If it’s Friday, it must be Music Night!

I’ve got some kind of bug and need to cheer myself up. Maybe y’all can help. Sometimes, nothing cheers me more than 1980s pop. This is a particularly good version of one of my favorites; the radio version gave no real indication the band could play their instruments this well.


180 thoughts on “If it’s Friday, it must be Music Night!

  1. Lately I’ve been listening to Thom Hartmann on his Ustream video feed, because the KPOJ webstream keeps dropping out when I’m not close to the computer. This has become a regular feature of his ‘bumper’ music on that feed. I finally caught up with the name of it so I could play it.

  2. Vintage Lady Gaga? She’s 24 years old! 😀
    As my old man would say, somebody’s been eating too many aspirin tablets!

    Here’s one for the GOP!

  3. houseofroberts
    October 22, 2010 at 3:38 pm
    Vintage Lady Gaga? She’s 24 years old!

    Nothing gets by you <;

    This is for you House!

    And with that I'm out to view the views of the winged ones; the rising Moon & setting sun (if the clouds clear).


  4. Hope you feel better soon Gummitch. When I feel like shit, I like to listen to bluegrass.

    This is from an old music awards show with ALL the stars of bluegrass, then and even now.

  5. Can’t cheer anyone up tonight

    I grow old … I grow old …
    I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

    Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
    I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
    I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

    I do not think that they will sing to me.

  6. When I feel like crap I tend to go for what I consider high energy music. For you, gummitch, that seems to be 80’s pop. I’m not sure exactly what that entails because I started to lose interest in music in the 80’s.

    This one is a favorite. Fred is a putz but Ginger….

  7. Gary, not mine either. My history major was in Russia and East Central Europe. But being something of a Renaissance type I detect another.

  8. Another Medieval Fantasy — and, God, don’t you know what’s going to be on the DVD player the next few days?

    James Horner is, in my somewhat informed opinion, the best composer alive today.

    (1) Movie soundtracks today fulfills the rolls played by symphonic and operatic scores in the past. Those composers worked for money also.

    (2) An early piece of Horner’s, the frenetic pace does not overwhelm the stunning complexity and beauty of the music.

    (3) Unlike John Williams or Hans Zimmer, you can hear a piece by Horner and not know it is by him until the credits roll by. THAT is the mark of genius.

  9. Oh man, Krull. One of the dorkiest movies ever made but an awesome soundtrack. Reminds me of this. Rick Wakeman is talented.

  10. Another fine piece of Horner’s early work, where he’d also begun to explore Celtic themes.

    The movie itself is highly under-rated, in no small part because movie critics (and, I suppose, audiences to some extent) were not prepared to watch a fantasy adventure in which the characters all go through major growth and transformations.

    The character themes of the movie all rotate around three ideas: courage, service/duty, and love. Each of the three major characters in the film begins by missing one of these critical elements, and it is only as they each find that missing piece in the others that they are able to not only grow as persons but come together as a team to defeat the mortal threat of the story.

    (I dare anyone to watch the film after reading the above and argue that I’m wrong.)


  11. If I ever win the lottery and become a multimillionaire I hear by make this promise. I will make available to all Zoosters airline tickets to a location somewhere in the central US at some sort of resort, all expenses paid, so we can sit for a few days and talk.

  12. You do that, Zooey. And I will bet that 99 44/100’s of Zoosters will say the same.

    I have never met a bunch of people I would like to spend time with, face to face, than this crazy bunch.

    And you know what a chicken I am.

    • I think you’re right, Hooda. I’ve met several Critters, Zoosters, and TPers, but it would so awesome to get everyone in the same room for Yearly Zoo.

  13. If I’m the one with the money, I’m going to bring a significant part of my DVD collection with me and force you all to watch and discuss.

    Plan on at least two weeks.

    We ought to get through 3 or 4 movies in that time.

    (Seriously. A friend of mine and I will be lucky if we get through one movie in two days.)

  14. “In the Moose Room, there will be a discussion of Dr. Who. The Caribou Room will sponsor a series of fantasy movies. The Guiness Room will have…”

  15. Hmm who is missing from this music fest thus far:

    Saw Freddy Mercury go by, the Boss was on my mind….. I’m going for another Oils while I think:

    Another from the White Fella, Black Heart tour:

  16. Pffffft. I like monkey bread. I’ll make it myself. 🙂

    And I think I may have just po’ed folks on the top TP thread who were complaining about the new format.

  17. OK, so everyone knows Chris De Burgh because of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and the ‘Lady in Red’. He’s been an excellent song writer over the decades with an excellent range and great lyrics….

    … this one’s for Gillian, who introduced me to Chris’s music way back when….hope you are well wherever you are.

  18. Due to technical difficulties with my antique computing machine, it has taken me the greater part of the night to post this dedication ~

    To the guy at the bar earlier – “Please return my Pyrex with something yummy in it!”

  19. Did someone mention a party? With food?

    I can’t post on TP at all, ever. Being logged in their slows my computer to a crawl.

  20. Second one from Chris De Burgh. Look at the audience get into this one. I’m saving a third for next week – it’s so spooky I have to keep it for Halloween weekend.

    Chris De Burgh and ‘Don’t Pay the Ferryman’:

  21. I’m doing my own home-brewed version of Rogue Breweries (Newport OR) ‘Dead Guy Ale’ – timed for next week’s event.

  22. I’m not a country music person either, but I always loved bluegrass. Oddly my child came with a love of bluegrass and mountains, and he was born in the mountains of Guatemala.

  23. Unrelated to music, but still cheering me immensely: NY Yankees lost game six and will be off to the links. Of course, Derek gets to play with Minka Kelly, which ought to be enough consolation for anyone.

    Back to music!

  24. Rangers won, Yankees lost. No World Series for NY and Texas gets there for the first time ever. Derek Jeter said, a few years back, that he doesn’t bother to watch anything in the post-season if they’re not playing and prefers to spend his time playing golf. And Derek’s fiancee is actress Minka Kelly. Claro?

  25. Nah the masters of the double entendre lyrics: AC/DC….

    … actually this is pretty direct for them.

    “The body of Venus *with* arms”

  26. I just accepted Eric Cantor’s invitation to join him when his “Victory Tour” comes to my town, on October 25th! Isn’t that arrogant of the little weasel?

  27. “Outstanding, bring lots of manure when you join him.”

    I may just bring a chicken, considering the D candidate has a guy in a chicken suit following Eric about. I suspect Eric will bring his own bullshit.

    There is nothing sexier than corn.

  28. “Hmm, you used to be better at lying”

    OK, all the things I want to say here I imagine are a compliment, but

    A) My sense of humor is notably (noticeably?) twisted, and

    B) I can’t actully speak from experience (regardless of how vivid my imagination might be)

    anything I say beyond this is wrong in one way or the other …

  29. “somthing like a “traditional” song …”

    Well, we have a local Irish group that sings this at our market, but it’s not much like this. I’ve thought of an advantage to being older! When I attended parties like this, no one had invented video cameras.

  30. Gary got the Sandman – awesome version….

    So I’ll close with the man:

    Pope arrived in Hell, the Devil said, “Why are you here?” Pope said, “We’ll we fondled all these kids”. Devile says, “OK sit at my right hand”

    George W Bush arrives and says “I invaded all kinds of rag-head places and killed a bunch of kids”

    Devil says, “OK sit at my right hand”

    Ronnie arrives and the Devil says “Why are you here?”

    Ronnie says, “I think you are in my seat dude”

    This fool is sailing away, nighty night.

  31. Ronnie arrives and the Devil says “Why are you here?”

    Ronnie says, “I think you are in my seat dude”

    TtT – that was f’g hilarious!

  32. OK, not quite gone. 2ebb, I think I recognize these folks, but the original link at YouTube does not identify them by name. Do you have their group name?

    (I’d bet money they’ve played at Bristol Ren Faire, and I NEVER bet.)

  33. Sorry Gary – had to go shift laundry – and it’s way down the hall and to the left by the elevator!

    The little blurb under the vid says this:

    Scottish folk music performed in the streets of Edinburgh for international festival (Edinburgh Fringe 2007)
    Thx to Albannach band.

  34. Gary, they are great! I’m ‘step dancing’ as I type – my maternal Gran would be so proud (except she was Irish from Co. Antrim).

  35. The Rogues – in the vid you posted – are great.

    Man – I must be inhaling your fumes seem to be getting a buzz. Maybe it’s the music!

  36. The musical style is so close that I can’t tell it apart on these view samples (and I’m pretty good at that.) But the hair length in the 2007 of one of the percusionists is way more than I’d think possible for one year’s growth (the piece I posted was from the 2006 MD Ren Faire.)

    A web search stumbled me into this non-YouTube version of Bonnie Portmore. So with tears and pipes, I really do leave now …

  37. Gary that’s the name of the band – and these folk do/did play Rens.

    Here’s one more for you – not quite a lullaby but twill have to do – Goodnight Sweet Prince- awake with a light and not heavy head!

  38. Oh, I have GOT to stop reading your posts …

    ” ’cause the long boats from Antrim
    ha’ borne you away … ”

    I can’t hear this song, in any version, w/o being reduced to tears …

  39. There are pachydiplax, Lepidoptera then there are these little critters: Lampyridae – as a Nor Cal kid I don’t know ‘nothing’ about ’em.

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