Watering Hole: November November 29, 2010 – Consumerism and Stuff

This year’s season of consumerism began on Black Friday, November 26.  The message is that the more me consume, the happier we will be.  Not so.  Sure, we were shopping for other people on Black Friday, but what does it say about our society when stores open at midnight and people stay up all night and wait in line for other stores that open at 4:00 am?

So this is where we are heading.

We are told that consumerism is the “American Dream”.  And here all along I thought it was home ownership.

And consumerism comes with a price to our environment and our need for cheap goods creates labor abuse in developing nations.

But there are other ways…

A little something about “stuff”.


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125 thoughts on “Watering Hole: November November 29, 2010 – Consumerism and Stuff

  1. I have an 11 year old who is incapable of consumerism. I’ll be giving him another beehive for Christmas.

    Is anyone else disturbed by the car commercials that suggest you get a Lexus for the holidays? Seriously, when I hear the phrase “War on Christmas”, I think of commercials like that, as well as the barrage of news reports detailing the amount of gift spending vs. previous years.

  2. Aboriginal cultures would let the hearth fire go out each solstice, and sit fasting in the cold and dark for a day and night waiting for the life giving sun to begin again it’s ascent into the sky. This tradition gave appreciation for warmth and light as they rekindled their fires and feasted on the food they had thoughtfully labored to gather beforehand.

    Modern culture has it backwards.

    They gorge and squander their resources and wake up at the beginning of the new year to maxed out credit and labor the rest of the year to pay it back.

  3. A friend and I were talking over the weekend about wants vs. needs. Our needs are fairly modest. But, our wants (as a nation) are enormous.

    Unfortunately, most people use the word “need” when they really mean “want.”

    Personally, I’ve been, over the last couple of years, going with the mantra of “less is more.” I came to the conclusion that I have way too much crap. And I’m tired of having all this crap around. Stuff I thought I needed at one time, but clearly if it goes unused, I don’t “need” it.

  4. Too many possessions become a burden.
    They take a lot of energy away from simply being.
    A clutter of stuff becomes a clutter of the mind.

  5. I spent the last two days “decluttering” a room. I had these “things” that I thought I would do something with and all that I have done with them is move them around the room. They are now on the pile for the “Free” Craigslist posting which I will do in the Spring because there are a few closets that need cleaning.

    Outstanding, I hate those Lexus and Mercedes commercials. I find them insulting and demeaning. Actually, I hate car commercials. I do, however, like the “thank you” commercial from GM. Wall Street and the Banks never said “thank you”. All they did and continue to do is try to steal more from us.

  6. Cats, I agree re the GM commercial. I think its the best commercial ever put out by a car company.

    Wall Street is addicted to gambling, and the only thanks you’ll ever get from an addict is when you enable their addiction. Their bailout (when Obama took over) came with restrictions, hence, no thanks. That’s why they’re spending so much money to have all regulations removed. If they succeed, they’ll go back to gambling again. They’ll bet the House, and lose it, along with the Senate! (Of course, we’ll be in a global depression by then, but that’s the price we’ll have to pay for Citizen’s United)

  7. Had a bit of a down experience this morning. The “Elmer Fudds” were out shooting deer. I heard several shots while getting ready for work. About 1/4 mile from my home, there was a dead deer on the side of the road. Looked like a relatively fresh kill. Depressing.

  8. Well I used to wonder about all those football players thanking Jesus for their touchdown, the long pass or the last minute field goal. I wondered if the opposing cornerback ever complained about “Yeah, I was all over him, and then this bearded white dude in a flowing robe threw a block from nowhere!”

    Well, maybe that’s not so ridiculous, Jesus must have been on the spread favouring the Steelers…


  9. Hunters disgust me. Always have. Always will. I can understand killing for survival, for food, as in the aboriginal sense. I cannot understand it anymore, though, because for all practical purposes, all it amounts to is the male’s urge to overcome his other insufficiencies. And it never works, only adds one more. Insufficiency. Hunting rifles are, I once told a hunter, nothing more than walnut-stocked pecker extenders. Haven’t heard from him since. Thank all gods.

  10. Steve-Johnson-blames-God-for-his-overtime-drop

    If I knew how to twitter/tweet (no I really don’t need nor want to) it would say: nice pass on the blame game there Steve.

  11. Ron White has the best take on deer hunting.

    My inlaws go deer hunting every year. Where they go the deer are so thick one of their gang invariably hits one with a car. Fortunately they rarely shoot one.

  12. I’m buying my daughter a NookColor for Christmas and nothing else. Then I won’t have to have a house full of books she’ll never read again and I won’t have to buy her magazines for $5 wasting paper on all of them.

  13. If you’ve ever run a deer over and taken him home anyway telling your buds how you bagged him at 200 yards…..

    …. you might be a redneck.

  14. They opened a Goodwill store across the street from me. Hopefully they’ll take books and toys because my last garage sale was an epic failure.

  15. Thanks ebb!!!!!

    I did my part. I bought a dog from a gun dog breeder and turned him into a big, lazy pet. Although he did steel a turkey leg off the counter the other day.

  16. I saw the NookColor – unfortunately my vision doesn’t allow for that or the kindle. If the font size in large enough to read – there are only a few letters on the screen and that kind of make reading tiresome, not to mention uneasy to follow the plot…

    Speaking of plots, Hilary just spoke on the naughtiness of the wikileaks. Apologizing to the world’s leaders who said/wrote things in confidence and that now has been compromised.

  17. Note that (according to Milady, an avid Kindler) documents/books downloaded to a Kindle can also be viewed on your computer screen. That works for me because my crappy vision demands something larger than a four inch screen with huge font. My screen is 19″ across, and even with enlarged font I can still read comfortably with no horizontal scrolling, only vertical.

  18. Shayne, I’ve only seen the Nookcolor ‘in person’ so really can’t speak for the Kindle which I’ve only looked at on line. Although it does show you how large the font can be.

  19. Thanks for that frugal.

    I’m just of the ‘old school’ – the library is my friend – I need to hold a book (sometimes using a magnifying glass) knowing that when I fall asleep not to worry about it breaking – if it accidentally falls on the floor gets rolled over upon!

  20. My mom and my best friend both have Kindles and love them. Mom’s vision is a bit shaky but she says she can get text she can read. My buddy loves his because he can carry a library with him where ever he goes. I’m waiting for the whole idea to go less proprietary which it seems to be doing. Don’t like the idea of having to buy my books from one vendor.

    My sympathies to the vision impaired. With me, the eyes are still functioning pretty well but when it comes to books on tape I better have a headset or it becomes a neighborhood event.

  21. “I’m just of the ‘old school’ – the library is my friend”

    I’m the same. I will admit I’ve had to pay for a library book or two after I fell asleep in a warm bath.

  22. I don’t have a problem with real hunters. If someone chooses to hunt for their meat, then they should know how to do a clean kill and not injure the animal so that it runs off and dies somewhere in pain. I know people that never purchase meat from the supermarket. All the meat in their freezer comes from hunting. These hunters usually go to state game lands and not hunt in their own back yards. What worries me is stray bullets or high powered rifles where the bullet passes through the animal and keeps on going. Three acres is not much space between properties for people to be hunting unless is buckshot for squirrels or rabbits.

  23. Cats, I have no problem with people who hunt for their food either. But I have severe problems with those who hunt only to kill something. Anything. Likewise with those who ‘hunt’ simply to show off their gun or guns. That’s a sickness. Same as with those who hunt for trophy only — also a sickness.

    OTOH, I’m not very fond of the American meat industry either. Unfortunately, I’m a meat eater and as such have to curtail my anger, because I’m part of the problem. It’s a circular quandary, truth be known.

  24. I agree, frugal. That is one of the reasons I have been shifting all my meat purchases to a local butcher shop. Having spent time as a teen on a farm, I learned how to deal with the entire concept of taking an animal’s life and preparing it for consumption. It was never done brutally and there was always an awareness of, there but for the grace of doG go I.

    I quit hunting shortly after that because I wasn’t that hungry.

  25. That’s a great idea Cats. I have a nephew that goes to a wonderful daycare with a Mexican lady who is teaching him Spanish. My daughter took Spanish from second grade through her sophomore year and this two year old speaks better Spanish than she does. I have tons of learning toys so it would be great to go somewhere they’ll use them.

  26. My daughter is a Barnes and Noble junkie and hopes to work there over the summer now that she’s 16 and she picked out the NookColor. That’s all she’s getting so she might as well get what she wants.

  27. I’m a Kindle DX user. This is the unit with the 9.7″ (diagonal) screen, so its pages are actually the size of a book; actually bigger than many. I’ll free-form some comments here, but my posted review at Amazon (5-stars) is here:

    First things, Kindle is a READER. It is designed and intended to do one thing: read books. The iPad, for example, is designed to do everything a little (and hence, do nothing well). Other readers are likely functional (I’ve not used them), but Kindle is the only device I am aware of that is both a reader AND has a screen large enough to work well natively with .PDF files.

    So, one of the things about the Kindle reader vs. the iPad tablet computer, is that the Kindle’s screen is not a back-lit LCD. It is vastly easier on your eyes because it is specifically and exclusively designed for reading. The iPad is a backlit LCD, intended to read a little, play some games, do a bit of web-browsing, etc. It is not a reader, but a tablet computer.

    Also, because of the focused functionality of the Kindle, one can easily get 2 or more weeks usage from a single battery charge (provided the wireless is turned off). You might get 3 hours from the iPad.

    The Kindle is B&W only, so if you’re interest is in massive art books, it will not serve your purpose. However, very few people who actually read books, select the books they read for their pictures. For all of that, I’ve glanced at some graphic novels downloaded from Wowio, and not been upset by either the resolution or the lack of color. Also, while I’m not a “picture book” person, one of my Kindle books is an edition of Milton’s Paradise Lost that came with the original pencil etchings by Dore. The etchings were already B&W, and the Kindle renders them exquisitely.

    One reason why I insisted on the DX is that I find it impossible to read on my computer due primarily to the aspect ratio of the screen. Which is to say, the only way you can get an entire page on the screen is if you reduce the size to something that could only be read with a scanning electron microscope. Because the Kindle page is the size of a page, it is no different than reading a book. This is especially useful with .PDF files, of which I’ve many. Many of the things I read are technical books and articles from the fields of symbolic logic and abstract algebra (wanna make something of it?), so having the formal symbols properly and clearly rendered was extremely important to me.

    However, the page orientation of the Kindle is not fixed; rather, one can change to any rectangular setting, or have it shift dynamically with how one is holding the device. (This latter drives me insane, and I fix my orientation in standard portrait mode.)

    With native kindle books (i.e., this does not work with .PDF’s) you can adjust the font size a great deal. Since you can also change the orientation (which does work with .PDF’s, and will amplify that part of the text displayed) there is considerable lattitude in the text size and settings.

    If you want to try the kindle on your computer, the software for doing so is freely downloadable. Unless requested, I’ll not bother to dig up the links to do so. ‘Tis the season, and Amazon is pushing it, so you ought be able to find it at Amazon.com. A friend of mine with Macular became a friend of mine (rather than just the husband of a friend of mine) when I forwarded along that link; he can read again.

    I’m not sure if there are any length limits to posts, but I’ll submit another comment with my current complete Kindle library. It includes 341 books, and some 150 or so longish articles. I should note that amongst those “books” are complete collections that are counted as one. So I have every book or major piece ever written by Dickens, Twain, Wells, Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, and some largish collections of Melville, London, and Verne.

    Presently, I’m using about 2/3’s of my available storage. But that’s mostly because so many of my collection are .PDF files, which typically run upwards of 10 times as big as a native Kindle file.

    Folks were talking about having “stuff” above. I’ve come to understand that a civilized life for me mean having my computer, my cats, and my Kindle.

    Refurbished DX’s can be had now for something in the neighborhood of $260.00.

  28. I put 40 boxes of books into storage before commencing the move to my first 1-year position. I wagged another 10 boxes with me. By the time of my 4th move in 4 years, I put another 7 boxes of books in storage and carried 5 with me. Having now moved 5 times in the past 6 years (this is the first year I’ll be staying in one place for more than one year in that time), the thought of moving makes me physically ill.

    As much as I love books, I cannot abide the thought of any more wood-pulp in my house.

  29. This is my current Kindle library. It quite obviously betrays my prejudices. One thing to note. When I first got my Kindle, there was no good way to sort or categorize books by topic. With my .PDF files, I fixed that problem by creating special “leading” portions to file name. Once the software on the Kindle was updated to allow categories, this became unnecessary, but changing it was too much trouble. So some of the titles reflect my pre-category naming conventions. Most of those classifications are fairly obvious as to their meaning; none of them (now) are all that relevant.


    1. A Letter Concerning Toleration – Locke, John, 1632-1704.mobi
    2. A Pluralistic Universe – James, William, 1842-1910.mobi
    3. A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge – Berkeley, George, 1685-1753.mobi
    4. A Treatise of Human Nature – Hume, David, 1711-1776.mobi
    5. Addams – Democracy and Social Ethics.azw
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  30. Harry Potter is not entirely available on Kindle yet. Only when the whole thing comes out will I invest in it. Or — more likely, given that I was a cheap bastard even before I was penurious — put it on my wishlist and have a friend give it to me. The wishlist is how I’m going with The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is available as a set in native Kindle format.

  31. Question time. I know Bart made a showing on Saturday that went less than well. Would it be possible to have a thread set up sometime for a duel between Bart and myself?

  32. By the bye, there is also a piece of freeware called Calibre that allows for translations between different e-book formats. It does not yet work well with .PDF (nothing does), but it does very well with the other types.

    Thus, one of my major sources is the electronic source at the U. of Adelaide. Their books are all in .EPUB, which Kindle does not read. However, Caliber will easily turn that .EPUB into an .AZW file, and I’m all set. While I’ve not tested it, given the quality I have seen I am confident that Calibre will work equally well with/for the other e-books.

  33. Would it be possible to have a thread set up sometime for a duel between Bart and myself?

    I want rights to the concessions! Somebody else can sell tickets and handle parking, maybe the chimps?

  34. Bart has agreed. A bit of asshole e asshole…errr mano e mano. Since this is sort of old style Code Duello, I wonder if we need seconds? Oh, I guess first we need an agreement on the venue. Please? I’d really like to duel with Bart. And I can guarantee it will be entertaining.

  35. The individual in question is incapable of doing anything other than repeat himself over and over and over again, and then declare himself the superior intellect for having done so. It is unclear to me how that could ever qualify as a “debate” with anyone. (Which, I might add, is why I wasted no effort in any pretense of debate. My unfortunate native combativeness + just effing tired from a long drive led to some wasted bandwidth for everyone else, for which I apologize.)

  36. I think the entire collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs is in the public domain and available free, Gary.

    I’ve been winnowing the book collection down for many years. I had a serious collection of first editions, mostly sf and some mystery novels, that I sold to a trusted book dealer back in the 80s. He paid for all the shipping and took away a single box with books that already had buyers sufficient to pay me for the lot. My collector friends were all horrified and I was massively relieved.

    For my last move, I still had about 20 boxes in storage, books that hadn’t been on the shelf for decades. A friend came and took them all away and I’m down to two small bookcases. Most are from my collection of one author, virtually complete, and I’ve been trying to find them a home, preferably at a university. I’d like to see them safe somewhere before I peg out.

  37. I did a quick glance, and you’re right gummitch, ERB is available in Kindle, and for a couple of bucks one can get the active table of contents (absolutely essential in my, er, book).

    Looks like a X-mas present to myself!

  38. As an ERB fan, Gary, you know Bart and I will opt for verbal sabers. Dulled edges and buttons it will be about points. The Zoosters will provide the points awarded.

  39. zxbe, he runs under Doc Shappit on TP right now.

    And Zooey, tell us how your really feel. After you get the snow out of your britches.

  40. Hooda, be sure to accuse him of being a crack head. Some how if one does that the utterer of said phrase ‘wins’!

    It was such a low shot – absurd to the nth degree I didn’t address it.
    My only response would have been if I were addicted to ‘hail’ surely I’d not have an electronic device to type on – (for crack-heads anything that can be sold is ).

  41. Which “Doc” is bartlebee?
    And what other names does he go by?

    zxbe, go to the theZoo’s Watering Hole for the 27th November – there he posted under Gaylord Fokker.

  42. Bartlebee is something of a legend in his own mind. Right now he is posting as Doc Shabbit. He is good. Very good. Just a tad sensitive.

  43. He’s not that good, Hooda. He delaminates the moment any part of anything he says is challenged, and then proceeds to do nothing but repeat himself ad nauseum prior to declaring himself the “winner”, all the while failing to address any point he himself has made, much less anyone else.

    This was the “doc” I was referring to above.

  44. Gary, if that is the case it should be a very short duel. I somehow think it won’t degenerate to your mother wears army boots for a bit.

  45. Zooey, I asked earlier if it might be possible to set up a thread here at the Zoo for it. Sort of payback for his behavior for last Saturday.


    • zxbe,

      Yep, I’m home. It’s snowing from the Columbia Gorge all the way to here — and we’re supposed to get about 8 more inches tonight. Ugh.

      I was home yesterday, but my internet decided to crap out.

  46. Oddly, I respect Bart. I would like to have this challenge be open and public. Whatever the outcome, I think it would be both fun and informative.

  47. Bart has agreed. A bit of asshole e asshole

    uhh….I agreed to feather dusters at 200 yards.

    You trimmed that down to buttons and plastrons at 20 paces.

    : \

    …and you’re supposed to supply the plastrons.

  48. hoodathunk permalink
    November 29, 2010 6:16 pm

    He blasted you and Wayne and Gummitch here. I wanted to return the favor…hopefully.

    uhhh, no…..Wayne and Gummitch “blasted” the doc.

    Behind his back.

    I just happened to find the comment via a google of my handle, and simply made a comment to Zooey about it.

    Lets keep the facts straight.

  49. Gary Herstein permalink
    November 29, 2010 5:57 pm

    He’s not that good, Hooda. He delaminates the moment any part of anything he says is challenged, and then proceeds to do nothing but repeat himself ad nauseum prior to declaring himself the “winner”, all the while failing to address any point he himself has made, much less anyone else.

    This was the “doc” I was referring to above.

    Again, there’s only one Doc Shabbit, and I be him.

    Unless of course you’re thinking of the original, i.e. Matt Clark.

    And in your endless smears of ole doc, you might try producing some evidence of your, let us say “less than honest” revisions of history.

    For example, you could start with the comments where I “declare myself the winner”.

    : |

    Of course, opinionated anecdotal tales are much easier to sell.

  50. Just happened to find a comment a month later. What, a slow week or something? And you were the one asking for all the protection with buttons and plastrons.

  51. hoodathunk permalink
    November 29, 2010 6:19 pm

    Oddly, I respect Bart. I would like to have this challenge be open and public. Whatever the outcome, I think it would be both fun and informative.

    Yes, in fact I’m basking now in the warm glow of “respect”.

    As for this so called “challenge”, all I can say is “what challenge”?

    Mee thinks you put way, way, way too much into the Doc’s blogging.

    I’m here for fun. Entertainment. I’m not sure what a “win” constitutes but whatever that is the Doc ain’t in need of it.

  52. And, of course, you weren’t keeping track of anything said here. You are slipping, Bart. Your ego is showing.

    I’m not sure stopping in to read the Zoo constitutes “keeping track”.

    And given you’re the one “challenging me to a duel”, …(whatever that means, …I mean, what are we supposed to be “debating”? ..the weather?) and setting up a format like the Ali Frasier fight, ……I’d rethink any critiques of someones “ego”.

  53. Bart, you couldn’t do honorable if it meant your life. You have to be sneaky and snide.

    So now I’m “dishonorable”?

    For cracking a few jokes?


    Pardon me while I get out my hari kari kit.

  54. Whatever THIS is, it’s going to be at Hooda’s place. Not here.

    Well when you figure out what it is, ….would you let me know?

  55. Just happened to find a comment a month later. What, a slow week or something? And you were the one asking for all the protection with buttons and plastrons.

    uhh, yea, try googling my name D’artanian.

    The thread comes up on page 2.

    I simply clicked the link.

  56. And as for the “protection” ….you’re saying that when I responded to your “crossing swords duel” with a request for “Feather dusters at 200 yards”….. that you were unaware that was merely more of the Docs jesting?

    Here’s a newsflash Zorro.


    Half of what I say is in jest, and the other half’s a joke.

  57. Bart, I think you’re well able to find out using Google

    so googles going to tell me what Hoodathunk is “challenging” me to?


    Gee….hoodathunk it?

  58. Well, I had to wade through quite a bit of … stuff … to speak to Gary. But really Gary you need to stop wasting your time on all that fluff and get down to some serious reading. 🙂

  59. I chose not to mention the monumental infantilism, but only because it is so grotesquely self-evident that mentioning it would have been abusively redundant.

    Not at all unlike the individual in question.

    But there is obviously no point in pretending to directly engage someone whose only talent is repetitiously screaming is pules and whines as opposed to merely repeating them.

    I’ll leave you all to decide how best to deal with Lord Fapper‘s childish megalomania.

  60. Shayne:

    But really Gary you need to stop wasting your time on all that fluff and get down to some serious reading.

    Yeah, you got me there, Shayne: no pictures, no time.

    Anyway, ‘night all.

  61. You all keep patting each other on the back and your palms are gonna wear out.

    I’ve been waiting all night for this “challenge”, and all he keeps doing is insulting my parents, (you guys must have missed that one, where he just got through insulting my dead parents), …and challenging me, but running when I say, bring it on”.


    I’m supposed to be the crazy one, …but here we see a bunch of clowns talking about me endlessly, even when I’m not around, …obsessed to the point of insanity.

    I was in TP this evening, made a few little ON TOPIC, good natured yuk yuks.

    In waltzes this two bit hack, calling me out for what he calls a “duel”.

    I say bring it on, …and he runs in here, asks his buddies to be the “impartial judges”, …..Zooey tells him to take his nonsense elsewhere, ….and you guys actually think you’re sane?


    it boggles the mind.

  62. My apologies. I thought Bart might be rational. My bad.

    Whether I was or wasn’t it wouldn’t make you rational.

    Insulting my parents, well….showed your utter desperation.

    And repeating yourself over and over suggesting I’m “afraid” of you further solidifies your desperation.

    See…everyone can see that I’m right here.

    Daring you to “bring it on”.


    Whatever “it” is supposed to be.

  63. I’m up late tonight. The wind is fierce and we are under tornado watch until after daylight. I guess I’m up until the front passes, it’s already thundering.

    Julien Assange: The Private Sector is next.

    I was watching The Daily Show a bit ago. During a commercial break, I’m informed there is now a class-action against the Extenze ‘male enhancement’ pills. Who’s going to admit they were dumb enough to believe that stuff could work, and bought some of it?

  64. Who’s going to admit they were dumb enough to believe that stuff could work, and bought some of it?

    Thanks for the laugh out loud, House.
    I’ve been paying bills listening to music ~ just checked some blogs and this is hilarious.

    How are the cats holding up? The weather doesn’t bother them much, does it?

  65. Zooey permalink
    November 29, 2010 8:51 pm

    Like I said, this isn’t going to be happening here.

    Give it a rest.

    I was giving it a rest.

  66. I guess you have to make bill paying as pleasant as possible. I only have a utility bill, cable bill, cell phone bill, house/car insurance, and my Cobra insurance. The Cobra is the only one I mail, the rest are done locally or over the phone.

    The guys are calm. They are camped in the bathroom between the toilet and the heater. Looks like the front is breaking up, but it’s still wild outside.

  67. We’ve been having (California) cold weather – actually dipped to freezing and just below the last several evenings.
    The days have been crystal clear – cloudless. “Unusual for this time of year.”
    There’s an immature Golden Eagle hanging out at the Refuge – interesting fellow to watch.
    He’s much bigger than Peregrines, so my cousins keep their distance ;>

    I keep wondering how long int will take and how the U.S. government is going to shut down wikileaks.
    It’s very intriguing how the leaks have been able to pour out – hemorrhaging as it were and the gvm’t is beside itself on how to staunch the bleeding.

  68. Wikileaks is more than one man, Assange is just the front man. Although he is an accomplished hacker, I’m betting he has many allies, and none of the information is concentrated in one place. Even if he is apprehended, it won’t shut down the leaks, they may begin to appear at other sites. He even may have a retaliatory plan in case he is apprehended.

  69. Oh, no doubt about that House. It totally boggles my mind how that much information has found its way to the surface.
    Granted in this electronic age (as China, UAE, Iran, Cuba, ect.) things can be censored or obliterated in a matter of minutes.
    I’m sure our government is attempting, as we type, how to make wikileaks go away.

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