The Watering Hole: November 4 – King Tut

On 4 November 1922, Howard Carter’s water carrier came upon the steps leading to the tomb of Tutankhamen (1341 BC – 1323 BC) an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty who ruled from c.1333 BC – 1323 BC during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom. Tutankhamen who has been immortalized as ‘King Tut’ became pharaoh at the ripe old age of nine and died at 19 from what appears to have been from a leg injury(sepsis?) and malaria.

The burial mask of Tuthankamen

In subsequent years a curse associated with the find has became part of modern folklore. Carter died on 2 March 1939 at the age of 64 which would indicate that he, who had actually opened the tomb, was seemingly unaffected by the curse as based on actuarial tables of the 1930s.

This is our open thread. Please feel free to offer your own comments on this or any other topic.

Recently, in 2010, rumors of a later curse are arising: “The Curse of Obama”. Whether this curse is real or not remains to be verified.


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  1. “The Curse of Obama” or the Curse on Obama – that one would be the repiggies and the teapottiers cursing him for being ‘black’ – never acknowledging he’s also ‘white’.

  2. Good Morning!
    Can any of y’all think of an example of a something that has been “privatized” and/or deregulated, that has resulted in that service becoming better or cheaper? Phone service certainly became cheaper when the big bell monopoly was broken, but I imagine that was the result of breaking up the monopoly. Privatizing military and intelligence functions of government through the use of contractors just inserts an entity that extracts a profit into the mix, and I’ve seen no evidence that these private contractors manage more efficiently, or produce a better result, than a government run function would. So I’m wondering, is there any evidence anywhere that privatizing something has ever made it better? Is it just free-market ideology with no evidence that it works?

  3. Privatizing the military was one of the worst decisions ever.
    We pay outrageous prices for services the military used to perform in house.
    And the best part of it is, that if you want to invade somebody it takes a half a million troops or so, hence discouraging adventurism and imperial ambition.

  4. “Privatizing” anything these days accomplishes only one thing: it establishes greed as the sole motivation for carrying on.

    America’s most egregious failure is her emergent mantra: Greed. Gone are the good old days when doing something right was of standout importance, when doing something right did not automatically equilibrate with higher profit, with more money.

    And once that thesis grabs hold, all slopes lead forever downhill only.

  5. Interesting problem emerging here in MN.

    Our legislature switched to red (first time in 40 years). Our outgoing governor (Pawlenty) is a Republican. Our incoming governor (Dayton) is a Democrat.


    Dayton only won by about .5% which will trigger an automatic recount. That will most certainly delay the seating of a new governor. During that time, Pawlenty will remain in office. So for a brief time we will have a Republican Governor with a Republican legislature. They’re already foaming at the mouth to cram through a lot of stuff during that window as they can.

    This also tells me that even if the Republican challenger isn’t going to prevail in the recount, it will be in his partisan best interest to utilize every option the law allows to delay the outcome of the recounts. With Coleman/Franken as a guid, this easily puts us into summer of next year.

    The state is in trouble.

  6. zxbe — Minnesota has changed. It used to be progressive to the core, now seems somehow almost overrun with wingnuttery. How did that happen? That Emmer is even CLOSE to Dayton tells me something has gone terribly wrong. But yet, in the US Senate are Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken. Philosophically more like Humphrey and Mondale than they are like any imaginable wingnut pair.

    How much else died the day Paul Wellstone’s plane crashed, I wonder. It’s all very sad, to me, an expatriate Minnesotan, but one who well remembers the good old days when common sense and tall principle ruled — as opposed to the idiocy so poignantly on display these days in MN’s most famous Congressperson (using the word loosely, obviously) Michelle Bachman. Yucko.

  7. Good morning, Zoosters.

    Frugal, greed motivated the Boston Tea Party. Local merchants were being cut out of the tea market…as well as a variety of other goods. The American Revolution was motivated by the economic self-interest of the merchant class, then the economic elites of the colonies.

    Capitalism is based on the notion that men motivated by greed will do the greatest good for this country, based on the unfettered ability to become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

    Capitalism is the driving force behind innovation. And it worked. American out-innovated the Soviet Union, and the rest of the world.

    Labor Union gains in the 20th century meant that the wealth was shared with the working class, creating a viable middle class. Now, this very middle class is voting to eliminate the very policies that created it in the first place.

    As a result, this country will soon have four classes: the destitute, the working poor, the professional class, and the wealthy.

  8. Frugal, just in the 20 years I’ve lived hear I’ve noticed a change.

    My impressions about why it’s shifted are (in no particular order):

    -Norm Coleman. Started out as a very popular Democrat and established a popular name for himself within the state. He then defected to the Republican party, but still enjoyed a certain amount of popularity.

    -Wellstone’s Death. This ties into Coleman’s popularity. Had Wellstone not died, he would have easily beaten Coleman (who was trailing by about 10 points). Coleman ended up winning the seat, and garnered a fair amount of national Republican attention as a result. Thankfully he lost (but barely) to Franken, bit I think some of what we’re still seeing could be riding on his coattails.

    -Tim Pawlenty. He’s a tricky individual to figure out. It’s not been uncommon (in my tenure here) for Minnesotoa to have moderate Republican governors. At first Pawlenty comes across as a moderate. But it’s a front. He’s as a right-wing extremist/corporatist in moderate’s clothing. What helps him hide it is a calm/low-key delivery style.

    -Jesse Ventura. Not him personally (in retrospect, he was actually a pretty decent governor), but the fact that Minnesota has a strong third party in the state. Given that the state allows elections based upon plurality instead of majority, the third party tends to be able to strongly affect the outcome of the statewide elections.

    -The economy. While unemployment is lower here than in other places, it’s still high. And taxes have been historically higher here than in other places. Combine this with actual decline in real income for middle class Americans and Minnesotans are feeling the pinch. As Mondale showed us, Americans – by and large – don’t want to hear the grown-up answer to solving budget problems (you have to both raise income and cut spending).

  9. Morning all!

    Yep, it’s all about the greed. It seems like it used to be that people with plenty would be willing to share, donate to charity and just generally help make the world a better place. Now it’s ‘screw you, jack, I’ve got mine’. The world just gets a little uglier every day.

    As for MN wingnuttery, did you see Chris Matthews asking Michelle Bachmann if she was hypnotized? Even then she didn’t give a coherent response–just kept babbling her talking points. God, how is it that people like this can be even remotely seen as qualified to be in Congress? Looks like we have a nice fresh crop of them too. Interesting times ahead, I’m afraid.

  10. I just added this post to my blog.

    Outstanding – I can’t think of anything that was privatized that provided better quality with more savings. All privatization has created is poorer and expensive outcomes.

    Most affordable shoes are made in China. I like Merrills which are made in China. I noticed that over the past two years, the quality of these shoes has gone down. I’m going to start looking for made in America shoes and clothes. Style means nothing to me. Jobs for Americans mean everything to me.

  11. Good Morning all,…Great header thread, Walt…Thank you for the post…Thank you to the rest of you for outstanding posts this morning..

    We are indeed in troubled times all across the U.S. I don’t have the solutions and you all have covered the problems well, so nothing to add..

    Here’s hopeing you all have a good day…Peace, Blessings & Justice.

  12. I think it was Allen Drury who wrote a couple of books about the Tutankamen period, centred around Ahkenaten and the first attempt to create a monotheistic religion. An atmospheric read “God against the gods” I think?

    Drury’s book has Tutankamen dying in a different way… not spoiling the book – go read it. 🙂

  13. BnF – that’s the supreme irony of today’s useful idiot Tea Party – they are actually enabling the corporate monopolies today…. ignorance and unlimited stupidity…

  14. On the greed theme, I just posted a new pledge under the corporate committee chairs thread on TP.

    I pledge my loyalty, to the logo, of United Corporations of America
    and to the profits, for which it stands, one market under the Christian God, monopolistic, with low wages and no benefits for all.

  15. Found on a Canadian blog…

    “The splendid days of Augustus and Trajan were eclipsed by a cloud of ignorance; and the barbarians subverted the laws and palaces of Rome.”

    – Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall’

    So long America…

  16. The worst case of privatization of government functions that I can think of is evidenced by the House in the upcoming 112th Congress.

  17. I don’t think vigilant will cut it anymore Cats, I think we need to take a leaf out of the French’s book.

    Nothing short of a general strike will do anything.

  18. I’m looking into a theory about the current crop of GOP/teabag women. If you line up Palin, Bachmann, Pristine and Nikki Haley, what (besides the stupid) do they have in common. Hmmmm?

  19. Gummitch, I’ve pondered that one too. I’ve concluded that if we could somehow get them all to pose naked side-by-side, I think we could put our finger on it.

    • I think the Palin, Bachmann, Pristine, Haley Effect is simply that these women tend to be attractive in a “somebody’s mom” sort of way. That seems to have a strong effect on the inhabitants of wingnuttia — male and female.

      For the males, they’re attractive enough to get them thinking, but not so totally gorgeous that they’re unattainable. Being somebody’s mom makes them safe.

      For the females, I think it’s more of a “that could be me” thing. Again, being moms means they’re safe — because if PBP&H are like the women of wingnuttia, then that means they’re dedicated to their kids and won’t be trying to lure away another woman’s husband — even if they’re attractive.

      Sort of a messed up loyalty in both cases, but only the worshipers are doing the drooling. PBP&H wouldn’t piss on any of them if they were on fire.

  20. Brunettes! They’re all brunettes. Once upon a time, all Republican women were required by law to be blonde (think Cindy McCain).

    But these were pre-feminist (hee hee) Republican wives. In order to gain actual political power, women had to dump the dumb blonde look and embrace the dumb brunette reality. Thereby destroying brunetteness for generations to come. Thank FSM for Mary Louise Parker, that’s all I can say.

  21. gawd, I’m being rebranded and am so damn progressive that left is too conservative for me.

    (brunette – granted with some grey; can’t do without tea: black, green,oolong )

    But I’m Not One of Them repiggies.

    Take Back Tea!

  22. When I read about the SCOTUS case this week, I guess I was shocked.

    Some games feature “people actively hitting schoolgirls over the head with a shovel so they’ll beg with mercy, being merciless then decapitating them, shooting people in the leg so they fall down,” Chief Justice John Roberts said.

    One game lets a player “pour gasoline over them, set them on fire and urinate on them.”


  23. WaltTheMan
    November 4, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    Standard interrogation techniques during the Cheney administration.

    Walt, you are so spot on today ~!~
    When you and pachydiplax get together – watch out world! – oh and could you either audio tape or video tape that meeting! Afraid if I became a fly to be on that wall, I’d not make it the 3,000 mile journey to witness.

  24. fatherbob, yes. Some video games are beyond tasteless and often demeaning to women. Sorry, but I missed a reference to SCOTUS. Can you elaborate?

  25. ok, I’m putting out the clarion call: House – where are you?
    If aliens from outer space have our HouseofRoberts – release him immediately!

    He’s got to be incommunicado – no greeting for Z’s natal day anniversary and now no mention of Margaret & Helen.


  26. Walt,

    I can’t commit now because I’m sick as a dog. Check the obits in the Record if I stop posting !

  27. pachydiplax, oh, dear the butterfly virus seems to be doing you in!
    Sending virtual wellness thoughts your way – meaning here have a toddy or two.

  28. pachy,
    That’s OK. I’ only 69 plus 7 ½ months and plan to hang around at least until SS goes under. I don’t read the Record as the grammatical errors tend to throw me into a seizure.

  29. “You know, but if he and Karl Rove had said, look, she is articulate on the issues as many people after watching our debates were able to say. If he had said, you know, hey, they’re just trying to create a distraction, there was verbal support that they could have offered as pundits, so to speak, that they chose not to for whatever reason.”

    Huh. No one said she was articulate? I cannot imagine why.

    It really is a shame the GOP didn’t pour millions of dollars into that race.

  30. Let the Bush tax cuts expire? Yeah, I’ll give mine up. I’m also down with eliminating the ceiling on what wages are subject to FICA, because I love my country, am fiscally responsible, and because somebody has to pay for the damned wars besides the families whose loved ones fight them.

    • I was just listening to Keith Olbermann. He said something about GOP Rep. Bachus [?] meeting ‘secretly’ last night with the Goldman Sachs and Chase, and telling them NOT to enforce the Volcker Rule. Shit, they certainly aren’t wasting any time in dismantling any protections to Americans from Wall Street. The GOP are so full of shit when they try to paint themselves as fiscally conservative. It’s so full it’s spilling out their eyes and ears..
      This was all I could find about Bachus in the last 24 hours.

      Here’s what the Volcker Rule is:

      The “Volcker Rule” is a provision of the landmark Wall Street reforms signed into law in July by President Barack Obama. The reforms won approval in Congress over the opposition of most Republicans, including Bachus of Alabama.
      The three-part rule curbs proprietary trading by banks unrelated to customers’ needs; limits the involvement of banks in hedge funds and private equity; and imposes a new cap on the domestic expansion capacity of the largest U.S. banks.
      The rule is named after its author, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, an outside economic adviser to President Barack Obama. Details of the complex rule are being fleshed out by regulators and implementation will take place over several years.

  31. Zooey, thanks. Truth be told, some of the pics folks have uploaded here is what’s gotten me back into it. 🙂

  32. zxbe,

    Absolutely gorgeous – you capture so well!

    Great autumn sky.

    I’ll report you decide (about climate change).

    04 November 7.15p and it is 71 degrees F.
    This time f year the temp doesn’t to the mid 60s

  33. Forgive the damn mess above – I hit ‘enter’ in error.

    “This time of year we’re lucky if the daytime temp reaches high 50s – low 60s. “

  34. Thanks ebb!

    On the weather front, we’ve been warmer than normal. They explained it due to the fact that much of our weather comes out of Canada this time of year, and they have little/no snow for this time of year.

    I wonder what would cause less snow? Oh, yeah, global warming.

  35. zxbe, the repigs now have the House so there is no such thing a global warming or climate change – hell they still think the earth is flat.

    I’m truly frightened for my country: McChinless is scary – Boner is a complete dolt.
    The President should have learned by now that there is no compromising with them – and that his veto power must come into play – often, very often!

  36. gummitch asks, “If you line up Palin, Bachmann, Pristine and Nikki Haley, what (besides the stupid) do they have in common. Hmmmm?”

    My best guess: No gag reflex.

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