Music Night is upon us!

I believe I can make a solid argument that the most critical and influential musical groups of modern American rock were the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield. Even considering solely the band members, imagine how different the music of the 60s and beyond would have been without Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Dave Crosby, Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman. Without their influence, would there have been folk rock, country rock, or alt-country. Would there have been Tom Petty, My Morning Jacket, the Jayhawks, Wilco or Son Volt.

In the first few years of the band’s history (they peaked early), most of their memorable songs were covers of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, and the original compositions of Gene Clark. Except for a couple of brief reunions, he left the Byrds early on and seemed to disappear from view, but continued to tour and record until his death from heart attack at age 46. I’ve always loved his music, and this is my tribute to a great talent.

116 thoughts on “Music Night is upon us!

  1. David Crosby, Laughing, from If I Could Only Remember My Name. Backed up by PERRO. PERRO is the Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra:
    * David Crosby – guitar, vocals
    * Graham Nash – guitar, vocals
    * Paul Kantner – guitar, banjo, vocals
    * Grace Slick – piano, vocals
    * Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar
    * Jack Casady – bass
    * Jerry Garcia – guitar, vocals
    * Phil Lesh – bass
    * Bill Kreutzmann – drums
    * Mickey Hart – percussion
    * David Freiberg – viola, vocals

  2. So is it a threat to my Man-Card to admit that not only did I enjoy Dirty Dancing, but that I loved that scened?

    Closest I ever came to moving like Patrick Swayze — and it wasn’t close at all — was with a sword in my hand.

    Still, closer than many.

  3. I love it Zooey. Do believe I’ve heard it before, somewhere. Went to ask my kid if he has it, but, egads, he’s asleep at 9:45PM (Eastern time). That is NOT normal. He better not be getting sick. Can’t have that. Got a grandbaby coming any day now and need to bolt when the time comes. If he’s getting the pukey bug, Grandma can’t go and cuddle Owen Matthew.

    A juke box favorite of mine….

  4. 2ebb, I quickly caught the title of your last video and thought it said: She’s in Panties. Well, yeah, we wear panties.

  5. I can handle the 80’s too. 🙂 (The actress playing the waitress is unfortunately married to Dennis Miller – but I still love the song and video.)

  6. And then some older guy stuff …

    I grow old … I grow old …
    I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

    Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
    I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
    I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

    I do not think that they will sing to me.

    “Love’s a fools’ dance,
    I ain’t got much sense, but I still got my feet”

  7. “Reminds me vocally of Portishead.”

    I had to laugh when I saw this. Years ago, my (our) best friend at work, Mark, used to sit on the other side my cubicle wall, and he like to play music at his desk. At one point, he went through a Portishead phase when he would play the Portishead CD on a fairly regular basis. The vocals, particularly as filtered through the divider, sounded, quite frankly, awful. I voiced my opinion to him, but that didn’t stop him from playing it often, sometimes deliberately just to get a rise or a laugh out of me. Mark and I still tease each other occasionally about his bafflement at my aversion to Portishead.

  8. Ok, just saw Rachel mixing a drink on TV, so I can mix up a drink on The Zoo for us girls. Do you like chocolate cake? (What woman doesn’t?) OK, write this down.

    You’ll need:

    A lemon wedge
    Packet (or teaspoon) of sugar
    1/2 oz Frangellica Hazel Nut Liquer
    1/2 oz Stoli Vanill Vodka

    Pour Frangellica and Stoli into shot glass.
    Drizzle sugar over lemon wedge.

    Shoot (or drink) the Frangellica/Stoli mixture and then bite into the lemon/sugar wedge.

    Tastes just like chocolate cake.

  9. whom, I’ll have to turn in one of my x’s – that recipe kind of made me nauseated. Sounds like a lot of work – just make the damn cake – and chase it down with liquor.
    (full confession: I’m not an imbiber of enhanced beverages, so what do I know/)

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