63 thoughts on “Music Night, May 6 2011 – Portland Rules

  1. For all you fogies out there in your 5th and up decades…. here’s a hoser with nice song, eh?

  2. House wins a prize! Quarterflash is not only from Portland but… Rindy Ross was Gummitch’s daughter’s counselor when she was a troubled youth.

  3. Okay, I admit I’m not familiar with the Portland music scene, but with a little help from Wikipedia, I find that Paul Revere and the Raiders have some Portland connections.

  4. I used to watch a TV show that featured the Raiders every weekday afternoon called Where the Action Is. They were the house band, so to speak. My wife had her hair cut to match Mark Lindsay’s, but I didn’t know her then.

    A little part of Poisoned Mind made me think of this song. ABC was one of my Look of Love entries week before last. Anybody else know a song with a direct tribute to an earlier superstar?

  5. Lass, I like Lily Was Here, by Candy Dulfer with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, but you have to wait until later in the evening to play it, according to Cats, because it’s too…umm, stimulating. 😀

  6. House, interesting concept – songs that are tributes to other stars. While not a singer herself, the first song that popped into my head was Bette Davis Eyes. (She was a superstar in her own right.)

  7. A few years ago, someone opened a rock and roll burger joint here in partnership with Mark Lindsay. They spend a ton of money on it, and it closed in less than a year, I believe. Mark’s audience is dying out.

  8. Hi Zooey … Hope you had a great week 🙂

    Funny thing about “Indian Reservation”: whenever I am staking my favorite of heirloom tomatoes, the fairies sing just like the Raiders, “Cherokee Purple!” … I kid you not!

  9. I actually heard this song on the Sinatra radio program last week. It sort of fits. 🙂 (And it’s a fun song, redone to support JFK’s election.)

  10. lass, thanks. I’m mostly worried about getting smacked because it’s an Andrew Lloyd Weber song. lol

    But I rather enjoy the musical JC-Superstar. I like it when people are willing to think outside the box on interpretations of sacred subjects.

  11. Sometimes I think my mom might have been right.

    Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. Who are you, what have you sacrificed?

    How much of a sacrifice is it for a god to suffer and die knowing 3 days later it will be ‘Just kidding!’ Sorry but if I do the music posts my puter gets confused and slows to the point of nonexistence.

  12. JC Superstar was the first musical theatre production I saw as a young child. After seeing the movie and “indefinitely borrowing” the the soundtrack album from a family friend, I would sing the Magdelene part in the grand acoustics of the tiled tub surround, as much as the parents would tolerate.

  13. Zooey, that at least gives me something to compare to him. I guess I don’t watch that close when I play a Journey video, but most of the ones I like are not live anyway. They never got any airplay here until he was their singer and for a while, I had them mixed up with Kansas. A lot of music from the 80s I didn’t really discover until the 90s, because the 90s were so bad.

    The only song by Kansas I like. Yes I hate Dust In The Wind and Wayward Son. Sorry.

  14. Ah, the power of music to make strangers smile … So, I am vacuuming the Barbie Jeep and the guy in the van ahead of me is not exactly “friendly”, as he is getting rid of all kinds of crap from the trunk. So, upon hearing the metal blasting from his speakers, I “naively” (I knew exactly who was playing mind you … ) say, “Who are you listening to?” “Ronnie James…I’m from Boston…Old School…” I thanked him, he smiled … and continued cleaning …. 🙂

  15. I love JC Superstar. Ranks up in the top three of my favorite musicals since 1970. One of my favorites here.

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