The Watering Hole April 4, 2011 Happy Trails

Late afternoon blooms of the Claret Cup cactus, New Mexico.

This is my last Monday post for the season, I’ll be hitting the trails of my home turf soon, but not before exploring some new terrain to the north. Be well and happy! Raven

Having scheduled this last Friday, there may be gnus, maybe knot.

In any event, this is our Daily Open Thread, and it’s where it’s at…

220 thoughts on “The Watering Hole April 4, 2011 Happy Trails

  1. Just finished reading the tail end of yesterday’s posts and have to say, to zxbe, that we did exactly the same thing yesterday, watched Godfather I, II, and III. Great minds think alike apparently. It remains my all time favorite movie trilogy ever.

    Nice claret cups, Raven. If they were here, they’d have six inches of snow atop them this morning — that after being warmed to near 80 on Saturday.

  2. Make that a foot of snow here this morning. I took Deb to school, was more than a little surprised at the depth of the white stuff. And cold, too at 22 degrees. Amazing!

  3. frugal, that’s just a freaky coincidence. I mean seriously – on the entire planet how many people did that? lol

    Anyway, having not seen them before, I was blown away. It was an awesome piece of storytelling and filmmaking.

  4. The sun is up and we are already at 66 degrees headed for 87 for our high today here in the Valley of the Sun. No snow.

    Someday, I am going to watch the Godfather movies…

  5. Good morning all, and welcome to the Japanese radiation cloud coming soon to your neck of the woods. I’d invite it over for dinner, but I don’t have a suitable wine to go with the gamma.

  6. LL, I highly recommend them. Between the three movies they were nominated for a total 29 Oscars, winning 9.

  7. LL, I highly recommend them. Between the three movies they were nominated for a total 29 Oscars, winning 9.

    It would be reasonable to label the first two Godfather movies as the greatest films ever made, and certainly they hold that honor for the period.

  8. RUC if you invite it for dinner it you’ll know the food is bacteria free. I’m a glass half full kind of girl.

  9. Hi, everyone. It’s my birthday. Nothing special planned. Just a quiet dinner with a couple close friends.

    I did get somewhat of a present in the form of my local paper’s story about Katie Couric possibly leaving CBS. The creeps are out in force bidding farewell to her “librul bias” and “attacks on Sarah Palin”. I must confess that about the only time I’ve watched Ms. Couric was that “attack” when she stumped Bible Spice by asking “what papers do you read”?

  10. pete, we may need to enter into some sort of mediation here. My folks told me today was my birthday and they never mentioned having to share it with anyone. 🙂

  11. Hi all. Do you allow people to post here who have a different view than you? I don’t want to intrude, but wanted to ask some questions from people who have the opinions that you do.

  12. Pete and hooda, happy birthday to you both. Now go to your respective corners and come out fighting. 🙂

  13. Shayne, each need to answer the question:

    pete & hooda, Who was President on the day you were born?

    (or just tell us how old you old guys are)

  14. Thanks Shayne. I hesitate to post on blogs because I’m of the “can’t we all just get along” point of view. However, I read a variety of liberal and conservative blogs. I’m in an unusual position because I think conservative views of running things generally make more sense, but I back more liberal positions because I see the results that human behavior bring to people’s lives.

  15. Happy birthdays to Pete & Hooda!

    I think I was 40 before I met someone who shared my birthday, and then it turned out to be three of us. It also turned into stout & Black Bush at the Black Rose in Boston until 3 am–a really bad plan for someone with a 7 am flight.

    Find something fun and more sane for celebration.

  16. gummitch remembers the beverages but he doesn’t remember the two other people. (ducking and running)

  17. dntx16, in my experience it’s never a good sign when somebody starts apologizing for behavior before there is a reason to.

    • Feel free, dntx16, but you may want to stop by our “About” page for some guidelines.

      And Shayne has a good point…

  18. Hmmmh. I always wanted Linda Ronstadt to sing to ME (kinda like she did in that first torch album, “What’s New”). Oh well, as long as she sings for someone from either Minnesota or Wisconsin I guess I’m ok with it. 🙂 Anyone ever made or tasted a lutefisk b-day cake? Enjoy the day, H and P.

    I suspect that I share an honor here only with Walt, i.e. being born when Franklin D. Roosevelt was president.

  19. I’m not apologizing, Shayne. I’m acknowledging up front that I’m a wimp when it comes to the language that I see people direct at each other on blogs. But, I’ve read this blog enough that I thought I could probably ask questions here without that happening, since I don’t want to change anyone’s mind. I just want to understand how you all have come to hold the opinions that you have of ordinary Americans.

  20. frugal, you can have my piece of lutefisk cake. I’m a better sharer than hooda. 🙂

  21. Sorry, Zooey. I should have worded that differently. I was referring, specifically, to yesterday’s thread that contained comments regarding the average person.

  22. Yes. In some cases, the comments directly referenced tea party members. Others seemed directed at the average person. I wondered, do many of you doubt the intelligence of the average person or do you think they are just uninterested in the political process? I know, in my experience, it’s disinterest rather than lack of intelligence.

    • dntx16, I’m of the opinion that most average Americans are of average intelligence. Whether they make use of it or not is a product of their learning opportunities as children (family interest, support, etc), and their current interest in learning new things (further education, curiosity, etc).

      As an American citizen, it is our civic duty to be interested in how this country runs, and what is going wrong or right in politics. I guess people have a right to be disinterested, but if that’s the path they choose, then they probably ought not be pissing and moaning about the state of things.

  23. When I consider the politics of right vs. left and the immense differences with which we currently have to contend, I like to take a moment and re-read, one more time, an excerpt from the party platform upon which stood the first candidate I ever voted for. Consider this:

    Within our Republic the Federal Government should act only in areas where it has constitutional authority to act, and then only in respect to proven needs where individuals and local or state governments will not or cannot adequately perform. Great power, whether governmental or private, political or economic, must be so checked, balanced, and restrained and where necessary, so dispersed as to prevent it from becoming a threat to freedom any place in the land.

    It is a high mission of government to help assure equal opportunity for all, affording every citizen an equal chance at the starting line but never determining who is to win or lose. But government must also reflect the nation’s compassionate concern for those who are unable, through no fault of their own, to provide adequately for themselves.

    Government must be restrained in its demands upon and its use of the resources of the people, remembering that it is not the creator but the steward of the wealth it uses; that its goals must ever discipline its means; and that service to all the people, never to selfish or partisan ends, must be the abiding purpose of men entrusted with public power.

    Makes me think that were he alive today, Barry Goldwater would be seen as a more devoted Commie than even Barack Obama, esp. by such diverse voices (diverse? really?) as the Koch brothers and the Tea Party rabble.

    The above is an excerpt from the 1964 Republican Party Platform.

  24. Pete, you and Hooda are young ones!

    (“The buck stops here” was president when this Peregrine was hatched)

  25. Pete: I was born to “like Ike”, Ebb. I had forgotten how godawful annoying new wave pop was.

    Ack! Before I go all “no way!” on you, maybe you’ve got specific bands in mind?

  26. Yes, I did, Shayne. It was very enlightening. I agree completely that corporations need to be checked in their attempts to influence our political system. I believe that today’s tea partiers, ordinary members not the organizers, are concerned about the growth of government. I don’t think the majority of them are big supporters of tax breaks for corporations. I think most of them share the views of those on the thinkprogress thread on that subject.

    • dntx16, what specifically concerns the tea party member about any possible growth of government? Seriously, why weren’t tea party members concerned about the size of government under George W. Bush? He increased the debt/deficit to astronomical heights, and grew government to a huge size, while whittling away at our Constitutional rights.

      What is your moniker on ThinkProgress?

  27. Ebb,

    I have very eclectic musical taste but I tend to shy away from anything that’s made the top 40 in about 30 years or so. I like blues and some heavy metal. I’m mixed on the grunge bands. I like Phish better than The Dead and Black Sabbath more than Metallica. Soundgarden is one of the most recent bands that I really like although I’m anxious to hear more from Them Crooked Vultures (John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl, Scott Homme). One of the highest compliments I can give to a band is that “they steal from the best”.

  28. Then dntx16 did they not know they were being sponsored by those same corporations?

    • Excellent question, Shayne.

      And once the tea party members realized they were sponsored by the same corporations they don’t think should be getting massive tax breaks, why didn’t they break off from them? Publicly disavow any association with them? Refuse to ride the damn buses?

  29. Happy Birthday to Pete and Hooda’s moms! They did good work.

    Oh, and Pete and Hooda, too. 🙂

  30. She just aggravates me always talking about how entitlements need to be addressed to fix the deficit. I never hear her talking about defense spending. Of course she’s not going to need Social Security to survive and she’s still going to be eligible at 65. And I bet the bitch makes sure she collects every penny. Nothing says the the very wealthy need to collect government money does it.

    • Shayne, the defense budget needs to be cut drastically and our revenue problem needs to be fixed by raising taxes on the rich and big corporations — then we can tighten up the problems with entitlements. Hell, more people than ever are going to be needing the social safety net, because of the fall out due to the tax cuts!

      Greenspan’s wife aka Mrs Conflict of Interest can go suck an egg.

  31. Zooey, I take exception to the term: “average.”

    I like to think of myself as “above average” — at least that was what was on my school report cards and my IQ test, with an occassional “excellent” as well.

    On the other hand, I have an inflated sense of self. 😉

  32. dntx16 — Where do you think the tea partiers got their “concern” for the growth of government?

  33. Personally, I do not doubt tea partier’s intelligence on a person to person basis. As a group, I think they tap into mob mentality. And I think that they are not necessarily getting the information from the corporate media that they need to to make informed decisions. I feel like they are being manipulated and fed half-truths and outright lies in order to keep them angry. If one truly takes a look at the difference in the Tea party rallies and the Wisconsin rallies, one can see the difference.

  34. In re the “defense” budget, remember the “peace dividend”? Remember the shit in the fan courtesy the MIC when faced with likely defense budget cuts? Remember the Persian Gulf War? Remember how Hussein told Gorbachev that he’d pull out of Kuwait? And how that prospect so pissed HW Bush off? ‘What, no war? We can’t have that! Give em two days, and if they’re not out by then we come and get em!’ The rest is history; the MIC was happy, the Vietnam ‘no-more-war’ syndrome was finally buried, and today the “defense” budget is more than double what it was in Clinton’s last years. Why?

    Cause that’s where the freakin’ money is! Keep Amurka safe!

    A better way to do that would be to deport MIC CEO’s and all the other already-millionaires who live high on the hog at the federal trough they pretend to despise.

    “Yeah but, yeah but, THEY attacked us!”

    Gee, I wonder why?

  35. Zooey, I think you scared him off by asking him what his TP name was…

    Not that it would change things, but does anyone else ever get the feeling that the Republicans/ Koch brothers/ conservative think tanks does opposition research at Liberal blogs? Or am I just being a teeny bit paranoid? I mean: sometimes I will read stuff on a blog and then months or years later in the midst of some election, that meme will be rolled out by some Republican candidate or a multitude of them. Very strange. Has anyone else ever noticed it or is it just me and I am imagining it?

    • LL, the only reason he/she had to be nervous about telling us the TP moniker was if they were a known troll. Zero tolerance on that one.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rs did oppo research on liberal sites. They are very good at messaging and three word phrases, which are quite effective.

  36. LL,

    The teabaggers have been told that the protests in Wisconsin were; “riots by union thugs who trashed the capitol building and punched a FAUX reporter”. The sad part is that their authoritarian mindset results in the truth reinforcing their misconceptions. I even saw one of them opine that SaudiFAUX “News” is just as liberal as the rest because they still pay Juan Williams and Alan Colmes. The poor things are completely impervious to any fact that doesn’t endorse their preconceptions.

  37. LL,

    I think the ones that I enjoy, for lack of a better term, the most are the ones who will swear they never listen to the Reichwing media and then quote Lushbo or Beckboy word for word. They are fed a very select group of talking points by a small group of talking heads. Some of those talking heads do have staffs who scour liberal blogs for “damaging” comments. I can’t seem to find it offhand but someone did a great clipshow of Bill0 denigrating liberal authors because some random comment on a blog had “dirty words” in it.

    One would hope that his worshipers would be able to see the difference between one of us saying something mean in a comment and the “great hero” telling his audience that they will, for example, have blood on their hands if they don’t stop George Tiller. He told his pet freaks to “stop Tiller the baby killer” and one of them did just that. But? The FAUXhens will swear up and down that the “great hero” shares no blame. Personally, I think he should be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

  38. The sad part is that their authoritarian mindset results in the truth reinforcing their misconceptions

    Like “palming off” (pun intended) a CA scene for the WI ‘riots’! to foment hate.

    The true grass roots movement in WI scares the beejeepers out them.

  39. dang my italicized html didn’t work – apologies – that last post looks a fright.

  40. Imagine what Joseph Goebbels did when he ran the fascist propaganda machine in Hitler’s Germany, then multiply by at least a factor of five AND add technological advance in re info distribution, and there you’ll have a fairly good current standard for the propaganda wing of today’s American Right Wing.

  41. If dntx16 — don’t mess with tx? comes back to read this site-

    In addition, I think that the so-called “concern” for the growth of government is a canard. I think that most people in this country don’t really care about the size of the government because in reality – who can measure that? What yard stick are you using to determine what size of government is ideal?

    I think that what people truly long for is an EFFECTIVE government – local, state and federal, so that when something happens in people’s lives that impacts them, the government is there in the background until it is needed.

    • In my paper about the “Killer Asteroid” video, I called it “sensationalist drivel” and “claptrap.”

      He’ll either laugh or mark me down. 😀

    • Thanks, ebb! My “senior-itis” is clunking into place, and it’s hard to even care about this class anymore. So disappointed in it…

      • That is such utter bullshit, ebb.

        Holder speaks with authority, but waves a dull sword.

        Exhibit A: Suspected terrorists are in prison FOREVER, but no one is in prison for crashing the economy and looting the corpse.

  42. Holder: 9/11 Suspects To Face Military Tribunal

    Yielding to political opposition, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Monday that 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four alleged henchmen will be referred to the system of military commissions for trial rather than to a civilian federal court in New York.

  43. “In my paper about the “Killer Asteroid” video, I called it “sensationalist drivel” and “claptrap.” ”

    Don’t mince words, Zooey: what did you really think?

  44. That’s the damn truth, Zooey.

    I’m not getting the ‘vibe’ that Obama will be re-elected unless he stops the capitulating.
    The Repugnant ones are never ever going to compromise.
    It will always be ‘opposite of what the President says’ day for them – driving this country ever downward.

  45. “In my paper about the “Killer Asteroid” video, I called it “sensationalist drivel” and “claptrap.”

    You could have added, “and Michael Bay’s over-the-top, science-be-damned, career starter.”

  46. I can think of only one reason why they would put KSM in front of a military tribunal instead of a civilian court – because the evidence theywould try to use in a civilian court would be thrown out (on account of it possibly being obtained by torture). The military tribunal system is designed to get a conviction based on scant evidence, if any. They know they can get a conviction in a tribunal, but in a regular courtroom, there’s the chance that he could be acquitted.

    Of course, Jon Stewart had a good point when he said they didn’t need to worry about KSM being set free on the streets of New York. All they have to do is bring him out to the front steps (after highly publicizing what they’re about to do), announce to everyone within earshot that the man they are releasing masterminded the 9/11 attacks, and let him try to walk down the street. He wouldn’t get far.

    And that would be Justice. 😉

  47. If our visitor dntx16 comes back, I have a question. When you use the term “the growth of government”, what do you mean, exactly? Are you referring to the number of federal employees? Are you referring to the number of federal agencies? Are you referring to the amount of money it spends? Are you referring to the span of its reach into our personal lives? I’m just asking because I hear many on the right use the term and I’m never sure what they mean by it. It seems to mean whatever the user of the phrase wants it to mean. And that’s one of the things that makes civil political discourse in this country next to impossible. We aren’t using the same definitions of words.

  48. We are such a freakin’ backward country. Red states/Bible belt are the most consumers of pOrn yet we hold our country up as ‘civilized’, ‘christian’, moral nation.

    A bare breast is the least of this country’s problems, that’s for damn sure.

    Woman Attacks Gauguin Painting At National Gallery
    Witnesses Say Woman Was Screaming, ‘This Is Evil’

    “…a woman tried to pull Gauguin’s “Two Tahitian Women” off the wall and banged on its clear plastic covering.”

  49. I was going to change my gravatar. WP wanted me to log in to my “gravatar account” when I clicked on “change avatar”. Had no idea what that meant so I tried to log in the old familiar way. WP didn’t know me. Tried to “set up an account.” WP sent me off chasing my tail in a never-ending circle.

    Why does it hate me?

    • frugal, the best way to get to your gravatar is by hovering over it until it goes at an angle, then click on it.

  50. “If nekkid is so ebil, why aren’t we born fully clothed?”

    Our moms didn’t eat enough yarn?

  51. “Gary. That sounds like one of Wayne’s parodies.”

    Oddly enough (or not) I was being perfectly serious with that one. It is standard/orthodox Christian doctrine that, since “The Fall” (and I don’t mean “Autumn”), all humans are automatically born into sin. This is why it is not possible for humans to “earn” their way into heaven. Only by an act of pure grace and forgiveness can this original sin be erased. That act was Christ’s sacrifice on the cross; a person can then merit the grace attendant by that act by giving themselves over to their “savior.”

  52. Frugal, WP is having a very bad case of the hiccups – It just keeps doing forward circle; backward circle never even getting me to the gravatar setting –
    so It doesn’t hate you (you’re too lovable) –
    WP is ill today!

  53. hoodathunk
    If nekkid is so ebil, why aren’t we born fully clothed?

    Because god is an underachiever?

  54. If nekkid is so ebil, why aren’t we born fully clothed?

    The Repugnant Party is working on legislation to remedy that- after all we can’t have our wimmin folk exposing the children at such a young age. The IRS will be clothing the children BEFORE the umbilical cord is cut. ;>

  55. In my long years as a bartender when ever some stranger came in and started telling me they just wanted one drink and they weren’t going to cause any problems I knew they were going to be big trouble. The strangest one was a middle aged woman in a very expensive looking camel suit with a good hairdo and everything. Eventually two guys had to throw her out the door with her arms and legs both spread out trying to stop them from doing so.

  56. If Jesus died to save me (and all y’all) from sin, then why is there still original sin on the books? Seems to me that event should have wiped it clean, as an act of Preparation for Heaven (sotospeak — tricky here all of a sudden, wordplay and all :shock:)

  57. Eventually two guys had to throw her out the door with her arms and legs both spread out trying to stop them from doing

    She must have really wanted to get picked up to put up a fight like that. 😉

  58. Gulf oil rig owner apologizes for calling 2010 ‘best year’ ever
    By The CNN Wire Staff

    (CNN) — The owner of the Gulf of Mexico oil rig that exploded last year, killing 11 workers and leading to what has been called the worst oil spill ever, said Monday that calling 2010 its “best year” in safety “may have been insensitive.”

    May have been – oh, dear jeeesus. They have NO shame. None.

  59. I tried watching that “Asteroids” flick at Hulu, but I just couldn’t wait the damned thing out. Slow, repetitious, and uninformative, I was about to start poking myself in the eyes just stay awake.

  60. I tried watching Zooey’s “Asteroids” flick at Hulu: It was slow, repetitious, uninformative and dull. (I also tried posting something about this just a moment ago, but the post went away. Maybe because I said the horrible word “d@mned”.)

  61. Ebb, those are wild ginger growing on the Big Island of Hawaii, November 1978. Too bad the camera couldn’t have snagged the fragrance too!

  62. That worked.

    I was trying to say that I tried to watch Zooey’s “Asteroids” “docmentary” at Hulu. I found the thing staggeringly dull, repetitious and uninformative. I will listen to a three year old going into depth about the difference between a doggie and a cowie because it is a three year old and deserves that sort of attention. But when adults talk to me that way I want to drag them out behind the woodshed and beat them with an axe-handle.

    My level for self-abuse being finite, I quit the “documentary” after about 12 — 15 minutes.

  63. Gary, WP is acting up – earlier it wasn’t following through on request to access gravatars.

  64. Happy Birthday Pete and Hooda.
    My son is home so I will be in and out the next 2 weeks, he is watching the movie “UP” at the moment so I have a few moments to catch up.

  65. Everything is great Frugal, I am so happy when he is home. Even though he comes home every 4 to 6 weeks I miss him like crazy when he’s gone.

    Thanks Ebb, we are. My son likes to watch certain movies, UP being one of them. He will watch it 2 or 3 times at a sitting and never gets bored. One of the issues he has is the opposite of attention deficit, when he finds things he likes he totally focuses on that certain item. He still insists on listening to “Big Birds Sleepy Time Songs” that he has loved since birth, already worn out several tapes. Yes, it’s so old it’s on a cassette…..

  66. Anything in the bin of mine can be dumped, Zooey. (Thanks for asking!)

    And as soon as I finish the movie currently in the DVD player, UP and Wall-E are going into the queue. (Thanks Krissy! I didn’t know what I was in the mood for!)

    • I liked the movie Wall-E, but after the millionth “Wall-E” from the female robot, I was getting a headache.

  67. I wonder how they had my home address?

    Because the author is a moron and has fed his address into so many sites that it is permanently encoded on a few hundred cookies on his computer’s cache that he’s too butt-st00pid to ever clear out?

    Just guessing, mind you …

  68. frugal, it’s shocking how easily I betrayed my old film camera by going digital. I swore I never would! I was a purist!!

    I was getting into a medium-format Yashicamat in part because it required me to slow down in my composition and required a hand-held light meter. I’ve still got it in the bag with the Nikon FE2–and never use either of them. It’s impossible to ignore the advantage of a preview screen, and the ability to disappear photos that are obviously junk.

  69. My wife only went digital after the processing labs began to vanish. It was starting to get more and more difficult to find an over night processor when on vacation. Today, one can take the photos, copy them into a portable and/or have prints instantly from a 4×6 printer station.

  70. I bought my first real film camera (not a box or cartridge, but 35mm) when I was in the army. It was a Petri with a universal thread lens mount, so I also got a Vivitar 85 — 205 close focusing zoom to supplement the lens that came with it. I had a Ricoh flash attachment that gave off this very distrubing squeel as it was charging up (funny story I can tell about that some other time), a compact tripod mount and a beautiful leather case that could hold the entire kit.

    The camera was automatic NOTHING: you had to manually set everything prior to taking a shot, and I loved it. Every picture I took was mine. When I loaded B&W film, I could even be the developer at the development lab in the base hobby center. Some of the pics I took were really good, too.

    Lost the whole GD thing in the trunk of a cab one day as I was panicing to catch a plane. Totally unmade me, and I was never able to get back into serious photography again. I’ve since done well enough with a Fuji digital.

  71. Gary, you’re very welcome!

    Zooey, he is 32, his birthday is the 23rd of this month!!!

    Having a birthday party at the AAA baseball team here, belly buster night, for the price of a ticket, it’s all you can eat…………..I guess till you’re belly busts…

    Cooking at the moment……see you guys later

      • From TPM:

        According to a new report out of Wisconsin, the state was much closer to something that could genuinely be called a constitutional crisis than it appeared at the time. Capitol Republicans could not find a state police agency willing to arrest the runaway Dems and were warned repeatedly that their actions could be illegal.


  72. I got my first 35mm in 1985. It was one of the early Minolta Maxxums, that had built in autofocus for SLRs. It also had a built in light meter, and had P, or M modes. The thing was built like a tank and logged a lot of miles with me. I was poor at the time, and could only afford the 50mm 1.8 kit lens. But that thing took some sweet photos.

  73. Snapfish requires that you register, but (FWIW) no one with whom I’ve shared these links have reported any abuse of their regestration info, and I have asked. That said, here are a couple samples of pix I’ve taken with the Fuji:

  74. I can share, that I’ve been on Snapfish for a while, and never had any problems with spam or spurious e-mails from them. (Can’t look at the photos here at work, but will when I get home).

  75. My first decent 35 was a Pentax, circa 1970. Later, as things advanced, I bought two more camera bodies to go with my supply of screw mount Takumar lenses. I also moved to medium format — a Mamiya 645 — and even tried a 4×5 view camera. The latter gave superb results, but at the cost of spontaneity so I sold it. Also sold the 645, gave away most of the old Pentax stuff. Digitals are nice and they’re handy, but there remains no substitute for an old film-based 35 or 645 plus darkroom. I still have fifty Cibachrome prints hanging around on the walls, and they’re as stunning as they were the day they were fresh. No fade, ever. Archival glossy. A long way above and beyond any ink jet color printer yet made.

  76. frugal, my ink jet printer, with the right paper (spendy) and the right setting–assuming that the paper feeds properly, which it mostly doesn’t, is impressively close to film-to-paper. On the other hand, one or two of those prints pretty well wipe out my ink supply, rendering them totally absurd. But Kodak offers a reasonably-priced alternative; just send them the digital file and they send photo prints in return. I provided my parents with photos from a wedding last summer they couldn’t attend, and I defy you to pick them out from old-style prints.

    I was appalled to learn a few years ago that my friend Bruce, who is a highly-successful and brilliant commercial photographer, had dumped his film in favor of digital cameras. But he’s also got a massive Mac with high-end software and is happy as a clam at his ability to produce art for print (magazines, books, wall-size prints) because of his ability to optimize every bit (heh) of the image. He told me then I should hit the big NYC camera stores to pick up all the used Hasselblad equipment I wanted, at bargain rates. No commercial photographer, according to him, is shooting on film.

  77. Gummitch: Last time I talked with him, world famous nature photographer David Muench still sticks with his old film setup although his photographer son Marc has moved to digital.

    Film’s days are numbered, true enough (David said that he’s had to, on occasion, get his developing done in places like Walgreens, but that they still do ok with it). But hopefully between now and then, digital technology will ‘grow’ sufficiently to bridge the gap. And again, the printing methods need to be brought up to snuff with the old days in terms of archival qualities at least, also in terms of printing setups in general. I hate ink jets: use ’em, run out of ink fast, don’t use ’em, the ink in the jets dries out in a week or two. A friend has a color laser that he likes a lot, but then he doesn’t use it that much either. Of course, old Cibachromes, back in the seventies and eighties, cost close to $3 per 8×10, and I have sever 16×20’s hanging on my wall that cost me close to fifty bucks each way back when. But they’re archival: they NEVER fade, the colors NEVER change.

  78. Siddhartha Mahanta tries to get access to state records on Mike Huckabee’s time as governor. It appears he had them destroyed. Money quote:

    “Huckabee’s aversion to public disclosure extends beyond his gubernatorial papers. He and his handlers have also taken steps to block access to videotapes of his sermons, spanning his 12 years as a Southern Baptist minister before he entered politics. During the 2008 campaign, Mother Jones reported that Huckabee’s campaign had refused to make the sermons public—and that, according to an official at one of the churches he’d led, much of the archival material relating to Huckabee’s tenure had been destroyed.”

  79. Other than being of the Repugnant Party – how does he get away with the destruction of hard drive – or any other means of preservation?

    His sermons? What was he spouting that would embarrass or be illegal that they all had to be destroyed?

  80. His sermons? What was he spouting that would embarrass or be illegal that they all had to be destroyed?

    Srsly? Two words: Jeremiah Wright.

    • The other repiggies who want the nomination for prez are going to be all over pHuck destroying his records, like a feeding frenzy in a shark pool.

    • Of course, badmoodman got there first. 😀

      From what I remember of pHuck’s preacher days, which isn’t much, he was on the extreme end of Baptist. Now he tries to portray himself as reasonable, almost moderate, but I don’t believe a word out of his mealy mouth.

  81. pHuckabee must have been born in Kenya.

    That or he was in Kenya when he got the call that Obama was born in Hawaii. No, wait, that was Obama’s grandmother. Sorry. I get them confused. 🙂

  82. Last week, FDA officials asked H&P officials to voluntarily stop making and distributing drug products.

    Asked?! FDA – are they on the Koch-suxer payroll?
    FDA does’t ASK – they tell and enforce the stoppage of contaminated products.
    This article is talking about surgical prep wipes, among other things.

    • Ebb, I think about my mom, who was terribly ill the last few months of her life, finally being struck down by hospital acquired infections, and I’m not sure if I want to know if the wipes they used when they cut into her to find veins for her IVs were of the tainted variety.

  83. Zooey, MRSA is insidious in patients with weakened immune systems.
    Sorry your Mom had to go through all of that. It’s very distressful on the family to see loved ones weakening with very little if any hope.
    (hugs to you)

    • Thanks, ebb. I let my mind run away with me sometimes.

      I can’t imagine being one of those families who know their parent or child died or was injured because of something that was supposed to keep them safe from infections. And then knowing it happened again and again…

  84. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie. That was after the days when one would have to send the camera back to Kodak to process the prints, but during the days when the film needed to be wrapped in tin (not aluminum!) foil to be sent for processing.

    Dad had his own darkroom where he processed his own prints from a Leica which Mom called the red-light-district. I learned what that meant when I was a bit older, but Mom fended off requests for Dad by saying he had gone to the red-light-district.

  85. You got that sense of humor from your Mom – cool!

    “…wrapped in tin” wow – did you have tin snips?
    We had FMC – making tin cans for the canneries around here (in the day). My dad received a huge roll of tin, from his friend who worked there, to use in his workshop.
    Dad had tin snips. The only time I’ve ever seen a pair.

  86. Ebb,

    The tin foil was very thin. About the same flexibility as aluminum foil is today. All aluminum was reserved for the War Effort. So was rubber which would explain the Baby Boom as the factories needed a bit of time to retool!

  87. You are just too funny Walt – scarcity of rubber would do that, wouldn’t it ;>

  88. I want to thank everyone for the well-wishes. I’ve had a very nice but quiet birthday with a good friend, a local British-style ale, and a chicken in cream sauce, of my own creation, that’s a little like “Alfredo” but most of the flavor comes from mushrooms and baby carrots with some fresh dill weed. I was going to risk a nice Chardonnay but wine doesn’t sit well with me anymore amd that’s O.K. In fact, I’m feeling so content that I’m not even going to bother going out and seducing someone.

    Speaking of MRSA; my friend, Chuck, came through his surgery with flying colors. He has a long recovery still but is in good spirits and eager to get on without the nagging infection that’s had him spend most of the last year in hospitals. He even joked that, if he feels a need to shove his new foot up some doctor’s ass, he can just order a new one and he says he’s going to throw stuff at anyone who tries to approach him without a mask and gloves. We’re all hoping that the infection is gone for good but only time will tell.

    We really need to find new antibiotics and then not use them so casually. Some combination of steam, bleach, peroxide, and alcohol needs to be brought back for surfaces and external disinfecting. It’s really sad that our hospitals are so infected with “super bugs”. It might be best to just raze them and replace them with buildings that are easier to sterilize but, alas, we need to start investing in all kinds of infrastructure before we make any progress in that regard.

  89. Pete – that’s good news all around – your excellent birthday celebration and Chuck’s surgery going well. Was it below the ankle?

  90. “It’s really sad that our hospitals are so infected with “super bugs”. It might be best to just raze them and replace them with buildings that are easier to sterilize”

    John Henry Patterson, the man who brought down “the Ghost and the Darkness” — the two male lions that were devestating the work crews on the railway at the Tsavo gorge — is also the man who built Nairobi … twice. The first time, the town became infected with plague. So he evacuated the place and burnt it to the ground. They rebuilt from the ashes w/o the rats that had carried in the infection.

  91. Ah, photography!

    I still have my, very prized, Konica SLR. It has an awesome 50mm. f 1:2 lens that I use with screw-on closeup lenses, a 135mm “portrait lens”, and a 400mm. for long range work. I also have a fairly decent scanner but it’s just so effing tedious that I’ve been unable to put much of a dent in my project to digitize my prized photos. I’ll get to it some day.

    I have lots of good shots of airplanes, including a couple rolls of film shot at the Oshkosh airshow just before sunset with storm clouds over head. It was the most awesome lighting I’ve ever been fortunate enough to capture. I think that everyone in my R/C model club ended up with a set of prints.

    I also have some good eagle and waterfowl shots but I’ve, temporarily, lost track of my favorites. I did a 36 exposure time-lapse of a cicada emerging from it’s pupa. It was on a concrete step and Dad held a mirror to hit it with sunlight so the contrast is just outstanding. Alas, I’m a bit of a pack-rat and I haven’t been able to lay hands on them for some time. I know I still have them but I’m damned if I know which box, bin, drawer, or pile they are in.

  92. of course that had to do with our ‘retread’ comment – not the burning down of Nairobi!

    The simple ritual of washing hands is an integral part to stopping the spread of any infection.
    There’s protocol (reverse isolation) for MRSA patients. Anyone visiting must gown, mask, shoe covers and glove. When visiting is done – doff all into red bio-hazard bags.

    Unfortunately this is not enforced on a consistent basis – even in the same hospital – from shift to shift.

  93. Ebb,

    I’m afraid that they had to take most of the shin too. He started getting lesions in his tibia and that’s what forced such drastic measures.

  94. “your timing is very, very good today (you’ve got the rhythm) ;> ”

    Thanks Ebb (women are always telling me that.)

    (Leaving before the projectiles reach the spinning fan blades … )

  95. Ebb,

    Ol’ Chuck isn’t very computer savvy so I have done a lot of research on his behalf. I’m appalled at how casual they were with him in the past. Some of that comes because the VA system has been forced to a budget. I shudder to think how many people may have been infected because Uncle Sam doesn’t want to foot the bill for HAZMAT.

  96. Oh, the dreaded travelling infection – sounds as if the knee is still intact – that could be a positive for an easier fitting for a prostheses and walking.

    Mentally sounds as if he’s raring to get into rehab. That’s a positive.
    (he’ll no doubt experience ‘phantom’ pain for a while. That can be a bit of a distraction)

  97. Gary be proud of your accomplishments – you’d be surprised at how many men can’t keep rhythm ;>

  98. Gary,

    You reminded me of a funny story that, at the time, almost made me go ballistic.

    I was working in a window factory and I had enough seniority for day shift while all the new hires went to evening shift. The company used a loophole in the union contract to bump me to said evening shift “for training purposes”.

    The first assignment I got was, much to my chagrin, teaching the newbies to make crates and boxes for shipping. We had young kids being handed nail and staple guns with virtually no training or supervision. Well…

    My first evening I was appalled to see the newbie shooting nails and staples at the fans. I immediately went to the shift’s “lead” to try and get said newbie moved to a job where there was more direct supervision and, partly because that nice lady was fond of a little weed and a beer or nine during her shift, was told that I shouldn’t “rat” on union employees.

    We had rotating shifts so, on my rotation, I would come in two hours later than the newbie every other day. The fifth day I was walking up to the crate building area and? Newbie was lying on the floor with a nail in his forehead. He was not seriously hurt but I felt really vindicated and it was the last time he was assigned to build a shipping crate. The fan and I won.

  99. Ebb,

    Chuck is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met; at least when he’s sober. His knee is good but, with traveling infections, one can’t be sure they got it all. On the plus side; he hasn’t had a drink or a cigarette in three months so his immune system should be in pretty good shape. From what I’ve read it seems that one’s natural defenses are more important than most any treatment they prescribe.

    This whole ordeal started with a bypass in his lower leg due to numbness and reduced circulation. About thirty years ago he took a spill on “rip-rap” (random rocks used to stabilize a river bank) and mangled the foot. I think he said that he had nine breaks. Over time, all the healing bone affected his nerves and veins so, by the time he finally went in for the initial operation, he had limited feeling and control of his foot anyway. I’m sure that he’ll have bad days but, for now, he’s looking forward to “the best foot money can buy” instead of one that’s been going bad for a very long time. Plus, I’ll get him down by the river with a fishing rod in his hand if I have to carry him across “rip-rap”.

  100. I almost forgot two things, Ebb.

    1. When I was very young we used to frequent a bar, grill, and bait shop called “Eb and Flo’s”. Ebeneezer and Florence were marvelous rustic folk and their establishment was in the flood plain.

    2. I played that “Happy Birthday” song for my friend and band mate, Terry. While we agree that it’s mostly godawful caterwauling, something we accuse each other of often, we also decided to look them up on Wiki and discovered that the lead singer played Kristine Kochanski on “Red Dwarf”; which is one of our mutually favorite shows ever. So? I thank you.

  101. A man after my own heart!

    Red Dwarf!

    Danny John-Jules as the cat (in the first couple of seasons) cracked me up!
    They all did but he in particular.

    The Scutters! Kryton! ‘Rimmer’

  102. I liked Red Dwarf up until the robot was on it. It wasn’t as funny after that. Maybe because the cat wasn’t there.

    From Wikipedia:
    Craig Charles, who plays Lister on the show, has verified that Red Dwarf will be shooting a new series in 2011 that will be aired some time in 2012.

    Apparently they’re hoping to cash in on the same trend as Doctor Who, bringing back a cancelled show. I remember when they brought out Are You Being Served, Again! as a reprise of the original show. There was also a second run of Absolutely Fabulous after several years.

  103. Ebb,

    I’ve never been fortunate enough to meet a “straight” woman who liked Red Dwarf or most any of my other favorite British comedies. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never married. I know a lesbian who enjoys Blackadder”-mostly because she wants to “do” “Queenie” and “Bob”- and I dated a girl who laughed at “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” up until the Castle Anthrax scene. I still don’t know why she turned on me because I laughed at that scene but a very promising relationship became “cold as ice” from that very moment.

  104. houseofroberts,

    I didn’t think that Red Dwarf “jumped the shark” until “Holly” got replaced. I think that one of the greatest lines in comedy history is…

    “Even with an IQ of 8,000; it’s brown-trouser’s time”.

  105. Hi Ebb,

    Of course. They couldn’t have thrown the basketball into the crowd in the second half. I was hoping for a closer finish. We still have the ladies tomorrow night, plus that Kennedy thing.

  106. I’ve never been fortunate enough to meet a “straight” woman who liked Red Dwarf or most any of my other favorite British comedies.

    Well, now you have! ‘Black Adder’ – brilliant.

    Monty Python –

  107. House, I was listening to the Sharks (6) trounce the Kings (1).

    The Teal and Black are just so red hot – it’s a wonder the ice doesn’t melt under them!

  108. So they’re likely to make the playoffs again this year?

    I saw the very end of a Dodgers-Giants game last night, it didn’t go well for the Giants, but the season is long.

  109. The G’s start of the season (1-3) is a bit of a bummer. We are still basking in the word “Champions” though so it takes the sting away from the losses.

    Oh, a very sad thing – the Dodgers had won the game (Fri. I think it was) – L.A. being relatively ‘close’ a great many G’s fans drive or fly down.
    Game over – D’s won. Couple of G’s fans walking to their car are taunted by D’s fans
    The G’s fans ignore, keep walking. The D’s fans beat up one fellow who is now in a coma.
    They haven’t caught the culprits.
    The G’s fan is local (Santa Clara County) EMT. Cousin to my niece’s boyfriend.
    He’s in very bad shape will brain swelling.

  110. Heh! I completely forgot the title game and, at 53-41, I think that’s a good thing. As a Twins fan I like “small ball” but not when the sport is hoops. I haven’t even held a basketball in, at least, two decades and I bet I could shoot better than that.

    When I was in high school 6’2″ was tall and I was deadly within 15 feet and at the line. Waaay back then I was “a shot-blocker with range” and the three point line was in the future.

  111. Ebb,

    Sports would be sooooo much better without idiot fans. I really hope the culprits are caught and the victim recovers.

  112. I’m going to have to say goodnight. I ‘m about to crash. We had really nasty storms this afternoon, and one tornado warning, and that always wears me out.

  113. Goodnight, House. Hope the weather co-operates to give you a restful night’s sleep!

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