69 thoughts on “It’s Music Night!

  1. The Muse song always takes me back to Frozen Ghost – Should I See. Another song about political oppression (aka Republicanism and the Media Age).

  2. There were a few years where my job involved travelling or a living — 4 or 5 days a week for some years. I love that Walken/Fat Boy Slim riff on the job, what it does to your soul, and what you spend your days and nights dreaming about in look-alike hotel lobbies.

  3. I almost wish you hadn’t mentioned that, Badmood. My contempt for Dullfart was already at an extreme even before he decided to attack the profesoriate, and destroy the careers of people who’d spent years clawing their way into a niche that paid them barely poverty level wages.

  4. Hi there! I have had so many choices for live music tonight … and I choose here with you! I am going to try to listen and post tonight; just know that my heart is here if you don’t hear back for a bit 🙂

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