Happy New Year on Music Night

The year 2010 has been a difficult one here in the US and 2011 is shaping up to be even more so. Rather than dwell on the pain, I’d like to dedicate the final Music Night of 2010 to the triumph of the human spirit — and for me, nothing else speaks to that spirit like music. When composers like Bach and performers like Yo-Yo Ma get in the room together, I can experience a few fleeting moments of hope.


98 thoughts on “Happy New Year on Music Night

  1. Shayne – YouTube is your friend!

    Sleeveless kilted men – leaves one to wonder – what’s under said garment, doesn’t it?!

  2. Don’t want to be a downer but we have been here before. And somehow managed to get through it. Humans may be slow but we are resilient.

  3. I’ll back off the Shostakovich after this, but I played these pieces in high school, and the symphonic band I was in was far better than any place I should have sat in on. We played this and the above, and we played them exceptionally well. Mravinsky knows how to drive this piece.

  4. I don’t think I posted this here, since last week I was too depressed from my visit with my dad to do much of anything. But this always seems so marvelously appropriate to the season, even though it is nominally about Spring.

  5. Dementia has left his short-term memory pretty much shattered, and great swaths of the last 20+ years are completely disconnected from reality. He’s in assisted living which is why I’m in Prescott, keeping his house and doing what I can to responsibly destroy enough of his estate so that he qualifies for medicaid.

    He remember me, he remembers family. He does not even remember that he has a house in Prescott until he is repeatedly reminded (he lived in this house over 16 years), and then he can’t track the difference between this house and my step-mother’s (where the two of them lived until they divorced). I could go on.

  6. It being AZ, “fortunately” he’s “only” losing his mind, instead of a limb …

    I suppose I might add that, given my Aunt, his sister’s, behavior in her last years, there is some indication that the family has a genetic predisposition for such things. (The two of them outlived both of their parents, their father (my grandfather) 30+ years. So if it was there, it never had a chance to manifest.)

    Along with the train-wreck that is my career, I come by my black moods and excessive drinking honestly.

    • I’m sorry, Gary. It must be so terribly difficult to watch your dad’s decline, knowing there’s not a thing you can do.

      But I’m also glad that you found the Zoo, and we can be here for you…such as it is.

  7. Gary, my dearest cousin has gone though similar things with both her parents. She has been lucky enough to have a wonderful husband and hasn’t had to deal with the career/job issues. All I can say is good luck. May the universe find within its plan to smile on you.

  8. Happy Last Day of 2010 Everyone. I see I’m late the party. lol

    Ebb – Claire De Lune has got to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. At least it is for me. It’s a piece that truly does take me somewhere else. As does most of Debussy’s work. Here’s another piece by Debussy of which I’m particularly fond. Reverie.

  9. ebb, the main even stayed north and west. But we still did get a healthy coating of ice, just enough to make the roads a mess. So I’m in for the evening.

  10. ebb, TCM has a Marx Brothers mini-marathon this evening. Not sure if I’ll partake. I have a bunch of director William Wyler’s movies in my DVR, and I may watch one of those. Otherwise, I watched a couple old Dr. Who’s (with Martha).

  11. Although I find it hauty, snooty, and ‘exclusive’ – SF was awarded “The America’s Cup” sailing regatta – in 2012!
    The plus: It can mean appx 9,000 jobs – getting ‘things ready’ and then during the contest itself…

  12. Confessions of Animal Hoarding is on Animal Planet tonight. A little something to lift the mood of animal lovers. Yeesh. If it wasn’t for Zooey and my husband that could be me. πŸ™‚

  13. It altogether transcends my understanding why Pampaloosa made me think of White Stripes …
    (Probably my last for the evening; finish a movie, then finish Christmas Carol (the book) and bed. Cheers, y’all!)

  14. Posted on the Open Thread below, reposted here so I can make sure I inflict this on you all as I turn in for the year:

    Climate change is our religion and Gerbils and Nightcrawlers our Dieties.

    One for Gerbil Warming,

    the other for Global Worming.

    Hippo Gnu Deer, all!

    (p.s. I have an open thread scheduled for the a.m.)

  15. ebb,

    I sincerely hope the jerk was just shooting into the air and not at anyone. I also hope he gets a visit from the local law enforcement officers, and a new room in which to spend the night. One with bars.

  16. Several years ago someone got killed in a nearby town from a bullet shot in the air. What goes up has to come down and that particular bullet came down, through a roof and into someone’s head. So, yes, firing into the air in celebration of the New Year is stupid and extremely dangerous.

    Hopefully s/he was firing blanks.

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