. From the few crowd shots I did catch yesterday it looked to be at least comparable in size to Beckapalooza’s well hyped revival.

    But poor Glenn had to be gnashing teeth and crying because they got to have signs! And they were spelled correctly!

  9. Ebb: “I am ashamed when the likes of Beck or Whitman talk about ‘bloated’ government – safety nets are not a luxury – they are a necessity to the health and welfare of the citizenry and should never, ever be seen as ‘excess’ or ‘too expensive’.”

    What is a nation without its citizens? Why shouldn’t government obligation Number One be to see that ALL of its citizens automatically have the same opportunity springboard, including always adequate food, housing, health care, and educational opportunity?

    Personally, I’m up to my eyeballs in this society that is defined not by its generosity to its citizens but rather by its greed, and the resultant ‘care less’ attitude the wealthy have toward those who form the nation’s backbone. As a character in my book (Nick Dixon, a black man from the Oakland ghetto, currently a PhD candidate at Berkeley) describes it,

    “…this country ain’t that place where that mythical alabaster city sits shimmerin’ on the hilltop, beckoning all the world’s ‘tired and poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ to come on in and sit a spell. No suh, this here country is a lot more like an old and cold shit-brown castle, surrounded by a moat full of mean and nasty snappers, sittin’ on a hill and lookin’ down on all us fuckin’ serf-slaves who work our asses off to make sure the guys in the castle are well-fed, fat, stupid, warm, and happy. Especially stupid. That’s our job, man. You, me, we all be in the same boat, and best we don’t try sail too close to anybody other than our own scum-suckin’ kind.”

    Any nation that enthusiastically spends a trillion dollars PER YEAR on war and the tools of war but can’t find a way to help ALL its people, ESPECIALLY its children, to find each their own pathway to a comfortable prosperity isn’t worth a hell of a lot, not in my opinion, at least. What’s left to be said about a nation whose priorities are reduced to nothing other than money/profit, and the power made available thereby and therefrom?

    Not much.

  10. That was my take as well hooda, perhaps yesterday’s rally extended further back towards the Washington Monument, but it’s hard to be certain from the pictures I’ve seen.

  11. One of the elephants in the room here about throw-away children is Marx. I’m not aware of him ever directly addressing this issue (I’m hardly a scholar of his works), but Marx was certainly among the first to point out that Capitalism commodifies people into objects to be used until they are used up and then thrown away.

    A couple of generations earlier, Kant (whose philosophy is at the foundation of Martin Luther King’s) argued that persons must always be dealt with as persons and never used as mere things. In teaching my ethics classes, when we get to the Kant section we also read an example about modern-day “dwarf tossing,” in which drunks in a bar compete to see how far they can throw an actual, living small person. The dwarf is always a volunteer and is typically well paid for his participation.

    The irony in this context is, of course, that a person is literally being thrown away. But part of the Kantian point is that in treating persons as persons and not mere things, that includes how we treat our-selves. Many students argue that the dwarf is “choosing” to do this, so that it is OK. Kant’s point is that we do not get to degrade ourselves to a thing — commodify ourselves for a price, in this instance — any more than it is morally acceptable to do as much to another.

    Just as with “Battered Person,” or even “Stockholm” syndromes, the habit of being degraded comes to be internalized and expresses itself in the habit of degrading others. Throwing away people goes from being merely convenient to being valorized as a “sport.”

    • In my thinking, a little person choosing to be tossed is the same as a woman choosing to be a stripper.

      The “choice” is a rationalization for having no other options.

  12. If we keep up with the idea that taking the best care of the 5% of the country that can afford to take care of itself we won’t have a country much longer.

    And frugal, Nick Dixon? You didn’t really name a character that, did you?

  13. The stripper example is one that often comes up in my classes. The point my students often miss (and sometimes struggle with once it is pointed out to them) is that the stripper example does not necessarily show that the dwarf-tossing is OK; rather, if they are really analogous, the dwarf-tossing arguably shows that stripping is equally bad.

    More generally, I try to get them to see that analogies go both ways.

    • I thought it was interesting (and stunning) that in my women’s studies class, many of the girls thought that stripping or just behaving in a raunchy “Girls Gone Wild” manner was empowering for women, even though it didn’t seem as if any of them were actually behaving that way in their lives. The one guy in the class said he just enjoyed the show. I asked him if he’d ever take a stripper or a GGW home to meet the folks, and with a surprised look on his face, he said “No.”

      Nothing is ever 100%. Some women may just love dancing naked and some little people might love flying, but when it comes down to brass tacks, I think those things have more to do with a lack of options, not choice.

  14. Part of the argument against the dwarf-tossing that I always pose is that the dwarf plays no human role in the process: An inanimate object of approximately the same weight, dimensions, and flexibility/malleability could easily be substituted. The only reason the dwarf is there is so that the normal-sized people can get their jollies laughing at the dwarf.

    Your example about enjoying the flying is one I’ll use in the future, because one can readily achieve that experience doing other things, from trampolines to sky-diving. The justification for it then all comes back to the comodification.

    The stripper example becomes more complicated here, because the “inanimate object substitute” would not work. However, one again needs to look at both directions of the analogy: does that make stripping better or worse? (The latter because one is arguably even more directly dehumanizing the person involved.)

    • I don’t see how the stripper example is more complicated, Gary. She’s a thing — a tool to make the club big bucks, and a wank fantasy for the customers. She’s a live version of the porn they have on their computers, except there’s the delusion that she might agree to actually let them touch her.

  15. In my younger days I worked as a bouncer in a strip joint for some extra cash. I found the dancers came in about three flavors. About half just saw it as a way to make easy money quickly (lots of students funding their education.) Another third or so we just flat out lazy and greedy. They were the ones who generally got busted for prostitution and drugs. And the last 10% were sort of quirky. My favorite was an ER Nurse who would take a LOA and dance to relieve the tension.

  16. Oh — lack of options: one of the ways of highlighting that is with the “When I grow up, I want to be … ” phrase.

    “Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a hooker!”

    When we can honestly imagine our young child (male or female) saying that to us, and our not reacting in apoplectic horror, then we might be on the verge of treating prostitution as a non-exploitive career option. (Presumably one with benefits, professional organizations, licensing and certifying boards, etc.) Until that time, calling it a “choice” is an abuse of language at best.

  17. Hooda — Yep, Nick Dixon. A black Berkeley radical who detests Dick Nixon. He explains, at one point, the origin of his name. His great grandfather and twin were born slaves, known only as Nickel and Dime when they were kids. After they were freed, they were each able to choose a surname. They drew from the suddenly defunct Mason-Dixon line that once separated free from slave states, and one became Dime (later Dimon) Mason, the other Nickel (later Nick) Dixon. The current Nick was named after his great grandfather.

    The name is, of course, mostly a play on the Dick Nixon notion, based on the suggestion that Eisenhower once slipped and accidentally introduced Nixon as “Nick Dixon,” an event that drove the young Nick Dixon into hiding for a week.

  18. I did something that I haven’t done in a really long time, I watched Face the Nation. Bob Shiefer decided that it was time to give the Dems a chance to speak after many weeks of catering to the teabaggers. Bob opened the show by mentioning yesterday’s rally and making it perfectly clear to the audience that the rally didn’t draw as big a crowd as Beck’s “I want to be the star preacher on the 700 Club” rally. The guests were Gov. Bill Richardson (still really like this guy), Gov. Ed “Fast Eddy” Rendell, and the top Senator for the People, Bernie Sanders. I thought that Schiefer was condescending in the manner in which he asked questions and then there was that smirky smile of his.

  19. I’ve often wondered just what the difference is between a sleazy strip club and the exploitation done with Brittany, Lindsey and all the other nubile types who are paraded in minimal clothing (with minimal talent). The whole Puritan/Calvinistic demonization of sex versus the constant barrage in advertising and entertainment has really made America schizoid.

  20. Zooey – I heard part of the President’s weekly address on the radio regarding clean energy and then I heard the Republican response which was nothing more than keep the tax breaks for the rich. The Repubs are so behind the times.

    • Cats, I’m counting on that continuing through election day.

      They say the Dems have an “enthusiasm gap,” but the Repiggies have a “clueless chasm.” So there. 😉

  21. Cats — It’s currently in the ‘edit the galley proof’ stage, and the cover design is underway. I’m new at all of this, but would have to guess that unless something gets screwed up, early next year would be a reasonable target date.

  22. Cats I watch Shiefer too. I wouldn’ have remember to watch it but Fact the Nation wasn’t on because of the Ryder Cup. What a jerk. He kept insisting that the Democrats were doing badly.

  23. The really bizarre thing about the rally is I have been seeing righty pundits putting it down as nothing more than a blatant political support rally. This is a bad thing?

  24. Meet the Press wasn’t on because of the Ryder Cup.

    An Average Joe at C&L said:

    I’d rather watch a golfer’s puts…….than NBC’s putz, David Gregory.

  25. Shayne, I’ve been hearing a lot of put downs on Democrats lately from the so called “liberal” media. It’s depressing and my guess is that the corporate owned media wants Democrats to feel demoralized and stay home on election day.

  26. “These children are part of the future of this country” – Zooey.

    They’re part of the present of this country. They populate our juvenile halls. Their predecessors populate our prisons.

    I’ve heard that researchers will look at the standardized test scores of 4th graders to determine how many new prisons to build, so that there will be enough jail cells ready for them when they hit 18.

  27. The thing is, even if the rally pulled the same numbers of attendees they did it without the hoopla and barrage of support from Faux and the rest of the media. They did it without co-opting a famous anniversary. And they did it in a time frame that was much less than the Beckapalooza Dog & Pony Revival.

    BTW, it has been over a month so just how much money did the vet’s organization make? Anyone heard?

  28. What I’ve been wondering about the different rallies in DC is whether attendance at other attractions is higher or lower when there is a big rally?

    My theory is with a Beck crowd other attendance would be down due to the intellectual incouriosity of Beck believers and age related physical limitations.

    I think progressive rally attendees are more apt to roam away from the hub of the rally to appreciate the cultural aspects of the city.

    I will give the point that reichwingers are trying to stay focused with their anger against whatever the threat of the day is, that they need to stick close together to remind each other of the reason they are there.

    I suspect many tea party types might not want to interact with the indigenous people of Washington either.

  29. nwmuse — Here’s a version of that rally from someone one “the other side”..

    Hmmh. I guess I really AM a Socialist. I’ve suspected as much for years, but now, having read that maroonedinmarin post, I’m sure of it.

    The person that put that tripe together kept mention ‘Islamofascism’. Strongly suggests he has no idea as to what either Islam or Fascism genuinely mean. It figures, I guess.

  30. Don’t judge a book by its cover: the telling point on that blogger :

    “Native Texan who, from 1996 to 2007, was part of an endangered species residing in Marin County, CA…”

    And now lives clear across the country in OIMF’s land!

    The blogger seemed concerned with trash – and we’re to believe Beck’s ballyhoo was left spotless.
    Since most photos were cropped (to show a ‘huge’ crowd) – don’t know if there are any true contemporary photos to compare garbage.

    If the only thing to think about is the lack of/amount of trash left by a rally…substance is lost.

  31. Ebb – “If the only thing to think about is the lack of/amount of trash left by a rally…substance is lost.”

    Ironically, the Beckathon rally was mostly made up of trash to begin with — also no substance to lose, much less locate.

  32. ebb, had enough has a typical juxtaposed photo op in his comment at 64 on the Whitman thread on TP. I’ve also noted that finding a time stamp on photos doesn’t exist so folks can play fast and loose with pics from different times.

  33. Due to the pre-empting of Meet the Press, and This Week focusing on the Middle East, I decided to take a rare trip over to observe the dark network and take in the Rand Paul – Jack Conway debate.

    Fox News Sunday – Kentucky Senate Debate – Jack Conway vs. Rand Paul, moderated (if you can call it that) by Chris Wallace

    Paul starts by crying about the debt and Obama’s agenda.

    Conway said he stood up for the people against Big Pharma and Big Oil, and that Paul is against the disabled and out of touch.

    Paul said Conway is an Obama Democrat, and that cap and trade will kill the economy.

    Conway said he supported the Stimulus, which gave $3 billion to Kentucky, and TARP, but that the bailouts had too little accountability. Healthcare is already too hard to get, and we’ll have a pre-WW2 system if Paul gets his way.

    Paul said funding the debt is money from Santa Claus in DC. Healthcare reform is too expensive, and causing rates to go up, but doesn’t explain why. New banking regulations are not fair because no banks failed in Kentucky.

    A Fox graphic quotes Paul from January: “Get rid of regulations. Get the EPA out of our coal business down here. Get OSHA out of our small businesses.”

    Conway said about OSHA, “federal mine safety regs are written in the blood of coal miners.” Paul would take safety regulations back to 1930s.

    Paul tries to hammer cap and trade for the third time. Conway would let the Bush tax cuts expire for most incomes, but he was for the cuts in ’03. Paul says Conway would raise the capital gains tax.

    Conway said he’s against cap and trade, too.

    Paul wants a balanced budget in spite of keeping all the Bush tax cuts. Even Chris Wallace doesn’t believe the necessary cuts could be made to do it and says so.

    Conway said Paul would cut Social Security by 40%, and that government must reduce costs by negotiating the bulk purchase of drugs (not allowed under Republican Part D rules, remember). Medicare should negotiate the way Medicaid and the VA do. Advocates Medicare fraud units in every state. As AG, he’s taken on Medicaid fraud in Kentucky.(Conway is doing most of the talking, and making more points so far) Time to end offshore tax loopholes and save $130B, stick to the pay as you go system, and have another bipartisan debt commission.

    Paul said there should be no Social Security or Medicare changes for current recipients. The Baby Boom generation is too many retirees for the system. For the younger generation there will be changes in eligibility, such as raise the retirement age. Paul brings up average life expectancy in the 30s (that was due to higher infant mortality, adults lived nearly as long as now).

    Wallace said Paul wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with ‘market driven principles’. 650,000 people in Kentucky are now uninsured. How do they get coverage?

    Paul said nationwide, a third of the 45 million uninsured made over $50k and didn’t have insurance because of the expense. A third were eligible for Medicaid but didn’t apply for it. A third were illegal aliens and shouldn’t get anything but Obamacare covers them. Wallace said ‘not true’ then mispeaks and says ‘the uninsured are not covered by Obamacare’ when he meant to say illegals. Paul said ‘it’s illegal to ask them if they are illegal’ and said Dems wouldn’t allow Republican amendment to make it legal to ask.

    Wallace to Conway:Premiums are going up, is Obamacare fixing the problem? Conway said the bill needs improvement, not repeal, it needs bulk purchasing, and to get rid of fraud, but pre-existing conditions shouldn’t deny people. 19,000 kids in Kentucky stay on insurance because of Obamacare and 45,000 small businesses get assistance to provide insurance. Paul wants to repeal all of that, and the retired can’t afford a $2000 deductible on Medicare.

    On Illegal drugs: Paul said in August ‘I don’t think it’s a real pressing issue’. Paul said he thought people didn’t care where the funding comes from, as to how much is Federal and how much is state and that no Federal money is needed.

    Wallace: Would you shut down the fight against illegal drugs to save the $16 million a year? Paul dodged this answer.

    Paul said meth labs have doubled while Conway has been the Attorney General (Is this because they are busting that many more? You only know about the ones you catch, right?).

    Conway said there are more labs because they are smaller, more mobile.

    Wallace asks why it took him one and a half years to set up a ‘drug task force’ he campaigned on and during that time, meth labs increased 60 % ‘at least according to our statistics’.
    Conway said it was a prescription pill task force he promised, which resulted in the largest prescription pill bust in the state’s history, called Operation Flamingo Road.
    Meth labs are a different issue, they come from out of state, they are mobile, ‘shake and bake operations’ and that the KSP (Kentucky State Police ) has the haz-mat capability to go after the meth stuff.

    What is your role as Senator if elected?
    Wallace to Conway: You have signed the policy platform of Move On .org and Daily Kos on Union Card Check, repeal of DADT, and you are ‘open’ to Govt. run healthcare, the so-called public option, is it fair to say that you would actually be to the left of President Obama? And would you support Harry Reid as leader?

    Conway: I’m going to vote for the leader that will do the best for Kentucky. I’m going to put Kentucky first. I abhor discrimination (Paul doesn’t) so I support repeal of DADT. It was painful for many Kentuckians to see Pand Paul go on national tv and question fundamental provisions of the Civil Rights act and the American Disabilities Act, and wonder what he would say to wounded veterans. I would try to create the jobs of the future with the home town tax credit, look at our trade deals from top to bottom, because we’ve lost 100,000 manufacturing jobs, and look out for national security. Rand Paul has said it’s not a security threat to the US if Iran has one nuclear weapon. I’m always going to put Kentucky first because I’m mindful of where I come from.

    Wallace: Dr. Paul, you talk about helping to start a Tea Party caucus in the Senate. Is it fair to say you would line up to the right of most Senate Republicans? Would you support Mitch McConnell for leader?
    Paul basically said yes on McConnell, but that it would be up to the Tea Party caucus and he would vote with the caucus. To help Kentucky, we need to leave more money in Kentucky. All these big government schemes, Obamacare $1 trillion (but would save money, by the CBO), stimulus package $1 trillion ( =$787 Billion in teabagger math), we either borrow it or print it at the Federal Reserve( yes, he’s a chip off the ol’ blockhead), we will have real problems if we don’t elect somebody who will go up there and seriously reign in the size and scope of federal government.

    Conway: There’s a real choice in this race between someone who’s going to put Kentucky first and someone who thinks we don’t need mine safety regulations, we don’t need workplace safety regulations, who does not think we need the Americans With Disabilities act, who thinks we need a $2000 deductible in Medicare.

    Paul: We have to approach the debt bipartisanly, Republicans have failed us on the debt and so have Democrats, I will reach across the aisle to say we have to reduce spending.
    It’s not a revenue problem it’s a spending problem and we need to do something before it’s too late.

    That was it. They said their thank yous and went to commercial. I wasn’t sticking around for Hume, Liasson, Williams and Kristol.

  34. From TP
    Trollspotter says:

    OT, but postworthy. On HuffPo, this allegation of an increase in paid trolling as November nears.


    The RNC and other right-wing groups are making a concerted effort to overrun and spam progressive and other web sites by paying people to log on and spew right-wing nonsense.

    They get paid IF you respond to them.

    Please don’t. (And it really irritates the crap out of them when they can’t get their 2 bits per reply!)

    If you must respond, copy a quote without their SN and paste it into your own post.

    That way they cannot get paid.

    [Feel free to copy save, and paste this notice anywhere you like. It’s only going to get worse in the next month.]

  35. 2ebb,

    Atlanta just went ahead of the Phillies 5-2, in the bottom of the 4th, and added 2 in the 5th. 7-2. I don’t see the Phillies using up their good pitching in this game, and I’m rooting for your Gigantes to clinch and simultaneously put Atlanta in the wildcard spot.

    Anyplace I can stream the Giants online?

  36. I just posted the following in response on TP:


    On HuffPo, this allegation of an increase in paid trolling as November nears.
    The RNC and other right-wing groups are making a concerted effort to overrun and spam progressive and other web sites by paying people to log on and spew right-wing nonsense.

    They get paid IF you respond to them

    (1) An “allegation“? Was there any evidence to support this, or is it sufficient that someone started a rumor for that to count?

    (2) How the hell do they determine “if you respond to them?” By addressing the troll by name? By speaking to roughly the same topic? Who determines, and according to what criteria, when those standards are met?

    The needle on my Urban Legend meter just got warped it hit the far peg so hard on this one.

    Absent real evidence on this, I am extremely skeptical.

  37. House, I listen to the local station (the commenters are biased for my team – enthusiasm is contagious!).

    Check it out – there maybe a link for viewing the action on line.

  38. Thanks for the live scoreboard 2ebb. Looks like that’s all that’s available. Online streaming is by subscription only.

  39. Zooey, I;ve seen you here and there today and somewhere you commented about the creep that tried or did put his hands in a woman’s pants.

    Now that got me to thinking, which can be a dangerous thing for me, and I was wondering?

    Do butterflies wear pants? 😉

  40. HoR – sorry that I’m so late in getting back here… volunteers from Conway’s campaign greeted him before he went in for the Fox debate and after he left the Fox debate. There were no Paulies around to greet Rand Paul either before or after. This bit of news came from a Conway campaign volunteer.

  41. The Seattle Mariners have exceeded my expectations and lost 101 games this season. Heading into the season, I was excited to see they had the two best pitchers in baseball… and they still managed to stink up the sport completely.

    Will I watch any of the playoffs or the Not-World Series?


  42. Cats,

    Nothin’ wrong with Temple. Bill Cosby played for Temple.
    Cats for Philadelphia
    2ebb for San Francisco
    HoR for Atlanta

    The Zoo has 3/4 of the playoffs covered! Any Cincinnati fans out there?

  43. house, put me down for the Twins. You know, in that other league. Or the Rays. I had high hopes for them a couple of years ago and then they folded like a wet paper fan.

  44. gummitch

    You be wrong. But you’re only off by two pitches.

    We know each out requires only one pitch, thus your 27 pitches is correct for the home team pitcher. In the bottom of the 9th the pitcher for visiting team throws his 25th pitch which is hit for the home run that ends the game.

  45. hoodathunk

    Every now and then you gotta get down and take a closer look at the situation. Nose around and sniff out the territory. Sometimes the answer is just on the tip of your tongue.

  46. gummitch:

    I’ve made a dollar or two off that in barroom bets, many a year ago. It can also be presented as the minimun number in an official game, given that after the 13th pitch is hit for a home run a cloudburst brings heavy rains and the ump calls the game.

    Briseadh na Faire

    For some reason I’m drawn to potato sack wearers, just so they were Idaho potatoes!

    Influenced by nearby community of Spuds, FL I suppose.

  47. Zooey

    Its the bewitching hour here and I’m heading off to bed.

    I’ll leave you this music with a pretty flower for a butterfly to flutter around.

  48. Ahh, things with wings – life is complete ~!~


    “Mel” is ‘home’.
    I couldn’t find my portable radio, the game had not yet finished and we needed to be in line for the Veterinary clinic! The folks behind us were getting up-dates via messaging so were kind enough to relay that the G’s had won!
    Atlanta comes into town on Thursday!

    The cat is being very good – except he won’t venture into the bathroom where the litter box is located.

    I’m thinking of trying to ‘harness’ train him so at least he’ll be able to walk outdoors, on a leash, with me. Didn’t realize how very much I missed the little bugger.

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