The Watering Hole: December 4 – Russian Soused Squirrel

For want of anything better, I offer the following:

This is a bit clearer if you speak Russian.

This is our Open Thread. Please feel free to add your own thoughts or any real topic that comes to mind.

145 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: December 4 – Russian Soused Squirrel

  1. This is a bit clearer if you speak Russian.

    Hooda, please be kind enough to interpret for us – or would it all ‘be lost in translation’?!

  2. Isn’t this the Russian imprisoned in Wisconsin for running a botnet of over 500,000 infected PCs?
    Perhaps he’ s distraught over not being allowed to smoke in jail and the cheap American beer.

  3. Yes, Hooda, I too would be interested in the translation (even if it were β€œlost”!).

    Good Morning All ~ Ebb, thank you so much for your intuitive dedication last night. It turns out I was napping after a long week when you posted “The Forest” and it reminded me that I needed to get up particularly early to get my Christmas Tree πŸ™‚

    Heading out to find the “perfect” white fir ~ Hope you are all well … Peace ~

  4. John Kyl of AZ, McCain’s Senatorial shitmate, has been in the news lately, doing his RepubliaiNo thing with the START treaty. Meanwhile, yesterday I ran across a box of papers that had been well-hidden in my storage shed for several years already, and in it I found a stack of letters I had sent to both McCain and Kyl during the Bush years, along with their replies. One sequence from Kyl tells the story pretty well — here are three brief excerpts:

    First, from a letter I wrote to Kyl on May 12, 2006:

    Early yesterday morning I read of the latest Bush administration anti-constitutional atrocity as revealed by USA Today: the NSA’s assemblage of literally billions of phone records, of calls made by ordinary Americans, all under the guise of “fighting terrorism.”


    In fact, sir, what prompts this letter is my outrage over your comment on the matter as reported on CNN yesterday afternoon, repeated below, context included:

    Thursday, May 11, 2006; Posted: 5:18 p.m. EDT (21:18 GMT)


    Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona also faulted the revelation of the program as harmful to national security.

    “This is nuts,” Kyl said. “We are in a war and we’ve got to collect intelligence on the enemy, and you can’t tell the enemy in advance how you are going to do it. And discussing all of this in public leads to that.”

    “This is nuts”?? I’ll tell you, sir, what’s “nuts” about it: the presumption by the powers-that-be in this administration that there’s something important to be learned by invading the privacy and tracking the telephone activities of 300 million US citizens, or that by so doing, a terrorist or two might be uncovered.

    [etc. snip]

    The letter was a four-pager. I told him exactly what I thought, and why I thought it. He replied more than three months later, on August 17, 2006; his reply was terse and sweet. It read as follows:

    I’m sorry to be so long in answering your letter

    As should be evident, in the wake of the disabling of the plot to blow up airliners en route to the United States from Britain, intelligence work and surveillance carried out under the law are important in foiling those who would do us harm.

    Please continue to offer your comments, if you have any.

    Sincerely, (etc.)

    I replied to his reply on August 30, 2006. It was another ‘rip him a new one’ four pager. The final few lines read:

    Dare I hope, sir, that you are not one who is in league with those who would prefer to simply do away with our Constitution entirely, that you are not among those willing to use “terrorism” as the tool to enable the final ceding of our unique American birthright to those who demand power at the expense of individual civil liberties? Suffice to say you have thus far done little to curb my suspicions and much to enliven them. In that context, sir, you may rest assured that I shall be watching ALL of your votes on constitutional issues VERY closely.

    Please continue to respond and offer your comments, if you have any.

    Regards, (etc)

    I never heard from him again.

  5. Just wanted to share the excuses that were given for voting no on our tax cuts from several Republicans in the House. This is from an on-line newspaper.

    Rep. Charles W. Dent, a Lehigh County Republican: “Raising taxes on hardworking Americans will reduce investment, stifle opportunity and hinder economic growth. Particularly in these difficult economic times, we must extend the current tax rates for all Americans. I am especially frustrated that today’s legislation fails to prevent tax increases on small businesses – the very businesses Americans will rely on to create jobs and lead our economic recovery. I am hopeful the U.S. Senate will be able to produce a bill that does not impose higher taxes on any Americans.”

    Rep. Jim Gerlach, a Chester County Republican: “The lame-duck leaders in Washington still are not listening to small-business owners, families and groups such as the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry about what it’s going to take to put Americans back to work. Despite broad, bipartisan support for making sure no one’s taxes increase next year in the midst of this prolonged recession, the House was forced to vote on a bill that will raise taxes on nearly half of all small business income and the investment income many seniors depend on for retirement security.”

    Rep. Joseph R. Pitts, a Chester County Republican: “House Democrats chose to raise taxes on small-business owners and job creators. Half of all small-business income is taxed in the top bracket. Should this bill become law, businesses would have fewer resources to hire new workers. With so many Americans seeking work, the worst thing we can do right now is raise taxes on those most likely to create new jobs.”

    This is bull pucky. Where’s the jobs, Gerlach? Where’s the jobs, Dent? Where’s the jobs, Pitts?

  6. Republicans Lie, Cats. We all know that. They lie because if they tell the truth, they won’t get elected. Does this means Democrats never lie? I never said that, as we all know that some do. But find me a Republican who tells the truth more often than not, and I’ll show you a politician who won’t be welcome in his party much longer.

    “Republicans Lie”. Where have I heard that before? πŸ˜‰

  7. Very warm, thank you.
    Actually got to sleep in this morning. Camping is over, at least till February.
    I’ll be here for a couple of weeks before house sitting for 2 months.
    After that it will begin to warm up down here.

  8. Morning. Sorry but my conversational Russian is about 25 years rusty. Even with headphones this squirrel is hard to follow.

  9. I never noticed before but Joe Biden is kinda hot. If you read B0b Woodward’s “Obama’s Wars”, he comes across in the book as the smartest sanest guy in the room.

    I’m doing my Christmas shopping. Everything I think my granddaughter might like is “not for children under 3, choking hazard”, even though I can’t see any small parts unless she throws the thing hard enough to break it into small parts. I’m frustrated.

  10. While I have tried to understand Obama’s centrist ideas, as in too harsh of a swing is dangerous, there hasn’t been any swing. And there have been too many policies continued that needed to be shut down as was once promised. We needed strong leadership and got a so-so negotiator.

    If he doesn’t get strongly challenged in the primaries, I’m moving to Belize or Costa Rica.

  11. Smart, compassionate, and looks good in a suit, that’s my kind of hot.

    I agree that Obama needs to change the way he’s trying to govern. I voted for him because of his intellect, and because he sounded as though he believed we should do some difficult things simply because they were the right thing to do. We needed that so badly after the previous morally bankrupt administration. That’s the leadership he’s abandoned. I want to hear him tell the people that we will not compromise our long term fiscal health by continuing tax cuts for those who don’t need him, and that we won’t abandon those who are suffering due to our current economic situation, because those are the only right courses of action.

  12. Obama is a serious disappointment, but as I re-read The Audacity of Hope, it becomes clear that his primary goal is to return us to the yesteryear of civility in government.
    All else becomes secondary to that goal.
    He is a naive fool. Republicans see this as a weakness and have savaged his presidency.
    We’re screwed.

    • Hi, RUC.

      “Civility in government” isn’t going to help the millions of Americans who are hurting out here.

      Obama needs to shitcan that little pipe dream and do something useful.

  13. I admire the idea of wanting to restore civility in government. Just as I admire the President as a person. I also think Jimmy Carter was one of the most admirable and decent people ever to grace the White House.

    But both of them should have studied FDR much more. He managed to maintain civility in government and do the job as needed. Not sure just which fictional character said it but the best way to deal with bullies is to step on their toes until they apologize.

  14. Z ~ let’s hope the 2010 midterms will be a wakeup call that Rahm was wrong when he stated the ‘left isn’t going anywhere’. Of course, he was right, if by anwhere you mean the polling place.

  15. hoodathunk, I think the Republican bullies would be more inclined to participate if the toe-stepping were instead a nut grip with an iron fist.

  16. The Left will follow a strong leader. Left to their own resources they tend to act like a herd of cats. One of the reasons no country in the world will ever have to worry about a democratic ‘takeover’.

    • Hooda, you’ll be proud of me — I’m finally going to be opening up an account at my local credit union.

      I got a letter from my bank yesterday — the one that got more than $25 billion in bail out money — saying that unless I maintain a monthly minimum balance of $500, I’ll be required to pay a $12 per month service fee. $12 PER MONTH!! To store my own money in their system.

      That’s ain’t gonna happen. Come Monday, even though it’s a giant pain in the ass, I’m changing everything over to the credit union. AND I’ll be telling the bank exactly why I’m doing it.

  17. I am proud of you, Zooey. And I understand why you didn’t before. But that does seem to be a common problem with Americans that the big boys are more than willing to take advantage of. As in, until it hurts enough we have a tendency to ignore their abuses.

    • Hooda, I admit that it was easier to leave things the way they were, because it wasn’t costing me anything.

      Now it will, so I am forced out of my rut.

      • Oh darn!!

        Zoo Jr hasn’t seen the newest Harry Potter movie, so even though I saw it at the coast, I have generously offered to brave Ice Rink World ™, and attend the movie with him — using his gift certificate.

        Ain’t I the greatest!? πŸ˜†

  18. Thanks Outstanding, it feels like coming home to family.
    This little room on the blue courtyard with the palms and the doves has become mine own sanctuary.

  19. Oh, Gummitch, I spent some time at the Point Brewery this week. Gave them some proposals on updating the controls on their lauter tun and wort pump. So cool working in a 150 year old brewery. Ah for the days when ‘if you are out of Point, you are out of town’. The new owners are making some great beer.

  20. Hooda: “A Zoo Sanctuary in Belize? Has a nice ring to it.”

    The lady who owns my soul just this morning said, “We ought to start or find a commune somewhere.” Great minds think alike, seems to me.

  21. Frugal, as a child of the 60’s the idea of a commune, a community of like minded individuals, is something like nirvana. Once upon a time small town America came close to that.

  22. Bicycle paths, foot paths, and kayak paths, pachydiplax

    I’d like to move away from auto-centric transportation.

    As far as mass transit goes, we’ll just all have to walk, ride and paddle together.
    En masse if you will.

  23. Indeed it is, Hooda, indeed it is. Fifteen years ago, when my first marriage was on the rocks, and so was hers, there happened, on the internet of all places, a chance meeting, a discovery. Things moved on from there; it’s now twelve-plus years of nirvana together. It can happen.

  24. You have received a real blessing frugal.
    And have given one as well; to your soul partner, and to those of us who have yet to give and receive fully in that way.
    Yet still have hope!

  25. frugal, I could learn to hate you. A loving relationship, a book to be published. Instead, I think I will go with the Taoist side and say congratulations on both and be glad I have met you. And hope your good fortune may someday, somehow reflect out.

    If not, I still have your recipes. πŸ˜‰

  26. Good fortune is, as I know full well you know and understand, one of the many things in life worth sharing, Hooda. And while neither of us find much use in the restless social ramble, we do, each, cherish family and friends, and never close a door unless sanity demands (which, sadly, it occasionally does).

    I guess what all that really means is that neither of us are Republican.

  27. I was raised in Lake Wobegon (town under a different name, of course — in fact, ALL the names were changed to protect the innocent) — but I swear, I know everybody Keillor talks about, some of them better even than he does! And yes, all the children were, indeed, “above average.” Love that guy.

  28. “Powdermilk Biscuits. Made from whole wheat raised in the rich bottomlands of the Lake Wobegon river valley by Norwegian bachelor farmers, so you know they’re not only good for you, but also pure, mostly”, which “give shy persons the strength to get up and do what needs to be done. Heavens, they’re tasty and expeditious.”

    I was quite stylish today as I wore my “Lake Wobegon Whippets” three-quarter length sleeve t-shirt!

  29. I may have mixed up my pompous blowhards at TP. “drhunt” = “motomark” and “tpmayhem” but who is the pompous blowhard that claims to be a retired vet? The one with the sissy taste in cocktails.

  30. hooda, great! They’re stretching, which is wonderful to hear.

    Perhaps my question was too difficult for a Saturday night.

    There is a TP troll that pontificates at length, who claims to be living on a lake somewhere, having retired from a life of military service. He would settle back in the evening (after a hard day fishin’ and huntin’) with a BLACK Russian. (My god, don’t you people care about drinks?!!!)

    To my ear, he sounds exactly like fakie/moto/mayhem. But f/m/m doesn’t claim to be retired, he claims to have an advanced degree.

    Does any of this ring a bell?

  31. I think TP considers repeated posts of the same words as spam so Arf Happy Holidays needs to be modified every so often to Bark or something.

  32. KKKLyde: You never leave, dummy!

    I never tire of hearing that from a troll like OS/OSTLhole, here 20 hours/day 365 days/year for . . . how many years now, nematode? Five? Six?

    although not what you’re looking for – does this ring a bell as a name for troll?

  33. frugal, the only drawback to that is big business in the US is afraid of little business so it will never happen. America is franchise addicted. There are only two ways for business to be born in the US. One is hard work and shit-blind-luck. The other is never.

  34. dbadass – if you check in here once in a while –

    Excellent choice of musical response, to “Star”/freeman, with Robert Hazard’s
    ‘Escalator of Life’….

  35. My partner and I struggled with our own business for more than two decades. Agricultural. Sometimes we brought home the bacon, too often “the market” ate us for lunch. But we never gave up. Which is why he died young, and why I’m po folk by anyone’s financial yardstick. The German system would have been a godsend, would have probably allowed the turning of a few corners in the process.

    Frankly, I find it fascinating that Germany — the nemesis Amurka trounced in the early forties — is now trouncing us economically. Might have something to do with supporting some group other than rich fucks.

  36. I can only say I am glad I am a cartoon junkie. Otherwise my kids would never have known Chuck Jones. As it is, my youngest thinks he is some sort of minor deity.

  37. EugeneIsmyB1tch 09/27/2010 05:26 PM
    gummitch (We Are All Patsy, sponsored by the Church of Mystic Patsy) says:

    No Black Russians here, but dinner awaits. Maybe a spot of Thomas H Handy after.

    How do you do that little flounce exit, Sparky? TTFN! Is that it?

    Sorry, I’m not a liberal ie don’t play for that team sweety.

    EugeneIsmyB1tch 09/27/2010 05:23 PM
    gummitch (We Are All Patsy, sponsored by the Church of Mystic Patsy) says:

    Sparky: Retire sport.

    Have a black Russian right next to me.

    Movie starts soon though.

    Most of us with real jobs don’t get to β€œretire” after 20 years. I’ve got a few more to put in, especially since I do valuable work.

    A Black Russian, though? Seriously? Does it come with a doily?

    You should look into something called a DVD player, Sparky. You get to watch the movie when you want, not just when it comes up on AMC.

    When you get off the dole and are able to afford one, you will want to invest in a DVR to record your favorite shows. Not a DVD player.

  38. “You’re built too low – the fast ones go over your head.

    I keep pitchin’ ’em and you keep missin’ ’em…”

  39. Our poor kids. They missed growing up with all the fun we did. Speed Racer, the Thundercats et al just can’t match classic Warner Bros and Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  40. Why do you feel bad?
    Do you think he actually has that many posts under one moniker?
    Each time he get banned – comes back under aqua something else.
    (don’t recall what his name was before the aquamaid show)

  41. ebb, I guess I feel bad because someone can make over 1100 comments and get less than 200 likes. Even his troll buddies don’t like him much and he still keeps babbling. I don’t have that many more comments than the poor troll and I would be mortified to silence if I had that kind of ratio.

  42. Wayne, I’m sure your ratio is much better than AquaIdiot’s. Dog shit in the street would do better. You have to blow him away.

  43. Wayne, I love you, but referring to Chuck Jones as a “minor” deity is blasphemous.

    That’s kind of like saying that Walt Kelly was “interesting”, or that Carl Barks had his moments…

    I once sat in the University Theater in Berkeley when Leonard Maltin played his Warner Brothers cartoon collection, which included a tremendous number of cartoons (Bugs & Daffy, especially) that I had never seen — all without any credits front or back, just one continuous manic scream, several hours long, including a lot of Chuck Jones material. There was more than one occasion where I was paralyzed with laughter, unable to follow the gags as they came flying past at breakneck speed–on and on, for what seemed like hours. Honestly, I’m surprised that any of us survived.

  44. gummitch, the minor deity comment was mine. Wayne just agreed. And I made it in reference to my daughter who is too young to know Chuck directly. She (and I) would have loved to sit through that presentation.

  45. As would I, gummitch. And, I stand corrected. Chuck was a MAJOR deity. (And I am still an atheist, so that’s gotta count for something.)

    I didn’t think the nematode would actually reveal his numbers. Does he think they’re good numbers?

  46. (laughing heartily)

    hmm, Powdered Toast Man seems to have the Repiggies ‘thought process’ – sacrifice the many for the one/few.

    “Leave everything to me”

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