The Watering Hole: February 22 – Stéphane Hessel


Europe, especially France is seeing a phenomenon in political literature. Stephane Hessel a German born French man, who actively fought in the Résistance against the Nazi regime and their puppets during World War II, has written a booklet, rather a pamphlet which calls the young to cry out and show their indignation at the state of the world. He, 93 years old, ist by now a hero of the young in France and his booklet is the surprise best seller in France. By now it has been published in Germany as of this week and in England, too. I do not believe it is a coincidence the French title “Indignez-Vous” and the format so closely resemble Emile Zola’s “J’Accuse…” it is again a moment in history where many people are suffering through a mixture of rage and grief and a feeling of helplessness which justly outrages any thinking human being. The primacy of economic interests and the effect of limitless, unregulated capitalism has  yet again turned us into slaves (I admit well fed slaves) and reduced what people like Stephane Hessel and union leaders of former times have risked their livelyhood and even their lives for to a mere disturbance in the rise of the markets to world supremacy. This is not the only outrage he addresses, but you know me, pinko commie that I am, this of course outrages me most. Stéphane Hessel’s book is not expensive is quickly read and definitely worth a read.

More on Stephane Hessels Life and this book.

This is our open thread. What outrages you?

157 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: February 22 – Stéphane Hessel

  1. What outrages me? An individual or collective lack of trust and transparency, which is more often “felt” than “seen” … And these “feelings” are overwhelming and difficult to articulate, thus creating more internal frustration and eventually, for me, outrage …

    Ok, I will now go let off more steam over in VT … Fleece for Peace ~

  2. Petty tyrants and control dramas outrage me. Arising out of fear, these attempts to manipulate and order an individual and/or special interest’s own little microcosms to the ignore-ance of the world at large. Intimidation, interrogation, withholding information, automatic objection, victim-hood, lack of accountability, variations and combination’s of these syndromes are symptoms of a terrorized society.
    Control becomes a huge burden on the body and the psyche.
    Let Go for Peace.

  3. Morning all. Cats, I have a very bad feeling that as the protests spread we will be seeing more of this. And that what has been a peaceful, rational start in Wisconsin will be hijacked as the fear and pressure grows on the Right. I don’t think it will be like Kent State but more like Watts and Chicago with the police more on the side of the protest this time.

    I also would not be surprised to see private hire security types begin to appear to ‘protect’ the baggers.

    “Now is the winter of our discontent: made worse by the hordes of greed.” Sorry, Bill.

  4. And that asshole Governor Walker thinks he is so clever. He was on Morning Joe and when asked about tax breaks he’d given upon arriving in office used double talk to state he didn’t. And those idiots at Morning Joe let him get away with it. Walker is the worst kind of politician. Much like Sarah Palin he believes he can get away with anything.

  5. hooda, I think that if Walker hires his private security goons he will live to regret it. I suspect that would bring out law enforcement folks from all over the country immediately. It should anyway.

  6. Yes indeed, Raven. Well said. We’re on the same wavelength. I suppose I might add one ‘little’ thing that seems to lie at the root of everything bad and that is what I guess I’d call the manipulation of ignorance, of the ignorant, by the unprincipled shylock. It’s that process which basically has guided the flow of civilization from human’s first emergence through the current moment. It does explain, of course, the enduring momentum of the ignorance maintenance movement as hailed by today’s current slogan “teachers are bad because they’re overpaid” or something close to that.

    And of course, SCOTUS’s Citizens United decision has fed the shylock community like few events in this country ever have before. And, as we can see and watch on a moment by moment basis, the newly empowered shylocks (Koch Brothers, e.g.?) grab the ignorant and run them.

  7. Poll taken on Walker 39% favorable and 43% support his programs.

    And that’s with all the lies he’s been telling. He’s been making rounds of all news programs.

  8. Raven, frugal, right on. And may I add that this activity is deeply rooted in ego. The obsessive need for control, to forge a reality to fit their ideology is nothing more than the pathetic look-at-me cries of the trolls. The fear that they are just another human drives them to make marks that will survive their lives in a pathetic attempt to say “See? This is MY Grand Canyon. This cathedral, this corporate empire, this big wad of money, et al”

    They manufacture religions and belief systems that feed their ego, mostly because they are terrified of death. Both the final one and the smaller ones where they are exposed as charlatans in the public eye.

  9. Today marks an important anniversary for me.
    41 years ago, I got out of the Army, two days after my departure from VietNam.
    I still celebrate it with a stiff drink in the evening, formerly with a stiff toke…

    Hooda, it always reminds me that these fools who are obsessed with money were born naked and die naked. It’s what we do for each other between those states that defines us.

  10. Oh, so we don’t get to see Raven in his red clothing today, rats!
    The video is a suitable ‘consolation’ prize ;>

    The power of the earth! Beautifully presented – excellent choice of music – a great way to greet the day – thanks for posting King Crimson!

  11. The outcome for Libyan freedom is not going well, especially when the despot spouts:

    Libya: Gadhafi vows to fight on, die a martyr

    Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi vows to fight on and die a “martyr,” calling on his supporters to take back the streets from protesters demanding his ouster, shouting and pounding his fist in a furious speech Tuesday on state TV.

  12. Ebb, he’s on TV talking about his granddad, the last bullet and calling people dogs….. he’s done….. he’ll be on the next plane to….?

  13. TtT, it won’t be soon enough for him to ‘slip across the border’.
    I did read some pilots defected when ordered to shoot at the crowd.

  14. The Walker playbook – put the tax cuts in first, then cut spending and lay off government employees, follows the National playbook.

    Hate to say it, folks, but Obama agreed to tax cuts first, and now we’re talking about which programs to cut, and if it means a million government employees lose their jobs, “so be it.”

    Add to the mix the price of gas edging up due to the unrest in the middle east and a perfect storm is brewing for the terminal collapse of the global economy this summer.

    What will be interesting is when millions of evangelicals show up at their churches unemployed, broke and homeless, and expect God to take care of them. And they begin to wonder why after all the tax breaks they have given to the very rich, they still don’t have a job.

    It will be open season on gays, Mexicans and Muslims. Evangelicals will vent their anger on those minorities, and still be unemloyed. They will target liberals and intellectuals, and still no jobs will magically appear. When the scapegoats are gone, then…then they will turn on those who have mislead them.

  15. “Maybe Paraguay can set up an Ousted Dictator Retirement Gated Community?”

    That would be ‘lovely’ – then the chimperator wouldn’t be so lonely.

    I really missed being on-line Sunday. Am just catching up to the ‘liars on parade’ (talking heads vomit more crap).
    Rumsfeld has the audacity to say Obama has made the U.S. more vulnerable than Bushes debacle. Strike the man with lightening and be done with him!

  16. Lately I seem to be outraged about pretty much everything.
    I’m outraged that some can manufacture horror at the thought of “saddling our children with federal debt” and be perfectly ok with consuming every known natural resource within our lifetime.
    I’m outraged at the hate being ginned up against those government employees with “cushy jobs and outrageous benefits”.
    I’m outraged at cuts to education when we as citizens are expected to be able to read the instructions for preparing our tax returns. Are any of y’all accountants?

  17. We have a populist progressive move towards democracy spreading across the world and its all Obama’s fault!

    Look for fashions for the rich this year to be cut a skoshy bit more in the seat to accomodate Depends.

  18. I’ve been trying to read as much as I can about Wisconsin, when time allows. I don’t know if this board is very pro-union or more concerned with the larger issue of Republicans trying to dismantle a core strength of the Democratic party. I would hope the latter, since I’ve had some personally bad experiences with a union I used to belong to, but that’s another story.

    Are Wisconsin public employees underpaid? It’s hard to tell:

    The Green Bay Press Gazette has a sane editorial. Money quote:

    State residents hardly can be surprised Walker wants to take drastic actions. He said as much in the campaign, but Walker didn’t make clear his plan included limiting the rights of most public employees to collectively bargain. And he should have… This newspaper, which endorsed the governor in his race against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, has a tradition of supporting fiscal conservatism on the local, state and national levels. We think Walker is on target in his intention to reduce a massive projected deficit. And frankly, it’s difficult to imagine every public employee union in the state would have agreed to the changes Walker seeks.

    Still, bypassing labor without even trying, only muddies the waters.

    I don’t know enough about Walker to gauge if he envisions himself as a latter day Reagan busting up the air traffic controller’s union, and catapulting himself into the national limelight for a 2012 run at the White House. He seems to lack the gravitas for that, even with this heavy-handed stunt. He seems, so far, to be Tim Pawlenty with somewhat larger balls.

    And now, Indiana…Democratic lawmakers from another state seem to be leaving their homes for Illinois.

    House Democrats in Indiana are leaving the state rather than vote a bill that would modify collective-bargaining for some workers there, according to the Indianapolis Star.

    A source told the paper that Democrats from that state’s lower chamber are headed to Illinois, though the paper notes that some might go to Kentucky. Only two of the 40 Democrats were on the Indiana House floor when the chamber convened Tuesday. The lack of Democratic House members showing up at the Capitol in Indiana prevents the Republican majority from having a quorum.

  19. FYI…

    “South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune has decided not to run for president in 2012, citing his desire to remain in the Senate to fight for conservative principles.”

  20. badmood, there is a lot of that going on in Wi right now. Folks want things fixed but are having their doubts about Walker’s tactics. It is a strong union state and even the non-union crowd can smell what the guv is stepping in.

    Also has information and links. Yes, it is a Progressive site. (blatant plug)

  21. Quote of the day

    “This is what I mean by my constant insistence on ‘moderation’ in government. Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things. Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid,” – President Dwight Eisenhower

  22. The thing I find that most outrages me are the intellectual whores, the prostitutes with Ph.D.’s (terms that are admittedly unfair to sex workers), who sell their titles to the highest bidder in order to fabricate pretensions of doubt about facts that have long been beyond even the abstract possibility of reasoned dispute. I’ve been reading Conway & Oreskes’ Merchants of Doubt, but am only able to read a little at a time before I have to turn my mind elsewhere.

    (Peculiar grammar in that first sentence: “thing” really wants to be singular in agreement with “outrages,” but the multiple of intellecutal whores requires “are” to be plural.)

    Close behind that one are the cowards who employ bullying techinques (lawsuits, “investigations”, etc.) to silence those who do engage in rational inquiry and have the audacity to speak the truth about what they find.

  23. From my nephew in Lodi, WI (near Madison), this morning (he mentions his wife, Donna, a teacher in Madison):

    Donna is in the middle of both an evolution/creation challenge and also the governor’s attempt to bust the state employees union. Conservative nut jobs apparently get to rule the world. I hope we wake up, but I thought we already did that after Bush. Short term memory I guess.

    I guess that kind of sums things, at least in the very broad sense. Hard to imagine a world where the top priorities are creationism and union busting. Still, there it is: Amurka in all its faux glory.

  24. S’true Gary, they don’t stand for anything, they simply follow the loudest and most authoratative voice that tells them what they want to hear.

  25. TtT: “… [conservatives] simply follow the loudest and most authoratative voice that tells them what they want to hear.”

    And what ‘they want to hear’ is based on lies that were taught to them a generation earlier, such lies based on lies taught to THEM … etc. ad inf.

    Civilization cannot, realistically, endure such bullshit for very long.

    What’s so universally attractive about bullshit? The texture? The smell? The flies? Maggots? The eventual disintegration? Funny our founders didn’t write it all down somewhere.

  26. Funny our founders didn’t write it all down somewhere.

    They never could have imagined that ‘god before country’ would, attempt, to be the ruling class in the 21st Century.

    The conniving ways of the Repugnant Party will be their undoing – unfortunately not before they’ve undone the social programs/safety nets and sent the country into the abyss.

  27. I find it interesting that Walker was given a golden-opportunity to put an end to this. The plan by GOP Senators in the state to temporarily suspend collective bargaining rights. This after the unions have already agreed to the monetary parts. By not agreeing to take the GOP deal, Walker’s overplayed his hand, and probably damaged himself politically. Which means there’s a Fox News contract in his future after he’s recalled.

  28. Fox is really going full steam with trying to steer this story away from Walker and against the unions. Another one of their famous “You Decide” polls. This time they ask the question of whether or not Walker should agree to a compromise.

    The poll seems to ignore the facts on the ground by saying the public sector employees need to give a little. They’ve already agreed to give, financially. What they don’t want to give up are their collective bargainaing rights.

    Should Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Agree to a Compromise?

    4.25% – Yes, if it would help the state avoid further debt, Gov. Walker should be supportive

    64.82% – No, public sector employees need to give a little when everyone is hurting

    1.87% – Yes, end the protests and return teachers to the classrooms

    27.91% – No, Republicans will compromise now, but find they’re just going to have the same fight again in two years

    1.14% Other (post a comment).

    Selected Comments:

    These government employees have demonstrated what they are working for — taking taxpayer’s money. If you find one that does something other than drink coffee and play with their genitals all day long, email us. They do not deserve a premium for what they don’t do.

    Here is another solution to the issue: Impose a special income tax on all public sector employees, who belong to the unions, to equate to a 10% cut in net pay of the Union workers

  29. If you find one that does something other than drink coffee and play with their genitals all day long, email us.

    Channeling Rudepundit:

    And if you can find one Fox News online poll participant that does *not* jack off to the Glenn Beck show, you drop us a line, huh?

  30. 64.82% –”… public sector employees need to give a little when everyone is hurting…”

    The Wisconsin public employees have agreed to more than “a little”, they have agreed, from the beginning, to the pay cuts and freezes.
    What the fight about is not having their hard won bargaining powers taken away, which in essence would be giving it all away.

  31. By the bye, not the Faux Noise, its slack-jawed viewers, or reichwhiners in general would ever trouble themselves over facts, but the benefits received by Wisconsin public employees are more than offset by their lower pay than private sector equivalents:

    But when we compare apples to apples, we find that Wisconsin public employees earn 4.8% less in total compensation than comparable private sector workers.

  32. I’m glad you came home when you did too, Zooey, it’s a little breezy out here in nothing but my longhandles…

    The other disgusting part about Walker’s scam is that salary cuts and freezes help with the budget shortfall, because those are numbers that can be added up.
    Taking away bargaining rights don’t do anything to reduce a debt. They are not sums that can be added or subtracted.

  33. Raven, Walker also cut taxes on his arrival…… so his feduciary conservatism would seem to be in shreds anyway….

    This is about Union-bashing, nothing more and Fox has joined in to steer the debate…

    • I just read this post on TP, and governor after governor in state after state is handing out generous tax cuts to the rich and businesses, while WE THE FUCKING PEOPLE are taking the consequences like a punch in the face.

      This is not shared sacrifice!! What is happening to this country!?

  34. Wisconsin’s teachers “cushy” lifestyle changed in 1993:

    “As rising health insurance costs have eaten up most of the 3.8% total compensation target, teacher salaries in Wisconsin have stagnated and even declined. As a result, Wisconsin teacher salaries fell 6.8% from 1997-98 to 2007-08, when adjusted for inflation. For 2007-08, Wisconsin’s teacher salaries ranked 21th in the nation at $49,051, down from 20th the year before, and below the national average of $52,308.”

    Apparently teachers offered the following concessions on flexibility last week:

    • Dropping a teacher pay schedule that rewarded longevity and advanced degrees but little else. The union now supports “merit pay” based on performance, national certification, leadership roles, and how teachers handle more difficult assignments such as bilingual or special education, or teaching in under-performing schools.

    • Adopting student test results, a peer review panel, mentoring and other factors to root out ineffective teachers.

    • Breaking up the state’s largest school district, Milwaukee Public Schools, into six smaller units within four years.

    Walker should have taken all these concessions and run with them: big cuts in benefits and openness to merit pay? Duh. Hell, David Brooks arrived at roughly the same conclusion in his column today in the NYT.

    There is such a thing as over-reach.

    •• And aren’t you all amazed I’ve restrained myself (so far) on commenting on Celebreality Sarah’s public relations nightmare headed her way? Yeah, it’s coming….

  35. And I’m remiss in not thanking RUC for his service and sacrifice in that messy little police action we engaged in in Southeast Asia.

  36. Police action is exactly what the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have amounted to.
    And that is why this nation has such a debilitating debt.

  37. “What’s so universally attractive about bullshit? ”

    The bullshit spread by the ruling class is the fertilizer of false illusions – the false illusion that anyone who swallows the bullshit will become part of the ruling class. Millions have swallowed the bullshit, but it acts like an addictive narcotic. The more they swallow, the more they believe in its magical properties, and the more bullshit they crave. Ultimately they become full of bullshit, to the point of regurgitating the bullshit. Others then swallow the regurgitated bullshit, and the bullshit spreads like a contagion.

    As disgusting and sickening as this “mind-movie” is, it is what is happening, with people swallowing the fecal vomit spewed by the whores of the ruling class.

  38. Ok, I held off long enough. It’s like having Palin crack just beyond my reach.

    The leaked manuscript for a new book on Sarah Palin, “Blind Allegiance,” by Frank Bailey, has some fun reading. There’s a useful summary of its contents at the Anchorage Daily News. But there are some revelations that make sense of what previously just seemed bizarre. Take that awk–ward moment in the Couric interview when Palin was asked what periodicals or newspapers or news sources she read and said “All of them.” Here’s Bailey’s account:

    “Why did Sarah not name anything, when we knew she spent a fair amount of time reading? The answer boils down to image management. Sarah‘s media diet came exclusively from local sources including the Alaska Journal of Commerce, the Alaska Business Monthly, and the Anchorage Daily News. In addition, various administrative assistants put together a compilation of stories from major Alaskan news sites each morning. This document, referred to as Daily Clips, ran in excess of thirty pages and Sarah digested those capsulated reports by 8:00 a.m. each morning. To suggest she didn‘t read is wrong.

    However, in her mind, admitting to this regional-only emphasis would‘ve made her appear less interested in national and international events—which was absolutely the case. Instead of honesty, she panicked and, once again, made matters infinitely worse.

    As I sat and watched this salt-in-the-wound interview, I raised my eyes and asked the ceiling, ―Why can‘t she just tell the truth?”

      • Actually badmoodman, if the Quitter had told the truth about reading only Alaska stuff, I would have defended her, especially if Couric had continued to badger her after answering truthfully. She was the governor of Alaska, she had to be current on what was going on in her state, and I see nothing wrong with that.

        But she just couldn’t manage it.

  39. Yesterday(?) I asked what the Democrat’s end game was in Wisconsin since Walker has the votes to eventually pass his legislation.

    Will Wilkinson is wondering the same thing:

    “Supposing that Mr Walker and not the SEIU is the vanguard of history—supposing that America is headed toward the stable non-union equilibrium—what is the next-best scenario from a progressive perspective? What is the answer if resurgent unionism is not? Is there one? I hear plenty of progressive rhetoric to the effect that only a rehabilitated union movement can save America from plutocracy and middle-class stagnation, but my sense is that this is a lot like conservative rhetoric to the effect that only a return to constitutional principles will save America from sclerotic socialist decline. Do progressives, like their conservative counterparts, really believe their own hype?”

    This link includes a link to Kevin Drum’s good article on this in Mother Jones:

  40. What outrages me?

    That outrage has been outsourced to other countries, other movements. Even our rightful indignation that should be boiling into a massive revolt, is hijacked by well funded Tea Partiers that don’t come any closer to representing the vital outrage we should be venting at the loss of our Democracy than a Super Bowl commercial comes to telling me anything I really need to know.
    What outrages me…I thnk mainly that I have an almost 2 year old son and the America that I grew up believing in would have helped me, not hindered me, in my effort to raise him not to grow up to be just another mediocre lemming. And I have a pretty good idea how we got here,…and it has a lot to do with large amounts of money to be made off of keeping people stupid.

  41. badmoodman, I suppose at the end, the Dems show up and let the program get voted in.

    Our best hope is to then document the shit out of how Wisconsin’s education and public service systems go to hell. Document the mothers who can’t feed their children if they pay for their health care premiums, document and some how, despite the MSM clogged arterials of the airways, tell the story of what happens in the aftermath of this lunacy.
    Then be ready to roll that story out next summer, right up through November. Are these really American values we are seeing embodied?

  42. One of my favorite lines is delivered by Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace: “Look I probably should have told you this before but you see… well… insanity runs in my family… It practically gallops. ”

    It’s certainly galloping in the GOP. Here is one of the latest. I have to say, it is the logical conclusion to the rantings of the anti-choice crowd.

  43. “Look I probably should have told you this before but you see… well… insanity runs in my family… It practically gallops. ”

    Heh, and the irony was that Mortimer (Grant), it turns out, was adopted.

  44. I sat my kids, then probably about 10 years old and somewhat cynical, down to watch what I considered important movies. They were skeptical of b&w old people films, but were soon laughing hysterically with Arsenic. They also loved Ferris Bueller.

  45. gummy, re, “Georgia Republican Sponsors Bill to Require Investigating All Miscarriages”…

    it’s only a matter of time before they seek to criminalize miscarriages as involuntary or negligent homocide.

  46. BnF – quick let’s get a bill in there to make wanking a criminal offence, after all, they are all potentially human beings…. such a waste… “every sperm is sacred, every sperm is good”

  47. I’m going to GA – face to face with those m.fers.
    Investigating all miscarriages.
    They have absolutely no compassion. Don’t have clue one what emotional and physical trauma goes with having to make a decision to terminate a pregnancy or after a miscarriage.

    Are they going to be monitoring all toilets in GA? Yes that’s a bit graphic – spontaneous abortions/miscarriages do occur in the bathroom.

    Oh, wait are they going to hire Babs Bush and her idiotic son to place the product of a miscarriage in a jar and drive it to the nearest hospital?

    Spittin’ mad- let me at ’em face to face.
    I’ll bring the video of Jackie Speire telling that gooper about the procedure she had to endure.
    F’ers. MFer’s

  48. bad,
    “Supposing that Mr Walker and not the SEIU is the vanguard of history—supposing that America is headed toward the stable non-union equilibrium—what is the next-best scenario from a progressive perspective? What is the answer if resurgent unionism is not? Is there one?”

    Predicting the decline of the American Empire is all too easy. The pieces are in place and the downfall of the Empire began in earnest with the passage of NAFTA.

    The answer is remarkably simple, and remarkably predictable:


    It is inevitable. When enough people are hungry enough, tired enough, and hopeless enough in God and Government to improve their lot, they will revolt.

    The word will get out. By word of mouth, by flyers…facebook and twitter will be unavailable – controlled by the CorporateTheocracy, but the word will get out.

    The wise will seek to make it a non-violent protest. The CorporateTheocracy will respond with violence. Americans will be massacred by “christian” militias.

    “God” will lose “His” grasp. People will turn from the religion of authoritarianism and greed. People will reject unregulated Capitalism. People will reject the “Christ” of contemporary evangelical christianity. Ironically, only by rejecting Christ will the people be freed to follow Christ’s teachings.

    The survivors will value people over profit.

    It will be the end of one Age, and the beginning of another. Armageddon, if you will, followed by a New Enlightenment. We are living through the birthing pains of a new era.

    And it has begun in earnest in the Middle East.

  49. I was with my wife 27 yrs plus one month ago when she (we) endured an abortion procedure. She was 42 at the time, and the fetus was Down Syndrome, late in the first trimester. All I can say is that if that fuckhead from GA (or any other similar braindead fuckhead from anywhere) would have shown up to investigate what was going on while I was there, he’d have ended up in the same condition as did the fetus.

    Some things are intolerable, and meddling in any way with a pregnancy, against the wishes or will of the mother, is at or near the top of the list.

  50. Ebb and Hooda, when you get a moment ….

    Take a look at the cover of The Incessant Voice of War, particularly the mushroom cloud in the background. Stare at the mushroom’s stem for a few seconds and tell me if you see anything interesting in it.

    Or maybe I’m just going nuts!

  51. Frugal…”maybe I’m just going nuts!”

    wrong tense.

    left side – image of a couple

    Center – a face

    Right side – looks like Nixon – to his right, Mao.

    Cloud pattern, left of center – infant face

    Various faces in the man’s garment.

    Then again, it could just be my imagination…

  52. BnF — Like Charlie Brown thought to himself after Linus said the clouds reminded him of a biblical event concerning the Macabees and a storming of a temple or somesuch, “I was going to say I thought I saw a horsey and a piggy, but don’t think I will.”

  53. After the first atomic blast in New Mexico, Oppenheimer quoted, in his diary, a few lines from the Bhagavad gita:

    “If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst
    at once into the sky
    that would be like the Splendor of
    The Mighty One . . .
    ‘I am become Death, Shatterer of Worlds.’”

    Looked to me as though “The Mighty One” was parcel to the mushroom stem: robed, bearded face, arms outstretched and holding above him “the radiance of a thousand suns.”

    Yeah, I’m weird, I know that. Of course I know that.

  54. The death penalty might be a relief for Ms. Forde. I wonder how a border activist would be received in a large prison population of “border” types.

  55. Not having the actual book in front of me, I peered as close as I could to the thumbnail photo and thought I saw a similar image frugal.

    Zooey, if you want to see a very artfully disguised male member that made it past the censors, look directly underneath the gushing tree at the top of the hill…

  56. I thought this was the coolest album cover when I was a teenager, and proceeded to paint it on the inside wall of the garage. I never saw it till I was actually painting it… but proceeded anyways. My parents never saw it, thank gawd…

    • I loved the artwork on album covers in the olden days. It was so wild and colorful, and it pissed off the old people because they didn’t understand it.

      Even if I’d had any talent for painting, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to paint any wall on anything my parents were associated with. It just wasn’t done!!

  57. Roger Dean is the artist, he did the Yes album covers, one of the best fantasy artists of all.

    Hollow trees took on a whole new perspective after that as well.

    • I imagine they did, Raven. 😀

      badmoodman, I guess Repiggies are just jealous that Obama actually knows how to use a telepromter. Did he say anything interesting? I’m not watching all that crap.

  58. Z, I know. Still waiting on Fox. I won’t hold my breath.

    On the subject of album art, I love some of the old stuff. Those Yes covers were particularly cool.

  59. Zooey: “Do they start out that way, or go crazy as leaders for some reason?”

    Consider Scott Walker, maybe Sarah Palin. Looks to me as though they start that way. Once a nut always a nut?

  60. Do they start out that way, or go crazy as leaders for some reason?

    How do you think George Bush would have been after 30, 40 years in office? But then, Idi Amin was certifiable from the get-go.

    Trying to find nobility in longtime leaders or dictators is a bit like feeling around for a quarter on the floor of a dark movie theater. The reward is not worth the search. Eight years is probably enough.

  61. [BnF: do you have the actual book in hand?]

    …tell me if you see anything interesting in it.

    Frugal, the cover art is very interesting – still absorbing all the images.

    This is what I see, at the moment (has a tendency to change slightly each time it’s observed).

    The stem looks like Jesus ascending into the cloud.
    Top of the cloud: to the left; the darker coloring: a lion or animal of some sort (the head is on the left – tail to the right).

    • Ugh. We’re now under a winter storm warning through Thursday. Bunches of snow and loads of high winds.

      When I left school today, the snow had already drifted to about 18 inches deep between the cars.

      I know, I know, people have had worse winters than this. I’m just feeling cranky.

  62. Ebb, yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I have a cover art pdf that I can enlarge for a much closer look and it does indeed appear to be a robed Christ-like figure whose arms are made of flames holding up that ball of fire. Reminded me of Oppenheimer and his quote from the Bhagavad gita, but J.C. works too. I might have to see if I can catch up with the artist. In any case, intended or not, it’s an interesting metaphor, seems to me.

  63. Rahm Emanuel Elected Mayor

    Rahm Emanuel will be the next mayor of Chicago, winning enough of Tuesday’s primary vote to avoid a runoff election.

    Emanuel, the former White House chief of staff, received 55 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s mayoral primary. He needed more than 50 percent to avoid a runoff. Former Chicago Public Schools president Gery Chico came in second with 24 percent with 86 percent of precincts reporting, according to the Associated Press.

    Shayne, what’s the story on this? Is this going to be good for Chicago?

  64. Zooey, re the “stem” of the mushroom cloud…I guess I don’t see things the way you do…and that’s probably a good thing.

  65. Zooey, it’s a primary if no one gets 50% of the vote, then they have a runoff. In a regular election, most places, it’s ‘first past the post’.

  66. Chicago only ever elects Democratic mayors. If you win the primary you win the election. I’d prefer Mayor Daley stay in office. The city runs beautifully. That being said I’d think Rahm has enough energy to do the job and he didn’t have much competition. I always liked Carol Mosely Braun but it appears her personal finances are a mess and that is a bad sign.

  67. I’ll do my Rorshach last. I’m still getting over having two extra days to get my stuff to the accountant. That was exhausting. 🙂

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