The Watering Hole: December 21, Playing with Fire

How long until these imbeciles find someone even more stupid than themselves to do “the job” for them? Political assassination promoted by the press through character assassination rings a very unpleasant bell for me as a German.

This is our Open Thread. Let us know what you think.

75 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: December 21, Playing with Fire

  1. EV,

    Who says they aren’t, effectively, already finding imbeciles to carry out these things for them? We had that guy on Oakland who got into the shootout with police because Glenn Beck told him they were going to take his guns. Then there was the guy who shot up the Holocaust museum because of right-wing radio and TV. There was the guy who wanted to kill everyone in Bernie Goldberg’s book.

    True, no one told these folks to do what they did, but they got the idea that it was necessary from American right-wing radio and tv. But they know that there are enough people out there who “hear” the instructions and do their bidding.

    And, of course, that’s when the right-wing radio and tv personalities trot our their conservative mantra of “individual freedom, individual responsibility,” so don’t hold them accountable for what they encourage other people to do. (Funny how they seem to have never heard of the charge “incitement to riot.” You don’t have to actually riot to be guilty, you just have to have encouraged others to riot.)

    • Wayne, I hear you. The same problem in Germany in the 20s and 30s. And it was done by Hugenberg’s press in alliance with what you’d call “big business” these days. It is too similar for comfort. I fully understand the uniqueness of the Nazi Regime and I am loath to compare, because there is no comparing evil. Each evil stands alone as it should, singled out and unique. But it doesn’t have to be Nazism, World War and a genocide around the corner. We are risking our hard fought for personal freedom here. And what makes me want to puke is, we are squandering this freedom in exchange for soap operas, reality shows, cheap plastic toys for our kids and cheap electronical gadgets made by slaves in China (and elsewhere). Worst of all we give our liberties away for the American Dream v2.0 – “Panem et Circenses”: Casting Shows. And that phenomenon is not restricted to the US.

  2. House, that picture made me giggle. πŸ™‚

    I agree Wayne. They blow the dog whistle and their followers respond….but of course the people blowing the whistle are never responsible for another’s actions.

    “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

  3. No, I don’t own enough pairs of dress pants to accommodate a cat like that! As a matter of fact, I don’t have a closet either! πŸ˜€

  4. Figured it had to be someone truly evil – and Rove was my second guess.

    “Rove is a longtime adviser to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who recently tapped the Republican operative to aid his 2010 reelection campaign.”

  5. cheeseflap, I love your haiku. So much so that I have no intention of ever trying to compete with it. The haiku market is all yours, my friend. I’ll stick to my silly little song parodies and snarky comments about the GOP and its followers.

  6. muse,

    Yesterday I read something about this case. A Swedish lawyer had written an open letter in response to Michael Moore telling him that he (Moore) did not understand how the Swedish judicial system worked. The lawyer said that in Sweden, they have a completely indelendent judiciary. It is not the giovernment in and of itself as it is here. The independent judiciary decides who will be investigated and who will be prosecuted. Right now, Julian Assange is under investigation, no more. Under European rules he can still be extradited to answer questions, but he is not under arrest at the moment, nor have formal charges been filed.

    If all this is true, then Karl Rove could not have had anything to do with it. IF.

    But it would not surprise me in the least.

  7. They passed both judges, so the next vote is to ‘move forward’ with the START treaty. I guess it only takes 60 to do that, but it does take 67 to ratify the treaty.

  8. Wow muse, why didn’t we just guess that. Maybe Assange will be the guy who finally brings Rove down. Wouldn’t that be spectacular if he crossed the wrong guy this time.

  9. motofart loves to sneak in the concern door and then talk condescending. He especially can’t resist talking nasty to ladies.

  10. Did some googling and found a now-closed Huffpo ID that’s the exact same spelling. Seems to be the same kind of diatribes (you have to use google’s cache to see some of them). Conservative (fine), and pretty in-your-face with all the comments.

    I would guess the account got terminated by Huffpo.

    Personally, I would have actually guessed it’s Beetlejuice, particularly given the multiple replies to a single post that upset him.

  11. Hooda, that does surprisingly match one Huffpo comment thread I just found. So I will defer to your identification.

    Here’s that link (it’s a long nasty link, not sure if this will work)…


  12. That’s why I also brought up Michelle Obama as on that Huffpo thread they said he really would go crazy about article about her. (I can’t find any occurrences – since the profile has been removed, finding stuff in the google cache is a bit hit/miss).

  13. fake dr hunt didn’t know my gender until he infiltrated here.
    Now he is alway condescending – Hooda is correct about motormouth being misogynistic.
    I cleaned his clock on a medical issue and he’s not forgotten it.

  14. Insecure men are never comfortable with competent women. The potential nondoc sock is currently defending the highly subsidized ethanol. Isn’t it cool how they’re all “free market” except when they aren’t?

  15. That’s because they don’t know what words mean, Outstanding. They think that words can mean whatever they want them to mean. Among themselves, maybe, but if they wish to communicate with people outside their political spectrum, they are just going to have to learn what words actually mean.

  16. Looks like Target wasn’t as contrite about their political donations as they would have led us to believe. Even after apologizing, and promising a new review process, they continued to make more controversial donations. (Link at HuffPo)

  17. Doc S took his swan dive but like a diva he’ll return after the ‘vapors’ pass.
    My great Aunt Charlotte was always ‘having the vapors’ – she always ‘felt faint’.

  18. lol – I’m not sure being able to spot of 5th Dimension song from a parody of a snippet of lyrics is a badge of honor, or a testament to my vast array of totally useless knowledge. πŸ™‚

  19. Yes, Hooda it was – and a beautiful rendition!

    Persecution complex – among other ‘maladies’ plague Doc S.

    Superiority complex – among others for the fake docmotormouthhunt

  20. Insert Hooda’s lyrics…

    One less psycho to answer.
    One less brain that’s fried.
    One less goon to pick up after
    We might be shattered
    But all we do is cheer.

  21. zxbe, I am not in Wayne’s league when it comes to parodies so if a 4 line snippet can be recognized, I’ll do a little happy dance.

  22. And zxbe, why can’t it be both?

    I used to go into town (when I was in college) on Trivia Night at one of the seven bars. You would order a drink or a mug of beer and they would ask you a trivia question. Get it right and your drink is free. The video game was a quarter, the foosball and pool tables were fifty cents, and a mug of beer was seventy-five cents.

    I was (and still am) good at trivia. I would walk into town with three dollars in my pocket, hold the pool table for a while, play a few games of foosball with my friend, Roger, a couple of games of Galaxians, get drunk off my ass and still manage to stagger home with change in my pocket.

    So being good at trivia had its uses from time-to-time. In this case it was Sundays to Tuesdays and then again to Sundays (twice a week).

  23. And did you see the Doc Shabbitt meltdown? He says he’s canceling his Disqus account and refusing to show up at TP again. I guess he means as “Doc Shabbitt.” How long do think it will be before we figure out his new name?

  24. Jane made me say Merry Christmas to him. Even without a Disqus account he can still read comments.

    As far as I’m concerned, he brought the wrath upon himself with his abrasive ways. And, yes, I’m being kind.

  25. I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor soul (Doc not bagger guy). He’s clearly an intelligent person with some serious issues I don’t understand.

  26. An absolutely breath taking scenery, zxbe. You have got the ‘eye’ for photography!

    Great capture of that contemplative fellow! What size lens?
    How the hell do you keep the windows so clean? – I’m serious on that question!

  27. Thanks ebb. I was actually in the garage for the woodpecker photo, so no window to keep clean. πŸ™‚ From the corner of the garage door to that tree is about 10 feet. It was a 70-300, but I was only zoomed in about 200. I did use a flash on that one too.

  28. It must be getting warm down here – saw a toad hopping about while working on the front garden; ahem, weed plot, today. Didn’t get a camera as was up to my elbows in black soil at the time.

  29. Walt, toads aren’t a year round species for your area?

    Is it that whole, non-existent Climate Change hoax going on that they are staying?

  30. Zooey, I’ve come to the realization – no matter how many lessons from great photographers: I’ll never ‘have the eye’ to capture fantastic or even mediocre or poor pictures.
    Am resigned to leaving it to folk like you, zxbe, Raven & my local Peregrine paparazzi!
    There have to be we who adore and admire your fine eye!

    And I mean that very sincerely~!~

  31. ebb,
    This is the first that I’ve seen after the period from mid December through mid February since I’ve lived here. They seem to hibernate. That is most likely due to the lack of food as insects and earth worms go into hiding this time of year. In Tampa, amphibians, geckos and insects run around all year.

  32. That is interesting Walt. Have the toads gone into hibernation and then come out due to prolonged warmer weather this time of year?
    Or has the weather remained warm and they never hibernated?
    Either way it would seem out of kilter.

  33. ebb,

    Currently, I have better things to do then placing tracking devices on every critter in the neighborhood. – Maybe I’ll do that to provide amusement in my old age.

    By the by, how do you attach a radio collar to a mosquito?

  34. Very carefully – but it can be done ~ use a very small dab of gorilla glue ;~=

    I was only asking because you seemed to be very observant and in tune with your environment =;>

  35. ebb,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I will patent my mosquito tracking device in the AM. If I know where they are, I can avoid them.

    It’s off to bed for me. My pet vulture just told me I need some beauty rest!

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