Watering Hole – October 25, 2010 – The Secret Powers of Time

It’s a revolution in time.

My favorite quote:  “You can’t have family values if you never have family meals together.”

This is our Open Thread.  What is your time orientation and time perspective?  Speak Up!

67 thoughts on “Watering Hole – October 25, 2010 – The Secret Powers of Time

  1. Excellent video.

    Lots of things to think about and digest. Two things come to mind immediately: one, we’re all born “present heodinists.” That’s also the “religion” espoused by LaVey in his “Satanic Bible.” LaVey recognized that was the natural state of man…and, as this video demonstrates, he was right.


    “Let’s do the Time Warp Again!”

  2. Yep, we’ve got Chinooks here on the front face too. Clouds shroud the mountain tops and it’s chilly.

    See, ain’t no such thing as global warming! (that’s in case Inhofe should pop in for a sneak peek at an obviously Commie website)

  3. NWS sez:


  4. We’re under a high wind warning starting Tuesday morning, through Wednesday evening. Calling for 30-40 MPH sustained, with gusts to 50-60 MPH.

    Oh joy.

  5. Today we’re actually seeing the sun for extended periods of time. Not to last very long – Thursday, day two of the WS may have to be postponed as the next storm will be paying us a visit.
    Yesterday was a total downpour – only the gulls, crows and ravens were flying about (well, I don’t count pigeons as nothing stops them).

  6. We had our windstorm a little over 1 week ago. Today is warm and partially sunny. It is suppose to be in the 70’s all week with showers. I don’t care what the weather is like this week as long as it is dry on November 2.

  7. This is from an article on C&L about Karl Rove:

    “I welcome [the Tea Party],” Rove said. “I think it’s one of the most positive and wholesome developments,” he said.

    “What [Limbaugh] took out of context was a comment that I made in an interview with a bunch of hostile German reporters where I said, ‘The Tea Party is not sophisticated.’ And my definition of the word sophisticated — I was using the one about pretentiously or superficially wise. These are not people that are skilled in the ways of Washington. They don’t want to be.”

    (bold-faced mine).

    He’s referring to an interview he gave with Der Spiegel. I have to ask something: Why are conservatives giving interviews about American politics to German media? And if he had such a low opinion of them to begin with, why did he agree to the interview? No American is ever required to give an interview to any foreign media, so why do it at all?

    My first guess would be that he wanted to say some nasty things that he couldn’t get away with saying in the American media, and he knew that none of the people he was hoping to dupe (stupid American conservative voters) would ever read it if it was in a foreign publication.

    Full article available here: http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/david/rove-limbaugh-took-me-out-context

  8. Well, I don’t have time to watch the video. I do know it’s hard for many families to break bread together when both parents are running about trying to put together some patchwork of employment in order to buy the bread.

    Happy Monday to y’all…now back to work.

  9. Can’t believe someone has done a t-shirt with Tim Lincecum’s famous saying “Fuc_ yeah”. It is said with enthusiasm and is a positive; as in “TheZoo fuc_ yeah it’s great”. The K is a silhouette of a pitcher –

    (our Timmy is a pitcher)

  10. TtT, thanks for that link. This truly spoke to me:

    If 66,081 – I loved the “81” bit – is the highest American figure available for dead civilians, then the real civilian mortality score is infinitely higher since this records only those civilians the Americans knew of. Some of them were brought to the Baghdad mortuary in my presence, and it was the senior official there who told me that the Iraqi ministry of health had banned doctors from performing any post-mortems on dead civilians brought in by American troops. Now why should that be? Because some had been tortured to death by Iraqis working for the Americans? Did this hook up with the 1,300 independent US reports of torture in Iraqi police stations?

    We are an ‘evil empire’ – giving a ‘tag team’ hand off to the Iraquis for allowing continued torture.
    Our governments can never step away from the death and tortures of innocent civilians.
    Our shame for eternity.

  11. ebb

    I was an officer in my Masonic Lodge which met on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month. On the other Tuesday nights we had rehearsals. I had not shaved for a week when the officers met for a rehearsal on a 5th Tuesday. I was frowned at that night and again at the 1st Tuesday rehearsal. One older member even went so far as to tell me “That better be gone by next week”, a regular meeting night.

    On that particular meeting night I had a late afternoon appointment with my attorney in a building on the same block as my Masonic Lodge. I left work early and went home to dress up in my tuxedo, then back downtown to meet with the attorney, unshaven.

    When I left my attorney’s office and got on the elevator a man on the elevator looked at me and asked if I was a lawyer? I told him no, and then he asked if I was a rabbi?

    I left the building and went to a barber shop and got a shave before my lodge meeting that night!

    I hope butterflies like clean shaven faces!!

  12. pachy, This Falco peregrinus can not speak for any butterflies – it can only opine from ‘observation’.
    Don’t think you need to worry about said butterfly – the Zebra Longwing has a thing for the dragonfly.

  13. Damn, I had to leave the cover of the swamp to fly up and grab my spirit. Had to have lifted at least a gazillion feet just then!

  14. gummitch, that WSJ kind of sums it up. We Gigantes fans don’t really care if anyone else shares our enthusiasm – we’re having way too much fun celebrating our quirkiness.
    (even though it truly isn’t a ‘world series – it’s the ‘top rung’ on the USA ladder of the game)

  15. 7:30 PM and its 80 degrees heading for a low of 76. No rain despite a 50% chance this AM. Forecast high tomorrow 87.

    Something ain’t right, I tell ya.

    Hell the next thing you know we’ll be putting up with them bikini wearing coeds laying on the beach come the end of the semester. As if spring break wasn’t enough.

    Tough times here in Florida.


  16. Crud. I finally get home (to where I can see streaming content – which is forbidden at work) and that Pledge to Corporate Donors video has been pulled. 😦

  17. Good Evening, Zooey.

    Sounds as if autumn has arrived in most places – except FL and AL.

    Thanks for putting up the cartoons. Haven’t seen the cricket so uncertain of their interest.

    I got caught up view some more NE. I sure miss shows that were thought provoking, entertaining and humorous like NE and Due South.

  18. My goodness that last post reads as if I’m in ”my cups”, which I’m not.

    Over to view Rachel’s special. Hope the audio is loud enough – this laptop doesn’t have the oomph so at times can’t really understand what’s being said.

  19. {shudder} That was chilling – Rachel and Company put together and excellent piece.
    Randal Terry and Troy Newman should be made to watch it over and over – put in context as to exactly the torture they put women through and that they are fully complicit in the murder of Tiller.

    Religion is evil – a damn crutch.

  20. I was reading my email and heard RAIN outside. By the time I was finished answering a friends mail the rain had stopped and the driveway asphalt was dry. I must be too verbose or something! 🙂

  21. A Randall Terry cohort is running an ad in our local market that contains images of aborted fetuses, in very graphic detail. It ran about 6:00 PM, when goodness knows how many families and children might be listening for the weather. It was paid for by some woman named Missy Smith, running against Eleanor Holmes Norton for DC’s non-voting rep. It accuses Ms. Norton of supporting the murder of babies. Not a word of empathy for Ms. Norton, who is quietly caring for an adult daughter with Downs. Thankfully, my son was upstairs getting ready for pig club. The station said current law forced them to run it uncut, at whatever time the candidate chose.

  22. Zooey

    The lack of rain is unusual. I used to keep an umbrella in the car, another at the office and two at home. I don’t remember the last time I opened any of them.

    I was thinking about forming a parade just for the chance it would be rained on. 🙂

      • Outstanding,

        Those people are disgusting. Abortion isn’t any more or less disgusting or gross than other medical procedures. These assholes just place a lot of emotion behind something that is totally none of their business, because of the potential for a morality judgement or some romantic vision of perfect babies.

        Hell, they’re not interested in taking care for the children they “save.” It’s not about the babies — it’s all about the fetus-huggers and their sick ideology.

        • Just finished watching Rachel’s special on the murder of Dr Tiller.

          That Newman guy from Operation Nutcase claims he had nothing to do with Roeder, but he sat next to him in Tiller’s trial in Kansas! They are investigating to see if there’s a conspiracy in Dr Tiller’s death, and I think all they’ll have to do is scratch the surface of the OR crazies to find it.


  23. OIMF,
    I have long admired Eleanor Holmes Norton.
    Exceedingly intelligent; compassionate and is relentless in attempting to have DC truly represented with a vote.

    How many times has the ad aired?

  24. Wash your car and water your lawn as an extra measure.

    Shoot anyone you see applying RainX to their windshield. That always prevents rain.

  25. The smug, pure nastiness of Newman – did you catch his use of ‘Mr.’ instead of ‘Dr.’ for Tiller? Stating that whatever befell Tiller was of Tiller’s own making.

    • And the way that Randall Terry asshole talked at the end with the attitude of ‘mission accomplished.’

      The conspiracy is there. Maybe we need to lay siege at OR members homes, follow them to work, put up wanted posters of their children, etc.

      They’ll be screaming louder than anyone about their rights.

  26. Why if it isn’t a Northern Flicker that just flew in.

    What’s this about washing a car? Are we supposed to do that?
    Just noticed the ‘do it yourself’ car wash charges $2.50 for every four minutes.

  27. Yeah, Randall Terry is some piece of work.

    He stated they will move on to the next target.

    At one of our larger reproductive health clinics these twaddling dolts not only have the photos – they’ll stand on corner – with very large rosary beads, kneel and have a prayer session for those entering the clinic.

    • Last time I was in Spokane, I noticed the Planned Parenthood clinic looked like a damn fortress.

      Apparently these assholes will harass anyone going into the building — even if they’re not there for abortion services.

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