The Watering Hole: October 26, The Ladies of Llangollen I – Wordsworth

To Lady Eleanor Butler and the Honourable Miss Ponsonby,

A stream to mingle with your favorite Dee
Along the Vale of Meditation flows;
So styled by those fierce Britons, pleased to see
In Nature’s face the expression of repose,
Or, haply there some pious Hermit chose
To live and die — the peace of Heaven his aim,
To whome the wild sequestered region owes
At this late day, its sanctifying name.
Glyn Cafaillgaroch, in the Cambrian tongue,
In ourse the Vale of Friendship, let this spot
Be nam’d, where faithful to a low roof’d Cot
On Deva’s banks, ye have abode so long,
Sisters in love, a love allowed to climb
Ev’n on this earth, above the reach of time.

William Wordsworth

192 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: October 26, The Ladies of Llangollen I – Wordsworth

    • walt, thanks. I have become rusty. I had to postpone the proper Ladies of Llangollen history thread for Friday, because it will take me much more time than it used to. But then, Eleanor and Sarah are a bit elusive in the internet and many info I had when visiting Plas Newydd I can’t link to on the net. I have to find my way around that. The Ladies are, however, icons on gay and lesbian sites. I need the history, though.

  1. Among the most corrupt are: Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, the countries where you (and we) send young men and women to war.

    Bush said he wanted to make them more like us. Apparently he succeeded.

  2. My apologies in advance for my continuing rant, but I received this in an email this morning from Defenders of Wildlife and found it particularly disconcerting. I don’t know if petitions to Congress do any good at all, but maybe they’re worth a try. Some issues, peripheral as they may be to “real” issues such as war, corporate welfare, unemployment, and the Marxist in the White House, do stand out in any case, and this I think is one of those.

    Wolf haters are at it again! This time trying to get Congress’s help!

    In the wake of our recent victory in federal court restoring life-saving protections for wolves in the Northern Rockies and Greater Yellowstone – a move that blocked this year’s planned wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana – regional wolf haters are encouraging members of Congress to take matters into their own hands.

    By acceding to the request to that they introduce legislation preventing wolves from being protected under the Endangered Species Act, certain lawmakers are actually proposing, for the first time ever, to deny Endangered Species Act protections to one particular named species.

    Were such legislation to be enacted, it would threaten not only the future of wolves in the Northern Rockies, but also the very foundation of the Endangered Species Act. The precedent could be devastating to this country’s commitment to saving endangered species.

    The threat of anti-wolf, anti-endangered species legislation passing Congress in next month’s so-called lame duck session is imminent and very real.

    Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg, who has a long record of opposing needed conservation programs, is planning legislation to return what would amount to unsupervised management of wolves to his state and Idaho, where groups like Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife are inciting anti-wolf hatred and pressuring local politicians to allow the killing of as many wolves as possible.

    And Texas Congressman Chet Edwards has introduced a bill that would prohibit Endangered Species Act protections for all wolves in the Lower 48 United States! That would include endangered wolves in Arizona and New Mexico. If passed, the bill would threaten the very future of wild wolves in America.

    And unfortunately that’s not all.

    Even Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester have been persuaded by anti-wolf, anti-endangered species extremists to consider legislation. And as now worded, that legislation would also have lasting – and harmful – impacts on our wolves and on the Endangered Species Act’s ability to protect not just these animals but also other imperiled wildlife from extinction in the wild.

    Take a stand for wolves and other imperiled wildlife. Sign our petition now.

  3. Yep, it’s the end of October. I just went out to the car to bring in cat food I bought yesterday, and it was so warm I had to check. It’s been mid 40s lately for lows, but today we have 75 and are under a tornado watch. I may have to run the AC today, due to the humidity. I haven’t run it for almost a month, and haven’t plugged in a heater yet.

  4. Snow, Zooey? Yeesh!

    My cats are all happy today ’cause I’m home and can let them outside to play in the leaves and all.

    Frugal, I get all of the ‘Defenders of Wildlife’ emails, but these days I can’t even stand to read them. I’ve signed many of their petitions without even looking at what they’re for. I’m so sickened by all of the animal cruelty that conservatives want to perpetuate, I’m ODing on outrage.

  5. Jane: “I’m so sickened by all of the animal cruelty that conservatives want to perpetuate, I’m ODing on outrage.”

    Amen. To me it’s incriminating evidence of complete lack of intellectual ability merged with an already shriveled soul. That defines the right wing in America today as ably as it’s defined far right philosophy across the ages, particularly in the last century.

    For me, the darkness behind the current wolf-killing panacea is exacerbated because I happen to know, from my years in Arizona, quite a number of uneducated and low-intellect wolf haters. On the one hand, they’re fascinating because their hatred knows no bounds nor do their murderous desires share a single basis with any fact of any kind. On the other hand, their uninformed attitudes are a real downer because their numbers are so excruciatingly huge.

    I know I’ll never understand the urge to kill for no reason, which means I’ll never understand the “god”-driven ‘Conservative’ movement in the US, the movement which gives new meaning to the concept of an emergent national insanity.

    Snow on the mountains here too, this morning. Ran the furnace for the first time this morning.

  6. Time to crawl up on the roof and winterize the swamp cooler. It is sunny enough today that I don’t need to worry about pop-up thunderstorms.

    I do need to remind myself to turn of the water at the valve down below before disconnecting the feed up at the cooler itself …

  7. The unraveling of environmental protection issues began with the evil Bush administration.
    The many decades of protection for endangered species were weakened or wiped out with the stroke of his pen.


    The Bush Record year by year.

  8. I do need to remind myself to turn of the water at the valve down below before disconnecting the feed up at the cooler itself …

    A wise move!

  9. Good day all!

    The DoW emails make my heart ache–like Jane I can hardly stand to read them any more. I hate the so-called Christians who think that god put us here so we could screw over every other species that shares the planet. Because we’re so special, and all. Troglodytes.

    However this election goes, I’ll just be glad when it’s over and I don’t have to listen to the constant barrage of ads.

    Oh, and it’s a perfect late October day here. Sunny and a rather cool 55, but supposed to get up to mid 70s by this afternoon. Lovely!

  10. That ad was very cool. I like how they personalized it–it was really well done and got the point across in a humorous way. Love the ‘corporatized’ names. 😛

    Of course, I always vote–even in the little local elections. I just hope that more progressives come out next week so we can at least limit the damage.


    Indeed. The Bush Administration was criminal in virtually every way that counts for anything. The real tragedy, though, is that he’s gotten a free pass, has gotten away with all of it.

    One thing I have no plans of doing, however, is to read his side of it in his upcoming ‘book’ (written by someone else, of course). I’ll not contribute a penny to his seven million deal.

    This country is slipping rapidly into the abyss.

  12. pawz, aren’t you in CA? The radio ads, I imagine the same on the t.v. machine are nauseating especially Whitless. I’d like to think Californians have learned the lesson of voting change just for change sake – Arnold has mucked up the state so badly neither Meg nor Carly have been seen with him – and neither mention who helped get us into this mess (a repiggie).

    We’ll know in one weeks time…

  13. Yes, I’m in Cali. The amount of money being poured into ads here is nauseating. Not just Whitless, but the propositions too, especially the polluter-friendly Prop 23. At least it sounds like both Brown and Boxer are polling ahead of Whitman and Fiorina. I can’t stand either of those women. *shudder*

    I love how they are trying to malign everything as a ‘jobs tax’. It never fails–scare the people so they’ll vote against their own best interests! I’m hoping that Prop 19 (the one to legalize pot) will at least bring out more progressives.

  14. I hope your friend is OK, gummich. They are in for some really crappy weather in that part of the country. I have a friend in Flint, MI who mentioned that her forecast today was for a whole slew of bad stuff.

  15. gummitch, I was just reading about the ‘hairy’ weather throughout the mid-west. Cincy seems to be hit hard.

    Scary stuff.

  16. I think that describes it perfectly, zxbe. And I think this sort of extreme weather is going to become more and more common all over.

    I just checked the radar for Flint, and they are buried under a line of red. Scary stuff indeed!

  17. My cats aren’t acting normal at all. They usually hit the cat bed after I feed them, and become a two headed ball of fur until it gets dark. They have been pacing the floor and meowing all morning.

  18. house, I was just going to ask if this was impacting you. Just watched the ‘Latest Forecast for Severe Weather’ and it showed Alabama with strong winds.

    Pacing cats – they are meteorologist!

  19. My friend in Detroit says that the tornado warnings were called off, but they have a high wind alert for 60-70mph winds.

    House, send your cats to me, they’d be sleeping like, well, cats, with our beautiful weather. All of mine are peacefully sleeping off their earlier exertions.

  20. Just heard from my friend in Flint. She said it hasn’t been too bad–just wind and rain mostly. They are under a tornado watch til 6pm though.

    Her kitty is sleeping in her lap, so all is well for now. 🙂

  21. I saw a weather report on CNN and was struck by a comment about that weather moving across the country. The man said the “good” thing was that it was moving to the NE, indicating that it was moving out of U.S. territory. I sat here thinking that the situation wasn’t so good for Canada.

    Why? Don’t people in Canada exist? Do they not watch CNN?

    I’m dumbfounded about this for some reason. Is it a self-centeredness in people that makes them oblivious to a neighbor’s plight? Why couldn’t he have just said something like “Look out Canada its coming your way”?

  22. hooda, check-in when time/weather/electricity permit. WI got some nasty winds as well, according to the weather people.


    pachy, it’s the U.S. ‘exceptionalism’. No one counts but us and we do everything for the good/s

  23. We just got a tornado warning for the county west of me. The track should pass well to my northwest. Once it gets into my county the sirens will go off in my neighborhood anyway.

  24. “Listen to the cats” – animals seem much more sensitive to changes.

    There are on-going studies re: does certain animal behavior portend and earthquake. Interesting but not certain it could ever be observed in enough time to be a forewarning.

  25. Will do 2ebb!

    I keep this bedroom window open just a crack when the weather gets worrisome. Helps me hear any emergency sirens nearby that might indicate trouble. The actual tornado siren is not far from the house and is pretty loud, even when the windows are closed.

    Well, there goes the siren, right on cue! This storm is not close to me, though it is passing near where my future-ex is at work. I’ve already talked to her.

  26. My dog went off several minutes before the Loma Prieta quake of 89.
    I couldn’t figure out what she was barking about and then it struck.
    Her barking gave me time to get out of the house.

  27. Jeez, house, stay safe!

    Our first apartment after Wayne and I got married was right next to the building where the siren is mounted in our village. We were also only about 100 feet from the train crossing – some nights we’d get the train whistle and the fire siren going constantly, but Wayne somehow managed to sleep through it all!

  28. vinyl, that’s great you had enough time to get out.

    You are no longer in the Golden State, are you?
    How’s the weather where you currently reside?

  29. The cell has produced a touchdown west of me, but it’s missing me by at least ten miles. It is missing my future-ex, but not by as much.

  30. It is 88 and humid.
    And flat.
    And swampy.

    I could use a trip to Santa Cruz or Pescadero.
    Spend a few days in the Redwoods.

    Oddly, the Bald Cypress is a distant relative to the Redwood.

  31. Ms. Fiorina was admitted to an undisclosed hospital Tuesday morning to receive antibiotics for an infection associated with reconstructive surgery last summer following breast cancer, said Deborah Bowker, Ms. Fiorina’s chief of staff, in a statement.

  32. hmm, vinylspear it seems you are residing in a state that is well represented on theZoo.
    A certain ‘dragonfly’ that buzzes around here lives in that swampy place as does the man who imparts great wisdom and very interesting posts (theMan).

  33. Yes, it is true. I enjoy the fishing and the outdoors here but, there seems to be a huge time warp that occurs when I cross over interstate 10.

  34. ebb

    Being a snake doctor I attend to the slimy creatures that each day slither through the swamp where I dwell. At night I retreat into the bowels of a man-cave where I can’t be found by nefarious pirates and pretenders roaming in the dark.

    I like looking for butterflies too. 😉

  35. Is that an odd/strange feeling to have such weather ‘go around’ you, House?
    Glad you and yours are safe. I do so like the Northern Flicker.

  36. What would be bad is if the power went out, and I couldn’t track these storms so accurately between the tv and the internet radar. Back in the April ’74 tornado outbreak we could only stay in the basement and listen to a police scanner. That was scary, but the storms were coming West to East, and we were at the bottom of the Eastern side of a small mountain, so we were sheltered from any major wind.

  37. Hope all in Alabama and the upper midwest will be safe.

    I missed Cantor’s event last night as my husband wasn’t home and I won’t take my child, given our current political climate.

    I don’t know the full story on this incident, according to a friend who was there, the man was detained by private security, resisted that, and the police piled on. He had been asked to leave by the owner of the coffee shop in which the event was held. Disadvantage of a small town, people know your political orientation even if aren’t displaying it at the moment.

    There’s a link to the video at the top of this story from the Richmond paper.

    Stay safe friends.

  38. OIMF, isn’t VA still part of the U.S.A.?

    No dissent allowed in that state?

    heck the fellow:

    Taylor said Cantor had promoted the event on his website, so he assumed it was a public event. “We RSVP’d,” he said.

  39. I RSVP’d as well.

    And yes ebb, Louisa is part of the USA, the real amurken gun-toting USA. Even 40 years ago we all knew that the rednecks there would likely shoot one of their number every weekend.

  40. Seems that Keith will have some prime picks for his worse sweepstakes tonight. Rand Paul and two of his staffers should occupy all three slots.

  41. Central Wisconsin is still where it used to be. I think everything not tied down has moved to Michigan. This weather is very much like our spring tornado season.

    As Winnie was wont to say, it has been a very blustery day.

  42. I’m still here too. I finally got one strong shower with some wind, that moved through really fast, and there’s a little more coming, but no more warnings in what’s left.

  43. Driving home from the office was interesting. Everyone stayed in the western most lane, except when the wind decided it wanted you in the other one.

  44. Well, I managed to close up the swamp cooler without falling off the roof even once. I would brag about the weather in the Central AZ mountains except I’m still barely articulate from pure moral outrage over the outbreak of tornados North of me some 3 — 4 weeks back.

    I’ve friends in Benton who were missed by the mesocyclone that cut through So. IL back in 2008, though the woman worked at the VA hospital in Marion, and showed me the trees — some over 100 years old — that were sheared off by the winds.

    I lived almost 20 years in Illinois, and this is the first I’ve ever heard of such crazed storm patterns. (Folks I know who’ve been there much longer concur.)

    There is a new study out that suggests that winters in the US will face a greater range of extremities (not just temp, but precipitation etc.) due to the unprecedented warming of the Arctic. Certainly weather extremes are a prediction of AGW. Most of the discussions I’ve read focused on disasterously changing precipitation patterns (besides just temp); but those things can certainly contribute to major changes in pressure (and hence, wind) patterns as well.

  45. It was a little windy last night so I slept in the truck instead of the bother of putting up the tent.
    Sometimes I think I live in a separate reality…

  46. Had an interesting conversation with my Republican salesman buddy today. Told him I wouldn’t vote if he didn’t since we would cancel each other out. He said, yeah but my in-laws and my friends are already cancelling my vote out.

    He was pissed cuz I laughed.

    • I saw that picture you posted a couple years ago of you and your fire crew, Raven. You probably have to wear your fire helmet in the shower to keep from going down the drain. 😉

  47. Raven — I understand your ‘separate reality.’ Prior to Milady retiring from teaching in June 2008, we seldom if ever in the previous ten years spent less than 90 days per year ‘out there’ in the woods, on the desert, wherever, and while we were known amongst friends as “high end campers” we always slept in our old Ford van. Came in handy the two or three times the winds were so severe they shredded whichever tent we had pitched.

    Those were the days.

  48. One of my best moments was when a X-tian asked me if I was saved.
    I replied:
    “Not until someone else distracts your attention away from me.”
    She went from pale to pink to red.
    I didn’t stick around to see the purple.

      • My son and I voted today, so that’s done. There were a lot of other people voting as well. I hope the turnout is high all over this country. It’s the only thing that might keep the whole thing form being stolen.

        As an American, I am devastated that it’s possible to have written such a sentence.

  49. In spite of being a christian, I never got the “saved” thing. I could explain that I could never remember a time when I did not believe, that in spite of questioning my faith, reason and my observations of the world always brought me to the conclusion that this had been created by something greater than chance, and much greater than me. Still I was pressured to manufacture some singular experience of salvation that I’d never had. So, I just started telling them “I don’t need to be found, I was never lost”.

  50. I’ve had enough of my room at the hot springs lodge, going back to camping at the state park.
    It’s too much of a fishbowl here, I need a little more privacy.
    I won’t have internet except sporadically for the next couple of months.

  51. 250k? Pfft. He is still employed with the company because I convinced the boss he had potential as a salesman. Which he does. (Thank doG he proved me right)

  52. That’s an excellent response, Outstanding.
    Another strange fixation for x-tians was the born again question.
    I don’t remember being born the first time.
    How could I grasp the concept of being born again?
    We never “start over”.
    It’s simply a matter of continuing to grow.

  53. Zooey, how’s the snow on Moscow mountain?

    We’ve had record setting highs in the area for 2 days in a row and predicted high for tomorrow would set record too.

    We need rain, when the aquifer gets low sink holes happen.

    • Pachy, we couldn’t see Moscow Mountain today, the clouds were too dense and low. I won’t be surprised if it’s still there. It was cold and windy again today, but the rain let up, so that was a big plus.

      I think sinkholes are awesome, but I’ve never had one open underneath me. My opinion would probably change quickly in that case. 😀

  54. I’m heading out for one last hike the rest of this week, Zooey… not really looking forward to going up on the Divide, it’s starting to drop down into the 20’s at night.
    I’ll be back on the weekend, moving out and into the little trailer at Caballo Lake.
    I’ll be checking in here on the occasions I stop into the lodge for a soak and an internet fix.
    I’ve got internet access at work, but am not allowed to use the work computer for this kind of activity.

  55. Speaking of work, what the hell is “fantasy football”?
    It’s what most of the guys spend the first half hour talking about.
    I have a few fantasies left, but football is never any part of them….

    • Raven, I hope you stop by the lodge for a soak and internet fix very often. 🙂

      I’ve heard of “fantasy football,” but no real idea what’s involved. Seems like it might be an internet game?

      • Idaho won its homecoming game this weekend, but lost one of the cutest players for the rest of the season:

        Idaho’s fourth win of the season doesn’t come without a bit of loss though. Linebacker JoJo Dickson was lost for the season with a broken leg after NMSU’s Turner blindsidedly hit him after a NMSU play was already blown dead. Dickson was immediately attended to by medical staff on site and was rushed to Grittman Medical Center for surgery.

        Joe was in my Theater 101 class a couple years ago, and I directed him in a short scene from “Accident Death of an Anarchist.” Poor guy!

  56. Evening folks.

    That’s some frightening wind out there tonight. MSP is down to only one runway. Thousands without power already, and the night is young.

  57. Be where your heart longs to be Raven, but know I’ll miss you while you’re away.
    I don’t know about the fantasy football, everyone in the grocery line today was talking about real football, and I was lost in that conversation.

    • Pachy sez;
      “I’m sorry your honor, I have a spinal stimulator that blocks nerve signals from my legs reaching my brain, I really didn’t feel his nuts bump into my knee.”

      Hey, how would you and your ready-made defense like to be the official teabagger rally correspondent for the Zoo?

  58. Outstanding, I am still baffled by the number of people who engage in the pro sport version of bread and circus. Whether it is fantasy or real world. Professional sports is a distraction at best.

  59. Thanks,Outstanding.
    I’ll miss the warmth of nightly soaks and your good company.
    On the plus side there is a phenomenal view of the Caballo Mountains, there are thousands of sandhill cranes that fly by at daybreak on their way to the chili fields, and it’s only $4.00 a day.

  60. This may seem a bit silly, but as I’ve gotten older, extreme weather makes me more apprehensive than it used to. I wouldn’t say frightened or scared, those would be too extreme. But definitely the nerves kick into higher gear.

  61. I’ve learned to see it coming from a long ways away, zxbe, and take cover a lot sooner.

    There’s a school in these parts known by that acronym..
    Sorry about that…

    Hard to imagine any anarchist dying by accident…

  62. America can get a taste of what the Right wants very easily. Just have every professional sport cut themselves back to a bare minimum. Races cover distance. Football, 4 periods of 15 minutes.

    No other rules. No Yellow flags. No penalties. No rules, regulations or anything that constrains participants or owners. Free capitalism. Anything goes.

  63. Heck, I can’t bend over, after Lyme disease I can barely walk. If you watch the video, that was a stomp, not an attempt to use your foot to hold someone down, a full-on draw back and stomp. They’re never very proud of their actions if you shine a light on them, are they?

    When we have severe weather, I have to hide the fact from the autistic weather mavin, he spins up to at least EF3. Sadly, he’s the only one who knows how to set the weather radio to auto-alert.

    • Outstanding, I love the ‘camera angle’ excuse from the wingnuts. The only clip I’ve seen was straight on, no obstructions, foot stomping on head. I don’t know what other angle is necessary.

      There was someone on the tape immediately telling the foot stomper guy to stop. I’ll give that guy some credit.

  64. “Races cover distance. Football, 4 periods of 15 minutes.”

    This might actually induce me to watch them. I love auto racing, the first lap.After that it sorta seems the same.

  65. Outstanding, Listen to the lad. It is what he does. He is just saying I care in the way that he can. Besides, he just might say your butt.

  66. Outstanding, I hope that the front reaching your area in the cool of the evening reduces the severity of the storms. The last cells that came through were pretty bad once they got east of my area. I still haven’t got word of how bad, but our local weather gurus were convinced they were seeing a serious tornado on the ground by the vortex signature the radar showed.

    Don’t anybody miss Keith or Rachel tonight! Rachel’s in Alaska and does a walking interview with Joe Miller. Her whole show is about the three candidates, and the interviews of the Miller supporters are hilarious!

  67. You are correct of course, hooda. If he sees a storm pass over, he knows which ones will spawn tornadoes east of here, but it’s 10:00 PM and he has school tomorrow. If I told hime there was a watch until 3:00 AM, he would stay up and watch, in spite of school tomorrow.

  68. Where would America be if we were as concerned about our world status as we were about who was in the World Series?

    What would the world be like if we expended the money and effort we do on any sport towards our needy?

    What would America be if a quarterback made the same amount in a season as a machinist? Or a mechanic?

  69. “Hey Outstanding, your son could grow up to be a storm chaser! ”

    Some kids know football players, mine knows Josh Wurman.

  70. Sports are entertainment. I’m sorry but I think if all professional sports were to disappear from the planet, the world would not only not end but it would improve. We might actually get past the circus and pay attention to the things that might have an impact on society in a positive manner.

  71. zxbe, we spend millions of dollars, probably close to billions, on the Rollerball circus and people, both left and right, buy into the distraction. No race car, no quarterback, no outfielder is worth more than a machinist, mechanic or technician yet we have reasonably sane people who buy into the lie.

  72. What is more important or interesting…the team in the World Series? The leader of the NASCAR ? The NFL Team in your area?

    Are you a circus follower?

  73. Sports have their place, heck I’ve coached hockey (move over Sarah Palin). Like our politics, our sports today reflect the lowest nature of the human beast. Greed, spectacle, and bloodlust have supplanted honor and fair play.

  74. Sports have their place. About three slots back. Given a choice between the needs of people and sports, I’d rate sports sort of low.

    Which would you rather have, a society that cares about your health care or one that thinks someone who can throw a ball is more important?

  75. Entertainment (sports) is a luxury. One the Haves loves to use to distract the Have Nots. Who ever wins the World Series or the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup has absolutely no bearing on whether anyone on other than the team members eats tomorrow.

    • The tragic thing about college sports — well, one of them anyway — is that they give these kids five years to get through college, full ride scholarship, and most of them end their college sports careers without an undergrad degree.

      They’re good enough to play college sports, but 99% of them will not be going to the pros. What they really need is a college education to fall back on, but that is not a priority for the coaches, and too many teachers give them too many breaks on grades.

      The kids always end up the losers.

  76. The sponsors are vampires who live off the effluent from the sad sacks who think that supporting their team somehow supports America. Support sports, support rich bahstids who like your money.

    • What are ya, Hooda? A dirty pinko commie?

      Believe me, I agree with you. People are homeless and children are hungry in this world, but the sporting world rakes in obscene amounts of money. That is messed up.

  77. Yeah, I guess I was a hockey mom, but Sarah watched, I coached, and it was kind of funny. I can’t skate, at all. I played field hockey for goodness sakes. I was all they could get for an underfunded, mismatched rec league team. We lost, a lot, because I played everyone, yet those kids all thought it was great fun and that I was the best coach ever.

  78. We’ll miss you Raven. I’ll think of you each time I gaze upon a Corvus corax!

    You are the Wild Child Enya sings about and to –

    The Cranes call you – we’ll miss you…

  79. “Hey, how would you and your ready-made defense like to be the official teabagger rally correspondent for the Zoo?”

    I can just hang some tea bags from my hat and carry a misspelled sign denigrating Obama/Pelosi/Reid and blend right in. I’d need to keep my mouth shut since I’m articulate and have a habit of talking intelligently, a dead give away of a progressive/liberal elite.

    I’ll do it Zooey, when’s the next Tea Party rally in your area? (wink, wink) 🙂

  80. Sports are a total distraction. Whether it is football, baseball, Nascar. Doesn’t make a difference. It’s all about the rabbit.

    Ask yourself, does who ever wins in any sports arena have any impact on anything? Does the MVP of football have any impact on anything that matters?

    Then ask yourself, does any sport have any impact on the fact that people just might be living in substandard conditions while sports figures are earning millions?

  81. Agreed about the insane amount of money paid professional sports and actors.

    I’ll still give a huzzah! To the Sharks and Los Gigantes!

  82. “People are starving! Who’s in the World Series? Pfft.”

    That is true. 3/4 of the money paid to pro athletes should be spread about to the real world.
    Private enterprise; free-market, etc are evil but exist none-the-less.

  83. hooda, sports ARE NOT important. My enthusiasm is local pride.
    The amount of money paid to professional sports is obscene – more obscene than any pornography ever or ever will be produced.

  84. Private enterprise, free market capitalism are nothing less than short hand for greed. Modern sports are short hand for greed. Do the math.

    • Why do you people want to punish sports stars for succeeding!? It’s their money, they worked for it! Homeless and hungry kids should work at McDonalds! If they’re too short to reach the fryer, they can stand on a greasy box.

      *channeling a stupid teabagger troll*

  85. ebb, local pride in greed still equals crap. The lowest paid Giant still makes more than a technician in any field. Yeah, I can get get excited about winning but I imagine the lions might have felt the same.

  86. Private enterprise; free-market, etc are evil but exist none-the-less/snark

    Unfortunately the USA has priorities all screwed up.
    Until people refuse to attend the events – bringing down revenue – the ‘big money machines’ continue to roll on and over.

  87. I don’t want to punish sports stars for succeeding (she replies, even though she knows you’re neither bagger nor troll),but bless their hearts, so many of them don’t know they’re commodities, much like all labor is viewed in this country today. Use it, cast it aside.

      • This country is experiencing an epic case of fucked up priorities, and I don’t see a problem with getting angry about it. If so many people weren’t suffering without jobs, losing their homes, becoming homeless, etc, it probably wouldn’t seem quite as obscene as it does now. But we are, so it does.

  88. I was given the choice of a basketball scholarship in what would have been PE in 5 years or majoring in physics and paying my own way. I took the latter and also earned a second degree in EE and a minor in Comp Sci in 4½ years. I personally feel that I made the better of two choices

  89. I’m sorry, but I just get angry. About how much money we pay entertainers (sports and otherwise). I get angry about why we think it is acceptable to pay a few individuals millions while others wish they had some sort of connection that might give them thousands.

    I get angry listening to people talk about which dork gets millions while others suffer.

    I get riled wondering why people I respect and enjoy don’t get as riled while they talk about what sports team might do this or that.

    I don’t care who wins the Worlds Series. I don’t care if they play the World Series. Americans are suffering while ball players, the lowest on the team making more than I do, are wondering if , crap, the lowest don’t give a crap.

    But America does..

  90. hoodathunk, you’d get more angry about performers when you find out how many of them get their job through nepotism. And the big stars keep getting parts because they can put their own money into a project and make more while better performers sit and rot.

  91. Yeah Walt, I think you made the best choice. My accomplishments don’t come close to yours, but when I wanted to study engineering, my mom told me that it was a good thing I was smart, as I would never be pretty. Smart served me better than physical skills or beauty ever would have.

    • Outstanding sez:
      …but when I wanted to study engineering, my mom told me that it was a good thing I was smart, as I would never be pretty.


      But the smart lasts — pretty doesn’t.

  92. I see. America is built on people who can play some sort of sports. If you can’t hit the entertainment world and do something that will probably turn you into a cripple by the age of forty, you can’t really be an American.

  93. Several years ago I checked and the lowest paid Milwaukee Brewer, the dork who never saw a single moment of field time, made more money per year than I did.

    • Ebb, I’ve donated blood once, and look forward to doing so again. The problem I have is that after donating blood I feel like I’ve drunk a six-pack of beer. If I had a ride home, that would be okay!

  94. I did donate ebb, every three months, but quit becuase I reckoned cancer and lyme made me undesirable. Do you know the criteria that makes you a good donor? I’d do it again, I just assumed I had bad blood.

    • Ebb, our spam bin has fallen in love with you. If any of your comments don’t show up, just give a holler. I’ll keep an eye on the spam bin as well.

  95. “Fantasy” SportX — where SportX is, as you might imagine, any professional team sport — is a game where people assemble their fantasy “team” from the existing pool of real players in the sport. It is, I believe, necessarily composed of active professionals, since the game is played by comparing and composing the stats for your “team” to determine which collection “wins.”

    I should say that I’ve never played, and am just gleaning the above from what I’ve hard. With the exception of a baseball game some 6 years ago on TV, I’ve not watched an entire sports event of any kind for at least the last 25 years. (I actually went to a Cubs game where a friend had tickets, and between 2000 and 2005 I went to an annual Superbowl party. But in each case it was for the booze and the company. I paid no attention to the game.)

  96. I used to donate blood on a regular basis (bi-monthly), but the doctor said that the meds that I take now would stop a recipient’s heart if he or she did not bleed to death first(Coumadin). Makes me wonder how I still survive!

  97. Outstanding and WaltTheMan, that’s why I put ‘are eligible’.

    OIMF you’d be ineligible because of lyme disease.

    Only about 38% are eligible to donate and of those only about 10% do annually.

  98. Hooda, I think we all agree that modern professional sports are games played by highly overrated pros, for obscene amounts of money, and are attended by fans whose rabid consumption of paraphenalia serves only to enrich the sweatshop owners. For some, I’m sure it can be a distraction from a higher purpose. For those who can maintain their perspective as to the game’s relative importance, it’s just a pleasnat diversion.

  99. I’d best off to bed as well. I’m tired of watching for a tornado, and as my last post indicates, I can’t even spell pleasant. My child will never forgive me if this house blows down while I sleep.

  100. (hope this doesn’t go in the spam bin)

    hooda, neither – just to point out that there are ways of helping others that are not really explored.
    Granted it does not ‘feed or clothe’ but it is a small gesture with huge benefits:

    Blood Centers of the Pacific

    Blood transfusions save lives.
    There’s no substitute for human blood.
    Every three seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion.
    About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood.
    A pint of blood, separated in to components, can help up to three people.
    You’ll make your community a safer place.
    Fulfills your desire to “give back” to the community.

  101. Gary, is that what being a college professor is all about? That was funny, in a sad sort of way, because it sounds like what you went/and are going through.

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