Sunday Roast: After-birthers

A funny thing happened just the other day…some guy known as “The Donald aka Carnival Barker” had his ass handed to him by a sitting U.S. President, via this:

Some say the President shouldn’t have caved to the birthers, but I say the President’s timing was exquisite.  He knew that no matter what he did, the true-believers would never come around to sanity or reason, so he waited for the perfect political opportunity to give them what they claimed all along they wanted — the long-form birth certificate — and did it in a way that simultaneously exposed Trump as the venal racist and bully he’s always been AND made Trump the great god and leader of the racist birther teabagger crowd.  Well played, sir.

I just love the President’s “can we just get over this tired old bullshit” attitude.  He gives the issue all the weight it deserves — NONE.

Josh Marshall has worked up a Taxonomy of Birtherism, and while he’s in the process if tweaking said taxonomy, I think it’s informative and appropriate: Continue reading