It’s Music Night!

Ohhh baby...

Sorry, I just had to get that out my system.

Gummitch has left me in charge of music night, so I’m just gonna indulge myself.  😉

Okay, I’m done.  Y’all have some fun!


100 thoughts on “It’s Music Night!

  1. In Carbondale, one of the feral cats I’d had neutered and was caring for was run over by a car as I watched. (To the driver’s credit, sick with grief and shame he came back to apologize. The accident was not his fault.) The cat’s entire rear quarter was crushed, and the only thing I could do was gather him up in a blanket and rush him to a 24-hr. vet hospital to be put down. As I drove to the vet, this is the song I sang to comfort the cat and provide what comfort I could.

  2. FYI, in case any of you missed it.

    Obama Created More Jobs In One Year Than Bush Created In Eight

    Songs of joy to follow. 🙂

  3. There’s something about a man in a dress singing “Walk like a man” that reminds me of …
    Ummmm, I’m not going there.

  4. I bleed easier these days. I’m ok now it was only about three seconds of the actual vocals. A mistake I won’t make again!

    More Texas music (about the only thing still good about the state!)

  5. Good evening. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day. So now I share it with you so it may be stuck in your heads all evening. 🙂

  6. Gary, I agree. The clips I’ve seen so far seem like it will be a “fun” movie. And except for being updated to today’s date, it seems like a certain mount of care has been taken to be faithful to the original.

  7. The other night Crooks and Liars asked on the Open Thread what was the best movie anybody had seen in the past year. I almost keyed up and said Operation Petticoat and The Cheyenne Social Club. They were both on early the previous two mornings.

    I don’t go to movies. Most of the new stuff has rap music unless it’s a period picture. They only make those so they can win best costume Oscars.

  8. HoR, I probably will wait until it comes to Netflix. I don’t go to new movies much at all. (Not sure I went at all in 2010.)

    Turner Classic Movies is probably my favorite channel right now and have seen a number of great oldies on there.

    Speaking of Oscars, some friends of mine and I have started watching all the Best Picture winners in order. They started in 1928, and we’re now up to 1964. My favorite of all them so far was one called “Mrs. Miniver” starring Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon and Teresa Wright. It’s set in England before and shortly after the start of WW2. Excellent film.

    • Hi all. Here’s my contribution for tonight in honor of the Oregon Ducks as they head to the BCS Championship!

  9. Would someone, in charge, be kind enough to delete the 5.27p post – for some reason it didn’t ‘take’. Thank You !

  10. Someone on a radio program this week mentioned that YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) was one of their inspirations. I hadn’t thought about this group in a long time. Techno/Dance type of thing from the late 70’s early 80’s. Enjoy.

  11. 2ebb!!! Thank you for thinking of me! As I was walking home from work on this snowy eve, I decided to duck into the local tavern for some hot buttered rum … yum …

    Looking forward to listing to all of your posts upon my return home – no huskies required 🙂

  12. I did feel it – walking down the street thought the earth jolted but wasn’t quite sure.
    Then the radio stated it was a quake.

    Is TP down for you folk?

  13. — I like that 3 doors Down!

    (Gary I’m thinking of making an obscene gesture your way but ‘ love won’t let me’)

    Native Nor Cal – ’89 Loma Prieta: Magnitude 6.9 Mw


  14. BnF you the piper you know cuts a fine, handsome figure! We do need to hear this fellow play – any chance his music is available?

  15. ebb,
    TP is either on overload or dead. I get a loading screen and then nothing but the Great White Screen.

  16. I just missed the “World Series” shaker — I’d moved from The City (tenderloin district) in June of ’88.

    The most notable named 6+ I was in recently was the Oaxaca quake of ’99. I was on the 22nd fl. of the Hotel Intercontinental in Mexico City when the whole building gracefully shifted some 8′ — 10′ each direction at my altitude. I stood in the door of my bathroom bracing myself on the jamb, waiting to find out how my life was about to change. (Not much, as it turned out. The building was actually constructed to code.) On the way to the airport (the job I was there for was already finished) all the traffic lights were out. And there was me thinkin’ the swayin’ building was a ride … !!

  17. Thanks for that Walt – was wondering if it was ‘world wide’ or just this ThinkPad!

      • I spent my first 26 years living in Central Valley, CA. I remember
        lots of earthquakes.. One in particular getting yanked out of bed
        in the middle of the night and running outside into an open

  18. Good Evening, Lass!

    Don’t mind the California’s – we know were specially – just have to stroke each others egos once in a while ;>


    Gary, did you grow up down south? For some reason I thought your were from the Land o’ Lincoln.

    When you were up here – going to school? What made you move?

  19. I ‘m a FB fan of both ABBA and Buva … the latter a very talented musician I played with many years ago, getting many rave reviews of late – a very special ” thank you” for posting that one, ebb!

  20. were specially *special*.

    I blame that on the cat – nudging and me not properly editing!

  21. good gawd – where’s the edit button?



    damn cat – Mel(low) it’s all your fault!

    Gary, keep meaning to mention – the cat photo you are on FB —- slightly darker orange and you have Mel – the cat who tells on himself when he’s been naughty (destructive)!

  22. I’m one of the very few native born Californians — even Southern Californian — that you’ll ever meet, 2ebb, virtually or otherwise. I was born in Lancaster when my dad was working on the static tests of the Atlas booster at Edwards AFB, grew up in San Diego after a couple years gone (dad was helping install the missiles in Cheyenne, WY, then assisting in the integration of the systems at SAC headquarters, Omaha). After the army, I returned to L.A. for college, and spent a few years in The City for work before I couldn’t stand it any more and decided to go back to school for my MA.

    I knew I could not afford to stay in San Francisco as a student, and for various peculiarities of life I knew several people in Chicago. (I’d met some in L.A. who’d moved to what was home, met others when I’d stop through on visits.) So I ended up moving to Chicago for my Master’s at DePaul in InterDisciplinary studies. Between that, more jobs, and the other accidents that made SIU the most appropriate choice for my Ph.D. work, I’ve spent some 19 of the last 22 years in the Midwest. That is the longest I’ve been in any generically single place in my adult life.

  23. Gary – nice to meet a native!

    I was born in Berkeley but grew up in the South Bay. Then up the Peninsula for thirty years.
    Then South Bay. As a flame to a moth – I’ve not moved far from my ‘roots’.

  24. Apologies – big time apologies Native Golden Stater, Zooey!

    Good thing you are getting your education now, before the Repugnant repigs do away with Pell Grants; and the office of education all together.


  25. muse, were you born in CA?
    Where in the Central Valley?
    My Dad was born in Hanford and grew up in Corcoran – where ‘cotton was king -‘ before the economic fall and the building of the prison.

    Corcoran is near Alpaugh; Wakeena; Tipton; Tulare and Visalia. (in those days – Tulare and Visalia populations weren’t a great deal more than Corcoran’s)

    • I was born in Washington, but then spent the next 26 years
      in a small town south of Fresno. Actually, several small towns, and some of that time out in the country..

  26. Is there an obvious answer to my question of “Where was Central Valley” – what part of the Central Valley?

    TP is back up (in a strange fashion – WordPress-style)….a bit odd.

  27. Interesting that – Zooey! One would think ‘Central’ but then one would be incorrect. ;>

  28. I was born in San Francisco.

    There’s a town in California named Weed.

    It’s high school sells its T shirts nationwide.

    “Weed High”

  29. BnF, Am familiar with Weed – both lower and upper case W ;>

    Is the other town, of which you speak, in CA?

  30. Gary, maybe it’s the angst that I like so much in ‘Twilight Zone’.

    “When the bullet hits the bone.”

  31. [yes, I realize it is Sunday that does not preclude my thoughts, in music for a favorite witch]

    Recently been wondering how Witch1 is doing on her journey east.
    As always sending positive vibes for a safe travels and a welcoming committee at the destination…

    • Ebb, I received a postcard from our Witch about a month ago. She was in Montana at the time. I truly hope she’s well on her way East, and maybe even there by now.

  32. Thank you, so much, Zooey.

    Virtual world’s have friends that we care about…

    and it’s always good to know the real wold holds them well.

    • You’re welcome, ebb.

      I really wish I knew what happened to 5th. He just sort of dropped off the earth. Maybe he is out on the street…

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