War games

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Paul Jamiol
Jamiol’s World

2 thoughts on “War games

  1. I missed this story Paul, what’s the connection?

    I know media is greeting the release of ‘Wikileaks part deux’ as ‘big yawn, nothing new, they are untermensch anyway’, so that’s how we deal with the Iraqis who died…. what’s this one?

  2. Terry, This was going on during the Bush era. It appeared to change and up until recently the press was accurate (relatively speaking) listing American fallen troops as “American”. Since Petraeus has taken over, the news reports coming out of the Pentagon and the mainstream press have been listed only as “NATO” troops. They are clearly hiding those killed from Americans.

    I’ve seen it dozens of times and the only way to see who were killed is to dig deep. I did the ‘toon to bring it to light because regular press has been simply stenographers for the Pentagon and does nothing to let folks know that it was ours who were killed.

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