The Watering Hole: January 28 – Stereo

Long before all you whippersnappers came into this world, there was a precursor to 3D TV or even the View Master. It was called the Stereoscope. In the late 19th and early 20th century, families would “tour” the world and view 3D images in living color or black and white. The color images were achieved by three takes using filters to compose the image or by the work of serfs who filled in colors from black and white photographic plates. Stereo-optic vision was achieved by using two camera positions for the left and right eye perspective. To see the device that made the viewing possible and a sample image, read on.

Update: I have added a link to one technique used to produced color images.

This is our Open Thread. Please feel free to air your thoughts on any topic that comes to mind.

173 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: January 28 – Stereo

  1. WtM – it is now your fault I won’t get any sleep this night!

    Having just moved – I know exactly where and have just retrieved our stereoscope:

    [Received the stereoscope and the cards – reproductions – in 1982]

    There are no colorized cards in the collection –

    I was able to locate some pics, on-line, to show you:

    One Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars,
    U.S. Treasury, Washington, D.C.

    This “The New Woman – Wash Day 1897

    “Shucking” Oysters

    Every Kiss Has Its Sting

    Viewing 3-D with the stereoscope is the only way to go – the red celluloid glasses just won’t do.

  2. Funny. You can’t go to sleep and I can’t stay asleep! I crash about 9pm, and I wake up at 2, with my throat so dry I have to get up and drink some tea or coke. By the time it’s better, I’m wide awake.

  3. heh, House – if Walt hadn’t posted this I wouldn’t be tripping through these cards and attempting to find them on-line to ‘share’!

    Glad for your company. Sorry you can’t sleep.
    Would humidifiers help in keeping your throat from drying up and waking you up?

  4. I need to try this Every Kiss Has Its Sting, one more time. (it’s rather humorous for ‘the day’)

    Shows a salesman kissing the ‘Mrs.’ – and the ‘Mr.” is to the left, shovel in hand just getting ready to whack the ‘gentleman’ in the behind.

    Every Kiss Has Its Sting. The link used in the prior post seems broken. Let me try it one more time (it’s to an e-bay site – it allowed me to copy).

  5. That ebay thing ain’t working.

    I used a humidifier years ago, but I couldn’t tell they did much good. It’s probably the blood pressure pill that makes it happen. Needing to go to the bathroom is what wakes me up. The dry throat is what keeps me up.

    On Rachel last night, they reported about ‘strawman’ gun purchases of assault rifles. The irony is that regulations require the gun shop owner to report any sale of more than two handguns to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, but no regulation exists to require reporting of sales of multiple assault rifles. So these gun runners just call around to find out which gun stores have the desired rifles, show up, and haul them out a case or more at a time, no questions asked, apparently. Thanks a lot, NRA!

  6. Mostly in the morning, unless I don’t eat a real meal until lunch. I used to get sleepy in the afternoon, but not lately. I just can’t stay up late unless something big happens, like the SotU speech, or a major breaking news story, or a real exciting football game. Then I guess adrenaline keeps me going. I’m not very active right now, because of the weather. The next few days it should be better.

    There’s an early John Wayne movie on Encore Westerns, The Star Packer, made in 1934. My mom liked John Wayne because of these ‘Saturday Westerns’ she grew up seeing at the movie theatres as a kid. She would have been 11 when this one came out.

  7. Yes, they did, 2ebb. Mom grew up in Birmingham, then her family moved to Hazel Green, just north of Huntsville. My dad grew up in Claysville, on a farm that the TVA bought when the completion of Guntersville Dam was going to flood their property, like many others. His family then moved to Hazel Green, where they met in high school.

  8. Ah, that’s sweet – really! My folks grew up on opposite coasts so didn’t meet until adulthood.

    Goodnight and Good Morning, House.

  9. I get a kick out of the ‘routine’ the cats go through when I am fixing their food. First, I have to wash the bowls, then I am standing at the island putting the food in them. While this is happening, both cats circle the island, inevitably getting in my way, meowing the whole time, as though I still need convincing that they are hungry. It’s the same thing every time! Every time, they get fed, and they know they will get fed, but kitty logic requires it must happen the same way each time or the food will not appear! 😀

  10. HoR – my cats go through the same routine everyday around mealtime, too.

    Very interesting post Walt. I like the photo of the Chicago World’s Fair ticket. I read a book about a serial killer that was killing people in Chicago around the time of the fair. The other main character in the book was the architect that was responsible for the design of the Chicago World’s Fair. I need to look up the name of the book because I don’t remember it.

  11. HoR – kitty logic also brings bad habits. When a cat gets focused on something, they never let it go. My cats hate each other so there are always issues and drama occurring except at mealtime. They will all gather together and act politely to each other. I have 4 rescue cats and that is 2 too many. When people approach me with “there’s a kitten/cat that needs a home…” I tell them to talk to someone else because I have reached me limit.

  12. HOR ~ HCTZ does the same thing to me. I just drink shitloads of water before going to bed, and get up twice to relieve. That’s the only way the dehydration doesn’t whack me.

  13. We had a stereoscope when I was a kid. I had a ‘lazy eye’ and the doctor hoped that viewing the stereoscope would force me to focus and strengthen the eye. We had it in a closet for years–I’m not sure what ever became of it after my folks downsized and sold the old house. I still remember many of the pictures–they were all B&W, no colorized ones. It would be nice to have it today.

    Kitties at mealtimes are so funny. I have five, and they all have their own routine which makes feeding time quite a circus! 🙂

  14. Kitties at mealtimes are so funny. I have five, and they all have their own routine which makes feeding time quite a circus! 🙂

    • • Heh.

  15. Kitties at mealtimes are so funny. I have five, and they all have their own routine which makes feeding time quite a circus! 🙂

    Damn, is this gravatar right?

    (oh, for an “edit” function)

  16. Badmoodman, is your avatar supposed to be a cat with the word ‘feed’ underneath?

    You’re showing a warning sign with ‘exploding head zone’ until I click on the avatar, then I see the cat picture.

  17. A colleague bought a Fuji 3-D camera. It has two offset lenses, and it takes a specialized file format, that when viewed on the screen of the camera or any other compatible 3d-digital picture frame, allows you to see the image in 3D.

    As for printing, there are various modes available including standard color-shift (requiring 3D glasses). And, you can print your own stereoscopes from it. 🙂

  18. I should have qualified yesterdays haiku.
    It was in respnse to Cheesflaps book idea.
    I have a desk top calendar with a daily thought from the Dalai Lama.
    It was my suggestion that maybe Cheesflap could do a similar format with haiku’s

    Desktop calendar
    Feeds the mind the whole year long
    One page at a time

  19. It should have been titled:

    “There’s a monster under your bed and only we can save you from it”

    By Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich

  20. president of the Foundation for Excellence in Education

    My Irony-O-Meter just cork-screwed its needle, it hit the far peg so hard. It is getting expensive having to buy new ones all the time …

    • House, if you’re watching the riots in Egypt, I hope you’ll be able to keep us posted.

      I’m on overload today, and just can’t take much more of this world.

  21. Baddoomman, is your avatar by the same artist as painted one of Pres Obama’s campaign posters? I see the same colors and shading, I’m just wondering…

  22. Zooey, I’m listening to Thom, but I’ve had it on MSNBC most of the morning. Right now the protesters are winning! They wouldn’t back down so the police withdrew from downtown Cairo. They’ve set the ruling party headquarters on fire and the airport is suspending flights.

  23. Thanks for the link, House.

    It was reported, earlier on my local news, police were seen stripping off their uniform and joining in the protest.
    Of course the military are the heavy handed ogre in this – now if they go against the government – no telling if Cairo will still be standing.

  24. That’s how you have a coup, get the rank and file military to side with the people, and sooner or later some General will declare himself as the new leader.

  25. Victoria Jones reporting on Thom, says it’s not clear which way the army is going to turn.
    Mubarak’s nowhere to be found, she says. 400 wounded or injured, not broken down between protesters and police/military.

  26. Mohamed ElBaradei has been placed under house arrest by the police.
    I hope he is being well protected.
    He may be the only chance of a civilized new government, a opposed to another general as H of R pointed out.

  27. Looks like “praise and adore god” showed up at Margaret and Helen on the planned parenthood post as a sock named Noah.

    Same sanctimonious shit he used to spew at TP only now his venue is M&H

  28. “Military aren’t being ‘heavy handed’ the last three hours ”

    Some citizens being interviewed are stating they love the army – it’s the police that are feared.
    Police were using excessive force – the military is showing some restraint.

    “Military has always been revered.”

  29. This is getting interesting. Egypt makes the 4th? country in that neck of the woods to go this way. Iran (better luck next time), Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt. I bet Walrus Bolton is spending a lot of time in the can these days. Democracy Dominoes?

    • Oh gross. I just heard Lumpy making fun of Chinese leader Hu’s speech. Totally disgusting.

      Now the CA politician who called him out is getting death threats — directly referencing Lumpy. TP did a story about this.

  30. Ebb,

    It has been my experience that the military and the police usually have two different mind sets.
    The police are usually much more screwed up mentally about how they view people and controlling them.
    I’ve seen people that couldn’t make it in the military get accepted by the police force with no hesitation.

  31. And when they can’t get onto a police force they go to the TSA, then they end up at Wal-Mart.
    I see a lot of this in my general neighborhood.

  32. Nothing for two months and then two posts in two days. I hope the gals have been doing OK! I’ve been looking fairly regularly, but I missed looking this week somehow. I haven’t done a general blog canvass for awhile.

  33. I hope ‘Noah’ isn’t ‘Darryll’ that would mean this is child #2 (recall precious, blessing Sarah)?



    in Suez : military went straight to
    Petrol and gas company headquarters to protect.

  34. White House Press on Egypt.

    Gibbs is handling questions.

    Pres. Obama has not spoken w/Mubarak .

    Not about picking a person or people of a country.
    Deeply concerned about the events – monitor events closely.
    Egypt needs to turn the internet back on.

    Violence is not the response – need meaningful dialog to address grievances

    Situation will be solved by the people of Egypt.

    Reviewing our assistance posture.
    This will be solved by the Egyptian people.

    We’re monitoring this in a number of places.
    Different countries in the region at different stages of this …we are monitoring.

  35. Why isn’t the President speaking to Mubarak?
    Our governments are talking to each other.

    Why doesn’t Obama pick up the phone and talk to Mubarak

    We are monitoring…

  36. • • The Bush administration made it clear they wanted to bring democracy to the Middle East, which was cheered on by the Right. Interesting that those on the Right have remained so quiet with respect to what’s happening right now. Is this because it’s way too early to judge the outcome, or is it that they are afraid that a Democratic administration may actually receive the credit if things actually work out?

  37. Friend of mine at the gym this morning: “Did you read that Egypt cut off their internet connection?”

    Me: “Yes, and immediately millions of Egyptians called TimeWarner to complain and TW told them it was their wireless router.”

  38. Fox is already push polling how they’re going to spin this.

    What do you think is the most critical issue facing the U.S. in its Middle East policy?

    11.08% – Ensuring that Egypt remains a close, moderate ally in a volatile region.

    7.33% – Protecting our oil interests.

    30.98% – Preventing the establishment of more Islamic regimes.

    24.8% – Not allowing Iran to gain another foothold in the region.

    22.98% – Ensuring Israel’s security.

    2.82% – Other (post a comment)

    Total Votes: 6,165

  39. “Me: “Yes, and immediately millions of Egyptians called TimeWarner to complain and TW told them it was their wireless router.””

    That made me smile badmoodman.

    I’m planting pepper seeds and praying for the people of Egypt.

  40. Oh, and the first comment on the Fox poll thread is this (of course):

    Our biggest problem is the Obama administration has no clue of what to do, when to do it or who does it.

    Or this badly spelled gem (which has nothing to do with the crisis in Egypt):

    Obama flunked his first 2yr,s of on the job training and shows no improvement. We should cut our losses and start impeachment procedings.He is not protecting our states, he ignores the peoples wishes and ignores the constitution while killing jobs with his most ignorent push for green jobs as he calls them. He talks the talk but I don’t like where he is takeing us on the walk.

    Or this one. Do they really try to sound stupid?

    No doubt the most critical issue is our Democrats.

  41. When did Egypt leave the African Continent?

    Yes, I realize it is in the n/e of Africa but still it is Africa (Fox snooze labels everything ME )

  42. zxbe, the run on sentence was the absolute best for the worst. And that second grade education is far superior to the Presidents. I’m convinced ;>

  43. I will say there could be one thing that does ultimately bring Republicans and Democrats together. Fox is using Disqus and righties seem just as unhappy with it as many on the left over at TP.

    Perhaps there is hope for a purple nation. All because of a flakey third-party blog comment system.

  44. Anyone here use a Mac? I just had my Mac upgraded to OS X 10.5.8 and I am unable to download Skype. I am downloading Skype for MAC OS X and when I try to run the application I get an “… not supported by this architecture.” Anyone else experience this problem?

  45. zx, yes, when one is chastising another for run-on sentences and lack of education, that person (this peregrine) needs to have done a much better job in proof-reading.

    Disqus just doesn’t have a good track record – it must be free and no one cares?

    Both fux and TP use it – what happens if a poster gets ‘disappeared’ on one forum – are you gone from all that use Disgust?

  46. Hugs to your Mum, Hooda.

    Hope you have a ‘designated driver’ for that x-mas party. Is it for ’10 or just realllly early for ’11?

  47. 24.8% – Not allowing Iran to gain another foothold in the region.

    Iran? Egypt is >90% Sunni Muslim and the remainder is mostly Copts.

    Oh, and Arab. Iran, not so much.

  48. gummitch – the key word there for that ‘poll’: Fox.



    Museums are being protected by military and protersters.

  49. It’s believed the main NDP building has been burned to the ground – so no flames from that spot – the flames appear to be on the compound.

  50. Are you listening to Al Jazeera 2ebb? Sounds like Vodaphone (cell phone provider) helped this revolution with extensive coverage throughout the country, even to rural areas!

    One guy said he thinks Mubarak has fled the country. Also, he doesn’t think the citizens will accept another military man as leader.

  51. Yes, House – I have the link up you gave us – again, thanks!

    Egyptian state-run t.v. is broadcasting what is going on in the street (that’s interesting).

    If the citizens won’t accept another military man – they best wait until this whole thing has died down. They need the military at the moment.

    Waiting for Speaker of the House (Egyptian) to make a statement soon.

  52. A government that uses rubber bullets and tear gas against its own people — who want nothing more than a change of leadership after 30 years of one-man rule — has no future, even if it can hang on in the near term.

    But the tone of Obama’s administration suggests the White House was left in the dust by the swift pace of events on the ground. Diplomacy tends to move in glacial terms and no one had an inkling of Tunisia, much less Egypt soon after.

    I don’t have any suggestion of what’s best to do, but remember that sometimes doing as little as possible (especially publicly) can be an effective strategy.

  53. Speaker of the Parliament will make an important announcement (not just a statement) on State Television.

    Hope it’s soon – I can’t find a radio station that has this going on and I need to leave soon, damn!


    Heavy armored presence to protect Museum of Antiquities (take not Rumsfeld you dickface – they aren’t going to let anyone loot).

  54. Soooo…if Egypt changes their government, where will the CIA be able to take people for torture? Also, could there be criminal charges for past activities?

    I think the Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament can’t get the military to back him so he can risk making the announcement.

  55. “I don’t have any suggestion of what’s best to do, but remember that sometimes doing as little as possible (especially publicly) can be an effective strategy.”

    Indeed: Many people often under-rate the incredible discipline needed to do something so important and genuinely constructive as NOT GET IN THE EFFING WAY!

  56. I don’t have any suggestion of what’s best to do, but remember that sometimes doing as little as possible (especially publicly) can be an effective strategy.

    • • This is a little thing I refer to as The Anti-McCain Doctrine

  57. Whoa – the Egyptian government better not start playing games.
    Now they’re attempting to say the Speaker already spoke – yet not one media outlet saw or heard it on any public airwaves.

    Stay tuned.

    Now the government is going to speak (sometime) on Nile T.V. It says Mubarak will be delivering a statement soon.

    Oh, this better not be a bigger cock-up than it already is. This could really erupt.

    Mubarak is speaking…
    I have been closely monitoring…

    This isn’t sounding as if it’s current. Generalities –
    freedoms allowed the citizens to protest.
    I will always adhere to the right of freedom within parameters.

  58. Which is the most Unbelievably Black?:

    a. 82-year old Hosni Mubarak’s hair
    b. 82-year old Ronald Reagan’s hair
    c. Michael Jackson

  59. “I’m not going anywhere – I’ve asked the parliament to resign and there will be a new government tomorrow.”

    Mubarak wears GOP blinders – nothing is his fault.

    • There’s the problem right there: Mubarack has dismissed the government.

      No one should have that much power. No wonder the people are in the streets — after all this time.

  60. Raven – that is very astute and true!

    Muharak is a repugnant, arrogant s.o.b.
    He’ll be surprised when the people continue to berate him, despite his having dismissed the government.

  61. I won’t know what to think about this mess in Egypt until I hear what that foreign policy maven Sarah Palin has to Tweet/Facebook about it. I expect something along the lines of, It has been overwhelming to me that confirmation of working with existing allies and we’ve got to remember what the desire is in this nation at this time.”

  62. Wikileaks reveals USA involvement
    tweakerbelle — 1/28/11 1:54pm


    Apparently the USA has been in contact with leading activists for some time, and a plot to engage in “regime change” was being developed so that a change to a parliamentary democracy with a weak president and stronger prime minister would occur before the elections later this year.

    The net takeaway?

    This is much less spontaneous than it seems.

    I just brought this comment intact from Crooks and Liars. What if the Obama State Dept. really is supporting this?

  63. Gil Yaron reports:

    “If regime change occurs in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood would take the helm, and that would have incalculable consequences for the region,” says [Eli Shaked, who was Israel’s ambassador to Cairo from 2003 to 2005]. The Israeli government has noted with concern the fact that, even after 30 years of peace, Egypt’s army is still equipped and trained mainly with a possible war against Israel in mind.

    A cancellation of the peace treaty would open up a new front for Israel against the 11th largest army in the world, which is equipped with modern American weapons. But what Israel fears more than a — somewhat unlikely — armed conflict with Egypt is an alliance between an Islamist regime in Cairo and Hamas, which considers itself an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.”,1518,742186,00.html

  64. RE: Ayn Rand… I once worked with someone exactly like that, Gary.
    He would go on rants about welfare and public assistance, but he had his employer pay his wages in two checks each payday. One for him, the lesser of the two, just under his maximum allowable, and another for his wife, so that he could continue to collect his Social Security disability benefit.

  65. This doesn’t mean spam messages are good.

    Spam text kills suicide bomber, Russian police say
    By Athima Chansanchai
    A spam message wishing a Russian woman happy new year may very well have killed her, and saved hundreds of intended targets, according to an account by The Telegraph’s Moscow correspondent, Andrew Osborn.
    The woman, dubbed “The Black Widow,” who Russian authorities suspect was part of the same militant group that killed 35 people at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on Monday, was at a house preparing for the attack, which would have occurred on New Year’s Eve at Red Square. Instead, the woman’s mobile phone, which served as the device’s detonator, was activated hours early by a spam message wishing her a happy new year. She was killed, while a man and woman suspected of being accomplices escaped from the house.
    Russian security forces told The Telegraph that phones are usually kept off until the last minute for detonation, but in this case, “the terrorists were careless.”

  66. I agree Wayne, both of them could have gone to jail.
    I , needing to keep my job, kept my mouth shut.
    The right wing Republican rhetoric they used to bait me with ceased however.

  67. Spam text kills suicide bomber

     • • In today’s cookie-cutter Hollywood, Michael Bay uses as the focal point for his remake of Dial ‘M’ For Murder

  68. OMG! I cannot believe this. Why is Michele Bachmann talking about cutting funding for the Dept of Veterans Affairs?

    For the second year in a row, more American soldiers—both enlisted men and women and veterans—committed suicide than were killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Excluding accidents and illness, 462 soldiers died in combat, while 468 committed suicide. A difference of six isn’t vast by any means, but the symbolism is significant and troubling. In 2009, there were 381 suicides by military personnel, a number that also exceeded the number of combat deaths.

  69. If the US can threaten to stop sending aid money to Egypt, if the Mubarak regime uses force against the protesters, why shouldn’t they do the same with Israel?

  70. “He Who Shall Not Be named” – our old nemesis. Now he’s trying to claim he once thought I was a good contributor. He never thought that at all, so it is yet another lie.

    I wish TP would get their shit together and recognize how much money he is costing them. Bandwidth isn’t free. The fewer comments there are, the less bandwidth is needed to transmit them all to your computer. Trolls waste bandwidth and, therefore, cost the site money. Money which could be used on other investigations.

    • He believes in nothing, Wayne. He has no base, no moral center, his only goal is to disrupt and distract. Imagine such an existence. Not standing for anything, other than trying to disrupt a blog.

      Please don’t let him get to you, Wayne. He is nothing — literally nothing. A vacuum. Your insight and intelligence are so much more valuable, and are a great contribution to the intelligence level here and on TP. He will never achieve a fraction of that.

  71. Sorry, Walt. How do you link to what? If you mean the article I mentioned, I put a hyperlink in the line above the title. I’ve been finding that when I post the link itself, it stretches across the entire page.

  72. The line containing the title was a single line extending beyond the left of the post. I usually assume that marks a link.

  73. In case you all are unaware, all important tax documents have to delivered to your door by the first Saturday in February of any given year unless that Saturday falls on or before the 3rd. After that limit, the reporting organization is responsible for any penalties that you may incur.

    That was the law when I was working in the benefits industry. It may have changed by now. A second reason to file as early as possible is that the US Government could be in default by the end of March.

    In any event, be ready to file your return next weekend.

  74. chuckle

    If you can get the forms…
    I tried at my local library this past week, they are not expecting them for 3 more weeks.

    I guess its possible to get them online, I’ll be working on that this weekend.

    • FYI, all y’all. Find out if the AARP is doing simple tax returns for free in your area. I’ve been having them do mine for the last four years. They don’t do mine because I’m old, they do them because I’m a student. Really. 😉

  75. Raven,
    Most of the tax programs provide free on-line assists on filling out the forms – bare bones. If you wish to file electronically or want investment advice, there comes the rub. I know (engineering and accounting) professionals who use those services and invest in paper and a stamp. You can find the forms online on the IRS site.

  76. Critters,
    Old is relative. My sons think of me as old, my GD, ancient. I think of many critters as young whippersnappers!

  77. walt, does being up early count for a good and prosperous life as well? I’m going back to bed and add a little to my beauty sleep. Heaven knows, I need it.

    For those still partying: Have fun!

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