If You Think What’s Happening In Wisconsin Is Bad…

… wait until you take a look at the bill the Republican majority in Michigan is poised to ‘shove down’ the public’s throat

Unions and others oppose the legislation because it would give broad new powers to emergency financial managers, who are appointed by the state treasurer. Those powers include the ability to nullify collective bargained agreements, imposition of new agreements for those bargaining units which will have effect for as much as five years after the EMF leaves office and the ability for the manager to dissolve local governing bodies of schools and cities. The EMF would also have the power to eliminate any local ordinance or law he or she decides to eliminate.

(emphasis mine)

Good Lord… would this not establish a virtual Republican dictatorship in perpetuity, as long as Republicans can stay in office? Why even bother to hold local elections anymore, if a handful of ’emergency financial managers’ answering only to the State Treasurer have nearly unlimited power to dissolve all and any local governments, eliminate any law or ordinance, and effectively break any contract they choose?

At this time the bill has been passed in both chambers of the Michigan Legislature and will assuredly be signed by Governor Rick Snyder as fast as possible, after some minor reconciliation… such as, whether a human being must declare a state of financial emergency, or can a CORPORATION or BUSINESS be vested with this power?

Yes, you read that right… depending on what Republican legislators decide amongst themselves, a CORPORATION may soon have the power to dissolve any local government in Michigan they deem to be in a ‘state of financial crisis’, send ALL locally elected officials packing, and install their own administrators in perpetuity, and all with the Governor’s blessing. No doubt, minority Dems will have NO SAY in the final decision.

Let the voiding and nullifications begin!

So much for Republicans and their endless shrieking about the ‘rule of law’… I guess it just pertains to THEIR rule of law. The rest of us? Clearly… not so much.

I can’t imagine this will make it past judicial review, which is almost assuredly coming as we speak. And I am ASTONISHED at the degree of arrogance Republicans put on display when they try such a blatant power grab as this. I’m beginning to think the excesses of the Bush Administration were simply a dry run for what they intended all along and now we’re getting the full-blown production.

Here’s what the ever-articulate Rachel Maddow has to say about it…

The good people of Wisconsin are now working to recall eight Republican State Senators. You can learn more about the recall effort here and here, or even donate and/or volunteer.

It’s on and they don’t intend to quit coming at us.

They will only be satisfied with complete victory and perpetual Republican rule.


6 thoughts on “If You Think What’s Happening In Wisconsin Is Bad…

  1. Here in Illinois we’re surrounded by lunatics. We elected a governor who raised taxes from 3% to 5% and I haven’t heard anybody complain. Of course all the surrounding states think they’re going to use it to steal business. Our teachers get to keep their salaries and pay the extra 2%. Who do you think will be more fiscally sound? Teatards are paying less taxes than ever and complaining more. This country is full of idiots.

  2. The sad part is that those who need to hear this news never will. They will never see the irony that those who seized power in the last election by scaring their base into thinking their rights were being taken away have embarked on a mission to take away more rights than, arguably, any time in our nation’s history.

  3. I can’t imagine this will make it past judicial review, which is almost assuredly coming as we speak.

    I can’t, either. There is absolutely no fucking way this law is Constitutional. NONE! How could they imagine that it would be constitutional to dissolve an elected local government? How could they complain about “big government” and how “Washington tells us what to do”, and then pass a law that allows their own governor to do things the president couldn’t do?

    Can President Obama declare Michigan a financial disaster and remove their state government? I’m fairly certain he can’t, and if he tried, what would the right wing say about it? The depths to which these right wingers would sink never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Ya gotta admit, Snyder makes Walker in Wisconsin look like a political pantywaist by comparison.

    If the Michigan Republicans get away with such a blatant, self-serving, complete power grab, I suspect you’ll see mirror-image copycat bills popping up in every state the Repubs currently enjoy a legislative and gubernatorial advantage in.

    I think we’re now seeing exactly what station the Tenther train was meant to stop at all along… and why Republicans had NO PROBLEM whatsoever with the Bush Administration running multiple MULTIBILLION dollar deficits every frickin’ year George was in the WH… creating a fake financial crisis of this magnitude was the plan all along, with this deliberate result in mind.

    They simply intend to establish a complete DICTATORSHIP and will not stop until they either get what they want, completely and in perpetuity, or the rest of us kick them to the curb for good.

  5. I am wondering if the Republican party believes that it can strip America of a voice by and for its citizens to participate in the democratic process and have amnesia set in by November of 2012. I for one will not forget.

    As I watch our nation being dumbed down and people being stripped of hard-earned rights, I wonder how our progeny will survive. Will the masses be deprived of the ability to enjoy a healthy old age or will they be left to deal with that phase of life like the serfs of yore? How soon will the nation become a third rate society like the Ivory Coast or even worse?

    Our nation enjoyed the mastery of the World from 1915 until 1930 and slipped into poverty. We rose once again in the late 1930’s, became masters of the world by 1950 and started to lose our position from 1998 on. The germ of a new recovery is on the verge of willful failure through our elected officials. In each case, this trend was fueled by the captains of finance and industry. Americans can be their own worst enemies or as Pogo said – “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    I do not think that the nation can wait until 2012 to stem this tide. Only the Senate and the Executive are capable of stopping this agenda. The courts and the House are stacked against us and many states are in the hands of our foes. Just a thought on the current crisis.

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