The Watering Hole: May 20 – Global Warming

On May 20th, 1845, two ships under the command of Sir John Franklin in search of a passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific through waters north of the Canadian Shield. The richly provisioned Royal expedition was never heard from again.

Later Arctic expeditions revealed that the entire crews of both ships perished during that effort. 20th century forensics of the remains of some expedition members revealed that there were heavy concentrations of lead in their systems. These came from the lead-tin alloy used to seal the tin containers used at the time. The lack of fresh fruit led to scurvy as well in expedition members.

The expedition was ice-locked in 1846 and things when from bad to worse from then on. The last surviving members perished about 1850. From native reports, cannibalism was used as a final resort for survival.

Today, several Northwest Passages are open year-round due to the effects of shrinkage of the Northern ice-cap (Map above). This is due to non-existent Global Warming. One would think that the members of the Franklin Expedition would have been grateful if such an effect had occurred prior to 1845.

This is our Open Thread. Please feel free to present your thoughts on any topic that comes to mind.

87 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: May 20 – Global Warming

  1. Walt, thank you for this post. Yesterday at work, one of the younger women replied to my comment, “Thank You, Global Warming!” with her own: “I am so glad I won’t be around to see it!” I was stunned. And I replied, “It’s happening right now, all around us!!” She looked at me as if I said something novel and continued her work throughout the building.

    We still have a way to go as far as educating others about what is happening in our world …
    I hope you live today today on purpose, with great intent for fulfilling your personal and global missions here ~ I will do my best to do the same … Peace ~

  2. Even the global warming deniers should be able to agree that burning every bit of fossil fuel on the planet as quickly as possible and spewing the resultant pollutants into the atmosphere is a bad idea.
    It seems one of the studies deniers love, by Edward Wegman of GMU, is largely plagiarized crap:
    I’ll be cutting flowers all day, I have a great job!
    Peace and love to all of you.

  3. Thanks EV! I was so wrapped up in Indy, I almost forgot F1. The practice isn’t finished yet on Speed Channel.

  4. My neighbor behind me, one house over, is having a sidewalk and garage floor/foundation poured this morning. I’m just waiting for one of the cement trucks to back over my fence.

    EV, Kimi Raikkonen is making his Nascar debut in the Truck race tonight at Charlotte. Pretty soon, these good ole boys won’t be able to pronounce the names of the drivers! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Good post, Walt. To all the climate change deniers… it’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature. The earth doesn’t care about the survival of humans and it won’t continue to tolerate the abuse that humans inflict on it. Over the millions of years, the number of homo sapiens had nearly reached extinction levels several times. My guess is that near extinction levels will be approached again sometime in the future.

  6. Good news! All the assholes getting raptured tomorrow are climate change deniers. Adios motherfuckers now we can work on fixing the planet.

  7. EV, They’re saying that the soft compound tire is two seconds a lap faster than the prime. I bet it wears like gum rubber! They will have to qualify on those, then start the race on them with full fuel tanks. Tire stops should be about lap five or six.

    Webber was P1 in the second practice also. Vettel was having telemetry problems, they said.

    A UK TV station has made a one race deal to broadcast tonight’s race with Raikkonen. Raikkonen’s sponsor? Perky Jerky. Never heard of it. I have a concept of a Slim Jim laced with caffeine…

    Raikkonen will have F1 company in the race with Max Papis. Scott Speed has run Nascar since leaving F1. Jacques Villeneuve has run in the road course events. Of course Juan Pablo Montoya is an established star in Sprint Cup.

  8. Quick! Get up there and claim the entire NW passage for Amurika! Lay claim to all the ice as a freshwater resource in our national interest, and the bottom of the sea just in case…Hurry! Those natural resources aren’t going to exploit themselves!

    /snucking fark.

  9. The earth is granted unto each generation in usufruct, that we may pass it on to our progeny a better place than we found it.

    I can’t remember who said that, but it was one of our founding fathers.

  10. How Newt gets the nomination:

    The Rapture does happen this weekend, but only Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush ascend to heaven.

  11. Dang, apologies for the lengthy url – it was supposed to post the video.
    (cat, who went missing after the tornado, shows up while the woman is being interviewed)

  12. So half the posts are on Global Warming and the other half on the Indy and F1…… oh the irony ๐Ÿ™‚

    Morning all.

    Great fiction novel on the Franklin expedition by Dan Simmons, called ‘the Terror’. Good for the detail he puts into the distater which befalls the expedition and a good monster yarn to boot. Haven’t read any better ones by him yet though.

  13. My plans for tonight (in case rapture will indeed happen):

    Forget about health – Go to pub – order a beer – drink it – order another one – drink it – wait for kids to arrive while having a third beer – eat some really artery clogging food – have another beer – take bus home (no walk!) – kill the alarm clock – fall into bed – sleep.

    Sounds like a plan.

  14. TtT, you caught us there. But then there’s always the rapture … So we can be irresponsible for this last day.

  15. I’m driving in to work this morning on the I5 South in LA, and there’s a large bus in the fast lane going barely 60 mph. WTF? In the lane next to the bus is another bus. In front of those two buses are three more buses, all going about the same leisurely speed.

    I go around them and can see they’re full of people and on the front of the buses is the sign, Judgment Day Express.


    • I wonder why they weren’t going 90 mph? What do they have to lose?

      Of course, a rolling roadblock gets loads of attention for their…cause.

        • I wonder how many of the true believers will start shooting like they’re in the Zombie Apocalypse? Afterall, if they’re still here, they’re in hell.

  16. How many of those people will make their beds tomorrow morning? Brush their teeth? Flush the toilet?

    I wish this was at midnight like the Times Square New Year’s countdown. That would be Al Capone vault-ish, eh?

  17. Global Warming Deniers abound,
    And point to the snow on the ground,
    As living proof,
    Of a scientific goof,
    And laugh as the coastlines are drowned.

  18. Are any authorities taking note of the identities of any of the self-declared Rapturists?
    Because they are clearly insane and shouldnโ€™t be allowed to:
    wander about freely
    hold positions of responsibility
    work behind a bar
    serve hot food
    use heavy machinery
    or power tools
    vote or reproduce.

    No doubt many will be amused at the rapturists confusion come Sunday, but as these deranged people are serious, the rational public should take them seriously too—as people to be prevented from impacting anyone’s life other than their own.

  19. I like EV’s plan….. I have three interviews for a new position today, one short meeting and then I’m gonzo!

    Reading Gary’s climateprogress link right now….

    Meanwhile – here’s Robert Fisk on the Obama speech the other day. Again, not an opinion you will hear anywhere in America on either ‘side.’ I use the quotes as its only when you read someone like Fisk that you realise what passes for sides in Amurka looks like the same-old-shit but slightly different shades of brown from the standpipe you use to collect ‘clean’ water everyday in Gaza.

  20. 5th – Maybe they’ll pass out the Jim Jones branded koolaid to be doubly sure tomorrow.

    My prediction: if Anderson Cooper can persuade any of these fruitcakes to show their face on Sunday that god will have been moving ‘in mysterious ways’ this weekend….

    Tried to explain all this to SammytheTurtle last night – hope she doesn’t burst out laughing if she runs into one at school today.

  21. Website Lets You Send a Post-Rapture E-Mail to Friends โ€˜Left Behindโ€™

    …For just $40 a year, believers can arrange for up to 62 people to get a final message exactly six days after the Rapture,…

    I think people are going to be ticked – according to the post plastered on a telephone pole: Are you ready for the Rapture? Jesus is coming: October 28, 1992

    This rapture thing is fun and funny!

  22. Ok, irony alert – there’s all this Rapture-shit going down this weekend and then I read Gary’s link and a couple more links…. Judgement Day *is* coming, but in the form of a melting of the permafrost in Siberia not on a bus convoy in LA.

  23. Hi terry…


    Circumcised? If not, then no covenant with God, therefore no Rapture.
    Women, being chattel, have to depend on their husbands and/or fathers being circumcised so that the ladies can be raptured.

  24. Ebb, I wonder if we have a fun variety of the ‘twinky’ defence here. There’s all kinds of mischief I could get up to and say ‘So what, I thought this was Judegment day, I was just picking sides.’

    “The Rapture made me do it!” – haven’t decided what *it* is yet though, apart from the lawnmower across the road of course.

  25. Oh so you have to be circumcised now to be Raptured? F*** that shit man. No one’s taking a rusty blade to my doodad for no everlasting glory and a seat at ‘a-Jesus’ right hand in ‘a-glory-ah’!

    I don’t recall any born agains I know walking about gingerly with bandy legs after finding Jesus…

    Scene from the first circumcision:

    “Abraham, your omniprescient and omniscient monotheist deity told you to do *what* to your todger?! F*** that for a game of soldiers, I’m off to Gomorrah for some experimental sex”

  26. Or:

    ” Look Abraham I know you’ve been hearing voices in your head, but you know no one has to get hurt today, put down the knife and come out of the tent and let’s talk about it, OK? How about some quality time with one of the goats, that’ll calm you down eh?”

  27. Rapture

    “And out comes a man from Mars And you try to run but he’s got a gun And he shoots you dead and he eats your head And then you’re in the man from Mars”

  28. “Palin would have quit by now” – arf arf.

    Ok, so now you’ve chased me off – must go interview.

  29. What we need is something along the lines of a digital picture frame, but in the dimensions of a bumper sticker. You can load a bunch of images (of bumper-sticker-style sayings) and put it in your back window and let it cycle through them all.

  30. Zxbe, there used to be a device you could put in the rear window and it would scroll messages. They banned them due to driver distraction.

  31. I wonder what will happen in the Preakness tomorrow – post time is 6:20 PM.

    Will just the true Christan jockeys drop their silks 20 minutes prior to the race? Do they have substitutes?

    What will the raptured do with their winning tickets? – Now that’s a real bummer!

  32. Walt, I fully intend to go out and stand in the street tomorrow but I’m not sure when. If nothing else I can pick up some clothes.

    • Just got feedback from the realtor who showed my place yesterday, and although they aren’t going to make an offer, they said my condo was showing the best of all similar units on the market. Woo Hoo!!!!

  33. zooey,
    Since Idaho will have a glut on free living space in about 25 hours, you might want to lower your asking price. ๐Ÿ™„

  34. **Please note: The rapture has not begun early! Like hooda, my machine can only post/view. A few songs before it, too, gets “wonky”; short of a Festivus wifi miracle tonight, I am not able to view what is turning into an awesome Music Night (Red Rider was last I was able to see)…

    Praying for that miracle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Yes it was more than four beers. Yes i ate some chocolate and i feel just great this morning. What about our rapture party tonight? I feel like attending. I have to be in my Home office all day anyway.

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