The Watering Hole: November 26 – North Korea

What the heck do we do about this rogue nation?

Up to now we and the South have tried to placate the North by paying bribes in order to continue to protect South Korea, particularly the city of Seoul, a prosperous city of over 10 million people. China, the Norths only ally, has also tried to placate the North Korean dynists, but has yet to capture their ear.

Bombing the shit out of the North would be a simple task except for the fact that over 50 years of inaction has allowed them to put in place artillery and missile sites in place that could easily level Seoul and areas immediately south before the job was even 5% done. Nuclear weapons are not even an option because of the proximity of all of South Korea to any nuclear fallout.

Each time the North is assisted by food stuffs and the basic needs of life, they invest the funds and services freed-up to the production of even more weapons (Including nuclear production facilities.)

All I ask for is a rational and safe resolution of this self-perpetuating problem that does not imperil the survival of South Korea and its people.

Simple task? I am open to suggestions.

This is our Open Thread. Please feel free to add your thoughts on this, or any other topic that comes to mind.

30 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: November 26 – North Korea

  1. According to one of Fox’s unscientic polls:

    Do you think the U.S. should talk to North Korea?

    81.27% – No, they have violated international rules and should be punished
    7.91% – Maybe, if it will make it more difficult for China to exert its influence there
    3.84% – Yes, they are begging for attention in a cry for help
    6.98% – Mmm, only after Kim Jong-Il kicks it

    Of course using the “logic” of the respondents, then George Bush should be punished, as he too violated international rules.  Somehow I doubt that will fly with the right-wing mind.

  2. See, there’s a big difference. N.Korea is commanist and Amurka is a Christian nation chosen by God to be the greatest nation on the face of the earth ever.

    Commanists is bad, everybody knows that. They murdered 80 billion people in Russia and China alone. Amurka, meanwhile, has lots of rich people who care about nothing other than people suffering.

    There’s money to be made by business as it relieves suffering. Iraq, see, isn’t suffering at all anymore because George Bush freed it and lotsa people made lotsa money in the process. So he’s not a criminal, see; he’s a proud Amurkan, a servant of God. Amurkans ain’t makin’ money in N.Korea, so N.Korea is evil and needs to be destroyed.

    Something like that.

  3. Y’all are silly!

    Alabama stores opened for Black Friday pretty much like stores everywhere else, except that as 1pm approaches, those stores will be a lot less crowded than their counterparts in other states. Most shoppers will be making their final selections and hurrying home because today’s the day they play the Iron Bowl!

    Anyone wanting easy parking and quick checkouts should do their Black Friday shopping in Alabama, from 1 to 5pm! 😀

  4. Regrettably, I see no sane solution to the Korea dilemma. Staying out of there back in the 50’s would have been best in the long run. Today, we are stuck. If the North decides to attack it will quite likely be the grain of rice that breaks America’s back.

  5. This is a most vexing issue, because if we are to gain leverage, we need leverage on N. Korea’s supporting state and that is China.

    Who, btw, owns a huge percentage of our currency.

    So, the real solution is to regain our economic edge by starting to impose tarriffs on goods made in nations that undervalue their currency, and if we get called on our tactic, be prepared to lower our standard of living for the decade it will take to recover our manufacturing base.

  6. RUC, the worrisome part about that solution is it appears to be just what the R’s and corprocrats are pushing for. Of course, only the lower 98% will have to do the lowering.

  7. A make-up tax would be nice, but in the long run I’d rather see every last one of the buggers banished and exported to somewhere. Anywhere would be ok. Moon, Mars, Atlantis, Devil’s Island, all ok.

  8. The best solution would be to have a free trade agreement with North Korea.

    Open up the floodgates of capitalism and The Family.

    Then wait.

    In time, North Korea will become more and more commercialized, westernized, and hypocritized. A free-flow of goods from and to “the West” will eventually remove “the West” as a common enemy of the North Korean people.

  9. Once the scab (NK) is removed – the exudate will be putrid.
    The poverty level of that ‘nation’ is nearly beyond our comprehension.
    The citizens lose no matter what action is taken.

    (war is not the answer) I really don’t know what is.

  10. There is an outside possibility that if N. Korea were to take over the South it could end up similar to what happened in Viet Nam after the war. When abject poverty meets moderate affluence it is distinctly possible that affluence will eventually win.

  11. I have a pair of hiking boots that I bought maybe ten years ago. “Made in the Republic of Vietnam.”

    It bothers me a lot that nearly 60,000 of my generation had to die in order to make that happen when, left alone, no one dying would likely have had the exact same result.

    But, otoh, think of how poverty-stricken the MIC would have become were in not for eight years of war in the Nam.

    Lucky they’ve had Iraq and Afghanistan, elsewise it’d be ‘bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Pyonyang’ for sure.

    The smartest thing this country could ever do, if it was really at all interested in world peace, would be to cut the “defense” budget by no less that 75% per annum. Of course, no one that counts is really interested in world peace anyway. No money in it.

  12. The smartest thing this country could ever do, if it was really at all interested in world peace, would be to cut the “defense” budget by no less that 75% per annum. Of course, no one that counts is really interested in world peace anyway. No money in it.

    A little early for music night but frugal has wrapped this up nicely and deserves a huzzah! The whole thing is about

  13. Walt, sometimes you write cryptically – or ‘open to interpretation’.
    So either you’ve the ‘desired results’ of raw oysters as aphrodisiac or
    you’ve unfortunately encountered some with vV . ( Vibrio vulnificus)

  14. Raw oysters? Deadly? Nah. Many years ago at a high-priced resort hotel Sunday Brunch one of the temptations was oysters on the half-shell. My cousin’s son, a Harvard grad, knew about them, so he and I had a contest. Ten, Twenty, Thirty … yum! Finally called it quits (in the interest of human dignity), a designated tie, at 37 each.

    Heaven was within reach, yes. But, then it faded. Again. Maybe 38? 40? 50? I’m willing to try for the gold! But today I’d have to have something like a federal grant to finance it. I should check that out, maybe.

  15. One of my only fond memories of Florida was sitting on the docks shucking fresh Apalachicola oysters with an old black guy who made his ‘living’ doing just that. Me and a couple buddies helped him get a few dollars ahead while consuming every third oyster.

    Cold beer, a big ass bottle of Tabasco and some great stories. 50? I know I passed that mark that afternoon.

  16. pachy, which troll was it that Auggie ‘befriended’ over at TP?
    I don’t think it was by this name but another. Anyway you may want to pass this along to him, or not…

    “Luke the Drifter 1 minute ago in reply to Wayne A. Schneider
    Wrong, LIBTARD!!!

    St. Augustine is my friend.”

  17. frugal, I kind of figured that out – it gave itself away by being, I think, under a different moniker.
    Said troll would be the only one to call ‘St. Augustine’ his friend. Auggie is such a diplomat!

  18. Hi ebb, frugalchariot is right its Pokey.

    I think the person is very immature and not worth wasting my time with, especially while I’m waiting for the butterfly’s return. She did say she would be back today, didn’t she?

    I could go for a couple dozen raw Chincoteaque oysters and another couple dozen Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, steamed Baltimore style. And a case of beer, of course. Double the order if the butterfly will have dinner with me!

  19. Oh, ebb, how beautiful tis the butterfly and how wonderful I feel from seeing such s majestic picture. But ebb, a pin-up? Oh how horrible a thought to tiny winged creatures. When I think of the millions upon millions of my insect cousins currently pinned for eternity in collections around the world… Now ebb I fully appreciate the “pin-up” reference applied to such a sexy creature as the butterfly and will forgive you if in the future you link to a picture or photo or poster or whatever just not a “pin-up”.

    It is strange however, if I was in high school with the butterfly I’d want to be pinned to her! 🙂

  20. pachy, pin up as in – this is a photo – place thumbtacks on each corner to adhere to a flat surface. (well, if it were ‘virtual’ of course)


  21. My suggestion Walt, would be to try to take out the leadership, either by special forces, strikes, etc, or via a propaganda campaign.

    The North Korean people for the most part are miserable, starving wretches, while right across the DMZ is a prosperous society enjoying a good, rich life.

    Take out Kim Jong Ill, and his son, his cabinet, and some of the military command while at the same time spreading a propaganda campaign telling the people that the good life they see in Seoul is just around the corner, if they side with us, help us overthrow this dirtbag and the oligarchy surrounding him.

    Not saying it would be easy, but I think of all the options out there its the one with the best chance of success coupled with the least amount of casualties.

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