The Watering Hole: January 6 – Exodus

Like all males, Moses refused to ask for directions:

39 Years and Still Counting

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104 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: January 6 – Exodus

  1. If I remember correctly, god told Moses he would never set foot in the Promised Land.
    What else would an aging patriarchal politician do but continue to bumble around in the wilderness leading his constituents nowhere?
    Some things haven’t changed much.

  2. Hi Raven!

    God did indeed tell Moses that he and all but two of the adults with him would never reach the Promised Land. Their offense was grumbling about the risk of occupying a land that was already claimed by others. In short, they failed to trust God and got scared. One could argue that if America was, as some believe, uniquely ordained by God, that our willingness to surrender our freedom and highest principles in order to keep ourselves safe from terrorism is roughly the same sin that Moses’ bunch was punished for.

  3. Teabaggers undoubtedly wonder why Moses having apparently crossed the Suez Canal isn’t mentioned in the Bible. That would be those teabaggers who have HEARD of the Suez Canal, of course.

  4. Good morning Outstanding
    Understanding that 40 years is long enough for the generation who experienced the slavery in Egypt to pass, it allowed the following generation to feel good about conquering new lands. And time for history to be re-written.
    Much the same as has happened in America. The generation who experienced the devastation of world wars and the collapse of the economy has largely passed, and the social structures they put into place to avoid such disasters is now under threat. And history is being re-written to justify the conquering of other lands.

  5. Raven: “history is being re-written to justify the conquering of other lands.”

    I’d add a word or two to that, as in “history is being re-written to justify the LUST FOR conquering of other lands.” I’ve been watching America at war since I was a kid. Don’t remember WWII, but I do remember Korea, then the Nam, followed by all that other warmongering nonsense through and including Iraq and Afghanistan. No ‘conquered lands’ appear on that list, save maybe for Reagan’s magnificent triumph in Grenada. But there’s been a whole lot of corporate profit resulting, and as we all know, that’s what counts. That’s ALL that counts.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree frugal. The corporate rulers realize they don’t have to physically occupy other lands (read resources) to control them. They can do it economically.
    Much of the world is now experiencing economic slavery, including a lot of Americans.

  7. Waste of time and money. TP’s Progress Report notes that “Vanity Fair estimated the reading will cost $1.1 million.” Imagine the wingnut outrage if it was the Democrats pulling the stunt rather than themselves?

    Just think: only two short years ago there stood the shining city on the hill right before our eyes. And today, with the lights off, there stands an outhouse instead.

  8. What’s the reasoning for not reading the entire document?

    Is it because of the ‘amendments’ to the Constitution aren’t ‘constitutional’?

    • Reasoning is not a good word to use in connection with repiggies, ebb. “Excuse” might be a better word.

      It sounds more like they’re not reading the things that have been overturned. This will succeed in allowing stupid people to believe the Constitution has been “perfect” from the day it was written.

    • Calif. Dem reintroduces public option for health insurance

      On Wednesday, the first day of the 112th Congress, Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) introduced a measure to establish a robust public health insurance option as a supplement to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

      The California congresswoman argued that the plan, which pays physicians 5 percent more than Medicare rates, would lower insurance costs and address deficit concerns, pointing to a Congressional Budget Office report saying it would cut the deficit by $68 billion.

      “This is the perfect moment for the public option,” Woolsey said. “It builds on the health care reform legislation by lowering costs and it provides a great way to bring down the deficit.”

      She added: “If Republicans really care about the deficit, they should sign on to this bill rather than try to dismantle the health care reform law, which would add billions to the budget deficit.”

  9. I can sort of see the logic of only reading the parts that are still in effect. But as Z points out, it hides that the founders weren’t deities (as righties believe).

    Of course the Constitution is really version 2.0 of the founders’ attempt at government. There were the Articles of Confederation.

  10. Does anyone know who (media or group-wise) is being a ‘watch dog’ for this circus?
    Meaning what’s being left out of the reading?
    Is that somewhere I just can’t find?

  11. It is simply amazing how these Republicans are acting like they are swooping in to save the country from disaster and acting like they had no responsibility for putting us here… They are acting like the fiscally responsible ones are finally in charge to save the day… Holy shit. Do they really expect that people in this country all have short term memory loss? It’s actually really embarrassing..

  12. muse, sadly a great many of the population does have short term memory loss – look who they elected to represent them in the mid-term?
    My stomach turns each time I hear Boner on the radio or his photo shows up on a news site.

    The repigs are truly attempting to take us back to the totally patriarchal, racially divided, misogynistic 50s. “In God We Trust” -as long as he’s the white christian in the bible one.

  13. Ebb: “The repigs are truly attempting to take us back to the totally patriarchal, racially divided, misogynistic 50s.”

    I’d make that the 1850s, I think. That way even slavery would be ok,

  14. Funny no one noticed. What, weren’t they all following along? All 242 of the shitheads turned the same to pages at the same time without noticing?

    I suppose it could happen. But you’d think SOMEONE might have noticed. Unless no one there has never read it before … uh … ok, never mind. I get it.

  15. nwmuse, brava! brava! Thanks for watching as long as you did! I wouldn’t even bring it up on the computer for fear I’d do harm to the borrowed machine.

  16. Boner is such an insincere prick!
    The woman in that pic should be embarrassed at embracing such an idiotic ideal as the Repugnant Teabeggers.

    I have to go shift about 50 boxes – from storage to a garage. (I can empathize with the ZooKeeper!). The contents will eventually be sold or traded – very, very soon I hope.

    • OMG, three guys going back and forth portraying this
      administration as the enemy of the people, the enemy of business,
      the enemy of the Constitution, overreaching.. Nonstop blather.
      Omg… Government takeover of healthcare, socialized medicine, blah blah blah…

          • Oh jeebus. I found a diary I started keeping when I decided to leave my marriage, and kept writing through the early years of being divorced. Just scanning through has made me anxious and worried. Man, I was in bad shape back then.

            Now I’m just going to tear them up and trash them. Unread.

          • I’m no longer watching, just pointing out that along with going after the healthcare law and the “entitlements”, they are also talking of going after programs for the disabled (too many programs) and at-risk kids (also too many programs). Unnecessary.. Interferes with need for defense spending..

            • This is going to be a shitty couple of years.

              The thing we can hope for is that the idiots who vote for these yahoos will begin to feel the effects in their own lives — that’s the only thing that will get through to them.

  17. nmuse, step away – please step away and stop watching. Your health is so much more important – the idiocy will continue for two years so please step away for sanity sake ~

  18. Slight uptick for the righties. Big uptick for Independents (which means Dems are just calling themselves Independent).

    Overall this seems to be somewhat cyclical, and to some extent seems to track to election results a bit. A bit of the phenomenon of people want to identify with the “winners” (for lack of a better term).

  19. Looks like TP and disqus are screwed up again. That disqus crap is about as useless as anything could be. Unreliable, error-fraught, plus it doesn’t rid the world of asshole trolls, just sometimes makes then unavailable … until their next incarnation. Worthless. Grrrr. Think I’ll read a book.

  20. muse, exactly. In their zeal to “read” the constitution, they forgot to follow part of it:

    “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution;”

  21. I’m almost glad I’m busy with work. After looking at the stellar performance of the R’s the past two days I would have an ulcer by now. This is going to be an ugly two years.

    I guess Moses didn’t have a Tom Tom. Either that or he couldn’t figure out where to plug it in on the camel.

  22. He’s a meth – head, has to be, to continue the foolishness and spittle spewed.
    [at times I imagine it with the other trolls on a psych ward with internet privileges. Oh, and missing a dose or two of meds that spins them out of control]

  23. Elephants are such gentle creatures. The low rumbles, caressing of each others trunks…
    sensual. Each helping all and all helping each – that’s a great distance from what the Repugnant party’s symbol has become.

  24. O’R will be a total ass – as usual. Too bad the President couldn’t have declined.
    O’R will feel superior and make some snide remark about the the mid-term and the crying baby that is now SOtH. Perhaps Obama will get in a dig or two.

  25. Yes, Zooey – and a new Insurance Commissioner (Dave Jones-D) – who wasn’t in the job 72-hrs before jumping all over this!
    Thank whom ever for the D’s in CA – otherwise these next two years would be more depressing.

    (I laugh each time passing E-Bay ‘Whitman Campus’ – that she poured sooooo much money and ran a nasty, evil, smear campaign. And where is she now? Who the hell cares – it’s where she’s NOT that counts!

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