1 thought on “From the lips of a biased wacko…

  1. True colors..

    I can’t stand what this guy has made of himself. It actually makes me really sad. Just think of how many people in this country this man had the opportunity and the power to influence, how many people who have hung on his every word.. He has a voice and a medium, and an amazing opportunity in his brief time on this planet to do good, to bring out the good in the people who listen and follow him, to make things better. There is so much good he could do and yet he instead chooses to fuel hate and fear (especially hate), just for money and for ratings. I will never understand that. It is such small, short term thinking. This man is only interested in himself.

    There is so much that is wrong with our world. When you are given that much opportunity to do something that matters, why would you throw it away.. Or, make it worse..

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