Republicans Who Hate Women

Today on Meet The Press, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum tried, once again, to prove he’s the furthest one out on the right when it comes to abortion. Ignoring both constitutional precedent as well as common sense logic, Santorum made the claim that human life begins at conception and that any doctor who performs an abortion should face criminal charges. He stated that the woman involved should face no charges, but offered no explanation for this contradiction. And it is a contradiction because no doctor can perform an abortion without a woman being involved. (Unless we’re talking about test tube babies, but that would complicate things beyond the ability of people like Santorum to understand.)

Santorum has a history of getting facts wrong in support of his ill-conceived position on abortion. In a debate with Sen. Bob Casey during his last run for his Senate seat in 2006 (Casey won), Santorum said using the so-called “morning-after pill” is the exact same thing as abortion if it is taken “after the egg has been fertilized.” This is wrong because conception actually takes several days and the morning-after pill won’t work if the woman is already pregnant.

Santorum is also forgetting Justice Clarence Thomas’ famous confirmation hearings in which Sen. Patrick Leahy asked the nominee, “Does a fetus have rights under the Constitution.” After giving it a few seconds’ thought, Thomas correctly answered, “No.” The Constitution applies to persons who are actually born, and no amount of stretching what it says can lead one to believe it applies to people who haven’t been born yet. (For example, of what nation would a person who hasn’t been born yet be a citizen?)

One also has to question how someone can call themselves “pro-life” and still support the use of capital punishment. There is no consistency in this line of thinking, so their constant assault on a woman’s right to choose can only be construed as anti-women.

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5 thoughts on “Republicans Who Hate Women

  1. Pithy post, Wayne

    Who are you going to sue for the death of your son Gabriel, Ricky? God, or your wife for having an inadequate womb and placenta?

    • The title could have been even pithier: Republicans Hate Women.

      Wonder when they’ll start doing pre-marital exams of proposed brides to make sure that the women will be good, healthy broodmares? When do the tiny little cameras get installed in every woman’s uterus?

      I’ll say it again: for a bunch of people who purportedly think that the government currently interferes too much in peoples’ lives, they sure do want to impose a whole shitload of regulations on women’s bodies.

    • Sorry, lass, but no matter how they phrase their proposed/passed legislation regarding abortions, miscarriages, etc.,, even if they’re not exactly ‘going there’ in their own minds, this is precisely what it amounts to. How else could they enforce the type of legislation they propose?

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