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In recognition of the impending holiday seasons, I have the following comment to make:

TSA officials have recently announced that pilots will be allowed to bypass security checks at the airports. This only seems reasonable as a pilot is capable of turning his aircraft into a missile or to simply dive the craft into the ground.

This makes me wonder what the TSA will do if about 150 terrorists could each consume a full meal of Boston Baked or Bush’s Best Barbecue Beans and fart on schedule on cue from a ring leader and the methane ignited from a single flame. The flame might not be even required as other passengers might attempt to exit the craft via escape chutes at 30,000 feet!.

The TSA does everything it can to hoist a 95 year old grandmother (With a Hoyer Lift?) from her wheel chair and check out her shoes or rubberized socks for explosives. In more recent times the process involves body scans or pat downs, but they still do not scan cargo for potential explosives. Next in line is a search of body cavities. When will they begin relying on water-boarding – which would give a whole new meaning to ‘boarding pass’?

Why do these people have to go as far as they do? To get their thrills? The process is far less invasive in Israel where security against terror if a far more intense concern.

Priorities are being misdirected by an organization that emulates the Keystone Kops!

10 thoughts on “The TSA

  1. Interesting scenario there, Walt. 😉

    The TSA thing is out of control. I think a big part of the problem is that the agents are not properly trained. I was reading an article about that poor guy who had had bladder cancer and so wore an ostemy bag. He tried to warn them repeatedly about the bag and the need not to break the seal, but sure enough, the agent didn’t listen and the poor man ended up soaked in his own urine. The agent didn’t apologize or anything, and the poor guy had to get on the plane and wait until after takeoff before he could clean himself up. In several comments to that article, people said that many of the TSA agents have NO security or people-handling skills or training at all. One mentioned that they work placing people coming off welfare, and many times the choice is ‘Wal-Mart greeter or TSA agent’. I think something is going to give, because people aren’t going to stand for such treatment forever.

  2. It’s called “Empire Building”.

    I could expand at length and push my blood pressure up several points but those that frequent the Zoo are already familiar with top heavy, inefficient, sloth-like egomaniacal bureaucratic tyrants.

    Power corrupts

  3. People complaining and boycotting air travel will not sway the TSA because, a little power goes a long way in the mind of a mental midget.
    The slack jawed lackeys of TSA have jobs for life and they couldn’t care less whether you fly or not.
    When THE AIRLINES go to the congress and bellyache about the lost profits and threaten to take business out of their state or no more campaign donations or sweet sweet deals will there be any reaction, albeit much too late.

  4. vinylspear, you have the honed in on one of the sticking points: “a little power goes a long way in the mind of a mental midget”.


    Walt, “…but they still do not scan cargo for potential explosives”

    I believe that’s because the ‘public’ wouldn’t see the TSA at work, for as we know ‘seeing is believing’. If we ‘see’ the TSA abusing/frisking/patting-down/groping people we ‘know’ the system is working.
    Scanning cargo makes way too much sense – thus it’ll never be done until…

  5. I had started to develop this post on Thursday after my open that day was history. I originally intended to post it on the 25th. By Friday, the 19th, the TSA problems began to develop legs. Last night, I decided to pack it up as a general post before it became totally ineffective.

    I agree with ebb’s comment that the TSA tries to maintain viability, but as the cost of effecting actual security.

  6. A suicide bomber could set off his bomb in the middle of the crowd long before he gets to be screened and have the same effect if not more of an impact then if he/she set off the bomb on a plane.

  7. The more obvious question is just because terrorists hit the airlines ten years ago, why do you assume they are going to do it again? Is America only vulnerable to attack by airline?

  8. Yes, America (North America specifically) is only terrorised throught the airline industry.

    Geneticaaly modified crops, telecom immunity and monopolization, Wall Street bailouts and the Federal Reserve bank rescues along with General Motors lining up at the trough are NOT examples of domestic terrorism.

    Feel free to add to the list

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