The Watering Hole: January 29 – Day of Rest

I am out of ideas today and have just put up a daily without features. Doing three threads per week is beyond even Frank Rich! Just a anchor for critters to discuss the state of the world our nation and/or politics.

This is our Open Thread. Please feel free to provide your thoughts on any topic that comes to mind.


230 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: January 29 – Day of Rest

  1. To go along with house of roberts’ funny sign find, I added the heading photo …
    Somewhat apropo with regards to the state of politics today.

  2. I know it’s been seen here before, but the only other one I had is not suitable for weak stomachs.

  3. Three from The Legal Schnauzer:

    Will Federal and State Judges Be Exposed in Swiss Banking Scandal?

    The UBS scandal has, of late, been absent from the news. I’d like to see it result in some real charges against some corporatists.

    Bobby Bright Likely is the New U.S. Attorney for Montgomery

    Bright, if his nomination and confirmation go through, will replace Leura Canary, the abominable George W. Bush appointee who ramrodded the Don Siegelman prosecution and, for reasons that defy explanation, has served for more than two years under Obama.

    About freakin’ time! Leura Canary is the wife of Bill Canary, head of the Business Council of Alabama, and was Republican Governor Bill Riley’s campaign manager when the Don Siegaelman prosecution started.

    What Do Clarence Thomas and Martha Stewart Have in Common?

    Should U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas be allowed to amend his financial-disclosure forms and get away with an apparent violation of 18 U.S.C. 1001?

    Domestic diva Martha Stewart undoubtedly would answer with a resounding, “Hell, no!” So, too, would sports stars Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds (baseball), and Marion Jones (track and field). Stewart and the sports stars all ran afoul of 18 U.S.C. 1001, commonly known as “making false statements,” and they either have paid a price, or almost certainly will.

    Can a Republican judge ever be professionally embarrassed enough to resign? I doubt it. We can only keep piling on what we can and hope to open enough eyes.

  4. Good Morning, All ~

    And I thank you for encouraging a day of rest . . .

    No extra extreme weather here … no need to barrage myself with media images of any kind . . .

    Some knitting and weaving, hiking and working, and a yoga event tomorrow . . .

    And relaxing with the avian choir during my morning cup . . .

    Peace to you all ~

  5. The Al Jazeera announcers are saying the curfew today starts in 20 minutes, which means at 4pm their time. Yesterday it started at 6pm. I don’t see the crowds breaking up and heading home.

    The Egyptian cabinet has resigned.

  6. I’m soooooo sorry that I missed music night.
    Robin Trower was playing the House of Blues.

  7. Cairo’s Tahrir Square looks like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Nobody’s going home. Reports say more people are headed in that direction. They aren’t afraid of their military because the military is protecting them from the police!

  8. Omar Sulieman has been sworn in as vice-president of Egypt, presumably to take over when Mubarak resigns. Nice to be able to pick a successor who won’t choose to jail and prosecute you after you leave office.

    It’s being explained right now that the duties of a vice president aren’t specified, but subject to the orders of the president!

    No offense meant to Lass, of course, but the New York Times can stuff their log-in page!
    I’ve got enough to keep track of just to stay on here, TP, and C&L!

  9. If TP is going to make flagging a troll ineffective (there are no ‘comments awaiting moderation’ on the current thread) why bother to post anything?

  10. Morning All. House, I would say that by ignoring the trash and continuing to post we keep them from achieving the obvious goal of disruption.

    Quick update: Mom is ok but not great. Party had good food but I almost hurled when one of the salesmen told the owner that if he wanted real news he should bookmark Faux News and Drudge. Thankfully it was snowing out so I had a reason for leaving early.

  11. Hoodathunk, what did you expect, he’s a salesman? Even if crap is made in China they will always need salesmen wherever it must be sold. Now if he lost his job to a former factory worker, who changed careers and undercut his pay to get the job, he might begin to understand…

    Some of the trash at TP needs putting in the bin.

  12. Bonbon time? I just got up! Sheesh, the dog’s still in bed. The only reason I’m up is that my phone loudly announced (from the living room) that it was shutting down, presumably because I’d been lax in charging the battery.

  13. Sulieman was head of Egyptian Intelligence. The last time we had a vice president who formerly had headed US intelligence it was George H W Bush. He was head of the CIA.

    You can’t go wrong putting the Spooks in control of government. Snark/off.

  14. House, his funny story for the evening was how on Xmas Day he drove his SUV across his parents lawn so he could run over the Lassa for Congress sign they still had in the middle of their front yard. Man, did he giggle and about 2/3rds listening said attaboy!

  15. Hooda, seems as if you showed great restraint, listening to such crap, without setting him straight.

    Sending positive energy that your Mom is at least comfortable. Virtual hugs to you.

  16. House, that a VP was ‘appointed’ is kind of telling. At first my thought was Mubarak has found reality. I dismissed that as being logical.
    You think Mubarak may flee the country? Or is his arrogance so embedded as to believe Egyptians really do love him?
    “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  17. Thanks, ebb. Seems she has developed a yeast infection in her lungs. My sister, the dr, says they have caught it early and can hopefully shut it down quickly with oral meds. Bad part is the meds are pretty rough and Mom isn’t in the best shape. She’s tired and frustrated and pretty weakened. Got my fingers crossed to counter the bad feeling.

    And I was a good boy because it was a holiday party. No place to start a verbal brawl.

  18. I suspect Mubarak will pull a Shah before the end of the weekend. If he hasn’t already. And I think the new VP best enjoy things while he can. Might be a short run.

  19. Suez imposing curfew – army starting to arrest protesters. Heavy looting going on – army hasn’t intervened on that –

    (we must remember the Suez Canal has to be kept open and the oil protected. Never mind the humans that inhabit the country – save the oil and its passageway).

  20. I almost hurled when one of the salesmen told the owner that if he wanted real news he should bookmark Faux News and Drudge.

    Hooda, what a dick. I was explaining to my mother why I don’t choose to socialize much any more except with you guys. It’s because I don’t have the patience to deal with those assholes any more. Anyway shouldn’t somebody who is in sales learn to keep his political opinions to himself. How many people don’t do business with him because he voices his opinions. Not enough apparently. Real cute about driving across the lawn. I’d have poured a drink on him. That’s why I’m not fit to go out anymore.

  21. Now that my rant is over I think that yeast infection is what you get as a result of the antibiotics they give you. My mother inlaw has been in the hospital or rehap for over two months with her second knee surgery. For a while she was suffering with that kind of infection in her colon from antibiotics. I hope she’s feeling better soon.

  22. I seem to have a cold. Feel achey, sniffly, chilly and have the green apple quick step. That could well be the reason I can’t think.

  23. 10 members of the security force have been killed and 10 protesters. I hate how American talking heads think the protests are all about us and what’s good for us.

  24. That’s right Shayne, every time my wife had antibiotics they always told her to eat yogurt to ward off the yeast infections. I remember that now.

  25. They are telling the public that groups of thugs are looting in the neighborhoods and that they should go home to protect their property. If there are any thugs, they are Mubarak’s thugs. If there are areas where the military is harming civilians, it is the commanders who are forcing it.

  26. Antibiotics taken intensely can kill the good bacteria in your gut. That is one reason. doctors try to limit their use.

  27. Anytime you have to do a course of antibiotics it is a good idea to follow it by taking acidophilus that you can get at any health food store. Mom’s problem is she has a trach. Yeast infections in the lungs is fairly uncommon for the rest of us.

  28. The current events remind me of what happened in Hungary when I was much younger. Sans a superpower. Methinks Mubarak is toast.

  29. Thanks, Zooey, Wayne and Jane. And everyone else. Mom has had a good run and I’m not certain she is done fighting just yet. She has that stubborn Polish farm gal thing working.

  30. “And wouldn’t it be ironic if an image of Jesus suddenly appeared on his face?”

    Thumbing his nose.

  31. Is 2011 the new 1989? The Snowball Effect could be taking place. Vaclav Havel said that “in Poland it took ten years; in Hungary 10 months; in East Germany 10 weeks; perhaps in Czechoslovakia it will take 10 days!”. So one important lesson from 1989 is the fact that snowballs may take a while to pick up steam. Events in Tunisia are still unfolding, and may continue to unfold for sometime.

  32. Virtual hugs to Walt. Speedy recovery.

    I keep thinking of us a ‘young group’ – which we are in our minds. Reality creeps on tip toes and surprises us…we’ll need an infirmary at the commune.

  33. badmoodman, it will be interesting to see which countries this plays out in. With the USSR, we had a road map of who was just waiting to cut loose.

  34. ElBaredi is calling on Mubarak to step down TODAY.
    Going with bandmoodman’s time line – that could happen.
    Mubarak must step down in order for Egypt to move in a positive direction.
    The citizens aren’t going to stand for much more of his foot dragging.

    This is an intelligent protest – generally thoughtful and the citizens know exactly what they want – to have Mubarak gone.

  35. Not to worry ebb, all the Dr. Who fans will travel back in time to when they were young. Only some of us will be left behind.

  36. Not to worry, Shayne. The TARDIS is much bigger inside than out. My only concern is when Zooey gets hers she would make the ultimate Dr’s companion.

    • My son said he’ll probably get me the TARDIS coin bank for my birthday or Xmas, but both of them are at the end of the year. *sniff*

      Hey, I bet that coin bank would hold a lot of change — it’s bigger on the inside!! I’ll never find it all…

  37. Is Fox News Channels’ Megyn Kelly just trying to make us think she’s stupid?

    Apparently some on the right believe that this call for “civility” in our political discourse is an effort to “silence” the right. It would seem to me that what they are admitting is that if they can’t use threats, intimidation, insults, and all-around general nastiness, then they would be left with nothing to say. Which, in a way, is sort of the point we on the left are trying to make. I think we shouldn’t try to be so subtle. I think we should just spell it out for them.

    As Strother Martin said in Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is failure to communicate. Some men just can’t be reached.”

    • That’s ridiculous, Wayne. Of course, this is Megyn Kelly on Fux we’re talking about, so no big news there.

      I’d love to get in Megyn’s face and say two things:

      1) You know what silences people, Megyn? BULLETS. Bullets to the head, chest, back, etc. Try something for me, dear. Shut the fuck up.
      2) Spell your name correctly, okay? Every time I see your name, I think about a trip to the gynecologist — and not in a good way.


  38. Very true, house. Otherwise the good Dr would find himself accompanied by a twinkle in someone’s eye at times.

  39. Wayne, there is no being civil with those people. Why Obama is going on Bill O’Reilly stymies me.

  40. Zooey,

    Suggest that your sons get you that gift as a “half-birthday” present. You’ll get it six months sooner. πŸ˜‰

    And I wonder if Megyn spells her name that way deliberately, so people will think she’s a c–t. πŸ˜‰

  41. Shayne, our very own St. Francis of Assisi, how about this for a theme song?

    Animal Friends lyrics from Zaboomafoo:

    This animal is a friend of mine
    From the tip of his nose to his funny behind
    All the friends that we met today
    Are special in their own way
    We’ve all got different names
    But we’re really all the same
    Thanks for dropping by
    We’re glad you came
    These animals are friends of mine
    They jump and swim, crawl, fly and climb
    One more thing we have to say,
    Go make an animal friend today!

  42. No, Zooey, those might be blond Lebanese brownies. Wellll, that might not be a bad thing.

      • Morning all. I read on The Raw Story this morning that the U.S. is publicly behind Mubarak, but behind the scenes, quietly supporting the protesters. It says we’ve actually been working with key protesters on this for three years..
        Why do we monkey around so much with the running of other countries..? And if we are somehow behind these protests, then what is the motivating factor? Do we also have somebody in the wings to secretly put forth to take Mubarak’s place? Is there such a thing as a spontaneous, free will, world event?

        • muse, I think we would all be better off if we were more honest and upfront about who we like and who we don’t. Of course, I’m not a diplomat and don’t have to deal with hundreds of massive egos, so it’s easy for me to say.

          It seems pretty simple — if we like democracy, then that’s what we support. Mubarack’s government in no way resembles democracy, so we don’t support it. Then we’d have to explain all the aid we’ve been giving them over the years…no wonder they have to be under-handed liars.

  43. Shayne, did you go to the site – all the jumping friends of yours – we may be able to take them all to the commune!

  44. Can I get in on this commune thing? I’ll feed if someone puts turf tires on my scooter. If I can grow peppers and tomatoes, would I also be capable of growing marijuana?

    • Outstanding, you and your family would be most welcome in the Zoo commune/nursing home!

      Shayne is gonna need help feeding her menagerie. πŸ˜‰

  45. I did now ebb. I usually don’t even see the links until somebody mentions them, the colors are to subtle on my screen. One thing for sure there will be lots of cats. And I only have one but everybody else is loaded. Well almost everybody.

  46. Sure Outstanding just watch out for gummitch. He’s a big fan of pork products. I’ll protect you though.

  47. I’m beginning to wonder if the ‘thugs, thieves and looters’ are police in civilian clothing.

    Mubarak’s way of stirring up the crowds to be afraid and turn to him for leadership.
    The country does not want him – he’d do best to realize that.
    The U.S. sure gets itself into some f’g messes when we place leadership in countries that eventually we need to denounce and can’t.
    Obama is in a predicament.

  48. Outstanding – you better be at the commune – Outstanding, jr. is in charge of the bee hives and you the pigs. (don’t tell Shayne but there seems to be need for bacon).

  49. Zooey, I said INFIRMARY not nursing home. geeesh, there’s a big difference.

    infirmary [ΙͺnˈfɜːmΙ™rΙͺ]
    n pl -ries
    (Medicine) a place for the treatment of the sick or injured; dispensary; hospital

  50. I’ve got no problem with the eventual bacon, provided the pigs can frolic in the fields until their time comes.

  51. Vienna Beef hot dogs are 100% beef. I can be lured away from pork products with the right bait.

    However… today is gumbo day and I’ve finally found a butcher that knows what real andouille looks like. Here’s the proper grind for andouille. Most butchers, even the good ones, grind it like an ordinary sausage and then fail to smoke it properly. This gumbo is going to be good.

  52. Outstanding, that’s where Shayne comes in – she has to procure enough acreage for her menagerie and the livestock to frolic free and easy until such time…
    There will be lots and lots of trees for everyone to hug!

  53. gummitch, my daughter is angry at her voice teacher, artistic differences, and so I didn’t go by the Vienna store today. Sorry. πŸ™‚

  54. ‘Muse,

    I put up a link yesterday about that. The article has been updated and the references to Wikileaks are gone. Part of the web address is “America+secret+backing+behind+Egyptian+uprising”

    Seems mentioning Wikileaks gets you a call from the Feds, if not a visit.


    A report a while ago said that thugs detained by neighborhood people had Security Force ID on them.

  55. They have a “sandwich shop” in the store, Shayne. I was too gorged to eat anything, but my friend Ryan had to have a properly dressed dog at the source. There’s a photo of him chomping it at Chicago, Day 5 on my blog.

  56. I’m a huge fan of bacon. Which is probably why my doctor told me to lose 5-10 pounds (at least).

    I get a side order of bacon at the deli each morning and heat it up in the microwave at work. My co-workers are quite jealous of me, and sometimes complain that I make the kitchen smell like bacon, which they can’t have.

  57. I hope one of y’all can bake, I’ve got to feed 30 people tonight and my bread is looking pretty odd, sort of lumpy.

    I saw this while reading about Suez:
    “The grievances are the same here as in other parts of the country: high unemployment, poverty, corruption and a lack of opportunities except for a select few of a rich elite.”
    It made me wonder just how far we are from going the same way.

    • Outstanding, I can bake. I love baking bread, but I’m a bit out of practice.

      My best baking happens when there are lots of other people to eat the baked goods, or places to take it. I don’t want them hanging around here!

  58. “A report a while ago said that thugs detained by neighborhood people had Security Force ID on them.”

    Thanks for that- must have missed that part. I have AJ-E (again, my thanks for that link) on all the time on the computer but don’t always ‘listen’.

    The looting didn’t start until after Mubarak spoke. If it were the citizens: looting would have started four days ago. Mubarak is trying to undermine the resolve of the revolution-minded citizens and that will not work to his advantage.

  59. Outstanding – what type of bread did you bake? If it’s tasty – and only the ‘look of lumpiness’ is offensive: give it new artsy name like “grumpy bread”.

  60. Outstanding, frugalchariot is the baker – he seems ‘among the missing’ today – maybe he actually has a life (heh – he does).

  61. It’s wheat bread. I like the renaming suggestion. I’m calling it “rustic”.

    • Wayne, here’s the bacon video I was talking about. I didn’t remember the booze part, since the bacon is the real star.

  62. Could it be that the ‘looting’ might be by Mubarak’s people to help feather his retirement nest?

    And one thing the commune won’t be short on is cooks. Frugal is a baker as is Zooey and I’m sure there are a few more. And I think farmers will be covered (as in plant tenders). But we may need butchers.

  63. “But we may need butchers”

    If dbadass pays a visit to the commune he’d impart his filleting expertise and/or do it for the commune.

  64. Dbadass is in as official meat and fish cutter.

    I guess I’m stuck with mechanical repairs, not that I mind that job, but my hands will never be clean enough for kitchen work and I’m OK with that.

  65. Z, that’s why we will require several hundred acres: to keep the live stock separate from the pets.

  66. Outstanding sez:
    Can I get in on this commune thing? I’ll feed if someone puts turf tires on my scooter. If I can grow peppers and tomatoes, would I also be capable of growing marijuana?

    Zooey sez: I can bake.

    Note to self: Team up with Outstanding and Zooey. Anybody brewing their own beer here? I can do the cooking, I love to cook.

    Imagine spending my life among the bright and sensible.

  67. We need RUC’s input on and the building of solar power – that is a must!

    Plenty of power – I don’t think we’ll get wi-fi where we are going.

    Solar ovens –

  68. Isn’t beer often called liquid bread? If so, you’d better not let me try make it. I’m off to town to buy bread.

    • EV! Can we use the left over bread to make beer? πŸ™‚

      Ebb, will we need wi-fi? Most of our friends will be in one place!

      • Zooey, I’m strictly adhereing to the bavarian rules of purity (only when it comes to beer, of course πŸ˜† ) Just malt, water and yeast. I’m sure some of us will be able to brew some real good stuff, until then “outstanding’s recreational herbs” will make do.

        • EV, I can see it now: Someone opens the door to the Zoo family room, and smoke comes billowing out. The Critters are bonding again…

  69. “Anybody brewing their own beer here?”

    I have good friend who would probably be happy to come along who can. We used to brew beer in my basement and have all the hardware.

  70. EV – gummitch, TtT and I don’t recall who else are doing home brewing so feel free to wander over yonder with them.

    Seems you’ll find Hooda, frugal, and several others in the huge, honking kitchen (solar powered of course).

    • 2ebb, this sounds like a very crowded kitchen and the commune has all the necessary talents already on board. Having no real talents, this bodes ill for me. I volunteer for cleaning!

  71. ebb, I prefer a gas stove top so I guess I will have to work on setting up a methane generator.

  72. Zooey, OMFG! How many hours later were those guys admitted to the ER for heart attacks?

    18,000+ calories??? Isn’t that, like, a week’s worth of calories? Besides being thoroughly disgusting (I like my food plain), the fat content should also have been fatal.

    And I had to give up drinking more than 20 years ago when I realized I liked it too much. πŸ™‚

    • Wayne, my comment to gummitch when he put up that video was, “Those boys will have very short lives, but they’ll be happy.” Gary said it made his liver weep. πŸ˜€

  73. Ebb, will we need wi-fi? Most of our friends will be in one place!

    I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no computer stuff – that’s up to WaltTheMan, TtT, EV, and whomever else is savvy with the interwebs ;>

    Yes, we’ll need the googles – House will be in charge of weather reports – he’s so good at that (and mayny other things ;>)

  74. Don’t forget the hops, EV. Though I have to say one of the tastiest beers we made was a raspberry holiday stout.

  75. ebb, I prefer a gas stove top so I guess I will have to work on setting up a methane generator.

    I’m sure I can supply some methane. Of course, none of y’all will want to talk to me for a while. πŸ˜‰

  76. Wayne, I’ll design a special room for those of us (myself included) who can ‘donate’ directly to the methane collection system.

    • I can see Hooda running back and forth between his big pot of beans on the stove and the methane collection room.

      I wish I didn’t have such a good imagination.

  77. As Euell Gibbons used to say…”Did you know that many parts of a pot plant are edible?” Or something along those lines.

  78. Zooey, prolly be the most visited room in the joint. At least for the men. Everyone knows women don’t. πŸ™‚

  79. I wonder if the trolls who change their screen names (as opposed to trying to open up new ones) realize that their previous posts change to their new names, too. So, if you remember who said what to whom, it;s pretty easy to figure out that the new name is the same old troll. (For example, “Guest” was posting as, something like, “RedHotHate4Republiscums”. Now all of RedHot’s previous posts say “Guest”.)

  80. As Euell Gibbons used to say…”Did you know that many parts of a pot plant are edible?” Or something along those lines.

    And if I remember correctly, didn’t he die of malnutrition? Why would I take nutrition advice from him?

    (I admit that even if that were true, there’s probably more to the story than that.)

  81. Wayne, that was because he couldn’t tell the difference between a pine tree and a pot plant.

    BTW, I forgot to mention my buddy also knows how to grow mushrooms.

  82. EV, the Reinheitsgebot mentions malt, hops and water–at the time it was written, “yeast” hadn’t been identified as the catalyst for fermentation. And come to think of it, it says “barley” rather than “malt”, I believe. Seems to me that brewers needed a special exemption when they started using some malted wheat in the grist.

    I haven’t brewed in about 10 years, but all of my all-grain equipment is in a friend’s garage. I brewed 10-gallon batches, mostly ales but with some successful lagers — my favorite was a pre-Prohibition American lager using pilsner malt, flaked maize and Noble Aroma hops. Also weizenbiers using a decoction mash. I suspect brewing is much like riding a bicycle, and it wouldn’t take long to get back on and start pedaling.

    • EV, the Reinheitsgebot mentions malt, hops and water–at the time it was written, β€œyeast” hadn’t been identified as the catalyst for fermentation

      gummitch, you’re right I totally embarrassed myself here. See, that’s why I have to do the cleaning πŸ˜€

  83. TiredOfItAll3, not the namejacker, the real one, deleted all his comments on the 8:00am thread, too.

  84. I wonder how a comment system can let two different people use the same name? Doesn’t that completely defeat the point of using a screen name at all? Why don’t they just have us all post as “Anonymous”?

  85. If I mistook “TireofItAll” for a troll, then I do apologize. I thought “RedHot” was the one who changed his screen name. (And that it was a troll.) I can see the different message on the posts voluntarily deleted. The troll’s are “flagged for review”.

  86. The namejacker used a lower case L in place of the cap I, after Of. It was difficult to even see the difference, but to a computer these are completely different strings of text.

  87. Bubbles? I’m not sure I want to know…

    Nap time before gumbo, I think. Just finished breakfast–artisanal bread + farm eggs for french toast along with applewood smoked bacon from my new favorite butcher after a long dog walk. Now I am sleepy.

  88. Wow, talk about your stupid blithering idiots. (via NewsHounds)

    After having it explained to him that the moon’s gravity is responsible for the tides, Bill-O then says, “Okay you pinheads, how did the moon get there?” He then admonishes “you guys who are so desperate to attack me,” and then goes into a list of things he can’t, for the life of him, understand. And we wonder why Fox News viewers are so stupid? This guy is their highest rated show!

    • How did the moon get there? How did the sun get there? How come no life on other planets? 😯

      WHAT A FUCKING DUMBASS!! Try the Google, fuckwit.

      • ebb, the thing that’s the most amusing (or frustrating) about the BO video is his belligerent facial expression and body language. He’s just SO very confident and self-satisfied with his ignorance.

        And he insists on exposing himself on camera. Thank you, FSM!!

  89. gummitch, that may fall under the ‘communal bathing’.
    We can certainly add the outdoor tub.


    oh, no that wasn’t a name change to ‘guest’. That’s what happens when they get ‘gone’.

    A very vile troll went after the Pres. on the State of the Nation thread.
    It’s name summarily removed and replace with Guest. As well as ‘comment removed’.

  90. Okay, I understand about the namejacker, and I do know that computers see them as different ASCII characters. Very clever of it. But why do I need to fear the rolling pin now?

  91. ebb,

    It’s funny in a way because he’s asking, basically, where did everything in the universe come from? And he puts down people who can explain it. He actually asserts that “It takes more faith to not believe…than to believe in a deity.” Then he dismisses it with a wave of his hand.

    I also noticed that he calls these things “Backstage Conversation” (emphasis mine), yet he’s the only one talking. There isn’t anyone else in the video! I guess that must be another example of right-wingers not knowing what words mean.

    I considered it a Humor video, rather than a serious one.

    • He actually asserts that β€œIt takes more faith to not believe…than to believe in a deity.”

      I’ve heard people say that before, and it never makes sense to me. It feels more like dismissive condescension than anything else.

  92. Zooey, it’s amazing, isn’t it? And, like I said, he’s their highest rated program on that network! I’m sure Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who explained it to Stephen Colbert, would be happy to explain it to him. Or maybe he could book Stephen Hawking and they could do a two-fer: The Big Bang and Socialized Medicine (without which, Hawking says, he would be dead.)

  93. ‘Comment removed’ is a voluntary removal by the user, in most cases AFAIK.

    ‘This comment was flagged for review.’ is the flagging system deleting a comment with content in replies below it. If there are no replies, it just evaporates.

    If we could get the whole group to go along with it, every troll comment could be made to just disappear. However, I think TP changes the flagging threshold just to frustrate us.

  94. Here’s the example, from TP, I was talking about – exorcised vs comment review:

    TiredOfltAll3 Today 06:34 AM in reply to Badmoodman
    This comment was flagged for review.

    Guest Today 06:35 AM in reply to TiredOfltAll3
    Comment removed.


    That same thing happened on the State of Union address – that troll was saying the Pres. had Aids and would be dead by a certain date.
    Veiled threats against the President.
    It really didn’t take very long for TP to have done the ‘guest’ and the removed remark.

  95. I’m so glad Ev brought it up. I’ll cook and bake all day long. Wash and groom the animals and pick up poop. And people I love meat so don’t worry about me. BUT, I hate cleaning house. I pay somebody every other week to do the serious stuff for me. My daughter’s darling boyfriend cleaned out and organized her room last weekend. Sorted and rehung all her clothes on matching hangers. We may have to recruit him. His mother will have a heart attack.

  96. House, the first I ever saw about replacing the ‘name’ with guest was from that vile piece of filth I just wrote about.

    It was strange to witness – the name and all of a sudden ‘guest’ and ‘comment removed’.

  97. O’Reilly regularly gets three million plus, but the interesting thing to me is how much it drops off with Hannity. It didn’t used to do that. Hannity loses Faux about a million viewers following O’Reilly. Some days Bret Baier gets better ratings than Hannity, and Baier regularly beats Beck. Yet you rarely hear or see Baier in the Psycho Talk category.

  98. I know Zooey, he’s a keeper. Plus he cuts grass and shovels snow for his parents. That’s unusual for kids around here.

    • Amazing, Shayne.

      Although I like living around college kids, I have noticed that they are a lazy bunch. They don’t mind leaving their garbage for others to pick up, they park in the handicapped spots, and have never once offered to help shovel snow. In fact, they will walk right by me as I’m shoveling snow, as if I don’t even exist. I feel sorry for their future spouses — male and female.

  99. 2ebb, he must keep a lower profile, because you never hear much about him. He’s a bit younger than the others at Faux. He took over for Brit Hume in the time slot following Beck.

  100. Zooey, it is dismissive condescension because he really doesn’t know.

    As someone with a mathematical mind, I completely understand the concept of “Infinity”. I have no problem at all believing that, what we call “The Universe”, has always been there and alway will be, long after our section of it has collapsed into a black hole. (Don’t worry, you still have about twenty billion years before that happens.) The things floating around within the Universe may change over time and multiple Big Bang events will happen. (They’ve been happening for hundreds of billions of years, or more.) I have always believed that the Big Bang event that created our corner of “The Universe” happened within an already-existing Universe, which would explain how scientists have spotted objects that they calculate are older than the estimated age of our Universe. Sure, it wiped out whatever matter was in the vicinity (which would be a large swath of Space), and then it kept expanding. There are no limits to Space. There is no brick wall at the edge of it with a sign (in all known languages) saying “There is nothing past this wall.” But that would be the logical conclusion of Bill-O’s thinking.

    I do not believe, as he does, that there HAD to be a First Cause. The Universe was always there and always will be long after humans have returned to stardust. Is it all pointless? Probably. And that’s why people like Bill-O cling so desperately to their religious beliefs. Without them, they can see no point in our being here. Who ever said there had to be a point? Is there a point to houseflies? If you start with the idea that the Universe was created for our use only, then I can understand why it would be hard to accept the fact that the only reason we are here on this planet, the only reason humans exist, is because the conditions necessary for humans to exist at all are here on this planet and none other in our solar system. But we really don’t know what’s out there on other planets, billions of light years away. There could be people out there asking the same question we do, “Is that guy an idiot or what?”

  101. EV,

    Is it okay if we’re intelligently randy?

    BTW, a new study finds that men and women in their fifties are more likely to have unprotected sex, and on a first date, than kids int heir twenties. Well, in this country, I believe. Probably because of that whole “sexual revolution” thing, and the fact that some of us still didn’t get laid during it. πŸ™‚

  102. There is a point to houseflies. As I saw on some science show last week, without maggots the world would be littered with rotting bodies.

  103. Shayne,

    As Bill-O would say, “Where did the rotting bodies come from? You can’t explain them. How’d they get there?”

    I just replayed that clip for Jane and she was as incredulous as I was. Does that idiot know nothing? And, if you’re familiar with how that all started, he clearly decided to move the goalposts, a favorite right-wing tactic, as the TP trolls have demonstrated. At first his argument was that tides couldn’t be explained at all. “You can’t explain them,” he said to the guy who couldn’t believe someone would say something so stupid to him. (Personally I wonder if the guy did explain it and Bill edited it out of his program, which he has been known to do.) So someone writes in and says the moon’s gravity gives us the tides (which Bill clearly said couldn’t be explained) and Bill changes his argument to “Well, where did the moon come from?” WTF??? If he’s gonna do that at every explanation, eventually he will ask a question for which scientists have not yet discovered the answer. (One such question might be, “Is this guy as stupid as he sounds or what?”) And that will be his “proof” that there is a God. (“How come nothing can travel faster than the speed of light? You can’t explain that. It must be because of God.” Something moronic like that.)

    Another reason I believe that the Big Bang which created us (eventually) happened inside an already-existing universe is because they have seen galaxies colliding with each other on perpendicular paths. How could that happen if everything from the point of the big bang was expanding outward, away from each other. The only explanation that makes sense to me (and conforms to Newton’s Laws, namely that an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force) is that one galaxy was moving outward from one big bang while another galaxy was moving toward it from another big bang. Otherwise, if those galaxies happened in the same big bang, why would they be moving toward one another?

    But, I admit freely that I am no astrophysicist.

  104. “Gary, how much room will be needed for the steeds, oh and the Rose Garden?”

    Standard sized barn with paddocks; lofts for the hay; storage for the oats. Minimal basic pasteur-land or field for general running and frolicking 1/4 acre (that’s minimal.) If there are riding trails adjoining the property, then exercise becomes much less of an issue.

    Roses can prosper in small plots, but a thing to consider would be building a trellesed walkway and planting climbers.

  105. Ev, you are quite intelligent. You can speak more languages than I, and have no problem posting intelligent comments in a language that wasn’t your original one. I can’t do that. And you’re more educated than I, so that also impresses me. (European education is far superior to American education, in general.)

    That you’re both intelligent and a romantic just makes you that much more attractive. πŸ™‚

      • New Post on Middle East up. I haven’t made my mind up yet about that situation. I’m positive Mubarak’s history, but I am really not sure how this all will play out. And I definitely do not believe in the spin that this is all a result of George W.’s Freedom Agenda and there will be democratic bliss ever after.

  106. “Another reason I believe that the Big Bang which created us (eventually) happened inside an already-existing universe”

    The inflationary universe theory of Hawking et. al. holds that what we call the universe is a quantum signulariity that inflated rather enthusiastically. Insofar as this is correct, then we are indeed “inside” another ‘verse. (At this point, the whole “uni” thing begins to look suspect … )

    Colliding galaxies might be better explained as a gravitational phenomenon: they formed close together and that over whelmed the expansionary forces. However, gravitational cosmology is in a lot of trouble these days: it has spun itself out of control inventing purely ad hoc phenomena (“dark matter”, “dark energy”) to account for observational evidence that directly refutes the Standard Model. In particular, “dark matter” has aggressively resisted detection, while there are entire families of alternatives to the Standard Model that account for observations w/o invoking it. Of course, they do this by rejecting Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

  107. Oh, jeez, IT is back at TP. The Alphabet Troll, as Jane called him (I think).

    And we have a new idiot who calls himself “Dwight”, who thinks that Libertarians are the only smart political party. Right. Ron and Rand Paul are actually idiots. NO political philosophy alone is the best way to go. Not Liberal, not Conservative, not Libertarian, and not Authoritarian. The best kind of government uses a mixture of all of these but in the right balance. That doesn’t mean equal parts of each, simply the right amount of each. You need to have Authoritarianism to a certain extent to enforce the laws, otherwise laws would be meaningless. But you have to have a certain amount of Libertarianism or else you would have no freedom. You have to have a certain amount of Conservatism or else you would have everybody benefiting from the labors of a few. But you have to have some Liberalism or else the few would be unfairly be above everyone else. As I said, you need the right mix. We haven’t quite found that yet in this country, but we’re getting closer. We are, every day, moving toward “a more perfect union.” And that is what our nation’s founders envisioned.

  108. EV, I wouldn’t attribute any of this development in Egypt to GW Bush alone, either. My country has, to what would be its shame if it had any, propped up dictatorial types like Mubarek as long as they ensure easy access to the oil to which we have been addicted (and purposefully so) for decades.

    Again, speaking outside my expertise, I believe that when the US went off the Gold Standard, we backed up our dollar by the promise to buy oil in the Middle East. This would have been around 1937 when FDR signed a secret deal with the royal Saudi Family. By promising that we would buy their oil, we ensured that they would stay in power, and that they would maintain stability in the areas where we were getting our oil. They would also keep in check the Wahhabi wing of the family. If not for this, the Wahhabists would have taken over the family and we would be in a completely different situation by now. (Assuming this happened years ago and not a decade ago.) I believe, if I understand any of it correctly, that it is our promise to buy oil that backs up the value of our dollar. Oil was being sold in dollars (as opposed to Russian Rubles) so that made the dollar valuable. (You needed them to buy oil.) So it less our addiction to oil as it is our commitment to oil that has kept our economy going for decades, and kept the royal Saudi Family out of the control of the dangerous ones.

    And now we are trying to get ourselves off oil, and it seems the only way we can do that is to ensure that the countries that make our ecologically-friendly products have, themselves, an addiction to oil that ensures a customer for the royal Saudi Family’s oil.

    Oh, and that’s why we have to make the tax cuts permanent! πŸ˜‰

    (I was just kidding about that last part. They always say something is a reason why we had to keep the disastrous Bush tax cuts.)

    OTOH, I may not know what the hell I am talking about. Like I said, it’s an area outside my expertise. πŸ™‚

  109. What is wrong with saying we just don’t have all the answers yet? Why do they have to insist that some unknown being created it all just because they don’t have another answer. If everybody just said God did it and wasn’t curious we would know nothing now. Senator/Rep. Kingston (?) from Georgia was on Bill Maher last night talking about how the science on global warming wasn’t settled or it wasn’t known because Al Gore skewed it or some such nonsense. Bill asked him if he believed in evolution and he said no he didn’t come from some monkey. And the woman who had been Prime Minister (?) in Canada asked him if he knew that the reason antibiotics stop working is because of evolution he blew her off with some crap about how if he’s sick he’s going to use them and doesn’t care. And these are the morons running this country. We are pathetic.

  110. Shayne,

    As simplistic and conspiracy-minded as it sounds, the Ruling Class does not want the Masses to be Educated. They prefer that people be as stupid as possible to make it easier, only easier, to rule over us. They, unfortunately, can only be identified as the proverbial, and mythological, ‘They”. But, largely through their efforts (in the area of handing money over to politicians) decide just how our daily lives will be lived. Will Hi-Definition 3-D TVs become affordable for everyone? They will decide. Will artificially created and genetically altered foods become all we have to eat? They will decide. They will decide who will be our political leaders, and when we become too smart to be fooled by their lies, they will make sure they have dupes willing to craft laws to their benefit and our harm. And as more and more people get smarter and hip to what is happening, the leaders they have to pick will get dumber and dumber. Would you or I let them manipulate us against the interests of the people we’d be representing? Of course not, and they know it. That’s why you and I won’t get elected to any high offices. We won’t do the bidding of the Evil Ruling Class.

    As usual, I may not know what the hell I am talking about. πŸ™‚

    (I have to put in that disclaimer lest anyone make me prove what I say is correct. Of course, that just makes it easier for my detractors to say, “You’re right, Wayne. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Then I tell them, “Prove me wrong!” Then they provide me the information I need to decide what I believe, and I get to learn something at somebody’s else’s expense. It works for the TP trolls. πŸ™‚ )

  111. I think you are right Wayne. What really pisses me off is how some people are so willing to be deceived.

  112. Shayne,

    As long as their basic needs are being met (food, clothing and shelter), and their minds are being entertained (“Two and a Half Men”, “Twilight”, “American Idol”), they will accept whatever else you want to tell them. Americans, especially, are too soft and easy to manipulate.

    Ever hear of the (I believe) Milgrim Experiments? (Stanley Milgrim? Someone correct me if i am wrong and you recognize what I’m talking about.)

    The experiment was to see if ordinary people, asked to assist scientists in a research experiment, would give enough electricity to kill someone to a subject not responding correctly. They weer in control of a dial and told what level of electricity they were administering. They were told what a fatal dose would be. They could hear the subject screaming in pain as the lower doses were given. When eventually told to give what they were trained to believe was a fatal dose, something like 67% of the people in the experiments were willing to do so for no other reason than that someone in authority, in this case a man in a white lab coat, told them to. [Edited by WAS.]

    We are too easy to look out for our own interests, and the Ruling Class knows this. They would set us against each other in a heartbeat if it served their interests. They have WAY too much to lose if they don't.

    • Wayne, they did that experiment on French tv as recent as one or two years ago. Still the same result. One woman walked out and refused to participate.

  113. Good memory, Wayne — I recognized what you were describing but had to look it up to confirm. You are correct, that was the Milgram experiment.

    There have been various versions of it over the years, all with generally the same results.

  114. I had heard of that too Wayne but would have never remembered the name in a zillion years. I just watched The Social Network. Taylor got it to vote for the SAG Awards tomorrow night. We should have voted for Jesse Eisenberg who plays Zuckerberg. He was amazing. And the movie was really good and will be even better for you techies who know what the hell they’re talking about.

  115. Just want to say I’m in on the commune and have mechanical and maintenance skills and can advise on logistical matters. Would work on setting up hydroponic growing area.

    Have stories to tell and am experienced in sexual innuendo among friends. Am able to listen and learn when appropriate. Will be accompanied by 1 cat who works nights.

  116. PACHY’S IN on the commune. You and House seem to be masters of all trades – nice!

    How goes the cable withdrawal? Can you find programs on the interwebs that catch your fancy?

  117. Wayne, bradycardia (fakedrhunt) – he who moves the goalposts constantly:

    Levi_the_Oracle kept this for posterity:

    On 1/22/11, bradycardia said,

    during the 20′ and 30’s there was a world wide Zionist insurgent movement targeting civilian populations all over the globe, with the largest most destructive weapons they could get their hands on.

    why do you think the Germans went to all the trouble rounding them up?

    From today McCotter thread:

    “you illiterate maggot.”

    Heh.I must have butt-hurt you more than I realized.Too bad. I am bored with you now and I’ll think I will pass you off to someone elso so you can be punked some more.

    Try ice I heard it helps.

    BTW-poor grammer (sic) isn’t illiterate. illiterate means you cannot read, champ. Work on that.

    See how he just wants to incite – he’s a brainless, witless, in need of attention parasitic nematode.

  118. Shayne, I’m sorry but my level of interest in a movie about the douche who created Facebook is about the same as it is for a miniseries on the 3M employee who invented post-its. No, I lie. My level of interest is much much lower than that.

    I think the fact that this film was made, never mind that it’s been nominated for awards, is a sign of how entirely fucked up this culture is. I would rather lick O’Reilly’s taint than watch this movie.

  119. gummitch, would that be ‘two thumbs down’ for that movie? Umm, if you really had to choose (as my 9 yo niece would insist it’s: either or, no grey areas) the film or that which you have written about O’R…

    just asking.

    I do agree as to: who the f cares.

  120. ebb, its so quiet I can hear the trains traveling through town east of me. I’m trying to distinguish between trains carrying loaded containers south and empty containers north by how fast they sound like they’re travelling. A big S curve requires slower travel with loaded containers.

    I visited Florida’s DOT site and saw where some local pols are going after funds turned down by other states for high speed rail. St. Augustine is proposed as a stop on a Miami to New York Amtrak line and also as a terminus for commuter trains to Jacksonville.

    Our dear Governor, Rick Scott, with all his business experience, has had to postpone giving his budget to the legislature. He did manage to round up 3 million in private funds for his inaugural parties however.

  121. Gary,

    I am with you on a series of verses.

    In addition, I believe that what we perceive as an eternity is but an instant in the verse which spawned our “Universe”. What we perceive as a black hole is merely a child of our universe. That explains why energy is not detectable from a mature black hole which would assume what we were seeing as having near infinite mass. Fortunately for us is that the likelihood of a collision between two two black holes in our parent universe would occur at a frequency well below what we perceive as about 15 billion years plus or minus a fudge factor.

    Since a merger of two verses would instantly destroy all child verses and their offspring ad infinitum, we can only pray that such an event would be extremely rare. If it did occur, we would not really be aware of such an event in our lifetimes.

    That is at least how I perceive the presentations of Stephen Hawking in language that I can grasp.

    With that said, I am off to bed in hope that I wake tomorrow in better fiddle than I did this morning. I actually pucked for the first time in about 30 years.

  122. The priorities of elected officials – private funding for parties. That would have been my choice as well/s

    Trains – love the sound. Half a block to the west: our local commuter train. We don’t get the freight trains of my youth.
    I grew up here in the Valley of Heart’s Delight – where “all prunes are plums but not all plums are prunes.”
    A great agricultural area until the advent of the computer chip.

    The trains would run day and night: from the farm lands to the canneries that were right in the city. Then from the canneries to where ever it was they went.

    As a child we picked apricots; peaches; green beans; plums and nectarines.

  123. gummitch you old curmudgeon. I found it really interesting because I decided Taylor IS NOT going away to college. And even if she could get into Harvard with a complete scholarship, absolutely no way. Still, the kid that played the nerd did a great job.

  124. Shayne, did you read: Pachy’s bringing his cat – add another one to the menagerie!

  125. Comic David Frye, whose impressions of Presidents Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and other prominent political figures vaulted him to popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, has died in Las Vegas, his family confirmed Saturday. He was 77.

  126. We’re going to have plenty of cats. They better all be fixed or we’ll end up on that animal hoarders show.

  127. A tad below average; still good for a laugh

    DK Saturday hate mail-a-palooza


    Let me tell you something about GOD: He hates your guts.

  128. holy moses: TP is dogging the Koch-sucker boys (look at that time release)

    By Lee Fang at 2:42 am

    Wall Street Titan Ken Langone, GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain At Koch Brothers Meeting

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