The Watering Hole: December 3 – Get Up, Stand Up!

I’m posting a tidbit from recent history, and beings it’s Friday and MUSIC NIGHT

From Wikipedia Commons

All the below information is from Wikipedia:

On December 3, 1976, two days before “Smile Jamaica“, a free concert organised by the Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley in an attempt to ease tension between two warring political groups, Marley, his wife, and manager Don Taylor were wounded in an assault by unknown gunmen inside Marley’s home. Taylor and Marley’s wife sustained serious injuries, but later made full recoveries. Bob Marley received minor wounds in the chest and arm. The shooting was thought to have been politically motivated, as many felt the concert was really a support rally for Manley. Nonetheless, the concert proceeded, and an injured Marley performed as scheduled, two days after the attempt. When asked why, Marley responded, “The people who are trying to make this world worse aren’t taking a day off. How can I?”

The Smile Jamaica Concert was held on December 5, 1976, at the National Heroes Park, Kingston, Jamaica, performed by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Only 2 days after Marley had almost been killed by gunmen in his house, but survived and was driven up in the Blue Mountains. Nevertheless Marley agreed to perform one song for the 80,000 people in attendance, but it turned into a whole 90-minute performance despite his injuries. All Wailers performed except Bassman Aston “Familyman” Barret. A guest Bass player performed in his place. The performance included a horn section. The set list for the show was as follows 1. War/ No More Trouble/ Get Up Stand Up 2. Crazy Baldhead/ Positive Vibration 3. Smile Jamaica 4. Rat Race 5. TrenchTown Rock 6. Keep on Moving 7. Want More 8. Them Belly Full 9. Jah Live 10. Rastaman Chant 11. Rebel Music 12. So Jah Seh

Marley left Jamaica at the end of 1976, and after a month-long “recovery and writing” sojourn at the site of Chris Blackwell’s Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas, arrived in England, where he spent two years in self-imposed exile.

There is a message in these lyrics somewhere.. To you Democrats in Congress, I say: Get up, stand up, and DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!


(UPDATE: I haven’t even posted this yet, and it appears the Dems are folding before they even attempt to fight.. Discouraging. It appears it is up to President Obama now to take a stand for what he promised when running for the office he now holds. That’s just not making me feel any better..)

This is our open thread. Add your thoughts!

99 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: December 3 – Get Up, Stand Up!

  1. I don’t want my Bush Tax Cut. I’m willing to give mine up if it means the top bracket tax payers have to give up theirs. I’m willing to give up my unemployment, if it can’t be renewed without giving the billionaires a lower capital gains rate. I’d rather the Dems say no to the Republicans for a change.

    Rep. Jan Schakowsky D-Illinois:

    We certainly don’t need to save Social Security by cutting Social Security, and not just for future beneficiaries, but actually we’re going to begin right now, by changing the way we calculate the cost of living adjustments.

    It’s not like they hadn’t already done that previously, by changing from the use of the consumer price index, to using the core consumer price index, which excludes food and energy costs. Also, conservatives try to claim that technological advances increase quality of life, when the elderly, those on Social Security, are less likely to adopt cutting edge technology.

    Also, I’ve been paying double Social Security since 1983, (so have y’all) about the time I started to make real money, and I deserve my benefits to remain uncut!

    There’s a lot of talk in the commission about shared sacrifice, but there has not been shared sacrifice for the last two decades. They’re acting as if we’re starting even, but of course all the wealth has gone to the top earners in the country, the wealthiest have gotten

  2. Sorry for the inadvertent submission, the post comment button was right above the taskbar where I was switching between the pages. The quote from Ms. Schakowsky in full, from Countdown Wednesday night:

    There’s a lot of talk in the commission about shared sacrifice, but there has not been shared sacrifice for the last two decades. They’re acting as if we’re starting even, but of course all the wealth has gone to the top earners in the country, the wealthiest have gotten richer, and the poor and middle class, have gotten poorer, and now they want to solve these problems on the back of middle class Americans.

    I almost kissed the tv screen when she said that last part!

  3. Grampa McCain is staying steadfast in his stance on gays in the military, even though the upper brass would support a repeal of DADT.

  4. I read this morning that Harry Reid was going to hold a vote on Saturday on the Tax Bill that was just passed in the House.

    Muse – I’m with you on this. If the Democrats want to get elected in 2012, then they need to get up and stand up for us. We Progressives need to form a noisy group like the teabaggers did and take to the streets with pots and pans and BIG signs. If we make enough noise, perhaps some of the media will hear us. We also need to attend the town halls and make noise and say things like “I want my country back”, “I want my freedom back, back from international corporations controlling my government”.

  5. Spine, Dems, SPINE! They act as if the Republicans have the right to run the government without any input from the majority. Fix the damn rules of the Senate in January, Harry! Grow a pair!

  6. WikiLeaks has been shut down.

    While this doesn’t surprise me, there are a couple things.. The US stood by while he posted secret documents from the military and the State Department, but as soon as he was about to post secret documents on the Bank of America, then POW!! Any connection there?

    I wonder if that secret failsafe weapon, the insurance files, of Assange’s will be let go now..

    Also, they have arrest warrants and Interpol is after him—for what? Having sex without using a condom?

    His lawyer said that Sweden’s laws required police to investigate an inquiry they’d received as rape, even though the allegation is merely engaging in unprotected sex, not a forcible assault.

    Much more on that..

    They just want this guy gone.

  7. THIS is the story I want to see go all the way to fruition.
    Nigeria to Charge Dick Cheney in Pipeline Bribery Case

    I’d pay good money to have a front row seat at his trial, and be able to see him frog-marched off to some shit-hole prison somewhere..

    Even if they don’t physically catch him in order to lock him up, if they at least go through with charging him, and find him guilty of the crimes in absentia, and they made it so he could never leave the U.S. again, I’d love it. It would be a start..

    Now, let me see here.. They want to catch and try Julian Assange for having sex with women without using protection, and he will likely disappear and be locked up for good. Dick Cheney will NOT be caught, tried, locked up, etc..

    on bribery charges of over a $180 million while head of Halliburton..

    Indictments will be lodged in a Nigerian court “in the next three days,” Godwin Obla, prosecuting counsel at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, said in an interview today at his office in Abuja, the capital. An arrest warrant for Cheney “will be issued and transmitted through Interpol,” the world’s biggest international police organization, he said.

    Peter Long, Cheney’s spokesman, said he couldn’t immediately comment when contacted today and said he would respond later to an e-mailed request for comment.

    Obla said charges will be filed against current and former chief executive officers of Halliburton, including Cheney, who was CEO from 1995 to 2000, and its former unit KBR Inc., based in Houston, Texas; Technip SA, Europe’s second-largest oilfield- services provider; Eni SpA, Italy’s biggest oil company; and Saipem Construction Co., a unit of Eni. Obla didn’t identify the former officials whom he said held office when the alleged bribes were paid.

    Last week, Nigeria arrested at least 23 officials from companies including Halliburton, Saipem, Technip and a former subsidiary of Panalpina Welttransport Holding AG in connection with alleged illegal payments to Nigerian officials. Those detained were all freed on bail on Nov. 29.

    • Read this: Freezing Out Hope by Paul Krugman

      I do believe Mr. Krugman has given up on President Obama.

      It’s hard to escape the impression that Republicans have taken Mr. Obama’s measure — that they’re calling his bluff in the belief that he can be counted on to fold. And it’s also hard to escape the impression that they’re right.

      And then there is this:

      Whatever is going on inside the White House, from the outside it looks like moral collapse — a complete failure of purpose and loss of direction.

      So what are Democrats to do? The answer, increasingly, seems to be that they’ll have to strike out on their own. In particular, Democrats in Congress still have the ability to put their opponents on the spot — as they did on Thursday when they forced a vote on extending middle-class tax cuts, putting Republicans in the awkward position of voting against the middle class to safeguard tax cuts for the rich.

      It would be much easier, of course, for Democrats to draw a line if Mr. Obama would do his part. But all indications are that the party will have to look elsewhere for the leadership it needs.

  8. The House has sent an extension of the middle class tax cuts, sans an extension of tax cuts for the rich, to the Senate. That the Republicans will filibuster it and kill it goes without saying.

    Question: why can’t the Dems use reconciliation to pass it, then simply let the rich cuts expire on Dec. 31 per schedule? Didn’t the Republicans PASS the rich cuts using reconciliation? Didn’t Cheney, in fact, claim his (as VP) was the deciding 51st vote?

    What am I missing here? The Dem caucus has a 58-42 majority, and all that’s needed to pass a reconciliation bill is 51. Are there more than 8 potential Dem defectors? If there ARE 8, Biden’s vote will still decide the issue.

    Am I wrong or off base somehow?

    • President Obama could actually show some spine, some forceful conviction, and veto anything that has tax cuts going to the millionaires and billionaires.. There is no reason he couldn’t do that.. He could stand up and say he would veto every attempt to give these people the tax breaks they don’t need and aren’t paid for, make clear how fiscally irresponsible that would be, and then tell them he won’t sign another thing until he gets what he wants..

      He won’t do it. Does he realize how he got to the office he now holds? By making a lot of promises so convincingly and passionately, raising the hopes of so many across this nation? And now he is just going to let the Republicans walk all over him and give up without a fight.. I would MUCH rather see him serve ONE term and do it with passion and conviction, and COURAGE, doing what is right for the country no matter what it costs him personally. History would remember him SO much better for having stood up when it was called for. The country would have SO much more respect for this man who inspired hundreds of millions across this country, Republicans and Democrats alike, with the hope that he really WOULD try and bring about change and do what was necessary for the country at this time of crisis brought on my the Bush/Cheney 8 years of destruction.
      What happened to that man..

      I can’t believe there isn’t more heat being poured on the Republicans for their absolutely blatant hypocrisy on this. They are going around preaching to everyone about their absolute intent to not pass anything that isn’t paid for, and in the next breath, they are pushing with all they they have to get the top bracket their tax breaks that aren’t paid for and will cost this country over $700 BILLION dollars. Money that these people DON’T need, that they won’t use to make things better for people at the bottom or the country at large, or create any jobs. No, instead they will cut money for unemployment insurance, for Social Security, for education, for medical care, everything that may be the difference between life and death for people at the bottom.. THEY DON’T CARE!

      The difference for the people at the top may be whether or not to buy another new vacation home, or a new jet.. The fact that they are saying they will fight against any cuts to the military, yet they will consider cutting medical benefits to soldiers coming back from their wars because it is costing them too much.. (I saw this on the news yesterday. This person from the military sat there and calmly said that the medical care for the soldiers was costing too much and was unsustainable and would hate to be cut). This makes me physically ill. Why aren’t people screaming! They need the wars to bump up their profits, but they don’t care about the minions who are fighting their wars for them.. (This is said with sarcasm, because these men and women are the ones sacrificing so much for this country, and they have my respect). Don’t people get this? All their pretty words about “supporting the troops” are just crap. They are words.

      • I see this as a tug-of-war for the elected officials on both sides of the aisle (GOP and Dems alike), between actually serving the people who they are supposed to represent, who actually voted them into office—or—serving the big money and power (corporations and banks) who funded them (who fund BOTH sides, sometimes equally, to cover their bases) and that keep them in office term after term after term…

        Who do they serve? That is the real question.. A lot of them say the right things, but still, they don’t take a REAL stand. I can’t help feeling like the course is already decided, this is all theater.

        When is the last time you were surprised? Saw some REAL courage? Just curious..

      • But muse, Survivor and Dancing With the Stars are on…

        My sister was just bragging the other day that she hadn’t missed one episode of Survivor in over ten years. My son and I watched one episode several years ago, and came away hoping they would all die.

  9. Muse, unless something changes VERY soon, Mr. Krugman is not the only one giving up on Obama. I was one of his most enthusiastic supporters in 08, but today, based on what I see and have seen, I’d willingly support a challenger, if the Dems could find one. Allan Grayson, maybe?

  10. I have no idea why the D’s don’t use reconciliation to pass a middle class tax cut frugal. What do they fear, a bunch of screeching R’s going on about how a tax cut was “rammed down their throats”? I agree muse, either Obama shows some fight or he has 0% chance of reelection. We won’t see the kind of energy and hope that volunteers brought to the 2008 campaign. I know it’s too early for music night but:

  11. muse, Obama is busy visiting Afghanistan…he needs to get us the hell out of there and completely out of Iraq.

    There must be something in the upcoming wikileaks that has the dems scared witless.
    Feinstien is making me spitting mad – talking about treason with regards to Assange but has completely ignored the felons that are Dick and George.

  12. Zooey, I think you get gout from a poor diet, too much meat, alcohol, and high fructose corn syrup, to few veggies and grains. Is that what you dad eats?

    • Oh jeebus, that look awful. Thanks, ebb. I think. 😯

      Outstanding, that is likely my dad’s diet, except for the alcohol. Although he would never admit it.

  13. It’s foods high in purines that need avoiding…
    sorry OIMF: pigs seem to rate high in that category:

    Pig’s heart 530

    Pig’s liver 515

    Pig’s lungs (lights) 434

    Pig’s spleen 516

    take heart because

    Sheep’s spleen are higher 773

  14. I wonder if you download anything from Wikileaks if you get a visit from black ops, or if you get hacked by the cybercops?

    Are the cybercops simply an upgrade of the phone cops?

  15. Congrats on the A+ Zooey, well done!

    Ebb, I’ll be ok, I’m surely not eating any of those organs, though I’d be willing to bet that they’re found in mass-produced hot dogs and lunch meat.

  16. “Now I have to go watch “The Little Mermaid” for my final paper in Women’s Studies. Blech.”

    Say, What?! – that imaginary beings are not whole unless hooked up with a human being?

  17. Wikileaks must be HUGE…for congress and the senate to go after.
    All the while fucking fat face bush and cheney go on about their merry ways….
    Upside Down – that’s what the hell this place has become –
    ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’.

    Teabaggers; white rabbits…

  18. My husband works in national intelligence. He asked me to please never access wikileaks from home. I love him, so I don’t.

  19. OIMF, definitely understand your position.
    I’m still scratching my head at how paranoid this country is about ‘safety’ and spies on everyone and everything YET, yet these things have found their way to the surface. (and the government is doing everything in its power to stanch the bleeding)
    That’s what mystify’s me –

  20. Too much information to either safeguard or process ebb. Too many people with access to the information. Sloppy procedures, so one guy with a clearance and a flashdrive can steal a lot of stuff. I sort of think that we miss signals preceding real attacks because there is too much data to go through, too much pressure to share everything with every agency in order to “connect the dots”. I imagine those tasked with analysing the intelligence feel overwhelmed by having essentially friended the whole planet on facebook.

    • Outstanding, I understand your position.

      I can’t help feel weird about all this though. It is like “1984” and we are one step away from the ‘thought police‘.. Do they track people who look at WikiLeaks? Can they go after you for what gets into your head? This is just so weird..
      Yeah, paranoia. I’m sick of all the lying, secrecy, and hypocrisy. Oh, and I forgot, manipulation. Sick of the manipulation.

  21. I am so f***ed off with the impending return to a pre-1215 society in this country.

    If I get to music night tonight, I’m channeling Men They Couldn’t Hang, Billy Bragg, Alan Hull and keeping with the reggae theme, some UB40.

    And then when I’m all tapped out, I predict some Smiths, because listening to that mincing prat Morrisey moan about how he found a job and is a miserable git…. just perks me up no end.

    (Don’t get me wrong, I love the Smiths – listening to spotty teenage male angst is sometimes all I need to regain some perspective)

  22. Jan Schakowsky was just on the Thom Hartmann replay. I heard it earlier also. She was one of the seven who didn’t support the Catfood Commission’s report.

  23. Watched Grayson. The thing that struck me most was the single person clapping at the end and the empty echoing sound of no body there to listen…

    Grayson put it very well along the lines of the tax cuts are giving the average rich person who benefits from it a brand-new Mercedes every year.

  24. Zoo – I’ll claim first on the KKK snowman. I hid the comment in another comment a couple of days ago though…. it beggars belief doesn’t it?

  25. oh, good TtT spoke up – just about to say he brought that to our attention – nothing says Happy Holidays quite like the KKK…

  26. Indeed it is Zooey. It’s going around facebook.

    Change your FB profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal? To not see a human face on FB till Monday, December 6th. Join the fight against child abuse & copy, paste to your status to invite your friends to do the same ♥

  27. hmmm, does that mean I need to change my FB pic to human?
    Yes, on FB I am the lovely falcon of my gravatar – oh, and I’m also Ebband Flow.

  28. Zooey, (I can do that) a bit of a confession I’m a neophyte and haven’t quite figured out how the whole thing works.

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