Spooky Music Night

Well, it’s almost Halloween, right? Oddly enough, videos of live performances of the song are tough to come by, so the first version is just music. The second is a little odd. It just happens that I love both versions. This is Music Night, so your contributions are expected and looked for. Happy Halloween!

125 thoughts on “Spooky Music Night

  1. Not Halloween music, but good to start out on.

    I think Blondie recorded this one on 45 rpm, but the drummer’s on 78!

  2. Well I think Halloween is going to be Tuesday night this year, Nov 2nd, that’s when all the undead, corporate zombies, vampires and other unspeakables will be free once again to walk the earth, f***ing up our lives. We’ll wake up on Nov 3rd and we’ll find they have gained the ability to be out in daylight….

    Here’s some Halloween music, well it has Hell in the title, a dude dies at the end and there’s Ellen Foley….

  3. Johnette, not Janet……. sheesh. Could be worse, could be Janet Reno.

    OK, here’s another. From my Chris De Burgh revisit. The spooky one I promised last week.

    See there’s a ghost train that carries the souls of the dead. Trouble is, in this world, if the devil gets to you first when you die *he gets your soul*….

    God is not omniscient…. that’s what makes this one scary. Unless you are an atheist, then you don’t give a toss.

  4. 2ebb, I’m glad to see that the Sisters Of Mercy is not the same as Reverend Little Ed Pembrooke’s Merciful Sisters of Melody.

    Gary, you’re slower than a turtle, Terry that is! Look up yonder at 3:24!

    Dedicated to a Linda, who shall be heard from shortly…

  5. ebb, the Mercury is doing better than me these days. Got a monster project at work that is tearing my back apart. Can’t take the meds too much during the day because it makes me fuzzy and I need my brain. When I get home the pain has me all cranky and the meds then make me a bit wonky. I should avoid friendly people but I get lonely.

  6. house, I just can’t compete with Linda – although when you make it west – we’ll go visit her. She still lives in the City (and is the artistic director for San Jose’s Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival) .

    OIMF – great choices on the music –

  7. Okay, before I knew it was spooky night, this was a video I had intended to share. Heard it on the radio this week, and enjoyed it and wanted to share it.

    Debussy: Suite bergamasque – 4. Passepied.

  8. Leaving aside the twists and turns of my mind that got me to this link (endlessly fascinating to me though they are):

    For the masks we wear and, more importantly, for the faces we show when we do not

  9. It took me two hours to do what should have taken one hour. That makes me cranky!

    You should try putting a nut on a bolt or starting a bolt in a hole, where your hand doesn’t fit, and something that should take five seconds takes fifteen minutes! Pretty much any car with Turbo in the name is like that!

  10. OK, I’ve no idea how the above happened, and would be just as happy if someone deleted it. (Hit the “paste” and “submit” without looking … )

    Here is what I thought I was posting …

  11. That’s an excuse to drink hot lemon laced with honey and lashings of whisky… Zoo, celebrate…

    Meanwhile here’s Sting from Dream of the Blue Turtles – he wrote on the sleeve notes “New Orleans: you can’t move for vampires after dark”

  12. How earth do Vitter and Ensign and Senator Wide Stance keep their jobs? Where are the value voters?

    Shit, we’ve got some looney tunes Lyndon La Rouchies on a street corner here with their ‘Impeach Obama’ Obama as Hitler posters and their ’25th amendment’…. Are these people wilfully thick?

  13. Having started on the soundtracks, this one is an obvious Halloween addition.

    Robert Duncan actually garnered a fan letter from me on account of this piece. The gentleman was generous enough of his time to write a personal response, which I counted rather highly. His current work is on Castle; and Lie to Me.

  14. If they are there tomorrow, i’m going to find out what they are going to impeach him for…. being ‘President while Black’ is my guess.

  15. ok, where’s the ‘thought provoking’ story from Pachy, Zooey?


    Yes, that is Janine Turner from NE rah! rahing Palin (oh puke)

  16. Oh shows you how much I pay attention – thanks Zoo. I’ll continue tilting at windmills here a bit longer… but but ‘Diaper Dave’? John ‘I’ll pay you off while I fuck your wife’ Ensign…..

    • Turtle,

      You just don’t understand. Diaper Dave and John ‘I’ll pay you off while I fuck your wife’ Ensign are good Christian men, which means God knows what’s in their hearts and they’re forgiven.

      God needs to check Vitter’s diaper…

  17. (Please tell me I properly closed my italics)

    I’m going to call it an early evening. Hope you’re not actually coming down with a cold, Zooey.

    All, thanks for the tunes. I’ll come back tomorrow at my leisure to catch up and see what I missed.

  18. Gummitch WTF?

    Gary, you are checking out here, so I’m going to put this one out there for you.

    Ozzy, Black Sabbath, 1970……. this song is 40 years old….. as the comments say:

    “Listen to the stoner doom guitar dudes!”

    There had been nothing like this before……

    Turn it up to 11, Nigel…

  19. Oh man, my Dead Guy Ale homebrew is powerful…. if a bit on the burnt/dark side.

    Oh and LMAO, SammytheTurtle just got Rickrolled…. heh

  20. I am not clicking that calendar link unless someone assures me I will not see Eric Cantor’s pasty white butt naked.



    True, Cantor isn’t there but what is ——
    it’ll ruin you for life.
    No amount of brain bleach will assist in the eradication of the images!

    Trust the Peregrine! Don’t listen to the butterfly


    TtT – is was a toss up between White Devil and Killing Moon.

  22. Man, I never heard of Echo and the Bunnymen, makes me wonder what other good stuff I know nothing of. I’m close enough to Leesburg that we’ve suffered the Larouchies for decades. How could anyone think Dick Cheney’s wife is the antichrist when it’s clear that Dick himself is?
    How’d we miss this one?

  23. Guess I’m feeling a bit maudlin this evening – here’s another great soul who has gone from this earth~ miss you Solomon:

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