Sunday Roast: Pyramids Found?

BBC News

More than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements were also revealed by looking at infra-red images which show up underground buildings.

Initial excavations have already confirmed some of the findings, including two suspected pyramids.

Science is so cool.  Why would anyone reject it?  They put satellites in space above the Earth, and by using infra-red imaging, they found evidence of an entire city that was no longer visible to us — including at least two pyramids!

How does that work anyway?

Ancient Egyptians built their houses and structures out of mud brick, which is much denser than the soil that surrounds it, so the shapes of houses, temples and tombs can be seen.

Just imagine the possibilities for future archaeological projects, or examining a site before a road or building is built on it.  I wonder if they can  help me find my keys…?

[Dr Parcak] also hopes the new technology will help engage young people in science and will be a major help for archaeologists around the world.

“It allows us to be more focused and selective in the work we do. Faced with a massive site, you don’t know where to start.

Like I said, science is cool.  If you don’t think so, I think you need your head examined…with science.

Here’s a radar image of the Sahara, showing the riverbeds under the sand:

For more radar imagery, go here.

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103 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Pyramids Found?

  1. I’m starting to think that if a people go to extraordinary lengths to bury their dead so that future generations can’t f**k with it, then maybe we should’t f**k with it, even if we can. Just out of respect.

  2. I don’t know, elbruces. I’m not sure if keeping future generations from messing with their stuff was their intent. I think they put all that stuff in the tombs because they believed the dead pharaohs would take it with them to the afterlife. In fact, I believe they even killed a bunch of slaves so they (the dead servants) could serve the pharaoh in the afterlife. (Didn’t the ancient Egyptians treat their pharaohs as gods?) Since the treasures did not go into the spirit world but stayed behind in our world instead, then we get to keep them. 😉

  3. I agree with both elbruces and Wayne here; my caveat is that we need to be respectful of the remains and intent (or our perceived intent) of these finds.

    I also have much more to say about pyramids … after my morning cup … 😉

    Great post, Z … Science is cool!

  4. So many tombs were robbed so long ago, it would be invaluable if the archaeologists got there first, for a change.

    Today’s my favorite day of the year. Monaco, then Indy, and the ‘World 600’ at Charlotte* to wrap up the day. Today is the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500. The 1911 winning car will make two parade laps in pre-race ceremonies.
    (*Nascar has to call it the Coca Cola 600 at Lowes Motor Speedway, I don’t!)

    I say this is my favorite day, because I can’t really enjoy the Alabama-Auburn game until Alabama has it won.

    I’m going to go get a biscuit.

  5. There is alsmost no mention or coverage of the Indy down here in NASCAR land.
    I’m watching the Monaco pre-race on speed network but that’s about it for race coverage in part of the world.
    They play down the Indy race here in the South (if I recall correctly) due to some issues in the past when they tried run Indy cars at the Daytona track and everyones knickers got in a twist.

  6. Vinyl, Indycars can’t run on large, high-banked tracks like Daytona and Talladega. CART (same type cars) had to cancel a race at Texas in 2001 because, on 24 degree banking for sustained periods, the drivers’ blood would pool in their legs, and cause dizziness. Daytona is 30 degrees, and Talladega is 33 degrees. The G forces, and the length of the corners in combination are more than the drivers can handle. They can run a few laps, but then they have to stop and recover.
    The Indycars race at Texas now, but they are a little slower than the old turbocharged CART cars, and the rules require an aero package that increases drag enough to make the drivers safe. They still exceed 210 miles an hour per lap, but CART was well over 230 when they qualified before the race was cancelled.
    There’s also the crowd safety to be considered, which is why the Nascar cars run the restrictor plates to keep the speeds low enough that the cars don’t fly into the stands the way Bobby Allison almost did in 1987 at Talladega.

  7. Restrictor plate racing is an issue with me.
    In a sport where NO ONE!
    NO ONE uses… what are those things called c a r b u r e t o r s ?
    I think I spelled that right.

    Have everyone change oover to fuel injection and regulate the fuel injection.
    Racing is supposed to improve the breed not keep in the shallow end of the pool.
    Efficiency would improve and there would be fewer pit stops.
    Lap times could improve with more time spent on the track instead of in the pit.

  8. (On my way to work, back there on Rapture Day, I was driving by this dinky little strip mall church and there was a sudden vortex…. found myself in a long line of nekkid weeping folks, shivering above the clouds. Lots of squabbling as people tried to cut in line.
    As I had guessed, St. Peter was on sick leave, and I finally found myself facing this sad weary figure in a brown robe….)

    Hi, I’m Raven!
    Yes, we’re up to 149 Ravens so far…
    Who are you?
    St. Francis.
    How did you get this gig?
    Oh, I had it easy back down there, only having to deal with animals and birds. Ol’ what’s his beard thought I needed to toughen up a bit.
    Is this going to take long?
    Probably, the intertubes are slow this morning, it may take awhile to bring you up…
    Can I ask you a few questions while we’re waiting?
    Sure, Just don’t start making up a lot of excuses for yourself…
    Do we really all get mansions, harps and crowns?
    No, sorry, that’s a hugely misinterpreted bit of information. Everybody goes to work in the harp and crown factories, and building the mansions for the corporate overlords in the Orion system.
    Oh. What about the streets of gold?
    You’ll either go to work in the mines on Beta Grese 13, or on the paving projects in the Pleiades.
    Huh. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Not what I had heard.
    You heard exactly what you were supposed to hear. We had to invent print advertising, television, and reality shows to dumb you all down enough to buy into the whole scam…
    Hmmm, here you are, Raven, aka Zhaabodiwinimikamawa… why didn’t you tell me your real name to begin with?
    Oh, this funny little indigenous tradition I follow…
    Well, seems you’re here by mistake, you’re not done yet back on Earth, you’ll have to go back. Sorry for the mistake…
    Do I get paid for the last week I’ve spent here standing in line?
    Don’t push your luck, featherhead…
    Got it. Thanks man, I’ll drop into the cathedral and put a few flowers around your statue.
    Oh, cut that crap and just remember to fill the birdbath. Oh, and nice work preventing that hotshot firefighter from cutting down the big ponderosa pine with the purple martin colony in it…
    Thanks Frank! Later!

  9. When I was a lad of about 10 or 11 I went to a stock car race with my dad at the Minnesota State Fair. It was noisy, smelly, and the most boring thing I’d ever even imagined, to watch a bunch of beat up old cars going round and round and round and round and……. Haven’t watched an auto race in the nearly sixty years since, and still find watching the hands of the old clock hand-crafted atop one of my bookcases go round and round and …. to be more interesting than any auto race, not to mention far more quiet, far less polluting, and far less wasteful of fuel. Also, unlike NASCAR or Indy, there are never any Republicans, never any huge belt buckles, in my study.

    Oh, and after the stock car race we wandered the Midway. There we saw the “genuine” bullet-riddled bodies of Mussolini and his wife lying in glass-covered coffins, also a woman with scaly skin whom the barker claimed was a cross between a human and a serpent of some sort. We weren’t allowed to touch her, though. Of course, we weren’t allowed to touch the prize-winning bull in the farm and agricultural display area either.

    I’m still impressed with how much a lad can learn in just one lifetime visit to a State Fair!

  10. That’s funny Raven!

    Vinyl, they’re going to FI next year!

    I’m waiting for the same issues in Nascar that F1 have had for years regarding electronics!

  11. It doesn’t have to be electronic fuel injection for the type of power band and RPM they are operating at.
    Continuous flow, mechanical fuel injection would be a leap forward of monumental proportions.
    Besides, mechanicl fuel injection is very very reliable and they could add a mixture control that would allow them to adjust fuel air ratio to control CHT’s and EGT’s.
    They could lean out the engine and extend range.
    It should at least be a factory available fuel injection system.
    There will be lots of teething pains I’m sure but at least that will get them into this century.

  12. There is something upside down and backwards with the Centennial of the Indy 500 being sponsored by HONDA.

    I have a problem with any engine manufacturer that doesn’t offer a product with more than 500 cubic inches.

  13. Ah, what will future archeologists find when they shift through our trash dumps? Mostly black and white plastic filled with more plastic of varying colors and then there will be plastic that carries the remains of human feces and urine. After fecal analysis, they will discover that our diet consisted of pureed vegetables and fruits 😉 . Great post, Zooey.

  14. I found a radar image of the Sahara and updated the post with it, since I couldn’t include the image in the comments section. Hope you all don’t mind.

  15. Well TtT called it right on my old dog. He had to be put down this morning. As he continued to worsen since being diagnosed with pancreatitis last week I took him back and the vet did more blood work since his heart appeared to be in bad shape as well. It turned out that his kidney’s had failed in addition to the pancreatitis and his heart was failing. In a way I consider it a blessing that he hadn’t suffered long and that I didn’t have to second guess myself because he had clearly been in distress last night. It is always hard to know what the right thing to do is. If you put them down you think you shouldn’t have and if you don’t you think you made them suffer.

  16. House, back in 76 the ship I was on was in port in Toulon on this very week end so a few of us hopped the train over to Monte Carlo on the day before the race. We got to see the streets being prepared for the race and to walk through the ‘pits’ and look at many of the cars.

    We also found out there were only two ways to get off the train the next day. Either one had to be a resident of Monaco or have a race ticket.

  17. Shayne — sorry to hear about your four legged friend. I wish you peace to grieve. Remember that your love for each other endures.

  18. Shayne, on behalf of Jane and myself, you have our deepest sympathies. These things are never easy, but at least you can know that he is not suffering anymore. Many, many {{{{hugs}}}} to you.

  19. (globally) Even child health is under attack. UNFPA works, for example, to reduce child marriage and eliminate female genital mutilation. But extremists now controlling the House killed legislation aimed at reducing child marriage using existing resources, so their real intentions are clear.

    Through blind obedience the elephant dung heap grows.
    How can they not be forward thinking, seeing the hardship they cause to be visited on others?

  20. Today’s comments come via a newly-LinuxOS laptop. With encouragement and advice from Pete, I finally got the installation working properly. The weird thing is that my earlier efforts had apparently resulted in the death of my laptop; I couldn’t get it to boot up at all, much less with a menu that offered me Windows or Linux. Determined to reinstall and start from scratch, I was ready to boot via the livecd, but the laptop beat me to the punch and offered the boot menu. Apparently, the laptop just needed a few weeks to think about it before deciding not to die.

  21. Northern Two Lined Salamander lays but 15 to 100 eggs attached to the underside of rocks along the edges of the stream…

    • Grifters steal thunder from Vets. Tone deaf anyone?

      During an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, [Ted] Shpak seemed particularly miffed that Palin was planning on attending the rally and made the point that she wasn’t invited. Rolling Thunder does not endorse candidates and seemed annoyed that his cell phone would not stop ringing since this news broke.

      So she didn’t do it because she was invited, she did for the attention. I’m shocked!!!

  22. I do not know if the Northern Two Lined Salamander is endangered now, but there was an old mill pond in Towson where they congregated by the seeming millions during the spring and the larvae would appear a few weeks later and make the water shimmer at times. You could relax by that pond and fish for small sunfish until the end of July and not have to worry about skeeters. After that, the salamanders or newts had either gone over the dam or had been eaten by the fish.

    That was in the late 40’s and early 50’s.

  23. Walt, if memory serves me correctly, the species is one of “least concern” as far as the endangered list goes. I, for one, am concerned about every living thing as one “tugs on another” in this interconnected web that we call life. I have fond memories of those salamanders … one in particular included trying to resuscitate one found motionless in out pool …

  24. Very sorry to hear of the loss of your old friend, Shayne. I know what it’s like to say goodbye that way. It took a little digging, but I finally managed to locate an old personal journal from April of 2002 and in it a few scribblings I wrote shortly after I had to have my little dog Nikki euthanized (due to complications of old age).

    I’m reminded of [Barry Holstun] Lopez in “Of Wolves and Men” when he discusses his notions that wolves and caribou, for example, communicate via stare, and that they can each, in effect, ‘read’ the intentions of the other in the eyes. . . . I do have a suspicion that animals CAN ‘read’ the eyes of another. When I sent Nikki off to be euthanized, her last glance at me was very peaceful; there was no fear, no worry, almost a quiet resolve that soon everything would be ok. . . . It was a heart-wrenching time, but I had a feeling that Nikki “knew” something I did not know, and that she “told” me that there does, indeed, exist — in perhaps an unknown, likely unknowable, dimension — a place of gentleness of spirit. I think she “told” me that . . .

    Amazing what animals can ‘tell us’ when we take the time to ‘listen’ to them.

  25. frugal, I suspect that the ones who fail to ‘know’ in the relationship between humans and animals are the humans. Call it arrogance when humans hold the idea that animals don’t have a soul. Anyone who has dealt with animals on a personal basis and has a soul would never make such a stupid claim.

  26. Shayne, my condolences.

    Ebb, ‘evangelical christains’ don’t care about the sufferings of the unchurched, as they are not part of ‘god’s chosen’ they are doomed to suffer ‘god’s wrath’ anyway.

    I zoomed in on Palin’s palm notes…I believe she has written on her hand:

    breathe in….breathe out….breathe in….breathe out…..

  27. those who study animal shamanism believe animals communicate to us in many ways…and that the earth/universe communicates to us through animals. That was how the native tribes survived the tsunami in the Indian Ocean that killed a quarter of a million more civilized people, those several years ago.

    I have seen…interesting portents from our animal friends at times.

  28. Thanks you all for your kind thoughts. Many dog people who met him said he was the best little Jack Russell terrier ever. All that really means is that he wasn’t satanic like the rest of them. But he was really an awesome little guy. That being said one terrier in a lifetime is enough for me.

  29. Anyone want to bet $arah has her name stenciled on her undies? Given her ideas, it would be in really small letters since she prolly has really small undies. 😉

  30. Shayne, my favorite dog in my whole life was a Cairn Terrier my daughter and ex gf actually stole. He was the bestest buddy I ever had and I was so totally pissed when he had to be returned to his rightful owner.

  31. BnF, National Geographic has an awesome special called “And Man Created Dog” I believe that they replay occasionally. Maybe it’s available online. Anyway at one point they say that it is highly possible that early man befriending wolves might have helped us survive as a warning and a warming system. They make the point at the end how criminal it is that after humans used dogs in so many ways to make our lives easier through their willingness to work for us that so many of them suffer in the streets.

  32. Shayne, why does she write on her hands? Trying to apply reason and logic to anything she does is something of a silly game.

  33. Toto was a cairn terrier wasn’t he hooda? That must have been really difficult for you. I can’t even imagine. Fortunate I got Riley a year ago or I’d be an even bigger mess. He took the loss of our cat really hard, he was a big fan. I can’t say whether he know Sparky isn’t coming back at all but he seem distressed when he didn’t come back today with us. They know so much more than we give them credit for.

  34. hooda, somebody else probably writes it and if she gets lost she shows the person next to her her hand? 👿

  35. Shayne, I really feel for you. I know how hard it is to watch an old and dear friend slip away. Even if you have another. I’m sure Riley is noticing his old buddy isn’t there and it will be a while before everyone accepts that.

  36. One thing is that no dog ever replaces another dog. But they all have something really lovable about them. I wish we could say the same thing for all the people we meet.

  37. Shayne, we can. Every time we lose a human friend, another tends to come along. For some reason, we tend to be more open to the dogs and cats in out lives.

  38. Just different. Pets impact our lives on a daily basis and tend to last about ten years. Friends can either be around for a year or two or for all our lives but not always having the impact on our daily lives. Hard to decide.

  39. Now you got me thinking. I’ve had many friends in my life, some very close, and they have gone off on their own tangents. I really don’t know if they are still alive. Yet I have had animal friends (dogs since I’m not a cat person) who have been part of my daily life for years. And when they leave, it is incredibly painful. Yet when a friend moves away, that is an acceptable part of life. Things that make you say hmmmm.

  40. I’m pretty bad hooda in that at times in my life I had friends that I would find it difficult to get along with now.

  41. “Anyone want to bet $arah has her name stenciled on her undies? ” ~ Hooda

    Ya know…I really don’t want to have any kind of mental image of Palin’s undies!


  42. I touched base with some college classmates in East Texas and the drought conditions are severe there. What had been lush lawns there are fields of brown. The Piney Woods are like tinder.

    One pal said that he had not seen rain since late last year. Another said that tap water from the reservoirs was so hard that it was undrinkable and that a shower or bath left one with the sense of being unwashed.

  43. Hell of a day of racin’!
    A red flag and a restart at Monaco.
    The leader wrecked on the last corner at Indy.
    The leader ran out of gas on the last corner at Charlotte!

  44. Hildebrand let ego step ahead of common sense at Indy. If he had not tried to lap Kimball, he would have sailed into victory lane. Sheer stupidity!

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