The Watering Hole: April 1, 2011, April Fools Day


April 1, 2001, in Denmark, regarding Copenhagen’s new metro

April Fools Day is celebrated all over the world; a day for practical jokes, hoaxes and silliness.  What you may not know is that April Fools Day has been celebrated for centuries.  A reference to this day is found in the Canterbury Tales in 1392!

Here are some awesome April Fools Day pranks:

Taco Liberty Bell: In 1996, Taco Bell took out a full-page advertisement in The New York Times announcing that they had purchased theLiberty Bell to “reduce the country’s debt” and renamed it the “Taco Liberty Bell”. When asked about the sale, White House press secretary Mike McCurry replied tongue-in-cheek that the Lincoln Memorial had also been sold and would henceforth be known as the Lincoln Mercury Memorial.

Jovian-Plutonian gravitational effect: In 1976, British astronomer Sir Patrick Moore told listeners of BBC Radio 2 that unique alignment of two planets would result in an upward gravitational pull making people lighter at precisely 9:47 a.m. that day. He invited his audience to jump in the air and experience “a strange floating sensation”. Dozens of listeners phoned in to say the experiment had worked.

Spaghetti trees: The BBC television programme Panorama ran a famous hoax in 1957, showing Swiss harvesting spaghetti from trees. They had claimed that the despised pest, the spaghetti weevil, had been eradicated. A large number of people contacted the BBC wanting to know how to cultivate their own spaghetti trees.

In 2010, British newspaper The Sun run an article about its new “Scratch and Sniff” paper, providing a sample of plain newspaper. This led to a lot of readers sniffing the paper in an attempt to smell the scent.

Real news happened on this day as well:

The April 1, 1946 Aleutian Island earthquake tsunami that killed 165 people in Hawaii and Alaska resulted in the creation of a tsunami warning system, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre, established in 1949 for Pacific Ocean countries. The tsunami in question is known in Hawaii as the “April Fools’ Day Tsunami” due to people drowning because of the assumptions that the warnings were an April Fools’ prank.

The AMC Gremlin was first introduced on April 1, 1970.

That last one has to be a joke, right…?

This is our daily open thread — What was your most awesome
April Fools Day joke?


167 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: April 1, 2011, April Fools Day

  1. Wanted to give 5 gold stars above . . . Danes are no fools . . . A shit load of fun, and an absolute delight to be around . . . No fools . . . Genuine aya . . . 🙂

    Babes has spoken . . . We’ll leave the light on for ya!

  2. It’s all the devil’s doing. Witches, warlocks, satanists, agnostics, atheists are all in on this April fools. No god fearing person would pull such pranks.
    Repent or you’ll end up with the Huckster as President and Eric “I don’t know a thing how a bill becomes law” Cantor as Speaker of the house.

    Ok, I’m done – what I said above believe, heed or you will suffer the wrath of Kahn gawd.

  3. This is probably old news to many of you, but I just came across a website that aims to debunk the idea that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. It’s called “Liars for Jesus”, and was put together by Chris Rodda, author of the book by the same name.

    The primary focus is on Glenn Beck’s favorite “historian” David Barton. Rodda is not afraid to call Barton what he is – a liar. Barton’s lies have become so insidious and pervasive that Members of Congress have actually quoted him on the floor of the House, as if what he had to say was even remotely accurate.

    If you want to spend some time with this video series, many of them are about fifteen minutes long. But they are helpful too in that they give you an idea of how the right wing likes to distort things. In some cases, they change one word of a quote to make it seem like the person quoted was saying something entirely different, in addition to leaving how whole swaths of the quotes that would clearly indicate a different intent and meaning.

  4. To be honest, I don’t need it to be April 1st, to make a fool out of myself, nor to be made one

  5. The AMC Gremlin had to be the ugliest car ever designed.

    Until the Element came out.

  6. I have to nominate the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, as ugliest car. For the difference in money, the Element isn’t nearly as ugly. But the Pontiac Aztek helped to eliminate the brand name from the GM lineup!

  7. In other news, Palin annouced she wants her old job back as governor of Alaska. She’s tired of being on the road all the time, so she’s trying to rescind her resignation. I guess the headlines could read, “The Quitter Quits Quitting”

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled comments on whatever comes to mind…

  8. I remember the planetary gravity hoax, we were fooled – the whole playground was doing it – and some teachers… 🙂

    I considered staying home today and surprising my whole family with ‘Got sacked yesterday – April fool!’

    Nah couldn’t do that to them. Although I am off all next week. Heading to the sanity of Canada as soon as I can.

  9. SammytheTurtle was educating one of her younger brothers who had declared in response to being asked to clean the mixing bowl after she’d made cookies “Well I’m going to marry someone who does everything for me”….

    …a discussion about Paul ensued, how he went from a cruel, heartless prosecutor to almost overnight creating a bunch of myths about a man he’d never met, codifying a code of control of women and mysogyny which has lasted two-thousand years and… if my foolish son is serious (which I think I can beat out of him 🙂 ) still has ‘legs’ today.

  10. Today’s pranks:
    I stacked plastic cups outside of bathroom door while spouse was in shower. When the door was opened a wall of plastic greeted my husband.
    Also stacked them outside my daughter’s closed bedroom door.

    Epoxy glued a quarter and a dime to the cement by the mailboxes where the middle schoolers gather for the bus in the morning.

    My work is done.

  11. On this day several years ago, I was a teacher. I intercepted a note which had, “a lot of bad words” written on it.

    I told the student I needed to see him at my desk.

    He asked why.

    I said, because this note has “a lot of bad words” written on it.

    He said…’no…it doesn’t’

    I said, “yes, it does, and” growing stern “I need to see you at my desk, NOW!”

    He started to panic…saying “it doesn’t have any bad words on it.”

    I said, in my best deadly serious voice, “This note does, in fact, have” and I turned the note for the class to see, ” “a lot of bad words” written on it!”

    The kid got got by his own April Fools joke!

  12. The AMC Gremlin had to be the ugliest car ever designed.

    Until the Element came out.

    Hey, I like the Element. And the Cube.

    For ugly, it’s hard to beat that GM pickup that converted to a van.

  13. Video is up at FOK News Channel of Keith’s speech at Cornell. It’s in three parts and it’s long!

    Thom Hartmann: Must see! The TRUE story of the Tea Party.
    I’ve heard some of this from his show, but nothing chaps a winger’s ass worse than explaining to them why their version of the tea party has nothing in common with the original! His original, first edition reference source is a real find, too.

  14. I think that the Edsel wins hands down. It looks like the offspring of a BMW and a Pontiac.

  15. I would have gone with the Edsel as well, Walt, especially back in the day.

    Badmoodman is tres full of merde. Citroen was a gem. Also quite possibly the most comfortable car I’ve ever ridden in, with gobs of hydraulics.

    Poo on you, Badmoodman.

  16. Raven, the glass assed potato bug? My brother loved his. I always thought the Matador ranked right up there in the oogly car ranks.

  17. gummitch, the ‘Deux Chevaux’ was a nightmare – you ever tried to ‘get jiggy with it’ across that horizontal ‘poke you in the ribs out of the dashboard gear changer’ – talk about a contraceptive that gives you 45 MPG to boot!

  18. I always go to the Onion on April Fool’s Day. But it’s April Fool’s Day over there every day. They do it so well.

  19. There were very few cars named Nash in the fifties that looked like anything other than an upside down bathtub. Nash, of course, ultimately merged with Hudson and “step down design” to become American Motors under the tutelage of George Romney. Mitt came first, then the Rambler, later the Gremlin.

    Explains a lot, I’m thinking.

  20. Any car made by the French qualifies.
    The airplanes they design are also quite strange.
    The only exception to that is the Concorde.

  21. One car I’ve alway found ugly was the Pontiac Aztec.

    I was about to mention that one too. That car is butt-ugly and has the ugliest butt on the road.

  22. 1960 Valiant one was a beaut. A girl I knew in HS had one in pink. And back then it certainly was not cool.

  23. 1960 Valiant one was a beaut. A girl I knew in HS had one in pink

    Really, who?

  24. Well, we have three votes for the Aztek, including mine. I’ll also vote the Citroen Cheveux (or 2CV), as my next choice, with the caveat that the French came up with that design out of the ashes of WW2.

    I always thought the AMC Javelin/AMX cars were as pretty as the Camaro and Mustang.

    • I had a baby blue Valiant, 60s-something. Ugly as hell, but a pretty reliable car.

      In the hot CA and LA weather, I used to drive wearing potholders. 🙂

  25. My first car, a 1953 Ford with the Fordomatic automatic transmission.

    An old guy on my paper route sold it to me for a dollar.
    I put a new battery in it and off I went.
    It was black with a lime green top, painted with a brush.
    I spent many, many hours wet sanding the brush marks out, then buffing with rubbing compound.
    It had an awesome back seat.

  26. As far as modern day ugly car design blunders, the Aztek takes the prize, and gets my vote.

  27. Pedant alert: it’s Deux Chevaux or Two Chevrons (check the grille)

    I have a soft spot for these little boogers since I caught a ride in one of the little vans, when I was hitching across Washington. Going downhill it would hit 35 mph! Reportedly, nothing could go wrong with the car that couldn’t be fixed with some baling wire and duct tape. There are several here in Portland; one house has two parked in front.

    Odd, but I’ve never thought of them as ugly. The Aztec, however… yeesh.

  28. Wisconsin Dems reach signature goal in first of the recall petitions

    There are 16 recall drives under way, eight against Dems and eight against Repubs. The Dems organizing the drive against state Sen. Dan Kapanke say they have enough petition signatures to trigger a vote and will turn them in today. The signatures will have to be scrutinized, of course.
    Said Kapanke as he opened a headquarters to try to keep his seat:
    “I love campaigns. I just didn’t think I’d do one every year.”

    All I can say is: Go Wisconsin Dems! One down, seven to go! Wouldn’t it be lovely if the Repubs couldn’t get the signatures to recall any of the Dems? They’ll probably cheat…

  29. I think the Studebaker Avanti is the ugliest car ever.

    My first car was a Triumph Herald with a cool wooden dashboard and very little exterior paint. I could not drive a stick, so once I got it in high gear my entire driving goal was to avoid having to stop. I lived on top of a hill and my parents took it away when I shot down the hill with my mom along and all the little Miller beer bottles rolled out from under the seat.

  30. From Time Mag.

    The 50 Worst Cars of All Time

    I was in the audience at the Detroit auto show the day GM unveiled the Pontiac Aztek and I will never forget the gasp that audience made. Holy hell! This car could not have been more instantly hated if it had a Swastika tattoo on its forehead.

  31. I think the Studebaker Avanti is the ugliest car ever.

    A new ugly contender enters the field, much as Donald Trump has.

  32. Now, I have to humbly disagree about the Avanti. I think it’s a very cool looking car. I actually have a die-cast model of it sitting next to my die-cast Enterprise at home. lol (Along with a Wright-B flyer, and a ’63 Corvette). 🙂

    But I will concede the Avanti is a love it or hate it kind of car. There’s no in between.

  33. I’m still looking at Shayne’s list of 50s cars. They got a lot better in 1956, when the cars got tail fins. Tail fins are cool.

    So is chrome. Any car with enough chrome on it that just the chrome weighs more than my 914 is just about right. Not for practical modern travel, but for vintage showcars.

  34. I like the Skoda. Some of the Russian cars of the 50’s; well…

    Anyone here fans of Top Gear (BBCA)?

  35. I understand zxbe, my husband thinks the Avanti is the most beautiful car ever. Of course he thinks I’m still beautiful, so his taste is in question. 🙂

  36. Badmoodman, Maureen Kaplan. She did have an older brother I think. Maybe Mark. It was her mother’s. Somebody, I can’t remember who had a brown Edsel too.

  37. We had an Edsel for a while, and it was brown. Why? Because my Dad was a Ford salesman and he used to drive demos. We had new cars all the time. I was spoiled.

    The Edsel really wasn’t that ugly, except for the commode on the front grill.

  38. My husband has a 62 Corvair he all fixed up he’s trying to sell. It’s pretty cute for a deathtrap.

  39. I’m with zxbe. The Avanti was a brave attempt to interject European design into Detroit. And, of course, it was a big flopperoo, built for about a year and a half. Many other people shared OIMF’s opinion.

    Another dud, but for very different reasons. Only 3,000 were built and they sold for an obscenely high $10,000 — and lost a grand on every sale because they were handmade. I had the privilege of meeting one, although not driving it. Local Memory Lane Motors’ owner was parked by our local post office and I got to talk with him about it.

  40. My sister-in-law knows the Peugot is French but insists it’s pronounced Poo-GOT.

    • Just talked to the realtor who sold me this place, and she’s excited to sell it again. I was worried that I’d waited too long to have it sold by 6/1, but she said it won’t be a problem at all. She also remembered me after 8 years, which was flattering.

      I’m such a sucker. 😀

  41. One car that many considered very plain if not downright ugly was the Renault LeCar. I had two of them, back to back, in the early 80’s. Great fun to drive, economical and handled real well.

  42. Everyone is getting into the act! WP is multiplying site traffic by a factor of 10.

  43. I had an Opel Cadet briefly when I was 16 that wouldn’t start again for hours after you turned it off without push starting that I put a gazillion miles on in months. It also wouldn’t start when it was wet outside. And it looked like a cardboard box on wheels. It was really bad because prior to that I was driving my mother’s 1968 Buick Skylark which is still the best car I’ve ever experienced.

  44. badmoodman, that’s brown Edsel in common is funny. Maybe we met and the only thing we remember is that car. 🙂 After all I married Dan Warshawer because he had an Austin Healy Sprite.

  45. Ugliest (more boring, than ugly) car I personally owned was a Chevette. Right out of college. And as a testament to the build quality of US cars back then, a couple weeks after we got it, I went to open the hood, and the hood-release handle came off in my hand.

    • I owned a Ford Pinto for a while. Crappy little car…

      My old Toyota Celica was my favorite car. Had it painted British Racing Green and the ex put an illegal carburetor in it, and it was a zippy little thing to drive around the Bay Area freeways.

  46. Shayne, I almost left my husband because he had an Austin Healy Sprite, in pieces in our garage. He spent more evenings with it than he did with me.

  47. Okay Terry:

    1) I’m jealous that you had a Supra. I always wanted one back then.
    2) That car is ugly.

    And that three-wheel Asian car, reminds me of another super ugly three-wheel car (and a death trap as it flipped over all the time), the Reliant Robin. Made in the UK.

  48. Oh I have a number for Zooey tonight – Ford Pinto eh?

    Zxbe – that Supra just ate miles like Newt Gingrich at a Lubys… well maybe not, it never spilled or drooled down its shirt.

  49. After all I married Dan Warshawer because he had an Austin Healy Sprite.

    You may be short, Shayne, but wow, are you ever deep.

  50. Very funny badmoodman. I was 17, graduated in January because I hated school so much and got married in March. We had some awesome parties on Sheridan Road until we got kicked out of the building.

  51. You heard it here first…

    …I expect Bob Gates to soon resign as Sec. of Defense.

  52. The Robin would not work on roads in the American West.
    At all.
    It’s quite homely besides.

  53. Outstanding, before my husband opened his own repair garage he spent every night fixing cars in our home garage. Now he’s home most nights by 6:30. Of course working 11 hour days 6 (or 7) days a week he falls asleep in the chair by 8 but he’s happy. That being said I have never in 26 years been able to park in my garage.

  54. Zooey, that Valiant was a makeout artists’ dream. Don’t tell me you didn’t put the front seats down.

  55. Kudos to Florida pastor Terry Jones for the best April Fool’s joke ever.


  56. Hey, in high school, my favorite car was my white over blue Ford Maverick — that’s Maverick, not Mustang, dern it, but I bought it with babysitting money and it was all mine not a hand-me-down car. It had an 8 track player on which I played Queen’s:”I’m in love with my car!”

  57. I made an Aston Martin Ulster for Tommythe Turtle’s Pinewood Derby (Dad’s division).

    It was way cool…. my best model yet, not as fast the the Jim Clark Lotus F1 I did last year…. but cooler than the Rolls Royce armoured car from 1941 the year before…

  58. House,

    Thanks for the Thom Hartmann video about the original Boston Tea Party. Fascinating stuff. If only today’s Teabaggers understood history better, then they’d be the ones boycotting all of Koch Industries’ products.

  59. Fezzes are cool…

    (can anyeone else tell I am having a light day – surprisingly light for the day before a week off – maybe I *am* sacked….)

  60. When I was a teenager my dad took me to Harrah’s auto museum and the best part was the collection of Packards. At its peak there were 90 of them, including at least one vehicle from every production year. Something like this 1942 town car would be near the tippy top of my list. (click the thumbnail)

    Seems odd that anyone in the US was building cars in 1942, but Packard would be the likely one.

  61. Shouldn’t the GoP be investigating the Shriners?
    After all they are the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

    Do check out their logo. There’s that crescent Moon shape…

  62. US building cars? Jeeps, lots of them, and 6 wheelers, by the thousand.

    That was my point. This is most definitely not a Jeep. They also built tanks, etc. Not so much with the limousines.

  63. Our Dumb Country….no foolin’:

    Ohmigod. I would not have been able to ask that question with a straight face once answers like that were coming in. Probably not good for pollsters to bust out laughing.

  64. I remember some kid whose Mum insisted on pronouncing ‘Guy’ – ‘Gooey’ – Jesus H Christ in a chariot…

  65. I see that idiot Pastor Terry Jones (not to be confused with the brilliant comic genius Terry Jones of Month Python fame) decided to go ahead and, against all sane advice including that of the Secretary of Defense, went ahead and burned a Quran. The result? Fifteen people are dead in Afghanistan after some pissed off people stormed a UN office (because of the Quran burning.)

    What the fuck is wrong with these idiots who think that burning a Quran is going to solve anything? The guy was told flat out that if he did that, there was a good chance that the backlash would result in people dying. Although no Americans were among the dead, and though the incident happened in another country, it was still all a result of this man’s actions. I wonder if he can be charged with anything? He should be because he did something that he was told could result in people being killed and he went ahead and did it anyway. (And people got killed.)

    I wonder if part of the problem might be a lack of understanding on the part of the Pastor Joneses of the world that people in some other countries may not understand our freedoms, that they do not understand that people are free to do as they please and that just because our government didn’t stop them, it doesn’t mean our government endorses what they did on behalf of all Americans? Remember how Putin asked Bush why he didn’t do something about Dan Rather? (Of course, Bush told Putin there was nothing he could do, but the truth is that his political friends were going to destroy Rather.) Somehow I think that people in some other countries think that all Americans act on behalf of all the other Americans when they do something stupid. And did they have to react to this act of stupidity so quickly? Couldn’t they have given people here time to do something, like, I don’t know, publicly condemn the act, before they tore up a UN office and killed people?

  66. Waiting for some Christo-fascist to show up on Fucks News…

    …Burning Koran’s don’t kill people, people kill people.

  67. TtT since you don’t TP any more – I’ll report that the Troll Talking Point(tm) is exactly as you predict: people kill people not the murderous Terry Jones (spit).

  68. oh, damn where’s the edit button when one is needed – thought I deleted the ™.

  69. From badmoodman’s link.

    According to the poll, on average, Americans estimate that foreign aid takes up 10 percent of the federal budget, and one in five think it represents about 30 percent of the money the government spends.

    I wonder how close to 100% the figure is on what percentage of those one in five were Teabaggers? And what percentage of those 1 in 5 were the ones who were satisfied with the job Bush 43 was doing?

    Back when Al Franken used to Comedy Central’s “Indecision Night” coverage, he used to have Norman Ornstein on with some poll results. He would pose a question and then say how many people said “Yes”, how many said “No” and how many said “I don’t know.” Then he would break down the “I don’t know” group with another question with the same three choices. Then he would break those “I don’t knows” down with another question. The gag at the end was, of course, “Well, what does all this mean, Norm?” “I don’t know.”

    We should demand that all political polling be done with short quizzes at the beginning to assess the respondent’s political knowledge, and the answers to the polling questions given in conjunction to how well they did on the quiz. For example, “Of the 97% of Americans who don’t want Medicare cut, 36% believe the government has nothing to do with it while 64% know better.” You know, that kind of thing. Don’t just tell us poll results; give us some idea of just how stupid the people who answered your poll are. I don’t want the Republicans claiming that “the American people want us to cut spending” if it turns out that 85% of them don’t know the Republicans cut taxes on millionaires and billionaires.

    In America, we too often have things summed up into one little number and given to us, as if that would explain everything. It doesn’t, especially when you have no idea what the knowledge level is of the people whose opinions you just told us about in one number.

  70. Just listened to the Thom Hartmann piece – read that in his 14th amendment book about corporations. Great presentation and from the only eye witness participant account.

    Send that to every Teabagger you know… that was good stuff.

  71. Fighting on going in Cote d’Ivoire….. any bets that no one gives a sh*t – after all, all the black stuff is above ground there….

  72. Terry,

    It has long been my belief that much of the ignorance in the world regarding people of other nations would significantly diminish, even in this country, if people were taught to pronounce the names of foreign countries and cities the same way the people there pronounce them. It won’t eliminate prejudice entirely, but I do believe it would lower it significantly. If people learned how to properly pronounce the name of the Ivory Coast, there might be more concern for its citizens by the rest of the world. As but one example. (We need to stop Anglicizing everything.)

    Yeah, I said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a weirdo.

    • Hi kids, I’m waiting for the children to arrive. Lordy, I hope many of them decided to enjoy the day instead. 🙂

    • Wayne, do you remember how much flak the President got for pronouncing non-English words properly?

      The damn rednecks are uncomfortable with anything that doesn’t sound like American.

      Note — I didn’t say English. 😉

  73. Japan’s Taxpayers To Bail Out TEPCO

    Japan plans to take control of Tokyo Electric Power Co, the operator of the country’s stricken nuclear plant, in the face of mounting public concerns over the crisis and a huge potential compensation bill, a newspaper reported on Friday.

    I guess our friends to the east will find out what we mean by, ‘privatize the profits and socialize the losses’.

    Japan’s debt is supposed to already be more than twice their GDP, so this should just about put them in post-WW1 Weimar Republic numbers.

  74. Look no further than the Bush:

    To a lot of its critics, the Administration’s miscalculations in its Mid-East policy are summed up in a single pronunciation: “Eye-rack.” In The New York Times a couple of days ago, Nicholas Kristof wrote that “Arabs flinch each time American officials torture pronunciations of the names of Iraqi cities and, worse, the country itself.. . The Bush administration might at least remind officials that we are not invading Eye-rack, but Ee-rack. ”

    • Ebb, I think they thought they were asserting their dominance by refusing to properly pronounce the words, but all they really achieved was resentment at their lack of respect.

      Sort of like teenagers who are smart-assed to their parents — we don’t think they’re cool, we think they’re jerks.

  75. they should make the heads of tepco put a suit on and get in there, like the 50 people who are going to die in a few weeks

    • Can you even imagine it, Turtle?

      It’s bad enough for the workers, but at least they have the job to distract them. The families must be feeling tortured.

  76. Well someone mentioned Renault earlier, this just showed up on my FB page, a new Renault. Looks pretty cool. 🙂

  77. “American exceptionalism” dictates that we mispronounce words just to insult the rest of the world. That’s what makes us so “special”.

  78. Just stopped at the store and saw the headline on the local paper.

    “Gov Walker decides to side with judge on law publishing.”

    Like the butthead had much choice.

  79. Nice Renault, zxbe. Should fit right under an 18 wheeler. Maybe even a Hummy.

  80. Yeah, hooda, it’s definitely a tiny little thing. From what I hear from you all, maybe it would be a good car for Shayne. 😉

  81. zxbe, I’m not really that short it’s just that Zooey is about 9 feet tall.

  82. House, they should have checked with GM on just how well those sporty pick ups go over.

  83. Hooda, Walker has to ‘save face’. Going to Plan B (do things legally). Plan A flopped (make up your own damn rules and make people follow)


    zx, the inside of that Renault is ‘ugly’ – looks like a deck chair. If it’s that nasty plastic that heats up – ouch trying if the car is left in the sun. Doesn’t look very comfortable, either.

    Although nothing like it (except for the wing-y doors) – the DeLorean popped into mind.

  84. Raven, in which general direction will you be for the next six months?

    Safe travels.

    Your presence will be missed.

  85. So just why is a BMW car called a ‘bimmer’ not a ‘beemer’ or ‘beamer’?

    I’ve never heard a real human bean call that vehicle anything but a beamer, and I owned one. My friends with BMW motorcycles call them beamers as well.

    So my question is: How do the Brits pronounce “Merc”, which is how they refer (at least in British cop novels) to a Mercedes. Being American, I’m used to “Merc” referring to a Mercury and pronounced “Merk.” How does “Mercedes” turn into “Merk”, or is it “Mers”? Which just sounds stupid but at least relates to the full name.

    Life is so confusing.

  86. OMG batscat just said that over the last two years americans have lost a great deal of wealth and it can be traced and attributed to Barrak Obama personal values………….I am hoping that one day soon I’m going to wake up and realize that the last two years or so have been a nightmare and that I’m awake now and it’s not real……….

    “Rep. Michele Bachmann said Thursday that she believes President Barack Obama is intentionally trying to make Americans poorer…..
    The Sixth District Republican appeared on the religious right radio program of Jay Sekulow to state that Liberalism actually makes people poorer and that Obama is angry at people who have succeeded.”

    Here is a good site

  87. Bachmann is right about Obama. Why else would he have lowered income taxes last year? Obviously a vile plot to trick poor people into buying lots of gear they can’t really afford so they end up bankrupted.

    I live for the day someone at one of these events stands up and asks her, “What the FUCK are you talking about?”

  88. Murky-B (Mercedes Benz)
    Charlie-B (Charles Bronson)
    Tony-H (Sir Anthony Hopkins)
    Micky-C (Sir Michael Caine)

    Shall I go on?

  89. Bachmann is right about Obama….

    Pfffffft, I’m voting for Newt. I know that, if I wait long enough on any issue, he’ll eventually take the position I agree with. Newt’s the Waiting for Political Godot.

  90. Gummitch,

    I’ve never heard a real human bean call that vehicle anything but a beamer, and I owned one. My friends with BMW motorcycles call them beamers as well.

    The link clearly states that it’s acceptable to call a BMW motorcycle a ‘beemer’, just not the car. When you run with the car club people, like SCCA, PCA and BWWCCA, you get corrected if you make these little faux pas like saying ‘beamer’ or ‘porsh’.

  91. you get corrected if you make these little faux pas like saying ‘beamer’ or ‘porsh’.

    I’ve known a lot of Porsche owners, living in SoCal and working in the “industry” and they never refer to their cars as a ‘Porsche.’ It’s always, Boxster S, Carrera, Carrera 4S, Targa 4S, 911 Speedster, Panamera, Panamera Turbo, Cayenne S, and well, you get the idea.

  92. Zooey: “Wayne, do you remember how much flak the President got for pronouncing non-English words properly?”

    You think Obama got/gets flak. Imagine what it’s like for ME, the snooty elitist who pronounces Ca-luh-RAY-duh completely wrong, as Coh-loh-RAH-doh. I wouldn’t do well in Neh-VAH-dah either.

    But I do it anyway, mostly because it gives me a wee bit of a thrill to piss off a Republican. Any Republican. And it’s SO easy!

  93. Way back when, on the old Amos & Andy radio show (one of my favorites when I was a kid, before we got our TV in 53) there was the time when Kingfish was trying to sell Andy Brown a used and apparently inoperable old beat up American junkyard car. He said it was a German car, a Mercedes Benz. Andy had never heard of one of those and asked a lot of questions. Kingfish explained why they couldn’t take it for a drive: “It don’t run on gas, it uses what they calls petrol.” Finally, Andy asked, “Uh, I always heard them German cars had the steering wheel on the right hand side. This one here’s got it where American cars have it. How come is that?”

    Kingfish thought fast and said, “Well, Andy, that’s why they calls it a Mercedes BENZ, see, cause when they brings it to America the first thing they do is they ‘BENZ’ the steerin’ wheel till it’s on the other side o’ the car.”

    Andy decided not to buy it.

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