Time Machine Music Night, February 25, 2011

Only one video to post tonight, but it is my time machine band–the one band that I would definitely travel through time to see perform. Again. This excellent video is apparently from the extras on the Blu-Ray Woodstock video and beautiful quality, catching them at their prime. I wore this LP out, twice, and worshipped the ground they walked on for years. I would probably not use the time machine to attend Woodstock, for a number of reasons, but it would be the best opportunity to explain that, yes, my hair is short and gray but I was only there (not a nark!) because I missed it the first time around. “Time machine? Cool. Want a  hit?”

Sony won’t let us play the video directly, which sucks, but this one time I’m going to ask you to watch it on YouTube. I can’t find anything of this quality to replace it with. You can even watch in high-def, widescreen. There are a lot of high-quality Woodstock videos out now, including White Rabbit (and, yes, Grace Slick really was that gorgeous and yes, she always did that thing with her hand); lots of great bands on stage there.

Nothing below the fold tonight, except what you contribute in the comment section. Your time machine band?


82 thoughts on “Time Machine Music Night, February 25, 2011

  1. Love the Airplane! Interestingly, there is a small venue over in VT that I was at last night that the “starship” will be playing in the next few months … I’m only considering going because of the Grace Factor …

    I’m a searching for a decent “time machine” band tune to share ~ and hitchin’ up the hamster team 😉

  2. Thank you, Zooey!
    Cheeseflap- aren’t they the same?
    For cageycretin- if your wife built an orgone accumulator, you must need to see:

    Thank heavens for Donald Sutherland…

  3. Zooey — I said Tardis. And I was a staunch fan of all the early docs. My wife had not seen any, and it took me over a year to get her to watch (the new ones)…. and she is SO into the Doctor since that first disc. We own them as soon as they come out (and my carefully arranged budget so we don’t starve be damned!), and usually one is playing at bed time. I love the Doctor, too.

    I am SO uber-geek, you don’t know the half of it.

    But executive geek (Eddie Izzard reference score any points?… anyone….?)

  4. Pixierita:

    S’okay. I built it long before we knew each other, but it was after the Doctor craze hit her, and she noted that it was shaped kind-of Tardis-y, so… blue it became. Painting on the panels and such is planned, but not begun.

    What was that video? Who did that? Was that movie? That was Donald Sutherland (?) — fantastic actor (I went on a lengthy quest, back in the pre-ebay days, to gain a copy of Start the Revolution Without Me, which starred (among others) Donald Sutherland and Gene Wylder).

  5. Only concert I regret missing was Tear For Fears around 1986. I had a chance to go and turned it down. I loved them and they “broke up” shortly after that. I saw Roland doing Tears for Fears stuff in the 90’s, and it was fun, but still not quite the same. They’re back together, but don’t really have the desire now. But I still wish I had seen that concert back when. One of their lesser-known pieces, but one of my favorites: The Working Hour.

  6. Zooey:

    I will try to be brief (trust me, you want that…): I don’t watch the current shows (not had teevee for almost 20 years), so all we have seen is the first season with Matt. My intial reaction after watching that season in a 2-day marathon event was negative. I had a number of things I picked on. But I knew I’d do that, because ANYONE following David was going to just have trouble. After multiple reviews, I think that his first season he did an excellent job, praiseworthy even, considering he had to follow David (and the very emotional regeneration) and not look like an imitation, and pull off a reasonable character that is continuing the Doctor. However, I have yet to see any of this next season. Yet I would say I am pleased with Matt from what I have seen, maybe a little impressed.

    Oh… and can’t forget Red Dwarf. Love that show, too.

    • cagey,

      I don’t have the teevee either, just the DVDs. I was hooked on Matt Smith from the start. Tennant had worn me down with his moroseness, and I was ready for the old goofy Doctor again. Matt seems to capture the goofy, but also the serious side, which is odd for someone so young.

      You will absolutely LOVE the Christmas Special (2010), and the next season looks AWESOME!!

  7. Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Harry James and the band. Sing Sing Sing. I would have loved to have seen concerts like this back in the day. And on this one, I bid you all goodnight.

  8. Woodstock – with each passing year, more people went to Woodstock – the attendance is up above 10 m people now. My opini0n, anyone who says they remember Woodstock…. weren’t there.

  9. Zooey:

    Excellent. Thanks.

    If you take out the SFX and props budget differences and focus on the characters, I still rank Baker (#4) and Pertwee (#3) as my favorite Docs. LovelyCrazyCatLadyCagey prefers David, but loves everyone in the new seasons very much. She hasn’t given the old docs a chance, …yet…

  10. Oh my- The Zombies AND the Yardbirds! Yes, I’d hop in the wayback machine with Sherman and Mister Peabody to see either of them…

    Cageycretin, that was the wondrous Kate Bush. I think (if I remember correctly) that that video is telling of the story of Wilhelm Reich, the man who invented the “cloud machine”. (I hope I’m not all wet on that.) Her videos are all very theatrical and cinematic, as are her songs. That’s one of the things I like about her- she writes about the world, not just “I love you, but …” songs.
    (And yep, that’s Donald Sutherland!)

    Here’s another of my favorites, albeit with bad 1970’s sound AND Andy Williams as emcee:

  11. pixierita:

    Thanks. And yes, that was a snapshot of Willhelm Reich, who invented the cloud buster (the purpose of which was to “heal the planet”, not fiddle with weather for fun and profit), and the orgone studies (for healing people). His downfall was that he had a strong political streak, and the government didn’t like him because of his politics (and I don’t agree with some of his political thought, however, that is not a cause to discredit research off-hand). That scene was highlighting when the FBI came and took him away, and then they burned all of his books and every piece of his research, as well as destroying all of his equipment. They tried to completely erase his work from history. Quite fascistly despicable. Reich “poo-pooed” Freud (the fake pig) right to his face. Reich pioneered a psychoanalysis method that used deep massage therapy, beleiving that tense muscles are indicative of mental trauma, stress, and other undesirable psychological factors. Mind you, as I said, he had some ideas that I don’t agree with as well, but his approach to his work was scientific. If I remember correctly, Hitler chased him out of Germany (for similar reasons to the American government hating him — politics). Interesting man, and intersting science (what survives), marginalized for no good reasons.

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