Friday night is Music Night!

The whole musician birthday thing is getting a little tedious, at least for me. Watching this week’s episode of Glee, I was most impressed by one of the duets, and reminded of what an incredible resource crazy old Phil Spector was in his heyday. So, for a change of pace, here is the Glee segment, followed by a spectacular version by the original spectacular singer (from 1996, when she was 47 years old). After you listen to these, which you absolutely MUST do, feel free to chime in with other music. But, seriously, this is one of the greatest pop songs of all time.


The Watering Hole: October 15 – My Hunting Career

Voters in Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee go to the polls to cast their ballots on Nov 2, they will be asked if they support making hunting and fishing constitutional rights.

Let me tell you about my sole hunting experience:

Just after getting a job at a computer company in NY, one of my office mates offered (We were packed with 4 engineers in a 12′ x 12′ cubicle.) an opportunity to go hunting for deer in Sullivan County. Before I get any further, I’ll let you know that 90-95% of the hunters that eventually arrived there were from NYC and their only experience with a rifle was garnered from Civil War movies and/or Field and Stream or like publications.

We arrived at the hunting site about 6AM and set up a blind. Until about 9AM, everything was uneventful and we had only seen a few does and mature fawns go by. At that point, the city folks arrived and we were in a virtual combat zone, it was sheer mayhem – bullets were flying everywhere! By then we also had bucks flying by us at top speed, but we were flat on the ground. One of the city folk seemed to confuse our blind with a 14 pointer hiding in a tree and emptied his rifle into it. That was the first and last time that I ever went hunting.

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