The Watering Hole: May 28 – The Tri-State Tornado

The single most deadly Tornado storm system in US history hit the Tri-State area of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana on March 18,1925. More than 747 lives were lost to the system, 695 in a single ground track. 2298 injuries were also reported from this same storm system.

What could have happened in Joplin, Missouri was averted through modern construction techniques, an early (but short) warning, human daring, storm shelters (including refrigeration units) and a smaller affected population along the storm’s ground track.

Actually, the 2011 toll was greater from the April 26th to 28th out-break where more than 340 lives were lost compared to about 145 for the Joplin storm system, including those lost outside the primary area.

The total lives lost reflects on the fact that The United States’ preparations for severe storm systems are based on costs and priorities rather than human life. Approximately 800 people could be sheltered with the equivalent of what it costs to place a single pair of boots on the ground in Afghanistan

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