71 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: April 26 – Crickets!

  1. One more time!

    Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

    We have a date!

    Keith Olbermann has announced the date his new Current TV News show will debut!
    The new show premieres on June 20, 2011 at, of course, 8pm, also 11pm and 2am eastern

    It will be called Countdown with Keith Olbermann! And only on Current TV!

  2. It will be called Countdown with Keith Olbermann!

    That’s odd. I’m surprised MSNBC doesn’t own the copyright to the show name Countdown.
    It’d be like Leno leaving NBC and taking the name The Tonight Show with him. Not gonna happen.

  3. Call this a Wisconsin twofer Tuesday!

    Walker: Too Many Recalls ‘Makes It Very Hard’ To Get Things Done

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is criticizing the wave of recalls in his state, which are taking place in the wake of the controversial passage of his anti-public employee union legislation.

    Well, I reckon so! Politicians that are afraid of losing their jobs are a lot more reluctant to piss off the voters, than when the election is a long way off.

    Poll: Russ Feingold ties Scott Walker in potential Wisconsin recall

    Former Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) would give Gov. Scott Walker (R) a run for his money in a hypothetical recall election in Wisconsin, according to a new poll.

    The two each won 48 percent of voters in a statewide survey conducted by the firm Ethridge & Associates. Asked whether Walker should be recalled, 51 percent of respondents said no, while 44 percent said yes.

    I can see a future, if Russ Feingold could be governor of Wisconsin, then he’d have that managerial cred for a run for President in 2016.

  4. America Descending

    “Under Purchasing Power Parities, the Chinese economy will expand from $11.2 trillion this year to $19 trillion in 2016. Meanwhile the size of the U.S. economy will rise from $15.2 trillion to $18.8 trillion. That would take America’s share of the world output down to 17.7%, the lowest in modern times. China’s would reach 18%, and rising.

    Just 10 years ago, the U.S. economy was three times the size of China’s… This is more than a statistical story. It is the end of the Age of America. As a bond strategist in Europe told me two weeks ago, “We are witnessing the end of America’s economic hegemony.”

  5. The Republicans will blame Obama for China taking over first place but shouldn’t Democrats point out that we have George Bush to thank for this.

  6. Badmoodman,

    Leno didn’t originate the name of the show. The creators of a show usually own the rights to the name of a TV series. Some shows start out on one network, then move to another without changing the name. After all, the show wasn’t called just Countdown, but Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Keith has been around the TV business long enough to know to copyright his own name. Good for him!

    If Keith can make a go of it at Current, it will embolden Rachel, Ed Schultz and others to stand up for more honesty in their reporting, as they might have a soft place to land if they are forced out. I’ve heard for years how the left needs an alternative to Faux, that the corporations can’t corrupt. I believe we can get behind Current, and make it enough of a success to keep it around in that role.

  7. Shayne, the statistics will prove that the bulk of the shift of manufacturing happened under Bush. The trick will be getting the majority of voters to believe them. They would like to believe Obama is responsible for all the debt, and that Barney Frank singlehandedly caused the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

  8. The creators of a show usually own the rights to the name of a TV series.

    Guess you don’t know what industry I work in. Heh.

  9. Sorry to hear of Ms. Snow’s passing … Thank you all for posting her music ~ Brought much needed smiles to my face right now.

    Ebb, I am having peony envy … I used to have the most lovely Chinese Double Peonies (and the ants to go with ’em), which didn’t survive the transplant to my farm a few years ago … miss the fragrance and color ~ your gravatar takes me back to that happy place … thanks.’

    Anyone who is trying to reach me on yahoo or the fb, know that I am having some technical difficulties with my handheld at the moment; I am actually having to use my Ipad at the chocolate shoppe because of the coverage issues at my house … Hope you are all having a swell day 🙂

    Walt, love the cricket … reminds me of a dissection I did in 4th grade (yeah, I was the weird kid that kept all that stuff in baby food jars to look at and study from time to time … who knew?!)

  10. HoR, I like your vision of Current and KO….with El Rushbo and his $ 400 million radio gig along with Faux Noise blathering endless conservative propaganda, we radical, leftist, socialist, communist, fascist, atheist elitists need a place to call home.

  11. House:

    We wanted to let you know that Bernie (Sanders) will be appearing on two of our favorite shows this Wednesday night, April 27th.

    At 9:00 pm (EST) he will be a guest on “The Rachel Maddow Show” (MSNBC) and then at 11:00 pm (EST) that same night he will appear on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” (Comedy Central) to discuss his new book, “The Speech: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class.”

  12. lass o’ – is it difficult to get a strong signal in your part of paradise? That hand-held device of yours seems to have fits and starts.

  13. Hi Ebb . . . It seems that my part of paradise has its own fits and starts, devices not withstanding . . . I also think there may be elves playing with my device remotely, although I don’t want to appear paranoid 😉

    I am hungry, btw . . . just to add that to the mix . . .

  14. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post just said on Cenk that Haley Barbour is the smartest political mind in the GOP field for 2012 (before he declared he was out)!

    Ebb, that’s awesome Bernie’s getting to do his book tour. Did you get that at DU?

    Fatherbob, I like your avatar!

  15. House, I get e-mails from ‘Friends of Bernie’. My fervent wish would be to clone Bernie and have as many forward thinking, intelligent representatives as possible!

    You don’t do e-mail, do you?

  16. I dabble when necessary, Ebb. That reminds me, I haven’t looked at it for a while. I get a Media Matters email, and The Bernie Buzz (is that the same ), updates from Indycar, plus spam from Best Buy, and that’s about it. If my future ex sends me something she has to text me to tell me to look at it.

    • Oh god, I am SO tired of my house being torn up.

      They told me they’d be out by 7 tonight, so I came home, but they’re still here. 😯

      The kitchen is done; the big bathroom is done; the entry way is done; and I think they’ll finish the living room tonight. Then we get to move all the furniture and stuff out of my room, into the living room. This is just WAY too much fun!!

    • House, all new carpet and vinyl in the house.

      Outstanding, it’s going to look so nice when it’s done — for someone else. Wah.

      They just better appreciate it by showing me the money!

  17. I knew you were doing the carpet, but I didn’t know this was affecting every room. I have more than half this house to do before I’m done with floors. My wife is trying laminate on top of old hardwood. I’m going to let her be my guinea pig on how that works. My hardwood floors might take a refinishing, but it will be the last part of the floor work. I’m still considering in-floor heating in the kitchen/utility room. I like to go barefoot, even in the winter.

  18. I just put a laminated product, though the top layer is good thick hardwood on top of a splintery old hardwood floor..so far, so good, but easy to scratch when moving furniture.

  19. house,
    When we did our oak floors, house wide, we did it in the late spring having sent the kids up to their grand parents. There was so much alcohol in the evaporate that we had a neighbor drive us to a motel so we could sleep it off. We each woke up with a hangover.

  20. OIMF,
    Put all of your heavy furniture on rollers, but be sure that anything that you sit on is on those rubber or polyurethane nail-in feet that you can find at Home Depot or Lowes. Actually our DR table is on those fuzzy backed coasters that you can find at the same place.

  21. Thanks Walt, I’d forgotten about those feet. My really heavy stuff isn’t supposed to move and we don’t plan to ever more it again. (Note: do not let your significant other fill a double solid oak dresser with electronic debris)

  22. OIMF,
    My SO has a china service from the Czech border that would be adequate for the royal wedding. If the current house were not built on a slab, I would need to reinforce the floor under the hutch. The hutch is build of solid oak.

  23. Wow. Chicago just scored to tie Vancouver, and Vancouver had a power play!

    1:16 to play, with Chicago back to full strength!

  24. ohhhh – House has the Ice Hockey bug! Thanks for the synopsis as I’d forgotten to look on-line for that game.

    I’m trying to find a black and teal ensemble for the Sharks upcoming game!
    Our local public transportation (Light Rail and buses) changing marques have: ‘This is Sharks Territory.” ” Go Sharks!”

    We’re a proud town for our hockey team.

  25. House has the Ice Hockey bug!
    Let’s not jump to conclusions! I just checked on it after I watched Ed Schultz, and there was three + minutes left. 😀

    Now since Vancouver won, who do the Sharks play next?

  26. Ok, just woke up to House’s comment … I had fallen asleep in the living room (my couch is comfy! )…

    As for floor coverings, I have been all over it and done too many times and ways … If given the choice, I would have no carpet whatsoever (area rugs of natural fibers), bamboo, cork or radiant geothermal floors throughout … why I felt the need to share this I do not know …


  27. Just a little thunderstorm action in the distance … gentle rain here … like Pete, I enjoy falling asleep to the sound of water in motion … maybe I just enjoy water all the way around. …

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