392 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: May 31 – Big Ben

  1. Walt, you have a typo in the title.

    TP is now tied in with Facebook somehow. You should be at the new main page with the old URL.

  2. Now the TP header is up with ‘No Posts Found’ underneath. But you can get to some posts via links on the topics and under the pictures.

  3. Is the only way to coment at Think Progress through Facebook?
    I am very wary of facebook.
    I’d like to use the old system, but it doesn’t appear that I can.

  4. It’s not the ‘easy, lean, mean’ new TP – not that easy to ‘wander about’.

    Marie – it says AOL; Yahoo and something else, I don’t seem to get back to the home page to re-read that.

  5. Marie, that appears to be the only option. I had a Facebook account already, but it was going to use my real name on TP. I’m not having some redneck vandalize my house because he didn’t like what I said on there. I tried to change the name, but it wouldn’t let me. I got Comcast to create me a new e-mail, then created a login under that at Facebook, as Houseof Roberts, and it seems to work, but I put up a comment that disappears when I log out of Facebook. I cleared my cookies and history, and now TP wants me to use the first Facebook ID, the one with my real name.

  6. …you may use Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail email accounts to log in. You can enable this and other login providers via the “Settings” link on the Comments Box. The new system will allow you to easily share your comments with your friends on Facebook, if you choose to do so.

  7. houseofroberts — that’s exactly what I fear and why I do not want to use facebook.
    I have the same situation as you — I was going to try what you already tried and found yourself going in a circle.
    Why does Think Progress do these things to us? Disqus was horrible at first until I switched browsers.
    Now we have this condition and I don’t want my real name out there; I am very, very selective of who are my “friends”on facebook because I don’t trust it, and I rarely use it.
    I set it up for family members out of state.

  8. All I get is the “TP 3.0 is coming” screen.

    I don’t use Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail and have no intention of doing so. Does that mean TP and I are parting company, effective today?

    Oh, and what the heck is a “login provider”? Is that Greek Nouveau for any email ISP?

  9. I’m not seeing a Settings link on the comment box. When I’m logged out, and type anything in the box and hit comment, I get a redirect to a facebook login dialogue box.

  10. Frugal, I can’t click the ‘home’ button without it going to the ‘teaser’ “TP3.o is coming” screen.
    I must go all the way out and put in the url to TP.

    It’s certainly not very ‘user friendly’.

  11. Marie, you can delete your own comment. Put your cursor on your comment, and an X appears on the right. On other’s comments, that’s the report button.

  12. Frugal your link in the comment works for me. You need to clear your cookies and browsing history and try again.

  13. Frugal, I had Google Think Progress then click to get to the ‘new and improved’.

    Try this see if it’ll take you beyond that obnoxious ‘teaser page’.

  14. I’m not liking it at all. 😦

    Created a dummy facebook page. But can’t really control how the name appears (zxbe is too short, and you have to create a last name).

    Then on my first post on TP it showed my age. Really? Way to invade our privacy TP. Thank goodness for the delete comment button.

  15. Zxbe – on FB I’m Ebband Flow. So you can mess with that first and last name thing.
    If they have to expose everyone in order to ‘monitor’ trolls – they’ll not do.

  16. Zxbe, go to your facebook profile and there’s a place to fix the age thing. It will change without deleting the comment, I think.

    I didn’t get my name just right, it came out as Houseof Roberts, and I can’t get the Facebook system to let me edit it.

    I still think your comments all disappear if you log out of Facebook. We need to set up a test for that.

  17. I think no matter what you do it will link to your regular FB page. After what that girl had to put up with on Twitter regarding the fake Anthony Weiner insanity who needs that?

  18. Grrr — this is not a good way to start the week.
    Will all comments to TP be automtically posted on Facebook? I don’t want that.
    If I elimate some of the people who have ended up on my facebook account as “friends” or “friends of friends” will they know if I have deleted them? I don’t want to insult them — I just want to limit my exposure.
    I also would like to remove my last name, but I can’t — although I eliminated all other information.

  19. “TP 3.0 is coming May 31, 2011″

    I guess technically speaking they can roll out the new site at 11:59 pm then.

  20. Shayne,
    If only they would have hired a moderator instead of this circus act.
    I am afraid of hackers to facebook — didn’t we already learn of one or two on the old TP who were hacked through their facebook account?
    I want my anonymity on TP and I want my comments to appear at TP only!
    Will comments to TP automatically apper on facebook?

  21. There you have it. New & improved TP or Facebook Lite. I guess one way to get rid of trolls is to have everyone sign in as to who the really are. This will be very effective, at least from what I can see. And to shift the format to follow the tweenies and teenies when a great number of commenters are Boomers. Must have just wanted us to all feel young again.

    I’m thinking not worth the learning curve.

  22. Well, I think they’re going for the Arianna Huffington money. Sell out once they get big enough to really be a pain to the wealthy.

    Now, instead of one ‘tube’ to watch for all the posts, we have to switch back and forth a lot just to keep up with what’s fresh. Huffpost was ruined by that problem, too.

  23. Marie, at the bottom of your comment – you can unclick the box “post to Face Book”.

    It’s not a friendly new commenting system.

  24. Hummm…. not sure that I will be posting comments on the new TP site. It wants me to post with my Facebook name which is my real name along with my Facebook profile picture. If there is a way to get around this, let me know.

  25. I am getting the same results as frugal… I don’t have aol, hotmail, yahoo or use facebook either. I have no desire for people on facebook to know the real me. I live in a conservative state (AZ) and there can be repercussions. Who needs that?

  26. Ok, that blink took me to the new TP, thanks Frugal. But why doesn’t the old link direct you to the site. How did you discover this new link? Damnit, I want answers!

  27. On my Independent ad area first thing:

    “Tell Obama to stop betraying Israel. The 1967 borders are dangerous. Sign the petition.”

    – Michele Bachmann for Congress

    Meanwhile, the new Egyptian authorities think that opening the border to Gaza is a good popular move and have done so without Israel’s permission.

    I don’t think Obama or Bachmann will be having much say in what happens frankly.

  28. Look to the right of the title, Badmoodman, in the colored stripes, which are links to the separate pages for each.

  29. Maybe I’m behind the curve being on the left coast, but you HAVE to belong to Facebook to post on TP now?

  30. Morning all. I see I’m not the only one not happy with TP. I have purposely stayed away from Facebook and twitter. Now TP is basically forcing it on me if I want to comment. No thanks.

    I see the comments show where you work as well as your name or where you live or your age!!!! WTF

    Also, the sorting of comments defaults to Social Ranking!!???!! Really!

  31. Badmoodman, it says you can comment with a yahoo or AOL account by clicking on settings in the comment. I must be going blind (NOT from what you are thinking!) because I don’t see this button.

  32. Ebb told me to google Think Progress and select the new and improved link (something like that). I did, it worked.

    If I were in charge of google, I’d rename the link TP-FUBAR, after that old ancient acronym for ‘fucked up beyond all recognition.

    They’ve lost me as a customer for good unless they make some major changes. Poof, there go my (disqus) 2981 comments and 17616 ‘likes.’ 😯

  33. Dycker, I created a Facebook page for my screenname to get around those issues. I had to create a new e-mail account at Comcast this morning too.

  34. Frugal, KO uses Disqus on the Countdown site. He doesn’t post enough though. Raw Story uses Disqus.

  35. house, I’m contemplating doing that. I have a refuse email account I use for shit I don’t really want so I could use it. I’m going to lurk for the time being and see how it plays out.

  36. When they switched to Disqus I had almost zero problems. I must have the optimum setup for that, a regular PC with Windows 7, running Chrome. This seems to be more screwed up.

  37. They’ve got to increase the font size. Zooming the page doesn’t make it bigger. I can read The Zoo without my glasses. I can’t really read TP comments well with my glasses!

    • I just went and looked. What were they thinking? It looks terrible! It was very unprofessional looking, and confusing. Actually, I”m sorry. I shouldn’t be so judgmental.. I just expected it to look better, not worse.

  38. So did I, Frugal.

    I think TP actually created a time machine. The new site certainly will give me some more free time to do other things.

  39. It’s hard to tell if people commenting are new, because the names are different. Eventually we got past that last time.

  40. On their ‘Morning Briefing’ there are only 8 comments.
    That, most certainly, should give them a BIG hint it just isn’t working.

  41. Walt, I like to limit my ‘commenting’. I have made a few here at the Zoo over the years but my main commentarium (new word I just made up) was TP. I have been a reader of the Zoo since it’s inception. I think my new commentarium will be here at the Zoo. Not sure why I didn’t do this earlier, the Zoo is such a friendly place.

  42. We’ve all been very patient with TP when they made changes we didn’t like and refused to moderate the trolls. But this has gone to far. They definitely looking to get big money and the site feels like it’s been compromised like HuffPo already. I am drawing a line in the sand now. Fortunately Faiz is a FB friend so I can let him know there.

  43. No one likes change that much. I will admit that I am reserving judgment. I cannot find a “settings” button either…

    My daughter uses facebook using one of my email addresses and every time I click on “set up FB account” it sends me to her page. I don’t want her personal name out there.

    I’m not that tech challenged, but this is ridiculous!

  44. My accountant has already emailed me this morning and wants my portable Quickbooks file. She expects me to work so soon after a three day weekend. How dare she! 🙂

  45. LL, you’d have to get a new email address at Gmail or AOL or something and then start a new facebook under LibertyLover. I’m not sure the site is worth the effort anymore.

  46. What puzzles me is why the rush to juvenilize what should have been a web site where thinking adults might want to congregate and discuss issues? Not everyone out there is wondering ‘what college will really be like when I finally get there, and how different might it be from tenth grade?’

    Facebook? Really? Why?

    Maybe it would have been easier to simply limit comments to 140 characters or less. Appeal to today’s thought patterns and all. Such is the way of the world, seems like.

  47. Liberty Lover, I had to clear cookies and browsing history to switch Facebook IDs a while ago. Otherwise, I can’t find anyway to log out of Facebook.

  48. I can live with FB. It’s a good way to keep in touch with family you don’t really want to have to talk to. But Twitter sucks big time.

  49. Apparently the IT geeks at TP were so concerned about techiness they forgot two crucial components: user friendliness and intuitiveness.

    The new site plays like a beta rollout of a new Windows operating system.

  50. LL, I think I answered your question as you asked it! 😀
    Hope that works for you. If you have multiple users on one computer, I know there are different accounts, but I have no experience with them, because I’m the only one who uses this one. Maybe logging off one user and onto another works?

  51. Thanks Shayne and Zxbe! I just logged out, and go back to TP, and my comments are gone!

    Somebody go to the ‘Coming Tuesday: The New ThinkProgress’ thread and see if my comments are visible there. I had two.

    • TP is using your FB identities? Wow. Well, perhaps that will get people to behave better.. I’m sure they’ll find away around that one toot sweet.

  52. Oh and it took me much longer to get to that threat house than is should have. Too much trouble for and underachiever like me.

  53. Okay, I’m glad you’re seeing that too House. I was just noticing that on my own comments, and have been messing around with it for the last 10 minutes.

  54. House, log back in and let’s see if we can see your comments. I wonder if there’s some sort of waiting period after you create a new FB profile before the comments can be seen on other sites? An anti-troll measure?

  55. Shayne, I’ve logged back in and I can see my comments again. Please indulge me and look again, refresh if necessary. Thanks!

  56. Here’s a comment from the “launch” page:

    Jeff Johnson
    Just to let regulars know, I was angels81, and I hate using Facebook for this.
    4 · Like · Reply · 55 minutes ago

    Tells me all I need to know. Hope angels81 suffers no ill for having been forced to reveal that information before being allowed to post. Me, I don’t really care if others should find out my ‘real’ name, but I do stop short when it’s insisted I reveal it in order to simply make it known that I don’t care to always do so. Something like that.

  57. I just tried an experiment House. I think it confirms what we may be seeing. When you’re logged in under your new FB account, you can see your posts, but no one else can. I’m having the same thing with my new FB account as well.

    As an experiment, I also logged into my existing FB account, posted on TP, then logged out, and I can still see that post.

  58. Oh and it took me much longer to get to that threat house than is should have. Too much trouble for and underachiever like me.

    I’m with you there, Shayne.
    House I can’t even navigate to that thread.

  59. House I can’t even navigate to that thread.

    Ebb, that doesn’t make sense. I just go to the main page, TP dot org, the same old one, and scroll down to it. Then click on the comment symbol, to open the thread.

  60. I’m visible only to myself! I may have to delete both Facebook accounts and start over!
    Thanks Shayne!

  61. Hi All!

    It looks like the ’email login’ is just a means to enter one’s facebook account. Has TP decided that it doesn’t want or need to ‘old’ posters? Because there is no way I’m going to post using a real name and my place of work…

  62. House, I’m having the same symptom. I’m guessing it’s some sort of built-in waiting period after you create a FB account before others can see your posts.

  63. Wasn’t the New Coke fiasco used sneak high fructose corn syrup into original Coke? Or something like that.

  64. Don’t sugar coat it Outstanding, tell us how you really feel! 🙂 My question is how did a farm girl come up with that technical answer to the Jpeg question making the rest of us look bad?

  65. Quick question: What does “sort by Social Ranking” mean?


    I was born with blond hair and blue eyes. Does that mean I’m at the top of the social heap?

    My ponderous explorations of the Newtpee are rapidly slowing down.

  66. What’s with all the attention being paid to Sarah “The Quitter” Palin? It must be a slow news week if Palin is grabbing the headlines again. I refuse to spend time reading about her or cruising a website that has stories about her. I have better things to do with my time.

  67. Apparently this isn’t working yet:

    “We’re working to enable logging in and commenting through Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail, the options that currently work with Facebook connect. I’m eager for that to happen, and I’ll keep an eye on our progress.”

    Alyssa Rosenberg — culture blog /TP

  68. Hi Shayne! Hey, we’re the same age!

    I just sent Faiz this email via “contact us” at the bottom of the page:

    Faiz and Friends,

    Just wanted to let you know that, as much as I’ve enjoyed being a part of the TP community for the last several years, I will not be staying due to the privacy concerns of commenting using my real name. I’m not that desperate to post here.

    I’m really sorry to see that ThinkProgress has now limited itself to facebook members only. I thought that getting the Progressive message out to the widest possible audience was goal here.

    I wish you well, and you have my email address so please let me know if you change your policy. Now, off to TalkingPointsMemo, CrooksandLiars and HuffPo where I can continue to post using the name of my choosing.

    Best of luck,


  69. One of the guys on Stephanie Miller said this morning that every time he hears Sarah Palin speak he can feel his testicles in the back of his throat. Those bikers didn’t seem happy to have her there and they kept revving their bikes and talking while she was speaking. And she showed up without her bus on her bus tour. She probably flew there and rented a motorcycle. So why does the MSM she despises keep telling us about her.

  70. Shayne…farm girl is ex member of the military industrial complex.

    I’ll look at TP again in a week and see if it’s any better before I give up. Facebook is simply not an option for me.

  71. Well at least what I think about Sarah Palin – sorry for the Fox News strawman – ‘some people say’.

  72. “We’re working to enable logging in…”

    LL – shutting down for three days wasn’t enough time to work on totally f’g up?
    TP didn’t think to test run this before the failed unveiling?

  73. “Newtpee”

    Oh, now I get it, New t pee. I thought it was some sort of bizarre Newt Gingrich thing.

  74. Neutered TP. Anyhoo Outstanding I was really impressed with your answer not that I knew what you were talking about. Zooey and I are both technically challenged. Good thing we have Walt and Gummitch and RUC to explain things to us that we still don’t understand.

  75. “I Love That Smell Of The Emissions” — Sarah Palin

    Marie Diamond (ThinkProgress!) seizes on Palin’s perfect timing:

    “Ironically, the same day Palin professed her love of carbon emissions, the International Energy Agency issued a dramatic announcement on the same subject: greenhouse-gas emissions increased by a record amount last year to the highest carbon output in history. The watchdog group reported that despite the recession, global carbon emissions rebounded in 2010 to their worst levels ever. One IEA official warned that the startling new numbers should serve as “another wake-up call.”

    According to the IEA, a record 30.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide was released into the atmosphere last year, mainly from the burning of fossil fuels. In light of these shocking numbers, experts now fear that it will be impossible to prevent a temperature rise of more than 2 degrees Celsius — which scientists say is the threshold for potentially “dangerous climate change.”


  76. Just noticed that the “Comment” button on TP now has a “Comment Using” dropdown. Must be Facebook, AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail.

    I may just open a Hotmail for TP.

  77. Is it just me, or are comments now only allowed in the “Politics” section? None of the other sections seem to have a comment section, not that I’m even ABLE to comment…

  78. I just maxed out the security on both of these Facebook accounts. I found the option under that ‘Accounts’ tab. And I’m logged out of both. I’m going to give it 24 hours to see if anything starts working. If not, I’ll delete both accounts and start over. Maybe it’s a waiting period like Zxbe said.

    • Shit, I’m trying to use a hotmail account that doesn’t have my name attached to it, and it keeps flipping over to my facebook. I DON’T WANT TO USE MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!

  79. I feel like TP is a bad boyfriend I am so over.

    I feel like TP is a girlfriend that dumped me and then I found out she was a transsexual.

  80. I seem to have a found a reasonable solution to the TP mess. I created a hotmail account, set my name as Spencer Mom and logged in using the hotmail option. Since there is no facebook account attached to that email, it just displays my fake name and no photo.

  81. “badmoodman, TP is like a girl who wouldn’t go out with you and then gave your friend herpes.”

    Wait, that happened.

  82. What’s that vertical row of icons on the left side of the TP page for? They’ve already annoyed me to the point of no return, so that can’t be it.

    I’m seriously afraid I’m out of there for good. Looks too much like a kindergarten web class.

  83. Judd Legum · VP for Communications and New Media at Center for American Progress
    “Please bear with us as we work out some of the kinks.”

    Ya think? Three-day weekend, had four days to work on it. I said last week they’d roll this out on Tuesday and get the bugs fix the following Tuesday.

    Like I said, TP is the New Coca-Cola.

  84. Zooey, you have to be signed out of your FB account. Then use the drop down (next to comment at TP) and choose Hotmail.

    It’s not going to get any friendlier.

    Just like anything else that has been hyped to no end as ‘new and improved from top to bottom’.
    All that means is we’ve made it nearly impossible to use.

  85. Pentagon Will Respond to Cyber Attacks

    The Pentagon has concluded that “computer sabotage coming from another country can constitute an act of war, a finding that for the first time opens the door for the U.S. to respond using traditional military force,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

    Want to bomb any country? Accuse them of hacking and you’re all set! Who can prove they’re innocent?

  86. I tried to comment using my Yahoo account and it came up and asked if I wanted to sign in to Facebook via my Yahoo account. Good trick, I don’t have a Facebook account anymore.

  87. ArrrgggH! Doesn’t like safari either? I don’t know how much longer I am willing to fool with this mess.

    I set up yahoo account, but it doesn’t like me still.

  88. LL, well as OutstandingInMyField of course. How else could I get a bunch of cool people to refer to me as “outstanding”? 🙂

  89. I’ve tried a hotmail account too (created today) and it seems to be the same problem as a new FB account. No one can see my posts yet.

  90. TP used to let you set some preferences like “Oldest” post first or “Newest.” That seems to be gone. That is not an improvement.

  91. I can comment using a hotmail account, but as soon as I log back into facebook, commenting on TP goes back to my facebook account — without telling me.

    Sorry, it’s not worth it.

  92. zxbe, I set up my new hotmail account using GoogleChrome, a browser I never use so I guess the normal cookies weren’t there to redirect to anything.

  93. Well my poor doggy is so lonesome since I had to put down Sparky I’m thinking of getting him the German shorthair pointer my husband wanted to play with. Somebody save me from myself.

  94. I just sent a message via Contact Us that said I hope TP and Facebook have a lovely time together. I’m sure Facebook will be happy.

  95. LOL…a bunch of people on TP have their place of employment showing up with their names in the comments. Bust-ed

  96. TP used to let you set some preferences like “Oldest” post first or “Newest.”

    Next to ‘comment’ is a ‘down arrow’ click on it and it’ll bring up:

    Sort by:

    Social Ranking
    Reverse Chronological

  97. Zooey, if you don’t want that email still appearing on TP, you can remove your own comment. There is an “X” that will appear on the upper right of your comment if you mouse over it.

    • I saw that, Mom. I removed one comment that had connected with my facebook account.

      I just don’t know how to get my name to show up, rather than the email address.

  98. So much for anonymous posting…

    Although for the most part, I wouldn’t care if some people know my real name, but I am not worried about them, I am concerned about the crazy ones. I don’t trust the right wing or the Brietbarts/ O’Keefe’s of this world to not target people for their comments.

  99. Next to ‘comment’ is a ‘down arrow’ click on it and it’ll bring up:

    Maybe on YOUR computer, Ebb, but not mine. All I have is the ‘comment’ pulldown menu. Maybe because I can’t log ion I don’t see everything. TP is now a speakeasy.


  100. Zooey, I don’t think you can change your “name” once your hotmail account has been created. I just made my firstname “Spencers” and my lastname “Mom” so that’s the name that appears. If you didn’t add a name when you first created that hotmail account, maybe it defaults to your email address? I don’t know, I’ve never used hotmail.

  101. Bdmm, not the Comment using… (which appears to the right).

    Where it shows the number of comments (that appears above where comments begin on the thread):

    11 comments (there’s a down arrow here)

  102. hoodathunk, I do and it’s attached to my yahoo email which is why I can’t log in via yahoo because it automatically ties me into facebook.

  103. Hooda, I don’t have a facebook account. The nearest I’ll get to facebook is about 18 inches until my eye prescription changes.

  104. Odd because I tried to log in with my old Yahoo account (had it for some 15 years) and it won’t let me in to comment.

  105. A NOTE ON COMMENTING. | If you don’t wish to comment using your Facebook account, you can comment using an account on Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL. To access these options, however, you need to log out of your Facebook account first and then re-try posting a comment. You’ll see a drop-down menu for other log-in options. [Also, due to a glitch, you won’t be able to comment at all on this post or any other “News Flash.” This should be resolved soon.]/blockquote>

  106. Hello folks…I’m joining the big *sigh* over TP. I am another weirdo that does NOT do FB and I have no intention of doing it. It’s sad…what a great site but this new update is one big mess.

    I hope that my fav TP hero, Insidious Prophet will swing by here…I would miss his commentary.

  107. A NOTE ON COMMENTING. | If you don’t wish to comment using your Facebook account, you can comment using an account on Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL. To access these options, however, you need to log out of your Facebook account first and then re-try posting a comment.

    Ebb, I tried logging in with my AOL account but it defaulted to Facebook and wouldn’t accept AOL. I do not have a Facebook account and never have. TP needs an exterminator.

  108. Oh, this is nice…

    Emailed TP about not being able to log in via AOL. TP emailed me back:

    “No, that’s not right. You should spend a few minutes learning before you start whining. You can log in with Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL email addresses.”


  109. “…before you start whining”

    wow…nice way to make friends and attract more…with that attitude, they will drive off the old supporters/regulars.

    Makes me think of the nitwit that banned me from Huffington Post…she said that I had a “thing” against the Right and Palin…my response back, uh, damned correct!

    So…looks like I will have to continue on my old favs, The Political Carnival and Democratic Underground…and maybe my newest fave, here! 🙂

  110. I agree, you should forward the reply email directly to Faiz, badmoonman. But his inbox may be a wee bit backed up today!

  111. I replied thusly:

    Thanks for the snotty comment to a long time visitor to Think Progress. Your comment below has gone out to many current TP users and they aren’t the least bit impressed either with your customer service “skills.”

  112. I think they really should have something prominently displayed in the banner about Think Progress…as brought to you by Facebook.

    Every email login attempt I’ve made has been redirected to Facebook so it looks to me like TP is now a holy owned subsidiary.

  113. Hoodathunk, I don’t have a facebook account connect to my new hotmail address so it doesn’t go to facebook just, apparently, through the facebook messenger and logs you into TP.

    I just did as Zooey suggest, clicked “not you” and then clicked “add a comment”, selected hotmail, got the facebook pop-up and was able to log back in.

  114. I don’t know enough about this kinda stuff (okay, I know *nothing* about it!) but what did TP gain by partnering with facebook?

  115. I just unsubscribed from The Progress Report after skimming their daily offering. Hard to believe accused major funder *SOROS* (NOTE: I spelled the name backwards in order to preserve his privacy) would even sanction, much less allow/demand Facebook contamination.

    Now that TP has died, what am I going to do with all my free time, I wonder? I think I’ll write a book, maybe.

  116. Huffpo sold out to AOHell. TP embraced Facebook. We don’t have to worry about the government taking over the internet. It is selling itself out.

  117. Ok, Faiz replied to my email:

    “Thanks for the email. I apologize for the email below.

    You should be able to log in with yahoo, Hotmail, or aol addresses. The first thing you need to do is log out of facebook. Then, go back to TP and try to post a comment. You should see a drop-down menu for different options.”

    • • He doesn’t get it- -I’VE NEVER HAD A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, so what’s to log out of?

  118. Badmood, he is having a bit of culture shock in that he assumes everyone has a Facebook account. I used to until the second time everyone in my address book got emails from me about how I had found a great cheap source for woody drugs.

  119. OK. Was able to finally see my test comment after using firefox and logging into yahoo account. What a pain, though. Still can’t use Safari even though I cleaned my cache and deleted my cookies. Not sure what is up with that.

  120. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

    Sarah Palin made a dig at President Obama for saying Monday at Arlington National Cemetery that his “most solemn responsibility as president [is] to serve as commander in chief of one of the finest fighting forces in the world.”

    Answering a question about Memorial Day, Palin said, “This is the greatest fighting force in the world, the U.S. military. It’s not just one of the greatest fighting forces. And I sure hope our president recognizes that. We’re not just one of many. We are the best.”

    Here’s what Obama actually said:

    “It is my most solemn responsibility as President, to serve as Commander-in-Chief of one of the finest fighting forces the world has ever known.”

    Greg Sargent piles on Palin:

    “I didn’t think the right’s “American exceptionalism” attack on Obama could get any dumber, but Sarah Palin has now outdone them all. ”


  121. I have a co-worker who loves to drive a fixed up muscle car. He’ll come in on Monday’s and say things like “I burned a lot of carbon this weekend.” He’s a rightie, of course.

    What I never understand is it’s one thing to have a different point of view. It’s another to be a complete asshole about it.

  122. Hotmail looks like a bigger mess than creating a Facebook ID. What part of that wall of info becomes your screenname?

  123. Wow, posting using facebook is a huge privacy issue. There’s a TP troll (always referring to LIEberals) who is now openly Scot Holloway from Northwood University and with a few quick strokes of the keyboard, here’s way more information than I suspect he’d like to be sharing:


    Wonder if his clients know he’s a flametroll? I could call him on his cell phone and ask…

  124. I think it is time someone tell $arah that exhaust fumes are not conducive to human thought.

    I’m prepared to tell her that if she spends the night in her car in a closed garage with the engine running her intellect will be at its highest ever peak come morning. And I won’t be lying, either.

  125. …and day after day after day after, well, everyone here knows it…

    But the BFF (MSM) of the wacky right-types, just keep on promoting her…and never ever questioning her about her babble.

    It makes ME crazy.

  126. Zooey, I’m not on Facebook and I clicked on your TP icon and it took me to a Facebook page with all the comments? Is it supposed to do that?

    How the hell can all this digital information be stored and why should it?

  127. “FB is so easy to hack that my wife could do it and she is challenged by Notepad.”

    But I didn’t find this Scot character’s info from his facebook page, I simply googled his name and school, “linkedin” topped the list and showed his current place of employment and went to “contact details” and there he is at the top of the page.

    I didn’t do this because I have any interest in contacting him, or anyone else, but when I found how easy it was to connect dots just because someone used a real facebook name with a single piece of identifying information (school) it scared me into realizing I’d never use facebook to log into anything…

    • Shayne, I’m with you. It’s too frustrating to figure out, comments disappear if you log out of facebook, and I can’t trust it.

      I’ll read — if I can figure out how to navigate the stupid place — but I doubt I’ll comment much, if at all.

      Too bad, I’ve been with them since the beginning. *sniff*

  128. badmoodman asks “How the hell can all this digital information be stored…”

    The answer : Concatenation, once information is recorded somewhere just link to it.

    I’m pretty sure I learned that when studying COBOL back in the Dark Ages.

    Thanks badmoodman for that question that had an effect on something in my internal CPU that suffered from a viral infection a couple weeks ago. My computer had a virus also. Hopefully both have recovered.

    Butterflies are even looking sexy again! 🙂

  129. Cats r Flyfishn:
    “I refuse to mess with my Facebook account AND create another email account just so I may comment on TP. It isn’t worth the effort.”


  130. The structure of TP reminds me of HuffPo and I stopped commenting at HuffPo a long time ago. Perhaps I’ll return to Crooks and Liars and start looking at other sites. Lately, I’ve been finding interesting links to information on my Facebook home page.

  131. TtT – that link to the Sperm whale beaching was fascinating – the magnificent creature must have been ill – to be away from its pod. (or it was one of the old, old solo guys).
    The necropsy will be interesting – if they post that info.

  132. Some of these people on TP have photos of themselves for their icon/gravatar. I think that kinda weirds me out.

  133. WTF?


    Just read all of the comments here about TP/FB. Think Progress 3.0? New and improved? Okay…..? Really? For who? I may be naturally suspicious of the nature of Facebook, for one you are creating your own personal data base for others to see, hack or steal, impersonate or spy on. Piss off TP! And take all of the idiot trolls from the right wing idiot brigade with you.

    Now on a weird kind of note…Has anyone ever gotten the strange thought in the back of your mind, that no matter how much we may deny it, we are all slowly becoming more and more like sheep, dependent on this new information technology and social networking and in doing so we are creating our own data base for others to view…if needed, like being led to our own slaughter, but in a more enjoyable, more efficient way…at a cost.

    • Without sounding paranoid.. Just look at how much information about ourselves—our likes, dislikes, photos, who we are friends with, personal info and activities, thoughts and opinions, where we go, etc..— that we freely post each and every day. How easy is it to profile each and every one of us. They don’t have to work at spying on us, we freely give them all the information they would ever need to know. FaceBook has blown up into connecting absolutely EVERYTHING. I have to wonder if Mark Zuckerberg ever considered just how big this project would become, or how much power he would one day have (not even considering all the money involved)..

  134. The Paparazzi Candidate

    Brian Montopoli (CBS) is caught up in Palin’s cat-and-mouse strategy:

    “Since Palin and her team won’t share where the potential candidate is headed, reporters and producers have little choice but to simply stay close to Palin’s bus. This has resulted in scenes of the Palin bus tooling down the highway followed by a caravan of 10 or 15 vehicles – including a massive CNN bus – all trying to make sure they don’t lose sight of the Palin bus.

    It adds up to a dangerous situation, says CBS News Producer Ryan Corsaro. “I just hope to God that one of these young producers with a camera whose bosses are making them follow Sarah Palin as a potential Republican candidate don’t get in a car crash, because this is dangerous,” he said.’

    Montopoli also notes a classic Palinism (recorded in the above video found on YouTube):

    “Palin says she isn’t offering advance notice for the trip because “we don’t want to disrupt people on their trips and their vacations,” which is somewhat hard to fathom. (An unannounced trip, which doesn’t allow vacationers to plan for the disruption created by the potential candidate, her entourage and the press, would seem more disruptive than a scheduled trip.)”


    Steve Benen is getting fed up:

    “This might sound crazy, but if major media outlets feel like they’re being jerked around, and don’t like being treated “like paparazzi,” they could … I don’t know … go cover something else? Maybe the news organizations could get together, agree to send an intern with a cell-phone camera to follow the bus and serve as some kind of pool reporter, and end this madness?”


  135. I’m guessing Palin has another option that she’s more seriously considering. I think she’s moving to Arizona to establish residency so she can run for McCain’s Senate seat when he retires.

    This way she can keep raking in the dough for years and then have a cushy spot in the Senate.

  136. 4. She wants to tease out what a presidential campaign would look like for her and her family.

    To use a previously heard phrase in these environs, that’s a grotesque canard. *cough*

    See Piper at her side all through the above video? If Palin wants to guard her children’s privacy, as she says whenever anyone writes about them, why is she still putting them on display?

  137. Muse – every time we use an ATM/Credit Card to purchase anything – we’re tracked.
    Same with paying bills on line. Is your banking done on-line?

    AT&T charges a fee if you use paper (check or money order) to pay your bill.

  138. Zooey–I clicked on your comment upthread that was on TP, but didn’t go anywhere after I clicked on your name…

  139. badmoodman, do you think she’ll wait for McCain’s seat? Kyl already announced he’s retiring next year and JohnnyMac’s seat can be her fallback position if she doesn’t win.

    • *GAG* Chris Matthews was just gushing over The Rudy.

      I really hope Rudy runs. Really. I would LOVE to repost all the stuff I wrote about him when he was running before. Really!

  140. Whats next? Police having the right to break your door down if they think they smell marijuana…My God! I’m going to have to build an orderless/smokeless body chamber….Um…ah…I’m really not sure where that last comment came from?

  141. “Muse, y’all have a lot more about me here at The Zoo, than Facebook has. I only filled in the bare minimum to open the first account at FB. The one I started this morning has even less.

    I trust y’all at The Zoo.

  142. I hate to say this, but I’m in a weird place at the present moment, if you know what I mean?

    We came up with a lot of slogans connected to Bush and the government surveillance, torture, rendition, do we now have to worry about being “Manninged” during the Obama years?

    Homeland Security Agent: Hmmm…it says here in the Government’s data base we have shared online, that you are an internet dissident and a threat to the Corporatocracy. Quick!, stripe him of his rights as a citizen and put him in solitary confinement for 6 months, that ought to teach him!

  143. Report: U.S. May Treat Cyber Attacks As Acts Of War

    So if Ching-Chong and Ding-Dong are sitting in their garage in China, hacking into the DOD database, we’re gonna start bombing Peking? Pfffffffft.

  144. World Net Daily’s ‘Tea Party At Sea’ Alaska Cruise

    Just let them book it on Carnival Cruise Lines and they’ll all contract ecoli poisoning.

  145. No worries Zooey, the weight of all that cumulative stupidity may sink them.

    I’m not too worried about the CIA. It would not surprise me if the contractors they hire to monitor the internet proved to be no more competent than KBR’s electricians.

  146. Zooey
    May 31, 2011 2:53 pm

    Report: U.S. May Treat Cyber Attacks As Acts Of War
    *Raising hand from the back of the room*

    What if somebody wanted to really phuck with or destroy somebody’s life and had the technical knowledge and know how to remotely take over your computer, without you noticing and then launched cyber attacks at government sites, via your computer, with the ability to cover their tracks?

  147. Palin wants to work on her positions on immigration. She needs to be able to see Mexico from her house in order to do that. Maybe she’ll work on the ozone hole over Antarctica next.

  148. IP,
    If that happened a few days back, there would be no reason to recall Rick Scott in Florida, he would be but a wisp of grease in the wind.

  149. badmoodman permalink
    May 31, 2011 2:59 pm

    World Net Daily’s ‘Tea Party At Sea’ Alaska Cruise
    Suddenly have the TV theme song from The Love Boat, but the lyrics go:

    The dumb boat, right wing idiots taking a ride, the dumb boat, sink it to save all of mankind….”

  150. I’ve been out on the road all day and just dug through the comments here. Sorry, Faiz, I’m not logging in via Facebook because I don’t need one of those trolls showing up on my doorstep. And it’s not worth the effort to create a Hotmail account just to comment.

    I agree with NWMuse and whoever else commented on the blog’s appearance: it stinks.

  151. zxbe permalink
    May 31, 2011 3:03 pm

    Palin wants to work on her positions on immigration. She needs to be able to see Mexico from her house in order to do that. Maybe she’ll work on the ozone hole over Antarctica next.
    Palin: Antarctica is the third largest planet in our sonar system!

  152. I find the new TP unreadable as well. It seems to hurt my eyes, and even if you change to chronological sequencing of comments, it changes back to social ranking if you refresh. I’ll determine my own “social ranking” of commenters, thank-you very much. What does social ranking even mean, anyway?

    • Outstanding, I think TP has given people on facebook a higher ranking, and then it seems to give those of us who have commented on TP the longest an even higher ranking. Every time I leave it on “social ranking” my comments go to the top. I want it to stay on “chronological,” not change every time.

      I can’t even stand to look at the place anymore.

  153. Zooey
    May 31, 2011 3:18 pm

    Y’all don’t forget to check the front page — we’ve got actual posting going on!
    Okay, you lost me? Front page as in Home page??

    Actual posting going on? As in posting on different threads?

  154. badmoodman, I got through about one minute of that Palin video.

    If you like, I could manufacture show real homespun Sarah dialogue for ya also.

  155. Redesigning a website, like redesigning a logo or any other branding tool, needs to be done for a reason and “we need something different” is rarely a good reason. I have no idea what Faiz thought they were fixing, and there’s nothing about the result to answer the question.

  156. Every time I leave it on “social ranking” my comments go to the top.

    So now TP comments have preferences like a Google search. WTF?

    “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle” — George Orwell

  157. “Y’all don’t forget to check the front page — we’ve got actual posting going on!”

    You do indeed! Cool!

  158. gummitch, I’m guessing they are in the big time now and think they need to get hip and become part of the social network craze. Their files will be in the data base under: Possible Dissidents//Think_Progress//FaceBook//EyeInTheSky//PatriotAct//

  159. badmoodman
    May 31, 2011 3:30 pm

    “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle” — George Orwell
    Stop it, you are frightening me! 😉

  160. insidiousprophet:

    Palin: Antarctica is the third largest planet in our sonar system!

    Of course that’s after she’s asked the question “What is Antarctica” and she shifts uncomfortably in her seat. There’s a long, awkward pause. She asks “In what context do you mean” just to stall for time. She glances at both palms to see if she’s written down the answer…

  161. IP,
    We are posting beyond just the daily open posts. The daily posts are always stuck to the first position.

  162. Zooey,
    Can you tell me please how to escape from getting emails every time someone replies to this post at the Zoo?
    I thought I was clicking on replies to my own post, but after a couple hundred emails, I would like to stop that.
    Will they eventually go away when a new open thread is posted?

    Thanks for being there for us frustrated TP users.
    I have been in contact with Faiz this afternoon, but his suggestions are not satisfactory.

  163. Hi, Marie. 🙂

    Have you tried un-clicking the box next to the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” box?

    If that doesn’t work, I’ll see if I can turn off the option. Sorry about all the emails!

  164. Zooey, when you go back to read comments, comments that you authored appear at the top of the list (perhaps so you can see who replied? I don’t know…)

    I deleted my comments from today. I just don’t want TP to think that everything’s just peachy because I figured out how to use a shell hotmail account.

    CheeseFlap, so glad I can read your Haiku here!

  165. Wasn’t it nice to learn that it was Obama and his cabinet who were against any Civilian’s Conservation Corp type of program from the very beginning?

  166. Zooey, when you go back to the threads where you’ve commented, your original comments (not replies) appear at the top of the list that you see.

    I just deleted my stuff from today over at TP – no reason for them to think that just because I rigged up a shell hotmail account that everything’s just peachy.

    Thanks for the day’s Haiku, CheeseFlap! Always a joy to read.

  167. oops, sorry about the double, the first one didn’t appear and I thought it got sucked into one of the intertubes…

  168. CheeseFlap
    May 31, 2011 3:34 pm

    New TP design
    Needs more flashing spinny things;
    Seizure coming on
    Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful!

    LOL! I thought I was beginning to feel weird after attempting New Improved 3.0.

  169. Zooey, You’re a peach! Thanks.
    Unfortunately there is only one option available. This morning there were two options and I chose one that I thought would email only replies to me directly ( I knew the knowledgeable people here would have suggestions) I just didn’t think I would get every post to this thread in my email box.
    My mistake — thanks for being there.

    • Marie, I un-clicked a box in the settings. Hopefully that will fix the problem. If it doesn’t, let us know, and maybe we can move everyone to another post!

  170. nwmuse permalink*
    May 31, 2011 2:33 pm

    Without sounding paranoid.. Just look at how much information about ourselves—
    Here is what Julian Assange had to say about FaceBook:

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says Facebook is in cahoots with the US government, working as a spy. Is the pot calling the kettle black? “Facebook in particular is the most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented … Everyone should understand that when they add their friends to Facebook, they are doing free work for United States intelligence agencies in building this database for them.

    A writer for ZDNet says even though Assange might not have cables or documents to back up his story, the guy might be on to something. “We already know that the USA PATRIOT Act can be used, without necessarily the need of a court order or search warrant, to access the data held by a US company… However, this can also apply to non-US datacenters and offices which are wholly owned and operated by US organizations … though I don’t necessarily agree nor can confirm all of his suspicions, there is sufficient evidence to at least support many of his claims.” In his RT interview, Assange also said Facebook succumbs …

  171. It’s weird getting used to there not being a reply button here but all and all I like “The Zoo”.

    I hope many of the regulars from TP end up here!

    PS: Zooey are you secretly being financed by George Soros? 😉

  172. We are? Damn, I want my check!

    As I recall, we do have the option of the reply button but we haven’t used it–or we tried it and didn’t like it. But perhaps we should try it again.

  173. Outstanding,

    Zooey, have I had an effect on your use of language?

    I’ve been here a lot longer than you have. I don’t just say y’all, I say all y’all, too. 😀

    • Heh, I missed that comment, House. 🙂

      I picked up “y’all” and “all y’all” when I started teasing my niece and nephew about being Texans. It slips out now and then. 😉

  174. Is Ed Schultz really serving a suspension, or just taking a few days off for the holiday? He didn’t have a show Friday anyway, and same thing last night. O’Donnell is off tonight, with Chris Hayes standing in. He isn’t really missing many shows for this week.

  175. Front page of the nyt.com has a photo of Trump and Palin on the street amid a throng of people and next to Palin is her campaign prop of a daughter, Piper.

    But please, we must show deference to Queen Esther in all matters especially in never mentioning family.

    • Don’t you just love that, badmoodman?

      Palin struts around with her handy dandy Kid Shield ™, but woe to anyone who even lays an eye on her. It’s certainly rich that she says she’s considering how a presidential run might affect her family — since she accepted the VP nomination knowing full well her oldest girl was knocked up. Way to protect the family, Quitter.

  176. Facebook is closing in on 700 million users worldwide, particularly because of strong growth in Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Argentina, and partnering with progressive politics website ThinkProgress.org according a site that specializes in statistics on the social networking giant.

  177. I didn’t know about L O’D having jury duty. I rarely make it to his show, and in three weeks, it won’t matter anyway. Thanks for the info!

    Ebb, 5 million of the those facebook users materialized today, with TP commenters trying to be able to comment.

    41,000 daily visitors under the old system. I doubt they gained any today.

  178. Zooey — you are wonderful.
    Whatever you did worked well — I am indebted to you fir your help in this and at other times when you have been helpful.
    Thank you. I will struggle along with TP, but they are losing the regulars with theirn ew system and if they don’t change it, I don’t think it will be the same.
    Too bad — since I have been there since their inception.

  179. Via LGF:

    Talking to Greta Van Susteren of Fox News (the only reporter allowed on her bus) Sarah Palin explained the “reasoning” behind the tour: “It’s not about me.”

    “It’s not a publicity seeking tour. It’s about highlighting the great things about America.”

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