R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor has died today aged 79. Some of my favourite films are hers. “Cleopatra”, “Butterfield 8” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” are my most favourite. Thank you Elizabeth for some great cinema moments and may you rest in peace.


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

  1. Late summer 1978. It was about 2am and I was waiting for my ladyfriend to finish up work for the night. It was back in my lounge lizard days and I was dating a keyboard player in a trio playing the Holiday Inn in Va Beach. Might have been the Ramada. They were going over a few new numbers after closing and I was sitting all by myself at a table listening when there was a hand on my shoulder.

    I looked up into the most absolutely stunning violet blue eyes.

    “Excuse me, but would you like to dance?”

    Somehow I managed to stand and dance with stomping on toes or drooling or babbling with the most beautiful woman I had ever met. Between her eyes and her smile and her scent I think I was totally incapacitated. At the end of the song (When I Need You by Leo Sayer) she went up on tiptoe and kissed my cheek and said thank you before leaving.

    I stood in the middle of the dance floor, just staring at the door for a good 10 minutes before my gf came over and poked me and said something to the effect of she wasn’t that great.

    Yeah, she was all that and more.

    • hooda, yes she was all that and more. I totally admit it and I, as a woman, can’t find a shred of jealousy in me to deny it. A wonderful memory, thanks for sharing.

      • I loved Elizabeth Taylor for the loving and generous way she acted, when AIDS was first hitting the artist community so bad. While so many people were sneering at the victims, because in the beginning it was mostly people of the gay community and drug addicts who were killed by the virus, she immediately reached out for them.

  2. In addition to being drop dead gorgeous, she was a lady, through and through.
    It’s a shame she had to put up with the starlet glitzarama and parade of hubbies…
    I’ll always remember her as Cleopatra…

    Hooda, you’se one lucky duck.

  3. Oops, that is without stomping on toes. Yes, EV, she had real heart and presence. I wasn’t all that big a fan of her acting though she was very good. My favorites were Butterfield 8 and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

  4. hooda wins.

    I did sit through a truly horrid film of hers (w/ Warren Beatty?) set in Vegas. They still had her as an ingenue, although she had long passed that point in her life. A bunch of went together because one of the group was in the film — all the interiors had been shot in Paris, of all things, which was where he lived and where we were at the time. Awful awful terrible bad movie and we never saw Tom at all.

    We had run in five minutes late and missed his big scene. Years later I saw the beginning on tv, and spotted his back, in waiter’s uniform, for several seconds.

    My god, was she hot in Cleopatra.

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