The Watering Hole: May 6 – Chinese Exclusion Act

1882 marks the beginning of racially based discrimination in the United States. The Chinese Exclusion act was signed into law into law by President Chester A. Arthur (Rep) on May 6th.
Not to be outdone, Governor Jan Brewer (Rep – Ariz.) signed a new racially motivated law in 2010. Parts of the Arizona law have been ruled unconstitutional. Still Republican governors in other states are trying to follow the same ugly path.

The former act was repealed in December, 1943 which was a bit late considering the help provided to airmen who participated in the raid on Tokyo in April 1942. The Chinese actually built airfields and backpacked fuel to those airfields.

The aircraft carrier USS Hornet was spotted by a Japanese picket boat a day before and two hundred miles from the planned starting point which caused an immediate start to the raid.

None of the aircraft made it to the Chinese built and provisioned air fields. After the raid Chinese citizens helped to shield the air crews on their way out of a very sticky predicament (250,000 Chinese civilians were massacred by the Japanese Army in eastern China in retaliation for Chinese assistance to the attacking American air men.)

Never forget that we are a nation of immigrants who never lived in a long house, a hogan, a cliff, an igloo or a tepee sometime prior to April 2, 1513.

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