Standards? What standards..

From the BBC today:

Golan: Israel troops fire on pro-Palestinian protesters


Israeli soldiers have opened fired on pro-Palestinian protesters in Syria as they marched on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Israel had vowed to prevent a repeat of a similar march last month, in which hundreds of people had managed to breach the border fence.

Unconfirmed reports on Syrian state TV said 14 people had been killed and more than 200 wounded.

The protesters were marking the 44th anniversary of the 1967 Mid-East war.

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Jeff Danziger
, Syndicated Political Cartoonist

4 thoughts on “Standards? What standards..

  1. It is morally wrong to answer rocks with bullets. If Israel doesn’t want to appear to be committing mass murder, then their IDF should stand at the border and throw rocks back. It’s known in diplomacy (something about which they need to learn some things) as “a proportional response.” Israel too often answers with deadly force, and it is almost never justified.

  2. The cartoon says it all! Democracy good, everything else evil. So when democracies commit acts of genocide it is okay. See how that works.

    The cartoon reminded me the incident that happened during Netanyahu’s recent speech to the US congress, who fell all over themselves to cheer Israeli genocide by democracy. At one point a young American Jewish woman stood up to voice her displeasure with Israeli policies towards Palestine and she was mugged and taken to the ground, to which Netanyahu replied, “only in a democracy can you freely voice your opposition.”

    The young woman was on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodwin last week and she and many other younger American Jews along with the younger generation of Israelis are tired of the goon within their government.

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