The Watering Hole: February 11 – The Crisis

Brother Bear

Part 2 of 3: About 6 months later, we were back up from Florida again and took GD to her second movie, “Brother Bear”, being sure to bring her “booster”. We bought the popcorn and she watched the movie while eating prodigious amounts of popcorn and sipping coke from a paper cup. She did not even notice the tragic events that were part of that movie. She absorbed it as a spiritual message.

After returning to her house and the adults were talking about the violence that had seemed to have entered many animated movies (He parents took a bye on the actual movie.)

Her mother brought up the fact that seeming violence was part of the movies she had seen as a young girl.

She next uttered a sentence (“After all, Nemo’s mother had been killed at the start of that movie.”). That created a chilling response from this 2 ½ year-old pitcher –

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She shouted –

“Nemo’s mother is dead!”, pause,
“My heart is broken!, pause,
“You have ruined my whole life!”

GD ran into her bedroom, dived under the bed and sobbed uncontrollably for the longest time.

The pathos could have been cut with a knife.

This was from the little Miss whose nickname in her soccer (That’s football, EV.) league was “Killer” at age 9 8.

Stay tuned for Part 3, tomorrow.

Update: Changed 9 to 8.

159 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: February 11 – The Crisis

  1. My dissertation study examined resilience and early sporting experiences in adolescent females … Gosh, I wish I could have interviewed Lil’ Killer 😀

    Looking forward to Part 3!

    Be peace ~ Today might be a long one …

  2. New food safety law protects whistleblowers

    The Food Safety and Modernization Act is best known for sections that aim to prevent foodborne illnesses, allow the Food and Drug Administration to order recalls and make it easier to trace contaminated food to its source. But the law also protects workers at food companies regulated by the FDA from being fired, demoted or denied promotions or raises if they speak up about what they think are violations.

  3. Re: animated violence– I’ve got a few bones to pick with adults who claim that animated violence is not out of control (have they seen Tom and Jerry, or for that matter, the method of conflict resolution used for practically every Disney cartoon??), as well as adults who think that animated works are exclusively for children.

  4. soccer (That’s football, EV.)

    Yeah right.. My son’s been playing actual Football (your kind) and came home with the most beautiful shiner yesterday. At least our football leaves it’s marks mostly on the shins. 🙂

  5. From the BBC Live feed (as usual)

    1103: Blogger Arwa Mahmoud tweets: “Chants at presidential palace: Mubarak you want to stay? You’ll stay over 80 million bodies. #jan25 #egypt.”

    I will not be able to post much here, I have to get things done before I leave on a skiing week tomorrow. I’ll let BBC run in the background and try to keep you up to speed if there are dramatic developments. (More dramatic than they already are)

    If the Egyptians manage to stay peaceful (and that’s not easy for them proud as they are and feeling made fools of) the soldiers will refuse to use violence against them, imho. Ben Wedeman is right:

    1037: CNN’s Ben Wedeman tweets: “One of Cairo’s sharpest says keep close eye on Army officers joining protesters: “tired, tense and worried about shedding blood” #Egypt”

  6. And this comes as no surprise to me at all. Mubarak is an idiot.

    1123: In Cairo, Professor Abdallah Al-Ashal has told the BBC that the Egyptian army is “in a big mess”. It doesn’t want to be embarrassed, and some senior officers are very dismayed, he says. He adds that President Mubarak doesn’t seem to be accepting comment or hints from anyone close to him.

  7. Agreed about violence not being new in animation. As you pointed out Tom & Jerry. I think also of the extreme violence in the Road Runner. Bugs Bunny was pretty violent, when you think of all the things he did to torment his foes.

  8. Please go to Sandmonkey’s blog for a very concise analysis of yesterday’s events. Sandmonkey rocks!

    Mubarak has now put the US in a corner: He double-crossed the White House, and announced his intentions to fight foriegn intervention. Adding to that the news of the arab aid, he is sending the US a clear message: “I could tell you and your aid to go to hell, and get the money from the arabs instead. Where does this leave your precious Israel? If you don’t want us to cause problems on that front, you better shut up about what we will do and get with the program, or else!”

    If I may add: Mubarak totally misunderestimates the Obama Admin and our European leaders. All are pretty fed up with Israel as well. And they may still welcome more pressure on the Israelis brought on by the changes in the Arab world.

  9. They’re on their way:

    1236: Some sign of movement on the streets of Cairo. Mostafa Hussein tweets: “Thousands marching now in Ramses st. In the direction of the palace. #egypt #jan25”

  10. Thanks Raven!

    Mubarak has left the building (ahem Cairo) according to BBC

    BREAKING NEWS: Senior Western official tells the BBC Hosni Mubarak has left Cairo.

  11. I’d also like to thank EV, and everyone for the updates on the situation in Egypt. I’ve not been able to follow the news as closely as I like due to a hectic schedule right now.

  12. The Roadrunner and Coyote show enabled me to develope a life long appreciation for ACME products.
    Now there’s a corporation that needs no beltway lobby.

  13. Army Backs Mubarak as Crowds Surge

    As tens of thousands of chanting protesters thronged central Cairo and elsewhere on the 18th day of Egypt’s uprising, the powerful armed forces scrambled on Friday to offer assurances and concessions, endorsing President Hosni Mubarak’s refusal to step down while seeking to defuse the outrage and anger it has provoked among protesters.

    The military’s statement, labeled Communiqué No. 2, followed an announcement on Thursday offering “affirmation and support for the legitimate demands of the people.”

    If the NYTimes link requires a log in, go to Morning Maddow and click on it there.

  14. COYOTE v. ACME

    In the United States District Court, Southwestern District, Tempe, Arizona
    Case No. B191294, Judge Joan Kujava, Presiding

    Wiley E. Coyote, Plaintiff
    Acme Company, Defendant

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  15. Re: “The Food Safety and Modernization Act is best known for sections that aim to prevent foodborne illnesses, allow the Food and Drug Administration to order recalls and make it easier to trace contaminated food to its source. But the law also protects workers at food companies regulated by the FDA from being fired, demoted or denied promotions or raises if they speak up about what they think are violations.”

    Good luck with that. The reality is, and will be, when someone blows the whistle, they end up with a big target on their back. The employer will make that person’s life miserable until s/he quits or will manufacture a “good cause” termination. The person will be blacklisted, unable to gain employment in that, or any other field. S/he will likely have to return to college, get training in a different field, and use college professors as new recommenders.

    If s/he chooses to sue the employer, the litigation will be a roller-coaster. The whistleblower will be attacked without mercy. Odds of prevailing are about 1/4 and the average settlement/judgment is $30 – $35k, with his/her attorney receiving 33%-40%.

    I speak from experience. I was a whistleblower. I was targeted. I went back to school, leaving a profession I once loved, and began a new career after the age of 50.

  16. I have an acquaintance who worked as an accountant for a credit card company. He found financial shenanigans, and was offered a payoff, and signed legal documents that he would never go public or work again in the credit card industry.

  17. You’re not alone BnF.
    Not swimming with the rest of salmon and doing the right thing can be a very lonely experience.
    It also teaches you who your friends really are.
    Often, just getting out with your life is luck.
    Getting on with your life is even luckier.

  18. Vinyl – it’s too early to be reading case law! All I could think about, while reviewing the opening statement, was what would be ACME’s response: the Assumption of Risk doctrine.

    ACME, and other companies of its ilk, continually push for “tort reform,” calling such lawsuits as Mr. Coyote’s “frivolous litigation.” They push this on the public, claiming such lawsuits increase the price of goods, and con the public into voting in favor of capping the liability of the company, restricting the victim’s right to sue and collect damages.

  19. In defense of ACME, a highly imaginative company whose products are often used for less than noble purposes; it could benefit from some scrutiny of professional victims such as Mr. Coyote, whose skulking and opportunistic habits prey upon happy hardworking citizens like Mr. Roadrunner.

  20. “happy hardworking citizens like Mr. Roadrunner.”

    Excuse me? What exactly does Mr. Roadrunner do? He runs on the road, all day. He adds wear and tear to our public highways – ever bother to count the number of times he has left the roadway in flames? He doesn’t buy fuel, thus pays no taxes to help pay for the damage he causes to asphault.

    And he lives off of free handouts, continually chowing down on mounds of birdseed left for him by Mr. Coyote. No, Mr. Roadrunner is far from a hardworking citizen. He gets to run around all day long, doing nothing to contribute to society. (Running on the road is his idea of having fun.)

    That’s why Nature created predators like Mr. Coyote, to work ceaselessly, day and night, to rid our society of freeloaders like Mr. Roadrunner.

  21. Ah, but Mr. Roadrunner displays a remarkable proclivity for being able to pass through tunnels painted on boulders, and when said coyote tries to follow, the tunnel turns back into rock.
    Methinks Mr. Roadrunner is Merlin reincarnated!

  22. Mr. Roadrunner has lost weight and has had to resort to driving truck part time as a direct result of Mr. Coyote’s ceaseless predations.

  23. An Arizona Cardinal (NOT a football player)

    Photo by Denny Green, Tempe Arizona

     • • That’s pretty ironic, considering that the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals used to be….
    Denny Green.

  24. “Mr. Roadrunner has lost weight and has had to resort to driving truck part time”

    Oh great. An unlicensed bird-brain driving truck on our nation’s highways.

  25. As Thom Hartmann pointed out the other day unions and trial lawyers are the two groups that traditionally donated to Democrats while big business donates to Republicans. That’s why unions and tort reform have been targets for Republicans since Reagan.
    Republicans don’t care about the country or the people all they care about is their own power.

  26. Mubarak is gone.
    Omar Suleiman is making a statement now. “President Hosni Mubarak has decided to waive the office of the republic

  27. As they are saying this has been a youth movement. When are the youth of this country going to get off their asses? After all it is their retirement benefits that the GOP is trying to strip away.

    • I just heard an idiot on the Stephanie Miller show saying George W. Bush should get all the credit for the Egyptian protests and Mubarak stepping down — because his attack on Iraq caused a “ripple in the pond,” which — 8 years later — caused the Egyptians to rise up and demand democracy.

      I’m laughing my ass off.

  28. When did Mubarak step down?

    A short while ago, just before he got thrown down.

    Leon Panetta looks only slightly less idiotic now.

    • Mubarak just had to get in one more “fuck you” before he left his “beloved people.”

      I wonder how much choice he had? I can see Suleiman putting a black bag on the old man’s head and throwing him into the truck of a car.

  29. Badmoodman: “• • That’s pretty ironic, considering that the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals used to be….
    Denny Green.”

    Really? Must be two of them then. I gotta admit I’ve never heard of the football coach one though. Not surprising, really, given my total lack of interest in sports. Still, the irony is interesting. I’ll ask the photographer if he ever heard of the other Denny Green.

  30. I have a nagging feeling that U.S. forces will be posturing in the area in the form of aircraft carriers and other hardware.
    I could bet that there has been a considerable increase in over flights of U-2’s and “the birds”

  31. Zooey, you didn’t hear the roar from Tahrir? Just an hour ago or so.

    house, you are absolutely right! Why not the Cairo speech? And the fact that the Obama Admin said from the very beginning that the grievances of the people had to be adressed. Mubaraks yesterday’s speech was a full blown rebuke for the attempts of mostly the US to make him step down. Right now the US doesn’t protect the strong men anymore. And this, not the warmongering, destabilizes such regimes. Wait for the Mullahs in Iran spin this as a “islamic revolution”. It isn’t and they will feel that,too. They won’t be able to quell the next uprising like they did the last one. And the despots in the Arabic world can start making new plans. Egypt falling is a huge thing, much bigger than Tunisia. Israel will have to reconsider their policies as well. The way Obama handled Mubarak will resonate in Israel. Big time.

  32. Ok I’m rambling. I’ll try to bring my thoughts together a little better one of these days. We’ll see more of this. Hungary, Poland, Eastern Germany, that was a chain reaction as well.

  33. What is it about crusty old men that they can’t just go off into the sunset gracefully?
    McCain was the same way along with a host of tyrants throughout history.

  34. When are the youth of this country going to get off their asses? After all it is their retirement benefits that the GOP is trying to strip away.

    Not until the plug is literally pulled – meaning no power to power the little hand held devices – then there will be an uprising.
    “Youth” don’t really think about retirement. We oldsters will start the revolution in the U.S. and the younger generation may pick up the banner.


    Egypt is Electrified – hugging, jubilation.

    Their posters are great: one with a boot kicking Mubarak in the behind!

    Viva la Revolution!

  35. What is it about crusty old men that they can’t just go off into the sunset gracefully?
    McCain was the same way along with a host of tyrants throughout history.

    Yeah. Add to the list Sadaam Hussein, Dick Cheney…

  36. All those poor autocratic rulers who have relied on the big dog to back them for all these years. Maybe this is what the world will look like as the US goes broke and can’t ‘stabilize’ the world with pet dictators.

  37. I think Glenn Beck will find some convoluted way to parallel the movement in Egypt to some sort of teabagger ideology.

    On a blackboard of course…

  38. Glenn thinks this has caused the world to go into a new direction.

    On one hand I feel like saying “duh.” Of course it’s a new direction. Time will tell if it’s a good or bad direction. He assumes it’s for the bad. But then again, I think nearly every day he’s predicting the end of the world.

    He’s also said his critics can go to hell. I guess he’s given up on the “restoring honor” thing.

  39. Why do they always wait until the guys topple?

    1757: AFP also reporting that the Swiss government has ordered a freeze on the assets of Hosni Mubarak and his entourage (see 1719 entry).

  40. I hate the part of raising children that requires me to explain the ugliness in the world to perfect innocent beings. Last week I had to discuss the Holocaust with my son, he cried for half an hour.

    My young man wonders why the Coyote doesn’t take all the money he spends on Acme and just buy some chicken.

  41. MSNBC is saying the military has suspended Egypt’s Parliament, so basically this is a military coup. The Speaker of Parliament was supposed to succeed the President, not the Vice President. Suleiman said Mubarak ceded his power to the military, not according to their existing Constitution. We will have to wait and see if the elections help the people or the power structure among the military elite.

  42. My young man wonders why the Coyote doesn’t take all the money he spends on Acme and just buy some chicken.

    I think the wrong people are in charge Outstanding! Plus, if the young were running things, we’d all get to eat cake more often.

  43. Zooey, that reminds me of that old Cosby routine with the punchline of having it rain for 40 days and 40 nights and wait for the sewers to back up. The terrorists don’t have to attack the US. Just sit back and watch the greed do the job for them.

  44. My hope lies with the Egyptian people, that they find a compassionate leader, one who cares about something other than wealth and power.

    My expectation is that no matter how much things appear to change, the more they’re destined to remain the same. Same rule applies here, and everywhere. Always has, always will. Exceptions are rare as hen’s teeth. Power and money rule. Not sanity, not intelligence, not compassion.

    Still, maybe this time will be different?

  45. February 11th

    Mubarak picked an auspicious date to resign. On this day 32 years ago the Iranian revolution took place when the Shah’s forces were overwhelmed. And 21 years ago today Nelson Mandela was freed by the apartheid regime in South Africa.

  46. Badmoodman,
    That’s interesting, my wife and I seem to remember that 41 years, today, our second son’s birth would occur on April 1st instead of the 15th. He held on until the 15th but weighed in at 11 lbs 3 oz. The doc kidded her by saying that the newborn “is ready to drive you home” in the delivery room.

  47. Or the US could be waiting for the next ‘gotcha’.

    Once the club duffer challenged the local golf pro to a match, with a $100 bet on the side. “But,” said the duffer, “since you’re obviously much better than I, to even it a bit you have to spot me two ‘gotchas’.”
    The golf pro didn’t know what a ‘gotcha’ was, but he went along with it. And off they went.
    Coming back to the 19th hole, the rest of the club members were amazed to see the golf pro paying the duffer $100.
    “What happened?” asked one of the members.
    “Well,” said the pro, “I was teeing up for the first hole, and as I brought the club down, that jerk stuck his hand between my legs and grabbed my crotch and yelled ‘Gotcha!’
    “Have you ever tried to play 18 holes of golf waiting for the second ‘gotcha’?”

  48. The Egyptians need to keep their ‘eyes on the ball’ – Mr Sulieman is rendition-torturer in chief and the man who has had his foot on the neck of the Gazan Palestinians on his side of the border….

    They need to watch out for: “Meet the new boss, same as…”

    • The MSNBC live feed is showing a man in the crowd breathing fire. They are standing SO close to him, and I can’t watch anymore, cuz one of ’em is gonna catch on fire.

      • Thom Hartmann is at CPAC today, and he’s talking to these looney toons. Wow.

        The woman he’s talking to now — missed the intro — is bitching about the debt, but wants to increase the tax cuts more and more, said Bush won every re-count in Florida, the civilians in Iraq were killed by terrorists, not us, and Donald Rumsfeld is wonderful.


  49. Iraq were killed by terrorists, not us, and Donald Rumsfeld is wonderful.

    Here’s the clue to her ‘thought’ process: DR is wonderful.
    She obviously believes the US troops were greeted with flowers and candy – isn’t that what the rummy-one predicted?!

    • Kanan Makiya is quoted as having said, “As I told the President on January 10th, I think [the troops] will be greeted with sweets and flowers in the first months and simply have very, very little doubts that that is the case.” His support for the war followed an idealistic line, as recounted in the New York Times Magazine in 2007:

      In the buildup to the Iraq war, Makiya, more than any single figure, made the case for invading because it was the right thing to do – to destroy an evil regime and rescue a people from their nightmare of terror and suffering. Not for oil, Makiya argued, and not for some superweapons hidden in the sand, but to satisfy an obligation to our fellow human beings.
      If it sounded idealistic, Makiya went even further, arguing that an American invasion of Iraq could clear the ground for Western-style democracy. Years of war and murder had left Iraqis so thoroughly degraded, Makiya argued, that, once freed, they would throw off the tired orthodoxies of Arab politics and, in their despair, look to the West.

      However, the article depicted Makiya expressing concern over the subsequent war, and comparing the number of Iraqi deaths since 2003 to deaths under the deposed ruler Saddam Hussein: “I’m an important arabic intelectual, and there is no picture of me at wikipedia.”

  50. “I’m an important arabic intelectual, and there is no picture of me at wikipedia.”

    Is that a copy-and-paste? Maybe it’s just me, but I’d be leery of some claiming to be an intellectual who can’t spell the word correctly.

  51. The US is going to help in the days ahead.

    Obama quoted MLK on how the soul cries out for freedom and that’s what transpired in Egypt.

  52. I will be doing my taxes for the next month. It’s my fault, I tend to stuff all my farm stuff in a can and try sort it out at then end of the year. I did manage to do my mom’s taxes though.

  53. Compare and contrast:

    GOP Governor (Ahhhnold): private jet and security entourage.

    DEM Governor (Jerry/Moonbeam): commercial airline – no security – schmoozing with fellow passengers.

  54. I actually got a grin out of doing mom’s taxes. My mom was a big time tax cheat, if she didn’t want to pay tax on something she just didn’t. I’ve had panic calls from her when she got caught and thought the IRS would put her in jail. During the early stages of her dementia, before I wrestled control of her finances away from her she had one year where her income was so small she owed no state taxes. She decided this meant she never had to pay them again and fought me bitterly every year over the issue. I’d have to sneak to pay her estimated taxes. Well last year she really didn’t owe the state any tax. It would make her so happy.

  55. (dang back in the spam bin – or perhaps feeding WP – it’s gone)

    frugal – C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

    That’s wonderful!

  56. On the l/side of the page, below the book cover, you can tick the box that states:

    Tell the Publisher!
    I’d like to read this book on Kindle

  57. Thanks ebb and OIMF. Fingers crossed.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
    OIMF: “I actually got a grin out of doing mom’s taxes.”

    Reminds me of a true story. Way back when, when I was just a lad, my granddad came down with what we now call Alzheimers. I’m guessing it was in 1950, or so, that he retired, sold his hardware store, and his decline started in earnest. His wife, my grandma, took over the finances when he was no longer able. She apparently didn’t file a tax return that first year, rather sent the IRS a handwritten letter that said, “Ted retired last year so we won’t be filing tax returns anymore.” Or words close to that.

    They lived in a little tiny town on the prairie in southern Minnesota. One day, months later, the doorbell rang. She answered it, and there stood two guys in dark suits, white shirts, and ties. They were from the IRS. Grandma learned a lot that day. I happened to be there with my older sister; our folks were on the road to somewhere, left us with grandparents for a week or so. Never saw grandma so upset as she was that day. So intimidated! And all because she thought that when you were retired and not working for a living anymore that you didn’t have to pay taxes. She did from that point forward, of course, but one quickly learned to never mention the word ‘tax’ in her presence. Meanwhile, grandpa was the lucky one. He had no idea anymore; the only thing he couldn’t understand was where did he leave his pipe and tobacco pouch (which he’d given up at least ten years prior).

    Life is fleeting, but taxes are forever. I learned that way back then.

  58. Zooey, it should be available on Kindle soon, far as I know. But how all this shit works remains puzzling even when I try to keep up. Just glad I don’t have to rely on my cell phone, which is even more puzzling!

    It’s a bitch to get old.

  59. Yep, zxbe, that’s it. Same as the one sittin’ on my shelf that’s two weeks old today already. I’ve sandwiched it between James Michener and Herman Wouk, hoping for a vibe or two.

  60. frugal, when I ordered mine I asked for the special, personally autographed copy that was reserved for Hoodathunk and they laughed at me. What up with that? D)

  61. Hooda: “One small sale, one giant step towards best seller.”

    As John C. VanDyke wrote in a letter to Scribners, his publisher for his 1903 masterpiece “The Desert” (and satisfied my instinct in the process): “It will not sell in the hundreds of thousands – it is not so bad as that.”

  62. French political writer Émile Zola was pretty much penniless when he started writing. Of course communication wasn’t as good back then (turn of the previous centuries) as it is now. He went to the publisher a few weeks after one of his books had been published, and asked if he could have a modest few dollar advance. The publisher laughed and Zola thought he wasn’t going to get any advance. It turns out that Zola didn’t yet know that the buck was selling faster than they could print them he got an advance in the many thousands.

    I hope you wake so pleasantly surprised frugal. 🙂

  63. Hooda, Publisher says it’s ok to bring it with you in April or May on your dash to the Four Corners. Signing is free, along with Cornish Game Hens, roasted under pepper-allspice-juniper seasoning. Your choice of wine (so long as it’s available across the street at Tom’s Alpine Liquors).

  64. “I read your book.”
    “Oh, you’re the one.”

    Congrats, Frugal! Let us know when it is available on e-readers!

    (By the bye, regardless of which reader(s) it comes out on, the Calibre software will readily convert it into native format on any other reader.)

  65. frugal, I do so love those offers one can’t resist.

    Back to the original idea of the thread, anyone who thinks Disney cartoon movies aren’t something for kids to watch has never seen their version of Hunchback.

  66. Based upon the fact that I don’t know Shayne or Badmoodman personally, but know that they went to the same high school, and that two Nobel Laureates went to that high school, I’m going to draw the only available conclusion:

    Congratulations Shayne and Badmoodman on your Nobel prizes!

  67. frugal, Barnes & Nobel has it listed, pictures and everything, already. I am so excited I could plotz. That’s a shoutout to my other Niles Easter.

  68. Thanks Shayne, yep that’s it. It should be available on Nook soon, far as I know. But then, I just now landed on an alien world I know absolutely nothing about so who the hell am I to say what the locals are up to?

    I’ll ask around. Once I learn the lingo. Meanwhile, “Uh, Scottie? Beam me up. Ok? Please?” 🙂

  69. Geez,
    We had shrimp scampi, artichoke and beet salad plus garlic bread. We neither expect nor would like to have any guests tonight.

  70. Oops! House Abortion Bill Proponents Forget to Cite Constitutional Authority

    Oh, this is awesome. Anthony Weiner challenged HR 358 (The Protect Life Act) on a point of order because the authors failed to cite the appropriate constitutional authority to permit its introduction. Then Frank Pallone chimes in with the answer: Republicans can’t cite Constitutional reason for the bill because there IS no constitutional authority.

    Of course, being that the video is only 1:16:41 long, it’s time prohibitive to watch, but I can imagine him saying this.

    • That is absolutely delicious, House.

      Those pompous ass teabagger/repiggies made so much noise about how they were going have open hearings, allow amendments, cite Constitutional authority, blah blah blah, and they haven’t done any of it!!

      And Anthony Weiner isn’t going to let them forget it. Bravo, Rep Weiner!!

  71. “…failed to cite the appropriate constitutional authority…”

    All those ‘Constitutional” scholars – and no one bothered to find the appropriate citation.
    LOVE IT!

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