The Watering Hole April 20th, 2011 Hump Day

Kokopelli, the Humpbacked Flute Player of the Anasazi.

One of the most iconic and popular images of the American Southwest, this image first appears as petroglyphs dating back 3,000 or more years ago.

This is our Daily Open Thread, play your own tune or delight us with a cover!


134 thoughts on “The Watering Hole April 20th, 2011 Hump Day

  1. Badmoodman, yesterday you were saying you missed David Shuster. This morning he subbed for Bill Press, and was explaining all the questions Dylan Ratigan should have asked Breitbart and didn’t. Then he got Breitbart on the phone and asked him as many of them as time permitted! I hope he gets as much publicity for this as Ratigan got yesterday for his puffball interview with Breitbart.

    Motivated In Ohio found the interview and posted it.

  2. Crap, I can’t get UTubes here at work..I’ll check it out tonight when I get home…

  3. I just heard Thom Hartmann say that Donald Trump was born in South Africa. That he’d spent millions to hide that fact. (Not sure if this is a joke or not.. Here’s the website). Why in the world would he say he’s running for President? And is that why he’s being so weird and insistent about pushing the “Obama wasn’t born here” meme (lie)..?

    Here’s the post he talked about:

  4. ‘Muse, if it had been anybody but Thom Hartmann, your BS detector would have gone off big time!

  5. but is it an elaborate hoax?

    The area is a known UFO hotspot with dozens of sightings reported every year.
    It follows reports of a UFO hurtling towards Earth in the nearby Irkutsk region of Siberia one month ago.
    ‘We couldn’t believe it when we saw it. And what was spooky is that there was no sign of the spaceship.

  6. 3 Hurt When Gun Discharges At School
    HPD: 6-Year-Old Took Gun To Ross Elementary

    Does this fall under the 2nd amendment? Will whoever (adult ?) owns the gun be prosecuted?
    Idiotic laws have consequences. (yeah but, yeah but, yeah but the Second Amendment says…)
    Thank the stars there were no deaths.
    That poor kid probably lives in a home with guns everywhere and doesn’t see anything incorrect about this action.

  7. She said students and teachers at first thought the noise was a light bulb popping.

    That account leaves open the possibility of that being a CO2 pellet pistol. Still wrong to have at school, but more likely a kid could get hold of it, than a real pistol.

  8. Along those lines, House – would a six year old know the difference, in appearance, between that pellet pistol and a real one?

  9. Ok, interesting ‘free speech’ case to discuss over in London. A group of ‘radical islamists’ are planning to disrupt the Wills/Kate wedding by all kinds of obnoxious tomfoolery.

    Should the British:
    1. Allow them to proceed and keep the peace while they do so – its a free speech issue
    2. Ban them, arrest them if they start something for inciting a riot
    3. Let them go ahead and conspicuously not station any police anywhere near them, let the public ‘make up their minds what to do’
    4. Arrest them in a dawn raid on the morning, before they even get first morning prayer out of the way.

  10. I don’t know, and I’m not sure that a six year old would be clear that it was wrong to bring it to school, in either case. I was addressing the ease of access.

  11. Clearly the solution for the 6-year old having a gun is making sure all the six year olds have guns to even it out. (At least that’s the gist of the right-wing talking point.)

  12. House, I realize you were addressing the ease of access.

    Kids learn by example – if guns are around the house – that is part of the kids world/example and they know no better.

  13. If the other kids can bring guns to school, my kid’s bringing a flamethrower…(**knee jerk teabagger jerk reaction**)

  14. Of course, zx – That is the answer. If all six year olds carry no one gets hurt (after all the thought process of that age precludes accidental discharge)/s

  15. RUC – that makes perfect sense to me. After all ‘a well armed militia’ ( no age or armament limit is discussed in the 2nd)

  16. The righties often use an argument against abortion that contemplates aborting the next Einstein, and how horrible that would be.

    It would also be a shame if the next Einstein gets gunned down during recess.

  17. A, very bright troll wrote save America. abort a future democrat.

    to which my response was – That would have saved us from RayGun –

    ” Reagan was a Democrat before he was a Republican.”

  18. That is the first time hearing Breitbart being interviewed (have read transcripts and articles about). He’s exactly like I’d picture the trolls sounding – having an excuse for everything Shuster pointed out was just poor journalism. The cross talk – just so afraid David was going to bring up something else embarrassing.
    Now I’m wondering if he just may be ‘fakedrhunt’ from TP – the arrogance and shallowness are quite similar.

  19. I spent the morning in the garden so my daughter-in-law reminded me today is National Weed Day. Different kind of weed than what’s in my garden though. πŸ™‚

  20. “Guns don’t kill people, kindergarteners kill people.”

    Teacher said “Play with the blocks”,
    student heard “Play with the glocks”

  21. Other than being in true wilderness – without any electronic devices – no one in this day and age can truly expect ‘privacy’ – can they?

    Even the homeless, if they have an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, are tracked/traced.

  22. I have noticed lately that the Google ads which appear here before I log in are targeted towards recent searches I have made on Google.
    This is a common phenomenon already with ads on my e-mail page, I was a little disturbed to find this tactic migrating…

  23. I’ve noticed the targeted ads too Raven, though mine don’t seem to be based on Google searches. I always get ads for Virginia ham, which I don’t have to search for, so I don’t know how they made the connection.

  24. Outstanding & Raven, they are doing fuzzy logic data mining. They are mining your traffic and finding affinity patterns. Amazon is one of the best at predicting what you’d like to buy next….

  25. ooo, nice to have avian friends arriving, isn’t it?!
    Western kings antics – like the Black Phoebe flitting and always busy, busy, busy.

    We don’t get the Bullock’s around here – we need to go further afield – out of the city proper, usually.

    Oh, the female Peregrine brought a Meadow Lark for the little one’s supper the other evening. It dawned on us how few birds of real color we have around.
    Watching the Falcon fly over head with the yellow breasted bird in talon gave us the awakening.

  26. Outstanding, I don’t know why the ham…Have you bought yams online lately?? Heh.

  27. “Restrepo” director dies in Libya

    “Restrepo” director Tim Hetherington has died in Libya, Variety has confirmed. Hetherington, who co-directed the Oscar nommed doc, was 41.

  28. I wish to convey to the ad mavens – I bought the damn lamp month ago – stop having lamp ads pop up!

  29. It happens to me at TP all the time. My daughter emails me a link to a shirt she likes and all of a sudden they think I’m addicted to PacSun. I don’t think these ad blasts are as accurate as they think they are. If they want to hook me in they have to hit me with William Sonoma or Sur La Table. I can say no to Forever 21.

  30. If you use the search line built into various homepages &/or toolbars, this will generate a great many more targeted ads specific to the computer where the searches were made.

    You are a little less likely to have those linkages made if you search from the actual search engines home page. In other words, rather than using the built in Google search, go to itself, etc.

  31. Hey I have all kinds of birds here too I just have no idea what they are. I can identify cardinals, robins, doves, blue jays and then all the rest look alike to me. Although in summer when my yellow flowers are in bloom I get what I think are finches. And yes I have a bird book but I still can’t figure it out.

  32. Alas no zx it wasn’t the stylish leg lamp of fame. It was the lovely swing arm lamp I’ve been searching for – my vision ain’t what it used to be so I need light ‘up close and personal’ for reading.

  33. “I don’t think these ad blasts are as accurate as they think they are. ”

    Me either. My ham ad alternates with a CIA recruitment ad. I’m even less likely to join the CIA than I am to buy ham.

    That’s sad about Mr. Hetherington Shayne. We need all the real journalists we can get.

  34. Gary, that makes sense – that’s how I generally search (built in google search).
    Zx I have the ad block on Chrome – and note that on many sites it’ll show google blocked!
    So I’ll conclude that Gary’s explanation is probably what is happening.

    I’m fortunate not to get the ‘audio’ ads that House & gummitch were talking about a week or so ago. The ones that start up as soon as you go on TP.

  35. I signed up with Travelocity, and researched a fare from Seattle to Alaska.
    Now I get frequent e-mails from Travelocity, with departures from Seattle to all over the world…

  36. The chemicals used in fracking fluids have been a contentious subject, as many energy companies have long guarded them as a “trade secret.”

    Want to know what’s really in so-called ‘fracking fluid’? Any toxic chemical they want to dispose of without paying haz-mat fees! That’s the ‘trade secret’ they don’t want to have to reveal.

  37. Hor, that’s a surprise that the fluids are a secret. I thought that any chemical in use in the US had to have an MSDA that would be on hand to anyone in authority – especially first responders and public safety people (EMT, firefighters, police etc), so that they would know what they are up against in an accident?

    Perhaps not.

  38. Wow, HofR, I had not considered that.
    It makes sense. I had often wondered why the fracking fluid had to contain anything other than water if it’s simply being used to create pressure to force the natural gas out of the rock…

  39. From the Wikipedia page on Hydraulic Fracturing:

    While the main industrial use of hydraulic fracturing is in stimulating production from oil and gas wells,[10][11][12] hydraulic fracturing is also applied to:
    Stimulating groundwater wells[13]
    Preconditioning rock for caving or inducing rock to cave in mining[14]
    As a means of enhancing waste remediation processes (usually hydrocarbon waste or spills) or spills.[15]
    Dispose of waste by injection into suitable deep rock formations (my bold)
    As a method to measure the stress in the earth.

  40. But HoR that does not mean that HF is injecting waste as a standard part of the process. It used to be that to get a license to do that was very hard indeed and the requirements to manage and report on it were very onerous indeed – certainly not the kind of requirements some rednecks in a field with a truck and some pipes were capable of doing. But since I’ve not been involved in the chem industry since 1995, I don’t know how much easier it is now.

  41. Part of the ‘fracking’ process is very similar to how we cut metal with a water-jet machine. A garnet powder is fed into a high pressure stream of water to abrade a path in a piece of plate steel or aluminum. When the machine is properly set up, you can get fairly high accuracy on complex profiles using CNC control. They can use an abrasive powder in a fluid stream to slice through the layers of rock underground in much the same way.

  42. But HoR that does not mean that HF is injecting waste as a standard part of the process.

    I mean gas producing HF. Deepwell injection was a rare, highly regulated but fixed location part of the chemicals industry in the 80s and 90s. In other words a chemical plant might inject some waste into the ground in a deepwell, often back to a salt dome or other fluid holding rock formation. But only in one place. It was not like they stuck it in a barrel and trucked it out to a field and handed it over to the roughnecks to stuff into whatever ground they were drilling in that day.

  43. TtT, since 1995 we’ve had the foxes guarding the henhouse! Remember Cheney had a lot to do with the non-regulation of hydraulic fracking. Rednecks in a field are the perfect dupes to inject ‘fracking fluid’ into a well, without really knowing what’s in it!

    I’ve worked in machine work since 1973, and I’ve never been in a shop when OSHA did an inspection. There’s not nearly as much government oversight, as the Rs would have you believe.

  44. Raven, LBBs?

    I don’t have the patience to talk to my mother. Months ago we had a discussion about some medical supply company that called her to say they were sending out her order and she hadn’t ordered anything blah, blah, but spoke with them for awhile. Now she was saying somebody called asking for my father who has been dead over 30 years and they said they found her on Facebook. Then after I say she shouldn’t have conversations with people like that on the phone because they’re probably data mining she tells me that she has a $500 lift chair sitting there she didn’t order but was sent by those people 4 months after they called her. So I asked what she had done about it and she said nothing because she was waiting to see if they billed her for any of it. They said that Medicare was paying $400 and they said she might be billed $70. So I said you didn’t call them or Medicare saying it was a fraud and she said no if she was billed for any she would call.

    So in short, my 53 year old husband who has been standing on his feet for 40 years will have to work until he’s 70 while todays old women who were housewives their whole lives can sit around getting all the benefits we’ll never get and they think it’s a joke as long as they don’t get a copay.


  45. TtT – think 2 Bush terms as President – weakening regulations.

    Former Bush EPA Official Says Fracking Exemption Went Too Far; Congress Should Revisit

    When Benjamin Grumbles was assistant administrator for water at the Environmental Protection Agency in the George W. Bush administration, he oversaw the release of a 2004 EPA report that determined that hydraulic fracturing was safe for drinking water. Then he watched as Congress used those findings to bolster the case for passing a law that prohibited the EPA from regulating fracking under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

  46. TtT – “It used to be that to get a license to do that was very hard”

    Yest TtT there used to be truth in advertising too but those days are over. There a really stupid 1980 movie called Used Cars that doesn’t make sense anymore because the stars are trying to keep a lot and are afraid of losing it because their ad is incorrect. Of course that was before Reagan decimated all regulators and inspectors and everything was fine as long as somebody was making money off it. We get toxic chemicals sent to our garage all the time and don’t get a MSDA sheet unless we order some ZEP cleaning product and then it comes. Oil, transmission fluid, break fluid, grease, nothing.

  47. Hard to tell in a cursory read (first time in 15 years I think I’ve looked at the regs). But oil and gas have their own classification and seem to ahve to comply with at least *some* of the rules. Kind of hard to say.

    When it came to inspection, where I was responsible for producing a deepwell report to the state and national regulators, an uncomfortable audit was the usual response to any gap ( meaning one minutes missing data) in the instrument readings for the wells. This was 1994 though, your point about who set the rules is sustained.

  48. Then Shayne, either the ruels have *changed* or someone is being naughty.

  49. He’s speaking extemporaneously. There’s no teleprompter – oh whatever will the TeaPottiers have to criticize?

  50. Ebb, he’s still black and therefore can’t possibly be American.

    And he’s a Fascist, Communist, Socialist, and a bunch of other ist’s they don’t realize don’t go together.

  51. I don’t know Ebb, her vision is gone is one eye and not good in the other and that is hard for her to deal with emotionally. I told her to move closer to me when she was looking for senior living but she decided to stay an hour away. Now she is talking about hiring a caretaker because she can’t see. That’s probably better because my patience which was never good has disappeared.

  52. Zxbe, I’m one of those small business owners that the Republicans always pretend to talk about and haven’t been able to take a raise in 3 years. In fact we’ve had to lend personal money back into the business to keep going. And we certainly don’t have to worry about tax rates since we haven’t made a profit in about 8 years.

  53. Shayne, ugh. It frustrates me that the right pretend to be the champion of small business. Of course to them “small” business is the Fortune 1000 instead of the Fortune 500.

  54. Eliminate the tax breaks for the oil companies and invest that money in alternative energy

  55. If there were a way to get rid of the Repugnant party and let the President govern unobstructed – we would have a chance to survive, as a nation!

  56. Ebb,
    He is not using a Teleprompter because he does not know how to use one? Doesn’t that make Sarah, Michelle, Beck, Rush, Can’t-or and Boner his intellectual superiors?

  57. Shane,
    Double the size of your business – then you can double your losses. 😦

  58. TriGate isn’t waning. It’s gaining steam:

    “Hoping to disprove the conspiracy theory when I initiated work on my book–and to put the story to bed once and for all–I interviewed several close associates of Palin’s, including her friends and political allies. I was anticipating, perhaps even hoping, that they would tell me conclusively that Trig was her child. I was shocked by the response.

    One close friend of Palin’s–a widely respected woman who had given birth to several children as well and who had close contact with Palin in Juneau up until the time of Trig’s birth–told me that “Palin did not look like she was pregnant. Ever. Even when she had the bulging belly, I never felt that the rest of her body, her face especially, looked like she was pregnant.” When I asked her point-blank if she was certain the baby was Palin’s, she said, “No. I don’t know what to believe.”

  59. I think women’s rights have come full circle. We have a baby where it appears no one knows who the mamma is. Now that is a trick.

  60. “[O]ver the past 13 years, a little-known Philadelphia company called PrimeTel Communications has quietly gained control over nearly a quarter of all the 1-800 numbers in the U.S. and Canada, often by grabbing them the moment they are relinquished by previous users. As of March, it administered more 800 numbers that any other company, including Verizon and AT&T. And many, if not most, of those 1.7 million numbers appear to be used for one thing: redirecting callers to a phone-sex service.”

    It’s worth waiting to the end:

  61. bdmm, figured you were saving that extra ‘g’!

    What fascinates you so about Palin? That someone with no personality or brains can garner the amount of attention she does?

    She doesn’t act like a mother or a grandmother – that’s what surprises me.
    They are a dysfunctional family.

  62. Needs a bit of editing:

    I think women’s rights have come full circle. We have a baby where it appears no one knows who the mamma is. Now that is a Trig.

  63. I missed the earlier bird discussion. Here’s someone else’s photo (my visitors move too fast) of my latest addition to the balcony boids. Everyone out there is in their finest feathers these days, with glorious breeding plumage. This little guy in particular is a stunner.

  64. Shayne, identifying birds becomes much easier if you pay attention to behavior: where is the bird? (on the ground, in a bush, etc.), what does the bird eat? (I have four different feeders, which makes this easier), what’s the bird doing? (scuffing up leaves, pecking at bark). The bird identification pages at Cornell can help narrow it down by size, shape, etc and allow you to listen to calls and songs, which are very helpful.

  65. gummitch – where is that Red-tailed Hawk’s nest – on a balcony? (I’ve bookmarked it)

    She’s a gorgeous hawk – the camera is situated perfectly.
    Nice screen captures by the mods on that camera!
    Wow – so many bird cams – it’s great to see them from all over the world.

    Thanks, again, for that link! The Red-tail is so stunning – the camera being so close!

  66. Watching birds still gives me a twinge. Used to go out and fill Mom’s feeders and then we would sit and chat while watching the little fatties stuff themselves. I did notice a cardinal pair and a handful of finches in the lilac bush outside the window. I think they were purples but moved to fast to get a good look.

  67. #

    * permalink

    20 Apr 2011 08:39 PM
    Meet The Republican Rump

    Dave Weigelprepares for the 2012 campaign:

    “Remember those interviews with racist Democratic voters in West Virginia back in 2008? Remember the interviews outside McCain-Palin rallies — that nice gentleman with the toy monkey who called it “little Hussein”? Yeah. Things are not better now. And there aren’t any Democratic primary rallies at which conservatives can record competing videos.”

    Watch, and try to remain calm:

    • That’s a lot of crazy concentrated in one spot, badmoodman.

      I did like the shot of the flag falling on the ground when Batshit was speaking — talk about a frickin’ sign

      • The faker is dominating the conversation on TP again. Does that idiot ever leave?

        For once, I’m happy to have an evening meeting.

  68. Hi folks. It’s been a busy day.

    I had a nice, long, conversation with Mother Goose that entertained the neighborhood children to no end. She’s getting plenty of water and eagerly accepts a mixture of cracked corn and sunflower seeds but I can’t quite get close enough for hand feeding; though I’m not trying to push it either.

    I’ve been keeping aquariums, both freshwater and marine, for decades. For those familiar with fish keeping, I have perfect water for African cichlids and marine fish and, thanks to a friend with a quarry, I have access to unlimited amounts of sterile limestone which makes for wonderful “live rock” and serves as a buffer for hard water fish. Well? An ichthyologist friend of mine has been trying to propagate some rare dessert killifish and my water and rocks, with a little marine salt, should provide nearly ideal conditions. So? I have been enlisted to aid his efforts. It gives me an opportunity to reactivate my extra aquarium, do something that might have some scientific significance as well as preserving a fish with a very vulnerable population, and might even earn me a few extra bucks for my trouble. He’s expecting a shipment in early June so I have time to get the aquarium ready for their arrival. If I can get the water parameters right I should expect a small group entrusted to my care. “Giddy” would not be too strong a word to describe my excitement.

    Then, for those who may recall, I got to cook a fabulous meal for a couple lovely neighbors. That didn’t go so well. I’ll be kind and just say that they are fans of Sarah Palin, SaudiFAUX “News” and Jesus. We didn’t come to blows but I don’t think we’ll be getting together again any time soon. The conversation was more than a bit strained.

    Also on the plus side, I was able to avoid the troll fest at TP. That always makes the beer taste a little better!

    • Is anybody (but me) here…?

      pete, thanks for the update on Mrs Goose. I think I’ll start calling you the “Goose Whisperer.” πŸ˜‰

  69. pete, great on all the critters – how is (Chuck?) your buddy who had the foot amputation?

  70. Thanks for asking about my mother Ebb. I guess I better call her tomorrow and apologize for being a snot.

  71. That clip of South Carolina stupid – I’ll now have nightmares.
    The f’ers are beyond the beyond – every last one of them is probably on MediCare – that socialist unconstitutional program.
    They’ve never lived in reality or I’d say they were divorced from it.

    • Can you imagine, ebb? Those morons take themselves and their fuckwitted ideas completely seriously — and they probably have children they’ve influenced. We can only hope that they’re contestants for the Darwin Awards at some point in the future.

      • My poor old dog is coming to the end of her life. She’s only about 10 years old, but her lifelong dental problems are shortening her life. Why is it that the real sweethearts are the shortest lived?

        I need to make sure to appreciate every day I have with her…

  72. Zooey – is it a genetic problem or just poor nutrition when she was young, before she joined the Zooey household?

    Shayne – oh no – not on top of your cat’s death. My heart is aching. What is your dogs ailment?
    How old?

    • Ebb, my Honey is a rescue dog, and she had horrible teeth when we got her, even though she was only about two years old. Her teeth were vertically cracked even then. She had lived a hard life and was very, very thin. To this day, she will eat anything even marginally edible that crosses her path, even though she’s a total fatty now, and I’m the only person who can take anything like that away from her without being snarled at.

      I’m so glad we’ve been able to give her the life of love and leisure she so richly deserves after the abuse she most certainly experienced, and we’ve received her undying devotion and love in return.

      I don’t even know how I’ll have another dog after her, but it’s so totally worth it to have had her in our lives.

  73. Zooey, are you preparing for the day in the future or a much closer time frame?

    I’m sad to hear that she had such a difficult time before joining you.
    She sounds like a complete love – ever grateful to have found the dog haven that is your home!

    • Ebb, I was hoping that the end would be a bit further in the future, but I’m not sure it is.

      She is a complete sweetheart, unless she sees another dog — then she reverts to a viscous thing that would dearly love to tear out the other dog’s throat, and she has totally cowed some larger dogs in the neighborhood. I’ve trained her to accept men, men in ball caps, and big trucks, but the dog thing has proved elusive. Survival skills are an amazing force. When she was found, she had five puppies, to which she was completely devoted. At some point, the instinct to mate must have been stronger than her urge to attack other dogs, right?

  74. Hello all – sorry to have been away … Pete, very happy to hear about your aquarium expansion and “goose” stories … keep us posted as the project progresses. And as for Zooey and Shayne, I know all about the dental issues with pups … prayers that you can continue to spend some loving quality time with them πŸ™‚

    And Raven, once again … nice shot πŸ˜‰

  75. Raven, where was this picture taken? Kinda looks like Gila Bend, AZ.
    I love everything with Kokopelli. I even named one of my Dobermans Kokopelli – a.k.a “da Koke”

  76. I don’t know the location, it is not one of my photos. I found it on one of the photo hosting sites, free for the usage.
    It’s across the street from Burger King, if that helps…

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