The Watering Hole February 28th 2011 The Oscar

Another Mainbleat Media morning after.

Best acting by a politician not living up to campaign promises goes to President Obama for his role in The Wisconsin Affair.

Best example of a US supported dictator being hung out to dry goes to Hosni Mubarak for his whiney exit from power as The Ghoul of the Nile.

Best portrayal of a victim goes to Japan in their cry for international action against Sea Shepherd; after being routed from the Antarctic in Killing Willy.

British Petroleum produced  the best film with Islands in the Sheen.

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Sunday Roast: And now for something completely different…

I don’t know about you, but I really need a laugh…

David Mitchell is a British comedian and writer, and in my humble opinion, one of the best ranters in the world.

First up, David rants about the art of giving flowers:

Next, a follow-up regarding the awkwardness of giving compliments:

HT: Gary Herstein

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The Watering Hole: Saturday, February 26, 2011: We are All Cheeseheads!

There are supposed to be Pro-Union rallies across the nation today.

In fact, this is what MainStream Media websites had to say about it on Friday afternoon:

As Madison impasse continues, schools eye layoffs

Tensions flare in Wisconsin after Assembly passes bill on union rights

Obama’s Promised March With Union Workers Fails to Materialize

Wisconsin Assembly Approves Bill Stripping Away Union Rights

Wis. Assembly passes anti-union bill

Wis. Assembly passes bill taking away union rights

Judging by all media sites, there are no rallies planned for today. In fact, other than Fox using this as another opportunity to bash President Obama, the rest of the media seems focused on the Wisconsin Assembly’s middle of the night passage of the anti-union bill.

If you want to find out more about today’s rallies you’ll have to look to a non mainstream source.

Unions made the Middle Class. But with a consistent voter turnout in the 30% range, ‘evangelical christians’ learned they could dominate elections by voting in blocks. Their church has become a powerful political machine, operating in shadows, electing “stealth” candidates, and now, they are coming into their own. Candidates espousing the ‘evangelical christian’ ideology are holding majority positions in State Legislatures across the country.

The Middle Class will pay a price for its complacency: a struggle for its very existence.

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The nation-wide protests did make the AP Press:

Protestors across US decry Wis. anti-union efforts

Time Machine Music Night, February 25, 2011

Only one video to post tonight, but it is my time machine band–the one band that I would definitely travel through time to see perform. Again. This excellent video is apparently from the extras on the Blu-Ray Woodstock video and beautiful quality, catching them at their prime. I wore this LP out, twice, and worshipped the ground they walked on for years. I would probably not use the time machine to attend Woodstock, for a number of reasons, but it would be the best opportunity to explain that, yes, my hair is short and gray but I was only there (not a nark!) because I missed it the first time around. “Time machine? Cool. Want a  hit?”

Sony won’t let us play the video directly, which sucks, but this one time I’m going to ask you to watch it on YouTube. I can’t find anything of this quality to replace it with. You can even watch in high-def, widescreen. There are a lot of high-quality Woodstock videos out now, including White Rabbit (and, yes, Grace Slick really was that gorgeous and yes, she always did that thing with her hand); lots of great bands on stage there.

Nothing below the fold tonight, except what you contribute in the comment section. Your time machine band?


The Watering Hole: Friday, February 25, 2011

Don’t it Turn My Red States, Blue?

Unions, the Middle Class, the American Economy and the American Dream were dealt a fatal blow under President Clinton. To be sure, the mortal wound was not immediately fatal, nor even noticed. We were too busy investigating cigars and stained dresses. It went through both houses of Congress with over a 90% vote, so a veto was out of the question. And besides, Clinton was balancing the budget and paying off the national debt.

But there it was, festering in the background, leading to factory closures and job losses that never made the national scene: NAFTA. North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement.

With a “Free Trade” Agreement, manufacturing moves to the least regulated environment, taking jobs with it. That is exactly what happened, and continues to happen. In a global economy without any protective tarrifs, American workers compete for wages against the labor pool of third world countries. They lose, and will continue to lose, until the standard of living, and wages, of workers in third world countries equals that of the American Worker. That means the American Worker’s standard of living must necessarily decline, while that of his or her third world counterpart increases.

The rich, on the other hand, increase their holdings no matter what.

The assault on the American Worker begain in earnest theses past few days, in Wisconsin. The only voices getting press time in the national media are those blaming unions for the decline of the middle class. They’re right, but for the wrong reason. Unions created the middle class. Their wage and hour demands didn’t break corporations, nor “force” corporations to ship jobs overseas.

No, it is the fault of Unions that they did not fight the fight they had to, years ago, to see to it that, while any Corporation may set up shop wherever it wants, Unions should have insisted that Corporations pay prevailing U.S. wages and abide by U.S. regulations regarding wages, hours, working conditions, benefits, and environmental protections, unless, of course, local regulations were more stringent.

By not fighting, to the point of national strikes, Unions have allowed their own downfall. The current protestations in Wisconsin notwithstanding, unless people go on a national strike, Unions and unionism will lose.

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