Watering Hole – Monday, April 25, 2011 – Mushrooms

People either like mushrooms or dislike mushrooms.  I have never met someone that was indifferent to mushrooms.

This is fascinating.

This is our Open Thread.  What’s on your mind today?

112 thoughts on “Watering Hole – Monday, April 25, 2011 – Mushrooms

  1. Nice post, Cats! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

    I love shrooms … and would love to talk about them … later today, perhaps. Right now I am looking forward to a great day making yahn 🙂

    Be well everyone ~ peace

  2. Excellent, Cats. That’s from one of the world’s most enthusiastic lovers of mushrooms: ME!

    There’s a place in the high mountains of E. Arizona where mushrooms typically thrive in late summer. For years, we’d camp there during mushroom season and eat chanterelles and puffballs and King Boletes until we finally KNEW what heaven is really like! In the summer of 2008 we ran the restaurant and dining room in the local lodge there, and one of the favorite soups on the menu was our own mushroom soup. As one woman said during dinner one night, “I don’t even LIKE mushrooms and I’ve already gone back three times for more of that soup!”

    Mushrooms. Love ’em!

  3. HoR – thanks for pointing out my typo. 🙂 Guess I really can’t multi-task.

    I’m with you, Frugal. I love mushrooms. Our one daughter hates them so much that she can taste ground up, pulverized mushrooms in any food and will refuse to eat that food.

    Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was a family affair at our place and we had a great time.

  4. Many years ago — early eighties — we were in San Francisco with friends and one night rode the cable car to the Wharf area, target Ghirardelli Square. There was a Chinese restaurant — can’t remember the name — that someone had recommended. Everyone else ordered ‘standard’ fare, but I didn’t. I spotted a dish that used mainly Shiitake mushrooms; I ordered it, took one bite, and promptly refused to share even a drop with anyone else! It was made from fresh, not dried (which at the time was all we could get in Phoenix) mushrooms and I’d NEVER tasted anything quite like them. Got me going full time on fresh mushrooms, actually, and I haven’t looked back ever since.

    I do wish I had that Ghirardelli recipe, though. Damn, it was good!

  5. Several years ago I was at my ground floor office on a Sat morning. I had noticed a couple of mushrooms just growing in the damp shade just outside my window, but not really.

    A dude in a pick up pulled up, he and his son jumped out and proceeded to spend 15mins harvesting two shopping bags of pretty solid looking specimens. I suppose that answered the ‘are they poisonous’ question. I don’t think they were of the mind-altering variety. I never did get a chance to find out – I think they came by and harvested regulalrly.

    Rumours of truffles abound in the southern Cascades of WA and OR too…..

  6. High Court Rejects Quick Review Of Health Care Law
    Judicial Review Will Continue In Federal Appeals Courts

    The Supreme Court rejected a call Monday from Virginia’s attorney general to depart from its usual practice and put review of the health care law on a fast track. Instead, judicial review of President Barack Obama’s signature legislation will continue in federal appeals courts.

  7. Well, the first major round of house clearing is done: dad’s laz-e-boy, a stack of clothes, old computer stuff, and his 33 1/3’s are all out the door.

    It might have simplified things a bit if the group picking the stuff up had sent TWO people — that chair was an awkward hump to move. (Plus, while the guy that was here was certainly stronger than I, I think he must be the only person in Prescott with worse knees than mine.)

    Later on today will be something like the 5th showing so far.

  8. Speaking of mushrooms. Mom passed down a recipe for one of the most heavenly appetizers/side dishes ever.

    Take a giant portabella mushroom, stem side up, and place it on enough aluminum foil to wrap it.. Add a slice of eggplant about a quarter inch think. Then a thin slice of purple onion. Melt a teaspoon of butter per mushroom with a diced clove of garlic and pour it over the stack. Seal it up and place it on a covered grill, or in a 375 oven, for 10-12 minutes. Unwrap them and pour a mound of fresh Parmesan cheese, not the stuff from the green can, on top. Place it on the grill or under the broiler until the cheese is melted and starts to brown.

  9. Gary, if I still lived in north Phoenix, I’d grab a magnum of decent wine, drive up the hill, and give you a hand. After each of us hurt ourselves, we could uncork and sip the deep red and fragrant pain reliever.

  10. I appreciate the sentiment, Frugal. Oddly enough, I seem to have gotten through this latest adventure w/o making my back worse. And since it was already considerably better from Saturday, it seems like I’ve done even better than just dodge a bullet.

  11. pete, that recipe invokes an aroma from my youth.


    Gary hope all goes well with the house showing. It’s good to read your back pain is getting no worse.

  12. “not the stuff from the green can”

    Fond memories. My children have always been fairly imaginative and very direct. My ex would say to the point of crude. Very early on they designated the stuff in the green can as baby barf cheese and wouldn’t eat it. So I learned the wonderful taste of real Parmesan, Romano and Asiago cheese.

  13. Sure you can all dis that green can cheese but in case of a nuke-you-ler explosion that cheese would still survive and you could sprinkle it on anything you could find.

  14. A friend in St. Louis a couple of generations ago always referred to Parmesan as Paramecium Cheese. Seriously. These days, though, even here in the middle of nowhere we can buy it in a wedge and grate it ourselves. Or not. In either case, Yum.

  15. Really interesting video, but is the world ready for human-fungi hybrids? ~ 2 minutes in… 2 years ago some Eukaryotic scientists merged fungi and animalia? Does that mean that one day people might look like the crew of Davy Jones’ ship from the recent Pirates of the Carribean movies?

  16. Breaking News (?)

    Haley Barbour announces he will not run for president.

    How is this news? He already wasn’t running. And who cares either way stupid assed big mouthed cracker.

  17. LL: is the world ready for human-fungi hybrids?

    Check out the Bush family. They’re named that for a reason: an ape mated with the forest floor. The concept is ok, but obviously needs more work. 🙂

  18. Holy crap! TP banned Duckbutter. I was going to hold off on the ale until dinner but I just may have to crack one a bit early in celebration.

    Speaking of waterfowl. While I was communing with Mother Goose she was acting a bit different. Despite a beautiful day she was scooping extra feathers underneath he and into the nest. I wonder i, perhaps, the goslings are moving around and showing signs of hatching. It should only be a day or three longer.

  19. Hooda. It’s very similar to the one with crab meat. Although, with the crab ones, or lobster or diced shrimp or just about any white meat, I prefer regular white table mushrooms and I add just a bit of white wine. I only prefer the portabellas when they are, in effect, the “meat” of the dish. They are awesome with grilled tuna steaks and a nice blush or light Italian/Spanish red.

  20. It’s hard to stay away, Ebb. I probably won’t be able to resist the urge to hang around the nest in the morning to make sure the landscapers got the message to avoid that little corner of the grounds.

  21. pete, I’m due for a new grill this year. I used to grill a lot more and I want to get back into it. So much tastier than oven cooked. I hear what you’re saying about the porto bellos being the meat. I also like them with a slice of beefsteak tomato, some fresh basil and oregano, and thinly sliced peppers, dash of Italian dressing, topped with a slice of provolone.

  22. I’m lucky, hooda. I have neighbors with big families who grill, at least, once a week and I’m always welcome to join them and throw a little something on the corner of the grill. I’d love a modern gas grill but I just can’t justify the expense for me alone so I drag out the ancient Hibachi when I have to grill for myself.

    Another really good portabella dish is basically the same but one finely dices up white mushrooms or morels (which should be showing up in about a month) or just about any other mushroomand make a paste with chopped chives and rock salt. I cook them abut the same way but flame them with brandy to melt the cheese. Any white cheese will do though I usually get an “Italian blend” for convenience.

  23. Haley Barbour announces he will not run for president.

    Boss Hogg, by many GOP measures is a successful politician, but he’s governor of a tiny state (population: 2.9 million) that ranks last in such indexes as median household income, academic achievement, and health care; and first in obesity, infant mortality, teen birthrate, and sexually transmitted diseases; and has a violent racial history that still shapes its identity.

    So what’s Boss’s downside? He reinforces all the reasons the GOP has alienated so many independents: an anti-government party up to its neck in corporate lobbyists; and a party so regionally fixated it could only win a national election in the Confederacy rather than a national party offering national policy proposals. Barbour simply isn’t presidential material.

  24. Shayne and Frugal- I knew y’all would get the human-animal hybrid reference. Teehee! I love smart people!

    I passed along the video to my husband, who works in biosolids. He had sent me an earlier email about a WA post article about land application of treated sludge earlier in the day. Got me thinking of the combination of the two. Who knows? Maybe Cats’ video will spark some interest in some possible environmental way. I like planting seeds of ideas…

  25. Pete, those recipes sound relish … LL I am very sorry to hear of your husbands work in that field … And Zooey, why carpet for floor covering (just curious) … 🙂

    Will check in with you all later~

  26. LL, my husband won’t eat even a slice of mushroom. But as an auto mechanic obsessed with the car industry if he got a whiff of turning mushrooms into fuel we’d be growing them in the garage. I stopped cooking with them though because watching him pick out pieces of them chapped my hide.

  27. LL, I too spent some time, years ago, working with those ‘biosolids’ as you call them. We found at the time that various species of algae were quite effective assistants, esp. blue-greens on sludge fields. The only problem was that the end products remained contaminated with heavy metals and other less than desirable things, and even though they were otherwise ‘tamed’ their usefulness was severely limited. Never thought of mushrooms, though. What a great idea! But watch for heavy metals and non-degradable human-synthesized ‘stuff’.’ Find the right mushroom maybe?

    I don’t think I’d eat it, but I’ll bet there are plenty out there who would smoke it IF … well, you know. 🙂

  28. Speaking of environmental issues in general:

    Back when I was in school, teachers had a lot more leeway. My third grade teacher kept a 20 gal. aquarium full of guppies in her class and I caught the bug. My tenth grade biology teacher had a 55 gal. aquarium with a mix of fish, invertebrates, and plants. It was a great source of microscopic life forms and taught us more than a little bit about the nitrogen cycle in a closed system. It was a short step to realizing that the earth is a closed system governed by the same rules.

    I bring this up because I added some new fish to my 72 gal. marine aquarium over the weekend and I’m already seeing some minor and predicted changes in water chemistry. It won’t take long at all for the various algae to balance things out.

    Here’s the quick and dirty explainable of the cycle:

    Aquatic animals give off nitrogen based waste products. Ammonia, which is toxic, Nitrites, which are really toxic, and nitrates which are less toxic but can cause problems at high amounts over time.

    Bacteria in the tank and filters convert ammonia to nitrites and then convert the nitrites to nitrates. A mature tank will convert these products quickly enough that the ammonia and nitrites will become undetectable but, without a mechanism to remove them, the nitrates can become a problem.

    My tank is mature so the only “spike” I’m seeing is a barely detectable rise in nitrates. There are two ways to reduce nitrates. The method that I have used for many years is to simply make sure that I have a healthy population of algae. Algae, or other plants in a non marine setting, consume nitrates and bind them into their cells. When I see an increase in nitrates? I just increase the period when I have the lights on to encourage more plant growth. Then I periodically harvest the algae and remove the waste products from the aquarium for good. This is basically the same as using fungi and/or microbial plants to process human waste.

    The other, and older, method for removing nitrates is by “water changes”. One periodically removes a certain amount of water and replaces it with “sterile” water devoid of nitrogen compounds. Obviously, in a closed system, this doesn’t get all of the nitrates and will eventually result in a situation where one has to change all the water in the tank. And that, essentially, is what we’ve been trying to do with human waste.

    We have been acting as though the earth is an open system when, in fact, it’s a closed system. Water changes won’t work indefinitely because there’s no way to change all the water, or air, or anything else on the planet. We have to find a way to teach enough people that the earth is a closed system and that, ultimately, we have to foster the growth of organisms that turn the toxins into non toxic, or less toxic, alternatives. I can’t think of a better way to do this than keeping aquariums in the classroom.

    Why do I bring this up? Well, while I was waiting for the young lady to catch my new fish I was chatting with an older lady who is a teacher. She was just informed that she will not be allowed to bring an aquarium into her classroom next school-year because, even though she’s never had a major spill or any harm to a student and said aquarium is at her own expense, the school district’s liability insurance won’t cover it. Her students are going to be deprived of a great learning experience because a bean counter doesn’t know crap.

  29. I had a colleague who refused to eat mushrooms because he thought that they were raised ii cow shit. Actually, they are raised in forest moss. I asked him if he ever used any antibiotics. He said yes and then I informed him that many modern ones are derived from mushrooms. He was about to go for a complete blood transplant, but could not think of a source. 😦

  30. LL: “Gary- how are you holding up? It must be tough emotionally to be doing what you are doing.”

    I have my better and worse days. I rather think the muscle spasm in my back this last Saturday was entirely stress related, as I’m way to aware of my vulnerabilities to be casually humping things around. Definitely drinking too much me days, an issue which is number one on my list of things I don’t give a sh!t about.

    Was out of the house for the showing — leisurely 2 mile walk with a stop for a fat-pill at In-And-Out. (They prefer if you are not in the house, as it makes folks more uncomfortable.)

    I have now called the lawyer and we’ve got the machinery started to place the house in an irrevocable trust. Once sold, the money remains part of my dad’s interest, but insulated from formal evaluations of the estate, so it continues to be his until his death. I’ve access to some other funds outside of his estate so I’ll be able to continue making payments on the place until it is sold.

  31. Here is a link to Allen West’s most recent comedy relief for Critical Thinking classes:

    As the article notes, he makes a casual reference to Sparta, wishing real women were more numerous and breeding real Men. The article also notes that these real Men, following the Spartan model, would then spend a great deal of time, er, “getting to know” one another.

  32. As the article notes, he makes a casual reference to Sparta, wishing real women were more numerous and breeding real Men.

    Did Allen West SEE the film 300? Geeze, that was as gay as Oscar Wilde in armor.

  33. lass — someone has to take care of what us humans leave behind… But we are staunch environmentalists and the industry is always looking for ways to treat, disinfect and keep the general public safe.

    This being the internet, I don’t want to say too much about what my husband does, but I assure you, he is quite responsible.

  34. (apparently women are ‘weak’)

    In this scenario: men are the pregnant ones.
    How ‘s/he’ man will West be when it’s time to deliver a breach birth?
    And no – he can’t have a c-section as that would be too costly. Be damned his health. Vag delivery. He’ll be able to endure the pain.

  35. Frugal- algae in some areas of my husband’s business is not a good sign of health of the system. Heavy metals are always an issue no matter where you are. We humans pollute far more than most people even realize.

    As for smoking …er..things…… I wouldn’t know about that. 🙂

  36. Pete – makes me sad about the teacher you spoke of…we are severely limiting our children’s learning by not letting them experience the wonders of education. Not everyone learns by sitting in a desk and reading a book. Teachers know this.

    When a school system is more concerned about liability than education, that is not a good thing.

  37. I don’t hate Metallica. I don’t love them. However, I much prefer the really young Black Sabbath and, for a more modern sound, Soundgarden. The funny part is that I did hate both of them through the first couple listens but, like a really flavorful beer, Metal is an acquired taste.

  38. My music preferences remain, in no particular order, what they’ve been for decades: Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Tchaikovski, Strauss, Debussy, Grieg, and Liszt, among numerous others.

    Oh, and Linda Ronstadt. 🙂

  39. Well? Classical music is a different subject entirely. I’m partial to frugal’s list (no pun intended) as well as Chopin and Brahms. I’m not a big Ronstadt fan.

    When it comes to chicks I’m more partial to Heart and Janis Joplin. I often wish that Dianna Ross had done some edgier stuff instead of bubble gum pop. More recently I’ve grown fond of Nickel Creek but I can’t recall the name of their lovely singer/fiddle player off hand. She has an angelic voice and that sultry librarian look. I would encourage her to throw in a few more salads but it’s not a big issue.

    Going back a bit farther there are classics like Billy Holiday, Lena Horne, Shirley Bassie and even Judy Garfield in her prime. And yet? I must confess a strong preference for male musicians. Coming of age at the height of the British invasion has shaped my musical tastes to this day.

  40. Pete, did you mean Judy Garland?

    My older siblings helped influence my early musical tastes, and I, too, was swept up by the British invasion, although I was only 9 or 10 years old when the Beatles hit. My parents gave me the taste for the Big Band era, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, a little later even Johnny Mathis. But through my early teens, due to my older brother, I found an affinity with the more folk/rock/protest music, Simon and Garfunkel, Phil Ochs, etc.

    Oops, gotta run, be back later.

  41. Linda Ronstadt ripped out my heart and soul with her “What’s New” torch music album way back in the early 80’s. I still have it, play it now and then. Brings Hong Kong to mind. Don’t ask why, I have no idea.

    Chopin and Brahms, yes. Also Rimsky-Korsakov (Scherazade), Khachaturian (Spartacus), … and on, and on, and on …

  42. Yes. That should have been Judy Garland. A great set of pipes. I might have confused her with the neurotic fat cat because of her struggles later in life. Or it might be because the ale is really tasting good tonight. It’s the first evening where it’s gotten hot, here on the third floor, which it tends to do once the wind dies down in the evening. Thanks to our warm spring day it’s nearly 80 degrees with the heat off and the windows open. I’m assuming the people downstairs still have their heat on and I’m getting all of it.

    I’m just apathetic on Linda Ronstadt. She’s never done much that really spoke to me. Back to the classics: I have to throw in Grieg and Mussorgsky. Peer Gynt and Pictures at an Exhibition are two particular favorites.

    I was raised with classical music but I don’t know if I was ever able to express my awe before the scene in M.A.S.H. where Radar was instructed to just say the phrase “Ahhh, Bach” when trying to impress a cultured woman he was smitten with. Since that very moment I can’t listen to a favorite piece without saying “Ahhh, (insert composer’s name). And then it’s divine.

    I also had one of the very few meltdowns I ever had when taking a test during a midterm for music appreciation. I dutifully matched all the last names to all the great works (To this day I have trouble remembering which band did a given piece of music or even the titles of songs. I have a similar block when it comes to favorite quotes. I remember the quotes but not the source.) and was faced with a test where the teacher wanted the full names. I remembered “Ludwig von” and “Johann Sebastian” and totally froze on all the others. So? I alternated.

    Because I actually had the last names right; my teacher gave me a “B+” even though I filled in “Johann Sebastian Mozart” and “Ludwig von Chopin”.

  43. zxbe,

    I haven’t been in years but I used to attend regularly back when Orchestra Hall was new and Dad was buying the tickets. It’s still an awesome venue.

  44. I once got a C- on a double E paper when I said that Frederick Terman had the greatest influence on the progress of Electrical Engineering up to that point in the 20th century. He seemed to think that the honor belonged to him, not Terman.

  45. I am continuing to have some technical difficulties … I have pressed the “notify” of follow ups in email not just once, but x2 today here at the Zoo; I came back here for multiple visits just to make sure I had even posted … it does feel nice here.

    I love you all so much … Gary, I think it is time for a group hug … 😉

  46. And Pete, thank you particularly for discussing algae blooms, shrooms and sludge (“we hear it from the people of the town they call us … “). Would really enjoy exploring this further … And need to find ways to educate the bean counters of the world ~ we’ve got quite a mission, eh?

  47. And Walt, thank you for introducing me to Frederick Termann … As if having as his grad students Hewlett AND Packard wasn’t enough, holy smokes!!! This man was sheer genius!!! And to think earlier in the day I was awestruck by the guys who very capably installed my bathroom lighting fixture … well, actually, I still am … I will always marvel at simple science 🙂

  48. I’ll help any way I can, lass o delight.

    Alas, I’m not sure that bean counters can be taught to do anything but count beans. However, I’m always willing to explore ways to convince the vast moderate majority to help us “leftists” outnumber those with incurably closed minds.

    I’m no expert on sludge and I’m only familiar with a few fungi but I do have lots of experience with the nitrogen cycle. Going back to the small-scale example of an aquarium; a healthy aquarium is one that maintains a healthy balance of algae, bacteria, and energy (light). The fish just live there. That’s the approach we humans have to take with managing our environment. We have to do all we can to propagate the most beneficial organisms and expose them to the maximum level of energy that they can stand.

  49. Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite is wonderful. His Piano Concerto stunning. And all of that from a Norwegian yet!

    Mussorgsky, yes. There are very few classical composers I don’t care for — a thimble full maybe. We left the mountains of Eastern AZ almost three years ago, left a beautiful place where the only station available on the radio was a Country mess from somewhere in New Mexico. Every afternoon at five PM, it had John Wayne doing the Pledge. Barf. The computer signal there was weak and unreliable, but we did manage to listen to the classical station online stream from Phoenix, also had a VHS tape of an early 90’s New Years Eve concert from New York followed by Orff’s Carmina Burana (fabulous) that we couldn’t get enough of. Our CD collection was in storage, though, so pickings were overall slim.

    Now, though, it’s great music all night and most of the day. Except when Rachel and Ed are on the computer, or when in the evening we’re watching a DVD movie on the no-TV TV set.

    And every now and then, Linda Ronstadt singing “What’s New? How is the world treating you?” etc.

    Life can be OK. 🙂

  50. Ebb,
    See what happens when I get to watch the first period? The Kings don’t score three times while the other game goes long with overtime! Now maybe the Sharks can get some points on the board! They seem to always do better in the second, and LA can’t skate defensively with a lead.

    The thing that irritates me about hockey announcers is, as they went to break, they made a big fuss over the Sharks leading 16 to 5, in shots on goal, when the score is 0-0. That’s like the first quarter ending and a football announcer saying, the home team is leading 8 to 3, in first downs!

  51. Pete, I’m glad that you remember the “Ah, Bach” episode of M*A*S*H – I still use the phrase, but my co-workers don’t get it. So Wayne and I are the only ones who get a chuckle out of it.

    Judy Garland is buried at the cemetery where my brother works; as is Billy Martin, the late manager of the NY Yankees. Same place where Keith Olbermann’s parents were cremated.
    Decades ago, when my dad worked at the same cemetery, some fan of Judy Garland’s used to leave little presents at her mausoleum: perfume, odds and ends. One time my dad brought home some little tiny notecards with birds on them that the guy had left. They had matching envelopes, and were about the size of the ‘small’ Post-It notes. Totally useless, but quite adorable.

  52. frugal, your Carmina Burana reference cracked me up … I was reviewing a CD entitled “Wedding Songs” a few years back and ” O Fortuna!” was among them … I could only imagine the look on the elders faces whilst hearing!!

  53. So, pete … do I need to get an aquarium or can co-teaching at a watershed workshop next month help out? I have a feeling my dog might like the latter more, because of the kids involved … of course, aquariums can be so peaceful …

  54. Lass,
    Fred Treman was a man born at the exact time in history where he should have been. Like Galileo, Euler, Gauss, Newton and Einstein he was born at exactly the time where he could have impacted the advancement of science. I might put together a thread on that subject when I have lots of time. 50% of my threads cost more then 2 hours of my time. One on this topic could take weeks.
    Most of he time is not in composition, but in compression.

  55. House, I may have to stop listening – tied!

    I don’t find live video coverage of the game – so I just listen to my local ‘Sharks Station’.

  56. Just saying hello after spending the entire day drying out the electronics of the washer that got soaked after husband removed drain hose from the pipe and didn’t tell me. It works! Sadly, as a liberal woman who owns castration equipment, I missed the Allen West thread on TP.

  57. lass o delight,

    I can no longer imagine living without an aquarium, or two, or three. I just activated my first freshwater aquarium in years because an old friend wants me to help preserve a rare species of killiefish. I’m looking forward to the challenge and, if things work as expected, a few extra bucks to support my fish fetish.

    I’ve spent a good portion of my life within earshot of a beach or a brook and I always make sure that my filters splash a bit to provide white noise at bedtime. That’s above and beyond the peace afforded by just staring at the fish. In fact, with my new additions, I’ve been staring at the fish more than I have in a couple years. The new arrivals are very active and have stirred up my old fish as well.

    I’m also frugal, by nature and training, so I can advise others how to care for an aquarium without too much expense. While I would not recommend a marine aquarium for a beginner I even do that “on the cheap” and I find it more rewarding to maintain a little piece of a coral reef in my living room than a brook or lake.

    All of that being said; I’m tired and a little drunk so I have to abandon the conversation for now. If you, or anyone else, wants advice on aquariums I am always eager to help. But? I have to go to bed now.

  58. Ebb, on your radio did they make it clear that the penalty on the Sharks, was a bogus call, and the power play that got LA their goal was a result of it. The Kings player clearly knocked the Sharks guy’s stick up into the other King’s face.

  59. frugal, my daughter when she was 14 went to Germany and Italy with a music camp and they sang Carmina Burana. She is a huge fan and has talked her teacher into having them do it in a master class next year. She wants to be an opera singer so I hear more classical music than I ever would have imagined. She is also a musical theater junkie, has been since she was 4 years old so I get plenty of that too. But she thinks going to college for musical theater is a waste of time because you won’t develop your voice enough. I don’t know where she came from. Maybe outside space. 🙂

  60. House, the local announcers did – they are Canadian by birth so are polite. They have a way of telling us the when calls a way off the mark.

    Holy moses – 18 seconds into the third period the Kings tie it up.

    The Men in Teal need to get busy.

  61. Goodnight to you, Pete … we’ll talk about your “fetish” soon 🙂

    Shayne, if the resources are available and your daughter’s heart is really into it … why not? At the very least you all at the end of the day would have felt a sense of pride and accomplishment in that given the opportunity, you all did what you could … 🙂

  62. Shayne,

    If one has enough plants and light? Aquarium cleaning is reduced to a minimum. I scrape the algae off the front glass once a week and, even my marine aquarium, I clean one of my three filters once a month. Even back when I was breeding discus I didn’t have a whole lot of maintenance. I’m too drunk and sleepy to go into it now but I’ve always been in favor of cheap, low maintenance, aquariums. Feel free to broach the subject any time because it’s a big passion of mine.

    I had a pair of kribensis cichlids that bred every few months for 10 years and I made a tidy income selling their offspring. I had gone to bigger marine fish about ten tears ago and sold them off, except my 13 year old lionfish who died during my latest move, when I moved four years ago. Since then I have gone to smaller marine fish.

    If you have any interest in aquariums I can, in all humility, be a big help. In addition to my saltwater aquariums I’ve kept freshwater aquariums from a five gallon tank with guppies to a 375 gallon tank with a school of 17 red-bellied piranha. Let’s talk when I’m sober.

  63. Hi Ebb – Thank you for the birthday reminder … YAY JJ 😀
    (is that too much spunk for this hour?)

    And Pete, when you’re sober, we will talk … please take care ~ the fishes and future generations are counting on you 🙂

  64. lass, I’m just hoping that all the money I have spent in music lessons all these years will get her a scholarship somewhere because I’m broke. Of course I’m sending her to Indiana U summer camp so she can meet the people who would facilitate that kind of thing and that’s a bunch of money too. This whole thing is like a crap shoot.

  65. You can’t put a price tag on a good education, Shayne … and there are resources from avenues that may not even exist yet … so when the time is right, she’ll go … her parents will support her in anyway that they can and hopefully all will be happy ~ isn’t that what we all want for our kids anyway? For them to be healthy and happy?

  66. The Red Wings, if I’m not mistaken – let me check.

    I’m still flying high – unbelievable win – I thought the major was going to do them in.

    House – I don’t think any NHLer has their own teeth!

  67. The Sharks will face either the Detroit Red Wings or the Chicago Blackhawks in the next round.

    That according to the Merc-News.

  68. Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

    We have a date!

    Keith Olbermann has announced the date his new Current TV News show will debut!
    The new show premieres on June 20, 2011 at, of course, 8pm, also 11pm and 2am eastern

    It will be called Countdown with Keith Olbermann! And only on Current TV!

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