5 thoughts on “GOP SNAFU

  1. The Repugnant elephant dung heap are doing what they do best:
    bring the country to its knees attempting to destroy any safety-net, social program – but only while a Democrat is in the White House.
    Come election time they will shout, from the roof tops, or twitter page: see how ruinous having a Dem as President can be for this country.
    Begging voters to ‘trust them’ on bringing the country back from the brink they’ve sent it to.

  2. When Paul Ryan first introduced his “roadmap to America,” all the Republicans said “see? We’ve got a plan, there it is!” Now that the CBO has crunched the numbers on it, the entire GOP is officially on record as attempting to impoverish millions of Americans.

    Republicans do well with pure rhetoric; but once their “ideas” congeal into actual policies, they fail.

  3. elbruces–

    You are exactly right. That’s why they will avoid ANY specifics of anything while running for office. The minute they start putting a plan into action, it goes badly for the country.

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