The Watering Hole: October 22 – A Message for Conservatives, Don’t Vote!

Republicans (and Tea Baggers) –

Are you pissed at the way the current Congress has performed?

  • Are you upset at the way your taxes have been reduced and government spending has gone down?
  • Does affordable health insurance without the threat of previous conditions make your blood boil?
  • Are you upset that your young children can have health insurance and that those between the ages of 21 and 26 receive health insurance under your plan as they begin their careers?
  • Are you really upset that our veterins continue to receive government provided health care?
  • Does the continued health of Social Security and Medicare really stick in your craw?
  • Does ceasing the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign nationals make you seeth?
  • And to top it all off are you disturbed that the rate of illegal immigration is at its lowest level in three years and that more illegal immigrants are being deported this year than at anytime since 1998?

Is that is what is disturbing you? Then you must make your voice unheard when election day comes on November 2nd! Show your true feelings by not voting at all! That will show the Republican and Tea Bagger partys that they must work harder than ever in order to address your concerns!

This is our open thread. Please feel free to offer your own comments on this or any other topic.

I am only kidding, but it would be nice…

87 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: October 22 – A Message for Conservatives, Don’t Vote!

  1. German Grid Aching Under (Too Much) Solar Power

    The German electricity grid faces instability because of too much solar power, an expert said.

    Thanks to a generous feed-in tariff, the installation of rooftop solar panels and large-scale photovoltaic plants has exploded in Germany.

    Stephan Kohler, chairman of the DENA agency, an energy adviser to the government, has warned that the green boom could turn into a disaster for Germany’s aging power grid.

    The feed-in tariff, is the required compensation for unused power flowing into the grid from private homes, and privately owned solar farms. Intended to encourage investment in solar power, Germany is now finding that actually paying people to produce power to supplement traditional power sources has become too attractive too quickly? We should only be so lucky here.

  2. Anybody out there that can rescue my comment from the spam bin? It had a couple links in it, so that may be the problem. If that’s not the problem, I saved it so I can try again.

  3. Check your local listings – and weather condition then get the hell out and welcome the full Moon!

    Happy Friday and have kick-back weekend!

  4. I’ve got a spot picked out where I expect to see a few hundred cranes fly in front of the full moon this evening.

    After I visit the early voting location this afternoon.

    Have a good Friday everyone.

  5. That ad has been running for a week or two. Neither has an true regard for the citizens of CA – only the corporations.
    Ahhnald does seem to care about the environment, at times.

    • Sounds great, Raven. Maybe you’ll get some nice pictures. 🙂

      Ebb, it seems like being governor was just another feather in Arnold’s cap, but I think he really thought his policies would help CA. He’s smart enough to know they didn’t, but probably won’t admit it.

      Isn’t Meg Whitman the one who never voted?

  6. Got it, House. Good comment. I hope we run into that problem here. I haven’t had a chance to read the links, but maybe Germany can sell the excess power to other countries.

    Imagine how different things would be in this country if we could produce excessive amounts of electricity through solar power, and could sell that to Canada and Mexico? The electric companies would pay us for the excess energy, and the electric company could sell the excess power to other countries for whatever they could get for it, provided it is not more than 10% over what they paid us for it. (We can’t have the electric companies making ALL the profits out of this. If they can get way more from selling it to other countries than they pay us, then they can pay us more for it. Especially if we produced it and they didn’t.)

  7. Ahhnold likes lots of great big green fire engines with lots of men in blue uniforms with bugles on their collars to sit in them and watch the hillsides go up in flames.

    (Inside joke…but a joke all the same.)

  8. Oh, thanks Wayne! I didn’t see your comment until after I thanked Zooey. I’m switching back from here to TP a lot.

    I hope Thom Hartmann talks about that today. He’s a contributor to Common Dreams, so maybe he’ll spot it. Check the comments, there’s some additional information there.

  9. Wayne, you know what happens when you assume…

    And what was I assuming, that I should take it as a compliment? Because the fact that you’re much better looking than I is not an assumption, it’s a fact. 😉

  10. Germany has a fascinating problem. They have too much locally generated variable power (wind, sun) and no place to store it, so it destabilizes the grid which is used to cyclical power loads with predictable peaks (for example the British putting the kettle on at 2:45pm on Christmas Day right before the Queen’s Speech).

    I spent some time working around the power industry. This problem is a very interesting one. The fact is that there is a practical limit on how much power you can have generated by variable sources – it’s about 20% of the total. The limiting factors are the capacity of the grid, the age of the equipment and the topography of the grid v supply and demand.

    The solution? Find better ways to store power (like running pumps to pump water back uphill to behind a hydro dam), implement smart grid technologies to better manage the supply/demand issues and of course modernise the equipment.

    And does anyone think a Republican sock-puppet Congress and its corporate handlers would know what to do with this problem?

    More blown up West Virginian mountain tops coming soon…. that’s all they’ve got.

  11. Thanks, Z. I quit counting years ago but for some odd reason they keep happening once a year. If I ever figure out a way around it, I’ll post it here first. 😉

    The good news is that my daughter will be popping in this afternoon for a visit. That’s always fun!

  12. Not knowing Auggie all that well, music-wise so I’ll plug in ‘old school’ and ‘newer school’.

    ‘newer school’ first…

  13. Ok coming back to the question of the thread:” “What is disturbing you?”

    What is disturbing me about this election:

    1. That the average ‘price’ of a seat in the *lower* house of Congress is approaching $8m (I am inflating from a 2004 WaPo article) and of course one’s soul to whoever gave you that $8m (it isn’t you and I sports fans).
    2. That corporations are spending several times what the candidates are spending in some key elections, mainly to smear the anti-corportate (mostly Democratic) candidates. There is no traceability, no accountability. They are simply buying House votes.
    3. That the electorate is seriously and terminally stupid enough to think that voting Republican will help their interests one iota.
    4. That after four years of watching Democratic spinelessness in the face of Republican fascism, this election will change nothing at all even if the Democrats were to *gain* seats.
    5. The American media simply goes along with it all because they too are terminally stupid, paid for, or both.

  14. That the electorate is seriously and terminally stupid enough to think that voting Republican will help their interests one iota.

    The American media simply goes along with it all because they too are terminally stupid, paid for, or both.

    The Quakers say: “Friend speaketh my mind” – the entire post but especially those two points.

    The corporation as citizen – the Supreme f’k up of all time.

  15. I’m over on Common Dreams – I just saw this phrase for the first time:

    “business civil liberties,”

    Think about those words…..

  16. I think I may have to take up drinking alcoholic beverages to blunt the pain.
    On second thought – I’ll roll a “blunt” to help wrap my grey matter around the thought of ‘business civil liberties’.

  17. Walt – excellent, outstanding, awesome post.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to zxbe and frugal. May they keep on coming. As they say, every day above ground is a good day.

    This morning, I volunteered for the Joe Sestak campaign making phone calls. One of the numbers that I called had a 20 yr/old male listed. When I asked for him, his father said that he moved to another state. Then the 67 yr/old father started telling me that he was a veteran and that he was probably going to vote for Toomey. Then he said that he was worried about his Social Security which opened the door for me to inform him that Pat Toomey wants to privatize Social Security. This made him stop and think. At first, he said that he was an Independent, then after a minute or two he started referring to himself as a Republican. My guess is that he is a Tea Bagger and doesn’t want to admit it. Anyway, it’s always interesting volunteering for a campaign.

    Zoosters… please feel free to volunteer for your local or regional candidate. You meet nice people and the work is easy.

  18. Then he said that he was worried about his Social Security which opened the door for me to inform him that Pat Toomey wants to privatize Social Security. This made him stop and think.

    At which point you said, “McFly? Anyone home?”

    Probably not, but you wanted to… eh?

    • Exactly, Turtle.

      Democrats have so much to run against the repiggies, but spend most of their time on the defensive. I really don’t get it.

      BTW, nice to read you again, old friend.

  19. Happy Bday z&f

    I can think of one thing I would recommend Rbaggers do and quickly.

    Buy one way tickets to Somalia.

    Failing that, STFU would be a viable second choice.

  20. Ah, Wayne, what happened to the profile shot?

    hooda, I believe it’s tacked up right next to yours – on the Post Office wall!

  21. ebb, that may be more true than you think. Back in the early 70’s there actually was a person on the Post Office wall that bore a striking resemblance to me. I was even stopped and questioned by the police in Madison because of it. It was David Sylvan Fine, one of the people wanted in the Math Building bombing.

    It was pretty spooky.

  22. Hooda & ebb

    I think a little photoshop magic adding a number and Wayne will be ready for Smoking Gun.

    Guilty of progressive liberalism!

    Then Jane could whip him.

    Congrats Wayne. 🙂

  23. By the way ebb, I was trying to virtually inhale some of what you partook.

    Then a couple of my friends came by and got me all fucked up. :p)

  24. And Wayne? Attaboy. I’m a bit cranky tonight, spent my day speed wiring an electrical panel and the pain killers for my back haven’t fully kicked in yet.

  25. Thank you, Everyone! I posted it on my blog. BTW, subscribe to my blog and you will automatically be notified via e-mail when something new gets posted. Then I don’t have to be so dirty and whore my blog to everyone. You’ll know right away when there’s something new. 🙂

    And there will be again some day.

    And thanks again for the good wishes. I already sat my mother down in front of my computer and showed it to her.

    When Dan Abrams had an MSNBC show on at 9 PM, he asked his viewers to write in and tell him what they thought of his show. Jane had done so and when Dan did his Friday show that week, he decided to show some viewer mail. Jane’s was the one of the ones he showed. (It might have even been first.) I’m excited to be on TV.

  26. Apropos of nothing whatsoever, I have decided to start calling myself a “Pragmatic Socialist”.

    The people who don’t know that they don’t know what that means will be pissed off, and I will enjoy one of the few (admittedly, vicarious) triumphs of my life …

  27. Heh, one of my siblings called reporting my aunt’s children to cheap to run death notice in newspaper. They figured no one would give a damn anyway.

    I attended 17 funerals one year when I was an officer in my Masonic Lodge. I’ll never forget one brother who outlived his children. Myself and 5 other Masons were the only attendees at his funeral along with a single wreath from the lodge.

    Zooey, when I kick off down in Tierra del Fuego just feed me to the fish. 🙂

    • OMG, outliving my children. I can’t even imagine it. I’d be tempted to climb into the grave and let them throw dirt on me.

      Will do, Pachy. But only if you do the same for me, if I kick off first.

  28. Zooey, I’ll send you my disk if you want it.

    I got to thinking about all the stuff I have to unload for the trip south and remembered this:

  29. Zooey, did you hear the one about the man and woman who were ship wrecked on a deserted isle?
    After two weeks there the woman died. A week later the man buried her. Two days later he dug her up!

  30. Oh hell, you’ve got me started.

    Poor Abey, 75 years old with failing eyesight and hearing had entered the wrong room at the local house of ill repute. On the way out, the the madame inquired about his experience and he said he had had better. When the madame asked what room he had visited she informed Abey that she had specifically instructed not to use that room because the poor woman in that room had died earlier that day.

    “Thank God for that,” Abey said, “I was beginning to think she was Jewish.”

  31. “Whaaa? I’m not getting that one.”

    stereotypical ‘cold, dead fish’ – ‘princess doesn’t do it’.
    “hurry and get it over with”.

  32. Oy vey, Zooey, don’t take it so seriously, it was only a joke.

    What’s a Jewish woman’s favorite wine? I want to go to Miami!

    Hi ebb, I thought you might show up.

    How was your blunt? :}

    • Pachy sez:
      Oy vey, Zooey, don’t take it so seriously, it was only a joke.

      I know, but it’s sad that it probably has origins in fact or stereotype. Imagine being such a woman. Ew.

  33. David Letterman just commented that it must be getting cold in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell was seen making chowder in her cauldron.

    You know Christine O’Donnell?, he asked. She’s that professional witch running for the Senate down in Delaware. Yeah, she said she had a date on a satanic altar, it must have been in a Motel 6……6…….6!

  34. Hi ebb, I thought you might show up.

    How was your blunt? :}

    hmm, that predictable, heh? I’ve been ‘out and about’ cavorting communing with Ma Nature. Sad to say the blunt was purely virtual. The real sunset was spectacular though! It was a 3-d sky: lots of show-off clouds: cumulonimbus; stratus; altostratus and cirrostratus with patches of blue. Just a wondrous sight – setting the clouds ablaze in oranges, red and even puce.

  35. Red sky at night, sailors’ delight
    Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.

    I envy your delight ebb, I’ve always enjoyed sunsets when the sun, low in the sky, illuminates the clouds providing a panoramic pallet of shades from across the spectrum.

    Almost as beautiful as a butterfly!

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