The Watering Hole: March 22, Happy Birthday Captain Kirk

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Oh how I used to wish I could have joined them on their adventures. As things were I was reduced to make handsets out of parts of old lamps and make believe. These days I think we could all need a Scotty to beam us away to a place where sanity and reason prevail.

This is our open thread. Where will it take us?

228 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: March 22, Happy Birthday Captain Kirk

  1. I don’t know if I should admit this, but I have a classic enterprise sitting on one of my bookcases. I don’t know if I should admit this either, but I took a photo of it to upload in honor of today’s post. And I really don’t know if I should admit this, but you can see a few spots on the bookcase I missed while dusting.

    Anyway, in the spirit of the thread…

  2. My sister and I strung a modified garden hose on our starship swing set to use for a communicator. We loved the show for having some female characters who were treated as equals. I had totally forgot that William Shatner used to be hot, the momory was destroyed by the priceline commercials.
    I hope all are well and that Hooda’s daughter is healing. I’m not around much these days as it’s spring, I need to demolish a building, I have to go to physical therapy several times a week, son is struggling in two classes, pigs are very pregnant, and I still haven’t finished cleaning out my mom’s house.
    Be well folks. In spring, all things are possible.

  3. Outstanding, I’m exhausted just hearing about your work. Although the pregnant pigs sound like fun. Take care of yourself!

  4. William Shatner is hotter now because he is very funny. You just have to squint your eyes when you look at him. 🙂

  5. I occasionally catch Shatner’s new show. He is pretty funny at times. What amazes me is that he’s 80. He’s still very sharp and seems reasonably spry for 80.

  6. And he’s very funny on talk shows. I don’t know if that new show got canceled it’s not in the line-up right now. He was very funny on Boston Legal (?) too.

  7. I love the fact that George Takei is still a leader in the gay rights community! Solo, establish communications with the Klingon/Neocons!

  8. RUCerious,

    First, the character was Mr. Sulu, Solo was on The Man From Uncle, and Klingons have no similarity to ‘neocons’! 😀

  9. Oops, I meant Sulu, not the Man From Uncle…Duh. Too early, coffee not working…

    And Uhura was busy with something else… Sulu was the Chief Navigation officer, yes?

  10. There’s an NHL hockey player, on Edmonton I think, who’s last name is Shatnerkirk.

    Of course there’s another NHLer whose last name is Clitsore. I kid you not.

  11. Oh… we… must… blog in…. Shatnerian… pauses today. It… is human… to do so… we… are not machines…. we feel e… motion.

  12. I loves me the Palin news. A little nugget from her Israel trip:

    “Defense Ministry officials claim the US politician neglected to submit a formal request to tour the West Bank, despite it being standard procedure for any foreign dignitary. The Daily Telegraph hinted that Palin was not aware of the fact that Bethlehem is not Israeli territory, saying this is a common mistake amongst foreign tourists but not amongst politicians.”

    But it is Israel. God granted it, right?,7340,L-4046016,00.html

  13. I met George Takei at a party in Oakland, when he was running for office in SOCAL. Man had the politician’s smile and handshake down pat, but he was genuinely pleasant and funny. I have no idea why he was in town, but everyone else at the party was a science fiction writer or editor.

  14. To me, the most memorable aspect of Star Trek is the split infinitive in the intro: “to boldly go…” Why? Because a friend, a retired teacher in Texas will, to this day, harp on the horrors implicit in ANY split infinitive. He also admits that not splitting the one in Star Trek, to say instead “to go boldly” doesn’t work near as well, but still, splitting an infinitive is a cardinal sin of some sort, apparently punishable by eternal worrying about it.

    True story.

  15. William Shatner is hotter now because he is very funny. You just have to squint your eyes when you look at him.

    Hey Zooey can just take off her glasses!

    **ducking and being glad I’m on another continent**


    I received a book from Amazon today. Can’t wait to get started!!!

  16. We’ll need to have a book discussion group – soon! Enjoy the read EV, frugal is a great writer.
    It flows and pulls you right along!

  17. You missed it completely – Palin is touting this as a ‘private’ visit/thing – not political – to cover the gaffes that may occur.

  18. Quote of the Day:

    “God bless [Clinton]” – Karl Rove, going full Memento on the secretary of state’s success in starting the war in Libya.

  19. Libya’s price tag

    The silver lining of Obama’s war is that it may finally, for all the wrong reasons, persuade the GOP that war-spending is spending too much. Some math:

    “A no-fly zone like the one military officials described Monday, covering just the northern portion of Libya, likely will cost between $30 million and $100 million per week, [the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments] said. But because it required coalition forces to deal with Libyan air defense systems, there are one-time bills that could cost between $400 million and $800 million, the think tank concluded.”

  20. An additional phrase that has permeated pop culture is “red shirts.” I heard is just the other day on a television show but can’t remember which. It never meant anything to me because my friends and I only had b&w sets.

  21. I didn’t get to see Star Trek when it first came out because the NBC station was too far away to pick up. In 73, in college, we would gather for it regularly. It was always a hoot when they would put together a landing party. If they took along an extra female, she would end up in some ridiculous situation so JT could bail her out and if it was a guy, he was toast.

  22. The silver lining of Obama’s war is that it may finally, for all the wrong reasons, persuade the GOP that war-spending is spending too much. Some math:

    NPR had a fairly long interview with Ron Paul yesterday, one of those out-of-body experiences where he makes complete sense. Most of it, of course, was about the cost of war but he also commented that, if this is about preventing genocide, he’s got a nice long list of other countries to choose from, including Bahrain and Yemen.

    The Administration claims that France and the UK were pushing this, but why not just let them do the whole operation? It’s not as though they don’t have enough military equipment to make war on Libya. And what happened to the magnificent Egyptian air force? Oh, wait, they don’t actually want to use all those jets and missiles. Fuggers are expensive to replace.

  23. Frugal,
    Complaining about a ‘split infinitive’ reminds me of when Dizzy Dean used to do the Major
    League Baseball on Saturdays, teachers complained that he was setting a bad example for kids, by using the word ‘ain’t’. The official quote most places is: “Let the teachers teach English and I will teach baseball. There is a lot of people in the United States who say isn’t, and they ain’t eating.”
    The one I remember is in the Wikipedia entry on Dean: “A lot of folks who ain’t sayin’ ‘ain’t,’ ain’t eatin’. So, Teach, you learn ’em English, and I’ll learn ’em baseball.”

    When the Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta, Dean was their radio announcer for their first three seasons. Being the closest major league team to Huntsville, we had a local FM station that carried the games, so I got to hear him in his last three seasons of broadcasting.

  24. If they took along an extra female, she would end up in some ridiculous situation so JT could bail her out and if it was a guy, he was toast.

    Guy, Crewman #6:

  25. Hooda, don’t forget the ‘expendable’ crewperson (almost always male) who’d accompany the landing party only to subsequently (fill in the horrible demise; eaten by alien, contract disease that turned person to scaly stone, sink in murky slime…)

  26. That would be Crewman Toast. It got to the point of being like one of those campy horror flics where everyone yells “Don’t answer the door!”

  27. Gummitch,
    Shortly after you mentioned Ron Paul, this was covered by Thom Hartmann, Supreme Court: Fed Must Disclose Bailout Details. The Federal Reserve disclosure legislation was a joint effort of Paul and Bernie Sanders, and it looks like this ends the court challenge to the rest of the disclosures.

  28. I have a sneaking suspicion this little foray into Libya just might be the camel that breaks the strawman’s back.

  29. OT

    Lady HEELS Win over Kentucky ladies 86-74

    great game, at least what little of it I got to see, hate whip around coverage

  30. I always suspected Kirk personally selected crewman Toast, who was always a good looking, rugged type, to reduce the pool of competitors for his testosterone sphere of influence.

  31. “The Middle East: the final frontier. These are the escapades of the Empire America. Its thirty five-year mission: to exploit strange new oil fields, to seek out and crush old life and old civilizations, to boldly go where no empire has gone before.” (Except the Soviets.)

  32. testosterone sphere of influence.

    This was the original, but ultimately rejected subtitle for “Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan”

  33. Hooda, that was a measly 43 million bucks that crashed in the desert.
    How many k_12 teachers could that have funded for an academic year?

  34. Ruc, in the immortal words of my youngest from back when she was a tot just exercising her erudition…”A mere piffance.”

  35. Krissy, I tried to finish that game, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. They were ahead about ten when I crashed. I was keeping up with it on ESPN3, while I had Alabama on the TV.

    You don’t have to say OT, this is a Daily Open Thread.

  36. Definition of an intellectual is someone who hears those lines and thinks of Herman Melville (or Gregory Peck, sorry Jean-Luc)

  37. giggle, you guys are gonna have to help me with some of this. I only started blogging about 3 weeks ago. The protocols are different each place I’ve visited.

    House, the game was on here at first on ESPN2 until NC got up by ten, then they switced to Gonzaga and UCLA. They broadcast the whole game even though Gonzaga was killing UCLA. Only got to watch the last 2 minutes of the NC game after they switched back. I was watching the game and thinking to myself, these girls are way better then we ever dreamed of being. They play with the same intensity and hit the same kind of shots the men do. The only difference I can see and none of the girls are really capable of using the dunk as a regular part of their game.

    Great game anyway, both the men and ladies now in the Sweet 16, I’m a happy girl!!!

  38. That’s Ricardo Montalban – I was Ricardo for about 6 months in honour of his long career when he died a few years ago. AndytheTurtle (aged 4 3/4) will resume his post tomorrow.

  39. RUC, its a cookie jar. Been in the family since I was a littlun. We have discussed just what it might be. The closest we have come is a feathered pig. Or an owl with a muzzle? I suspect whoever made it was a very high and/or creative person.

  40. (the ’70’s had me working swing shift and Mids. Very little t.v. No recording device. So I missed the StarWar StarTrek stuff).

    (Tweet 16)

    March Migration Madness Round 1: Cedar waxwing: 1,031 Red-tailed Hawk: 805

    Next matchup: Dark-eyed Junco vs. Blue Jay will be on Wednesday, March 23

  41. I, too, have been a fan of Star Trek since its premiere when I was six years old. And, like EV, I have always wished the Enterpise would come back in time, pick me up, and bring me back with them to the future.

    When I was a senior in High School, our class trip was to Washington, DC. Ours was the first class to be allowed to go since my father’s class screwed things up for everyone else years before. My entire purpose for even wanting to go at all was that on the second day, we were going to visit the Air and Space Museum. This was my chance to see the USS Enterprise hanging in the Smithsonian. I saved up my money to pay for the trip, made sure I could get the time off from work, went through the motions of pretending to enjoy whatever it was we were doing on the first day until the next, when we finally went to the museum.

    I patiently walked through all the other parts of the museum, staying with the class (like I was supposed to), until we finally got to the building I wanted. I looked around. There was Lindburgh’s Spirit of St. Louis, and there was the Eagle lunar module, and there was the Wright Brothers’ plane, but I couldn’t find the USS Enterprise. So I asked a guard what happened to it. He said, “Oh, they took it down to film the movie.” To this day, that still ranks among the worst things anyone has ever said to me.

  42. pete, is this what you were referring to yesterday?

    Microsoft sues Nook partners over Android-based UI

    I’d like to send/shove some proprietary/patented up MS…

  43. Hooda, that’s a close 2nd for me to be sure. Of course if I didn’t get so misty at the end of WoK, I might give it the nod.

    Who here weeps at the end of WoK?


  44. zxbe, I remember being so angry the first time I saw WoK. How could they do that? Luckily, I was with a couple of fellow rabid trekkies and we told ourselves it was covered. Right? And I have to raise my hand as well. Montalban was just amazing as Khan.

  45. I haven’t watched Star Trek since my father passed away some 32 years ago so I don’t know most of what you all are talking about. Of course that’s nothing unusual around here, bunch of damn intellectual elitists. 🙂

  46. Hi Ebb.

    Here’s a link to some info on the Linux system that I use. They actually make it sound a bit more complicated than it is. The incident that I was referring to is that the IRS website doesn’t like Linux. I can still do everything but actually file onlin and have to boot up Windows for that final step.

  47. RUC: badmoodman, that’s cool! What post production stuff did you do?

    Scene-to-scene color correction and pan-and-scan for the electronic transfer from film to video.

  48. Of course that’s nothing unusual around here, bunch of damn intellectual elitists. 🙂

    We all play multi-dimensional chess too:

  49. pete, I know you were talking about the Linux open source.

    You’d eluded to going after Bill Gates – I guess because of MS attempting to harness everything even attempting to tie-up Linux.

    Oh, never mind I probably got it all mixed-up.

  50. Ebb, Sounds like you have the right handle on MS. I would like to see someone go after MS, nothing like a good ole monopoly to keep things moving forward…just keep putting out the same OS over and over again, just add a little multimedia bling and there you have it, all new and worth lots more money. Oh don’t forget none of your old hardware will work either, UPGRADE for the equipment boys….

  51. Ebb, I was being half facetious. I know better than to take any action that might put me in Bill’s way. However, I am willing to help others learn how to run computers without Windows.

  52. I should probably also mention that my current desktop is a “refurbished” unit that I purchased with no operating system for $130.00. It’s given me sterling service for more than two years.

  53. For some reason I can no longer see Pete’s posts with Internet Explorer. They still up fine in Chrome. Perhaps the rath of Bill Gates has already begun? And Pete is an un-person in MS world? 😉

  54. zxbe, the first rule of dusting is: don’t. Just leave the evenly-coated dust and all looks normal.
    It’s when you start to dust the troubles begin.

  55. Am I still real? Do I still occupy space? Is there anybody out there?

    Well? It serves you right! Even running Windows I can’t think of a good reason to use Internet Explorer. Even when I was still using Windows I only used IE long enough to download Firefox.

  56. Here’s a completely predictable study
    NFL Upsets Could Trigger Domestic Violence
    Reports spike in areas where favored team loses, study finds

    TUESDAY, March 22 (HealthDay News) — Reports of domestic violence rise an average of 10 percent in areas where local National Football League teams lose games they were expected to win, a new study says.

    But the analysis of 900 regular-season NFL games found no decrease in police reports of male violence against wives or intimate partners after an unexpected win by a local team or when a local team lost a game that was expected to be close, said the researchers at the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

    So it might be a good thing if the greedy owners and gladiator, er players, just walk away from the bargaining table once and for all and for ever.
    I’d miss my Seahawks. For a couple of weeks. Then I’d have every Sunday to play more with my kids.

  57. Misc. random thoughts –

    going boldly where no man has gone before sounds like taking a leak off Mt. Everest.

    “This is our open thread. Where will it take us?”

    To in…finity…and…beyond!

    Klingons were, originally, a stand-in for the Soviet Union. In the Next Generation they were modeled more on a Celtic clan heirarchy – complete with a sash as part of their uniform.

    Palin is a Queen-Borg wannabe….minus the collective wisdom and gadgets.


    God gave Israel to the Jews and they lost it. Western Europe and the U.S. gave it back to them and they’re fighting like hell to keep it. Conclusion? Gifts from Western Europe and the U.S. are more valuable to the Jews than gifts from God.


    what do you call a person who studies ancient canine civilizations?

    a Barkiologist.

    (ducking for cover)

  58. Guess who said this:

    “I believe that it flows from [Obama’]s fundamental disbelief in American exceptionalism. In the President’s world, all nations have ‘common interests,’ the lines between good and evil are blurred, America’s history merits apology. And without a compass to guide him in our increasingly turbulent world, he’s tentative, indecisive, timid and nuanced.”

    Nuanced, sounds French, yanno? Romney ought to just make the announcement.

  59. what do you call a person who studies ancient canine civilizations?

    a Barkiologist.

    They adhere to a rigid dogma.


  60. Good advice Ebb. 🙄 That’s all well and good until the sun shines in the windows. I just noticed a guitar sitting in the stand that apparently hasn’t been dusted in a while.

  61. Happy birthday William!

    And speaking of Star Trek and books, has anoyone read “Voyage of the Space Beagle”? I believe it is by Vogt.

    I have never heard confirmation, but I insist that this is the book from which Roddenberry got the idea for Star Trek (despite other stories I have heard), and many of the plots for the early shows. I could be wrong (I have heard other stories as to his inspiration… but this book has way too many similarities).

  62. Well, Shayne, I’ll still try. Since you did, in fact, make it through ordering from Staples I have to conclude that you can make it through trying a new operating system. The only real requirement is a bit of curiosity. Plus, if it makes you feel any better, it took me several tries to register with wordpress. I don’t have any special tools or training and I’ve managed to live without Windows. In fact, after a fairly short learning curve, Linux is much simpler to use. There’s no need to bother with firewalls or anti-virus software and you get to decide if you want to update something rather than having your computer pester you.

  63. I watch an episode of Have Gun, Will Travel almost every weekday, and I was pleasantly surprised to find Gene Roddenberry as a script writer for a number of the shows. His knack for scripts that emphasized fairness to all races and to women didn’t start with Star Trek. In fact, this message is in most of the shows from the late 50s to the 60s, so it makes me wonder how the older teabaggers have become so selfish, when they were raised on that kind of entertainment with that strong moral message.

  64. house: I would suspect that tv and film did not have nearly the same impact on a child’s consciousness back then as today. For most of them back then watching tv was a special event, and not an incessant stream. So while they may have took some lessons away, the lessons learned would be those that the viewer paid conscious attention to learning. If the young man is busy trying to get a peek up those short skirts (What? Me? I NEVER!) he may not note the equality angle. Just as an example.

    Besides, isn’t selfishness a trait that people can ‘pick up’ later in life? The moral lessons could have been learned, but eschewed at some point over selfishness.

    Or I could just be babbling.

  65. RUC, I was just barely old enough to remember the show from when it ran originally, now I catch up on Cheyenne, The Virginian (early color shows I only saw in black and white), Wagon Train and the older Gunsmoke shows on the Encore Western channel. I like them better than new shows.

  66. Off the MSNBC wire this afternoon…

    According to The Wall Street Journal, more than a third of all U.S. states allow jailing of debtors who can’t or won’t pay. Its survey of nine counties with a total population of 13.6 million showed that judges have signed off on more than 5,000 such warrants since the start of 2010.

    The Star Tribune of Minneapolis-St. Paul detailed one case:
    Jack Hinton of Kenney, Ill., was sentenced to jail indefinitely after falling behind on a court order that he pay $150 a month on a debt of $6,440. Hinton, a self-employed roofing contractor, said he had broken his neck and back in a fall, but the judge noted that Hinton used $1,000 for other bills rather than his court-ordered payments. He was ordered to the county jail until he could come up with $300.

    After three hours in a holding cell, his wife got him released by borrowing on a credit card. “I couldn’t pay, and I was stuck in jail until I did,” Hinton said. “How is that any different from debtors prison?”

    The WSJ reported on a couple of recent jailings:

    •Easy Money Express, a Paducah, Ky., payday lender, won arrest warrants against at least four customers, one of whom spent five days jail after failing to pay a $275 debt.
    •Emmie Nichols, 26, was arrested at her mother’s house in Platt County, Ill., after lawyers for Capital One Financial won an arrest warrant against her for skipping a court hearing about $1,159.87 she owed on a credit card. The $500 bond that freed Nichols from the county jail was turned over to Capital One as a partial payment of the debt.
    Most of these legal actions are filed by payday lenders or collection companies that are sold the debt for pennies on the dollar by the stiffed businesses, which seldom find bill collection to be cost-effective. Bigger companies build credit losses into the price of their product and have accounts-receivable insurance and tax write-offs to ease their pain.

    “We have created a de facto debtors prison system in the United States that is largely unconstitutional,” Judith Fox, a law professor at Notre Dame Law School, told the Star Tribune. “In some parts of the country, people are so fearful of arrest they are scrambling to pay money they might not even owe.”

    Welcome to the 3rd world, folks.

  67. I’ve got a comment that says: ‘Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.’

    Assuming y’all can see this one, I’d appreciate some help. I’ve had comments go to the spam bin before, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen that message.

  68. I’ve got a comment that says: ‘Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.’

    It’s the Revenge of the Moderators* for the TP boycott yesterday.

    * – Michael Bay’s next installment of the Transformers films.

  69. HoR, I put the word ass in yesterday and got moderated. Also tripped on other naughty words. I’m spoonerizing such phrases as futtbucked, etc…

  70. house, something is screwed up with our dashboard. When I tried to spring your comment loose I got a message that “Oops, something is wrong.” Or words to that effect.

  71. Somewhere…. I have a ‘naughty … word’ filter which uses the…. power… of logic…. to snag…. rude words typed in… to a website….

  72. Gummitch, I had a couple of refreshes that gave me a ‘systems error’ about the same time. I don’t see the ‘moderation’ message on the comment now.

  73. Let’s see if this comment goes through…

    I’m getting systems errors trying to access my profile and personal dashboard.

  74. Well, the flooding begins. Record snow. Rapid melt. Now heavy rains. This one may very well be the worst one on record (it will be close). Third major flood up this way in 12 months. I’d love to rub a climate denier’s nose in the cold muddy water.

  75. Plugging back in to my work life, hiring the trails crew for the summer.
    Not much has changed at the office, the girls (sorry ladies) were preoccupied with the baby chihuahua, they can’t find my gov’t drivers license, and all complaining about how overworked they are.
    Me, I’m at my old campsite and reveling in being able to have internet from the top of a wind blown hill overlooking the lake.
    Best guess Captain!

  76. Ebb, other than the lake this is now my front yard, I should be fine. (Although I do have a pesky window that sometimes likes to leak when it rains hard enough and the wind is blowing from the right direction – so it’s leaking a bit today of course.)

    Truly the major impact for me will be traffic. As the bridges along the Minnesota river get closed due flooding, all that traffic gets routed to the major freeway bridge (169) up my way. That’s where I normally cross to go to work, and on a good day it’s jammed. With all this extra traffic, it could easily and 15-20 minutes each way to my commute. Thankfully my town won’t suffer any damage proper as most of the buildings are pretty high up from the river even at flood stage.

  77. randomchaos…
    I’m on Verizon’s net, through coast2coast wireless, which allows me to engage or disengage at will with no contract.
    I pay a little more, but no contract is the key.

  78. zxbe,

    It sure is shaping up to be a really bad flood season. Even without significant rain we may see the third “hundred year flood” in 20 years. It kinda makes me glad I don’t still have my place right on the river. Springs were always stressful but this one will probably be significant damage to the old homestead.

  79. It’s nice right now, TtheT, clear skies, the wind is dying down and the moon will be up over the Fra Cristobal’s in an hour or so.

  80. Raven, that sounds like a sweet deal. I had Verizon for many many years, but when I changed to my latest job about 10 years ago, I had to switch to Cingular (now ATT) because I am basically in a Bunker, an underground DataCenter. I get excellant coverage with them, but my main complaint is the Browser. I am using Opera on an HTC windows phone. Rendering of wordpress and Thinkprogress is HORRENDOUS.
    That’s why I am curious what device your on. If I really want to do heavy browsing, or gaming while roaming, I tether to my Laptop.

  81. Ebb,
    For the most part, yes Native. Army brat with core family in Bay Area. I was actually born overseas and came back at about 4 yrs old. Happily here ever since. I have Family ALL over California

  82. umm, umm the dog was chasing the cats – then we hear ‘crash’. The dog blamed the cats and the cats were just grooming, acting like they had nothing to do with it.

  83. Maybe it was this dog chasing this cat. (I don’t use nor recommend this product, just the entertainment value of their ads.)

  84. Where am I?
    Oh yeah…
    Sun went down, had a phone call, can only type with one hand, the other is holding a flashlight…
    Oh, random chaos, I’m on a laptop, I’ve got about 60% battery I’ve got to save for tomorrow, nighty night all!
    A Phainopepla sings tonight…

  85. “…what about the birds and polar bear?”

    Birds are above the fray (that’s why we have wings) ;->
    We were the referees – oops I let that one slip.

  86. I’ve had no problems with posting or getting on TP. I am refreshing my system and have not turned on the link since Monday morning, Have I missed anything?

  87. Not at TP WaltTheMan, right here in your own backyard/playground.

    The Zoo was down for a bit – that is unless you’re being coy and already know about it – you are sly pelican, at times! ;>

  88. zx, be thankful for the “new” 169 bridge. I remember well the days when to cross the river and get from Shakopee to Mpls you had to drive thru Savage to I-35w and fight your way in from there.

    Speaking of river crossings, does the Cedar Ave. Bridge survive high water? Beyond that are Mendota and (I think, only drove it once) I-35e — are there any others within that span of miles?

  89. Late to the thread, as usual, but I have a book (somewhere) called: Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From Star Trek (true Trekkie over here).

    The best lesson for today is this: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.

  90. Actually, I like Kirk’s reply to that in III (it being Shatner’s birthday): The needs of the one outweighed the needs of the many.

    Classic moral dilemma between utilitarianism (Spock) and deontology (Kirk.) And Kirk is right on this one, because when you reduce morality and duty to arithmetic, you eliminate them altogether.

  91. umm, Whom, are you a commiepinkofascisthippie liberal or something?
    Only tax cuts for the wealthy are deemed to be successful.

    How are the Grand children?

  92. What television show had the first interracial kiss?

    The first interracial kiss on American network television was in the “Star Trek” episode entitled “Plato’s Stepchildren,” which aired on November 22, 1968, when Captain Kirk (William Shatner) kissed Lieutenant Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). Some stations in the South (U.S.) originally refused to air the episode.

  93. McCoy: He’s dead, Jim.

    McCoy: Jim, he’s dead.

    McCoy: Jim, how many times do I have to tell you – anytime a non-bridge crewman beams down, HE’S DEAD!!!

  94. Ebb,

    The grandkids are wonderful. The newest boys, now three months and 6 weeks are getting huge. My daughter is moving her family from TX to NJ where they’ll feel right at home these days!

  95. Regarding “the kiss.” I saw a documentary where the studio wanted a re-take – without “the kiss”. Shatner, on the re-take, looked straight into the camera – and crossed his eyes, ruining the retake. They had to go with “the kiss.”

  96. commiepinkofascisthippie

    in Shatnerian style is:


    (yes, but why is all the rum gone?)

    • Sorry I’m sporadic this evening. I’m trying to get things ready for Vandal Friday, so there will be as little panic as possible on the day.

      Of course, I’m having to count on others from several documents, so…at least it won’t be my shit causing the panic. 🙂

  97. I don’t know from Shantner-stuff. The ’70s and early ’80s were fairly t.v. free for me – working swing shift and mids didn’t leave much time for prime time viewing. Didn’t partake in the StarTrek, StarWars.

  98. I don’t care if this breaks a rule, but if you have never seen this, you owe it to yourself to watch it at least once in your lifetime. William Shatner’s “interpretation” of Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”

    • Ebb, Vandal Friday (2 this year 😯 ) is the day that high school freshman who have been admitted to UI come for various activities on campus, and get registered for their Fall classes.

      I’m in charge of the event for the Psych/Comm department.

  99. Okay, yes (raising hand), I cried at the end of WoK when Spock died.

    And Jane and I went to see Star Trek IV on our first two dates. We went back the next night to pay more attention to the movie than to each other. 😉

  100. I remember watching the very first episode of Star Trek, the first time it was shown…

    On a Thursday night in mebbe January? It came on at 8:30… the salt vampires…

    Absolutely loved it…

    I think my favorite episode of all has to be “The Trouble With Tribbles”…

    And mebbe “I, Mudd”…

    Did anyone here mention that Shatner was the airline passenger who looked out the window and saw the gremlins on the wing in the famous Twilight Zone episode, “Nightmare at 20,000 feet”???

  101. Whoa… NOBODY mentioned the gremlins episode?

    That’s one of the BEST of the old Twilight Zones…

  102. Scared me silly when I was little…

    I remember not wanting to go to bed after more than one Twilight Zone… back in the day…

    “To Serve Man”… still creeps me out…

    And then there’s the one where a very, very young Dennis Hopper plays an up-and-coming Adolph Hitler acolyte…

    • Oops. Sorry, I got distracted by incoming documents.

      I never watched the Twilight Zone until I was a young teenager, so it didn’t freak me out so much. When I was watching To Serve Man the first time, I was yelling at the screen “It’s a cookbook!” I was right. 😉

  103. Yes… indeed…

    A cook book…


    I must have been… mebbe… 9, 10… when I saw that one…

    Scared the CRAP outta me…

    There’s another one… about a little girl who goes chasing after her dog in a parallel dimension when a brief opening appears in her bed room…

    “Little Girl Lost”

    Creepy… still gives me the chills…

    Star Trek was more of a drama… the Zone was just flat out spooky…

    That’s Gene Roddenberry’s famous line about pitching the idea to Universal…

    When asked by an executive, “What’s it about?”… the legend goes, Gene replied…

    “It’s Wagon Train, set in space…”

    • Heh. I was terrified enough of the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz, so I think I was right to steer clear of Twilight Zone until I was older.

      “It’s Wagon Train, set in space…”

      That does make sense.

  104. Rod wrote the script for “Planet of the Apes”, if I’m not mistaken…

    I want to say he was also involved w/ “7 Days in May”… or mebbe it was “Failsafe”…

    He didn’t like Hollywood very much… after his career kinda peaked, he moved to Ithaca, NY and taught creative writing…

    I actually went to college w/ his daughter… Annie Serling… strange story…

  105. I’m glad Roddenberry made Star Trek less preachy than Wagon Train. Ward Bond is always reading over somebody’s grave in those shows. I guess he never did get Father Lonergan completely out of his system.

  106. Check out the musical score (it’s a pdf) – all that went into just that scary episode!

    LITTLE GIRL LOSTî (Twilight Zone)
    Analysis by
    Bill Wrobel

    The following is the cue rundown and instrument recording setup for a Twilight
    Zone episode Herrmann composed in February 1962 titled “Little Girl Lost.”

  107. Yes…

    Don’t know the exact age, but he died in 1975… heart attack, I believe…

    I think when he first started the Twilight Zone, it was done in NYC, when it was still a major television production center… he got a lot of really great up-and-coming actors into those early episodes… once he was successful, he was supposed to go to LA and be a big name, but apparently he just didn’t like it out there…

    Kinda like Faulkner, who was hired in the midst of the Depression to write film scripts at $5,000/wk… they’d ask Bill for 3 pages of dialogue and he’d give them 40…

    He left to go back to Mississippi before his contract had expired… kissed off $5K a week, he was so unhappy in Hollywood… and after he left, when they went into his office on the studio lot to clean it out, all they found was an empty whiskey bottle and a legal pad on which he had written…

    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”
    “Boy meets girl”

    Over and over and over again… supposed to be a true story…

  108. Ha!

    I almost mentioned Ward Bond earlier…

    My folks used to watch wagon train all the time…

    Ward Bond goes back to the 30’s…

    One of the great character actors of his time…

    Andy Devine…

    Jack Oakey…

    Walter Brennan…

  109. That pdf of the Little Girl Lost soundtrack is impressive, Ebb…

    Clearly, they took themselves very seriously when they did that…

  110. Some of us can’t…

    Apparently, for far too many of us… it ain’t all that hard, if there’s enough money involved…

  111. 1976…

    I left upstate NY on Sept 9, 1976, at approx 11:00 am in the morning…

    I KNEW I was never going back…

    I didn’t even know anyone out there…

    I just knew the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane and Santana all started out in SF, so it must be cool out there…

    Took off w/ my acoustic guitar and $1,200 in traveler’s checks…

    I had one or two half-baked acquaintances out there that fell thru immediately upon my arrival…

    And there I was… on the streets of Berkeley at 22, living out of my ’68 Dodge station wagon…

  112. This is from a site about actors/actresses who died of lung cancer:

    DIED. ROD SERLING, 50, TV producer; of complications from a coronary by-pass operation. Chain smoking presenter of the The Twilight Zone…..

    “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man…
    …It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity…
    It is the middle ground between light and shadow,
    between science and superstition,
    and it lies between the pit of man’s fears,
    and the summit of his knowledge…
    This is the dimension of imagination.
    It is an area we call…
    the ‘Twilight Zone’…”

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