The GOP debate, or as we like to call it, the Klusterphucky Derby

In lieu of a drinking game during tonight’s GOP “debate,” which would be highly dangerous and irresponsible, TheZoo is hosting our version of a pub quiz.  The following items are weighing heavily on our minds and this “debate” comes at the perfect time to help us get the answers we need.  Also, feel free to live-blog the “debate” as long as you can stand it.

Who will be the first to

  • Spit foam from their mouth?
  • Turn their head a full 360°?
  • Speak in tongues?
  • Condemn the other candidates to Hell?
  • Speak the name Sarah Palin?  Anyone…?
  • Use President Obama’s middle name?
  • To say Osama instead of Obama?
  • Call Obama a terrorist?
  • Use the word “Obamacare?”
  • Lie about jobs figures/failed stimulus?
  • Call the President the worst president in history?
  • Claim tax cuts create jobs/increase revenue?
  • Say “Reagan cut taxes?”
  • Claim “We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem?”
  • Make a crack about birth certificates?
  • Make a Weiner joke?
  • Make a Trump joke?
  • Claim that ours is a “Christian nation?”
  • Lie about the intent of the Founding Fathers?
  • Invoke God?
  • Blame Obama for the Bush recession?
  • Blame progressives/liberals for all problems in America?
  • Use the word “crazy” in reference to one of the other candidates?
  • Say “Actually, I am a Qook from the planet Zog, and I have taken human form – here’s my birth certificate!

Questions we’d like answered

  • Would you knowingly hire any gay people to work for you?  Muslims?
  • Does this look infected?
  • Do you support Man-Dog marriage?
  • Could you open this jar for me?
  • Do atheists have rights under the Constitution?
  • Will you choose an imaginary friend as your running mate?
  • Will you admit, on this stage tonight, that the movie Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 sucked out loud?
  • Hey sailor, new in town?


  • Bonus points for beginning a response with “The American people want/don’t want…”
  • First round of pearl-clutching – Shelley or Newt?
  • Who won the bigotry competition?
  • Who is the most likely to cut taxes?
  • Who could flip-flop better than a flounder?
  • Best at stroking pearls?
  • Biggest/gaudiest flag pin?
  • Biggest/gaudiest cross?
  • Carrying Bible?  Packing heat?

Final round…for the Grand Prize!  Which candidate was

  • Dumb
  • Dumber
  • Dumbest

463 thoughts on “The GOP debate, or as we like to call it, the Klusterphucky Derby

  1. Thanks to all the Critters and Zoosters for their great ideas and inspiration, and special thanks to Critter Jane for the title of this post. 🙂

  2. I would like to state for the record that if any of the 7 idiots presently debating in hopes of becoming a candidate for the Presidency of the United States actually believe they are qualified to serve, the US should study yoga so it won’t hurt so much when we have to kiss our ass good bye.

  3. In addition to our national problem where the skills needed to run for federal office are different from the skills needed to govern effectively once there, we also have the added problem that, in both major parties, the things you have to say to get your party’s nomination are usually the things you would never want to say if you wanted to win the general election.

    In other words, to win your party’s nomination, you have to go on record saying things that would cost you the general election. Or you have to say you were drunk when you said them or something. This was John McCain’s major problem, besides picking a totally unqualified person to be his running mate, and besides being insane.

    • The amazing thng about mittens is that, even though he sounds like the sanest one in the bunch, he also displays the most overt signs of cognitive dissonance.

  4. BTW. I’m glad we decided against a drinking game since I don’t have cable and would have an unfair advantage. I will, however, consume roughly one pale ale per hour for the duration.

  5. Does starting this circus with a prayer – CNN just had a reverend/pastor/minister invoking gawd.

    The floor managers is now having the live audience practicing applause for when the goopers take the stage.

  6. dang this debate is going to be 2 hours – I can’t do that – what’s left of my sanity would be sorely tested…

  7. dang this debate is going to be 2 hours – I can’t do that – what’s left of my sanity would be sorely tested…

    Newtie – your team was supposed to give us the JOBS JOBS JOBS!

    oh, deary me – Shelly is all ‘pearled up’!

  8. It will go like this:

    Who is most subservient to God?

    Who is most interested in the sexual lives of others and what should be done to prevent other people’s sex lives?

    How may wars is the candidate prepared to start,for freedums and to honor our brave men and women in uniform who aren’t gay?

    Who has the best plan to secure our borders from socialist high-speed trains of evil?

    Who hasn;t seen Bin Laden’s death certificate and what steps will you take to ensure Hawaii releases the long form version to put the debate to rest?

    The War On Christmas seems to start earlier every year; How soon do you think Obama will secretly make Ground Zero a secret Muslim/Mau Mau shrine?

    Do you strongly agree or disagree with the following statement?”
    I would totally bang Sarah Palin, but I would never technically get caught sexting her pictures of my genitals because I have interns to do that sort of thing and take the blame for it if it should happen anyway and besides God will forgive me.

  9. I will have to rely on the live blog, per se, here at The Zoo cuz I’m watchin’ me some Game #6 of The Stanley Cup Finals.

  10. Ricky, put down the dog and listen to me. Businesses are artificial entities created on paper, Commerce can and should be regulated. Stop talking like any regulation is bad regulation. (Some is, but most is necessary.)

    Besides, without regulations, businesses could cheat each other out of everything.

  11. So are they all going to pee on each other to show trickle down works? Obviously Crazy Shelly will be at a disadvantage.

  12. I would pay to see this debate if all the contestants ate a few special brownies first. Otherwise, I will rely on the critters.

  13. Question from voter: Giving resume first…how can they convince him that they’ll take a balanced approach to governing.

    No such thing in repiggie politics.

  14. Finally back online. Comcast would be fired already if it weren’t for Countdown next week!

    Gingrich just gave Obama a pass on being responsible for everything with the part about needing majorities in both houses of congress.

  15. Cain: “I won’t take any oath longer than three words.”

    Remember, folks, running a government requires a completely different set of skills than running a business. The two have conflicting goals.

  16. How are they going to return manufacturing jobs to the US?

    Paul: Strong currency will do the trick! No one understands that crap. Low taxes, de-regulation!!

  17. R’s like to bitch about our huge corporate tax rates while ignoring the fact that virtually no businesses pay that rate.

    Capital gains should be taxed at the same rate as ordinary income. Why not?

  18. Ricky Santorum always likes to fling his arms around with flourishes and pointedly poke his finger in the air when he talks. Wow, what an orator.

  19. These idiots say they hate government, but all of them (except Cain) are either in government or have been in government.

    Why are they running for presidunce?

  20. Can we please relabel the mighty Right to Work bills and movements as the Right to Work for Pennies Because We Have To Bow to Corporate Majesty?

  21. Since I refuse to go on facebook, can someone here send in a question, such as, since it has been proven that the Bush tax cuts did not create jobs and are part of the reason for the current recession, why do Republicans insist that they should be made permanent?

  22. Sounds like this isn’t a debate, it is 7 seven people trying to justify why they are sucking up to corporate power. People? What people?

  23. So, by Ron Paul’s logic, we shouldn’t fund the Military Industrial Complex with our tax dollars, nor should we legislatively prohibit them from selling what they make to other countries who could use them against us.

  24. I am getting so sick and fucking tired of hearing these dickwads say “People think government knows how to do things better than the private sector.” They are completely distorting the truth.

    • They hate facts. The private sector is very good at accumulating profits. The public sector is very good at getting a job done. Profits mean more to them than accomplishment.

  25. On the housing slump, T-Paw only sees government as the problem. He doesn’t cite credit default swaps or irresponsible banks. Sure, Freddie and Fannie deserve their share of blame. But seriously – too much regulation was the problem?

  26. Holy F’g Jupiter – Mittens wants disaster relief to go to the ‘private sector’ – (using Federal money, of course).

  27. As long as America can post a profit, the R’s are happy. The way things are going they won’t be happy for much longer.

  28. Jebus Fracking Crikey, these guys are so pro-business, so afraid to offend or anger in any way!

    DOCTOR Ron Paul thinks we should all take care of ourselves (healthcare-wise) – then why is he a DOCTOR??!!

  29. The only reason Medicare would not be financially solvent is because we have a for-profit health care system. Go to Single payer and the money problems go away.

    I would never want to go to a doctor who went into Medicine just for the money. Like, apparently, Ron Paul.

  30. Chile worked??? Chile worked??? The country run by a corrupt dictator that we installed and told to run the country according to Milton Friedman’s disastrous economic policies worked? What an ignoramus!

  31. Thank you, everybody. I can’t stomach watching it live so I’ve been devouring your posts. It seems apparent that the GOoPers are not failing to disappoint.

    Is there any “moderator” left who has the integrity to say; “sir (or madam) that’s simply not true”?

  32. No, Mitt, we won’t raise the debt ceiling unless the fucking republicans grow the fuck up!

    Now I’m getting angry!

    Why the hell don’t they acknowledge that Republicans in the Senate are blocking everything Obama wants to do?

    • No, Wayne, they won’t. Not unless they realize their dad has dreams of granduer way beyond his capacity to deliver. Not thinking that will happen.

  33. I think Romney’s emerging tonight as easily the most plausible candidate. Bachmann and Cain seem much less responsible and a scary.

    And the crowd is scary stoopid.

  34. Newt, Both Bush and Cheney lied when they took their oaths of office. Alberto Gonzales lied when he took his oath of office. Jay Bybee and John Yoo lied when they took their oaths of office. Does nay of that bother you?

    • oh, come on Birthday Boy- you know the answer to that –
      blinders for the Repugnant ones. They do no wrong. Only the Dems.

      Neut wants to resurrect Jos. McCarthy to administer Loyalty Oaths!

  35. The president can’t overturn state laws granting same-sex marriage. Who is this asshole asking the question? You can’t overturn state laws like that.

    Shelly thinks the best way to raise children is to have a mother and a father and twenty-two siblings.

  36. T=Paw supports amendment.

    Paul tells us to look up marriage, should be church.

    Romney amendment.

    Newt amendment.

    Santorum amendment.

    Batshit, contradicts herself, wants it both ways.

  37. Paul thinks government should stay out of marriage completely and leave it to churches.

    That would be fine, but government needs to call what everyone currently has a “civil union”, and give “marriage” no legal weight whatsoever.

  38. I don’t have the stamina to watch the fools, court jesters, liars and bigots, racists and religious fanatics “debate” one another.

  39. How can a never-ending war ever be over, Mitt?

    BTW, Republicans, the President is Commander-in-Chief, not the wartime generals. If your generals don’t like your style of command, they can resign their commission.

    Ricky, if you had your way, Herman Cain could not join a racially integrated army.

  40. Abortion question to Frothy Mix about Mittens’ past stand on abortion.

    Not answering question, not taking bait re Romney. Going on and on about sanctity of life.

    Yeah right…

  41. Some rough impressions. Ron Paul? The schtick is wearing thin. Pawlenty? Somewhat lost. Gingrich? Petulant and extremist. Cain? Smarmy and not serious. Romney? Very polished and authoritative. Santorum? Tight-assed. Bachmann? Compelling but nuts.

    • That is absolutely right! They keep looking to the Declaration of Independence as a “founding document.” And it was, until the Constitution came along and negated some of the things in that document.

  42. Paul question about the 5 year old illegal in the ER — no she shouldn’t get treatment.

    It’s all about the money, so fuck that kid until her “natural death.”

  43. What is this idea of “freedom” that Ron paul keeps going on about?

    Napolean Solo, the Man from U.N.C.L.E. asked his friend Illya Kuryakin, “Are you free this weekend?” And Illya answered, “No man is free who has to work for a living, but I am available.”

  44. Hmmm, let’s build a wall, like the Berlin Wall. Keep folks out. Lets see how long it lasts. Can we outdo 1963 to 1987? Or was it 88? We all know those darned Mexicans are just a bunch of capitalists, errr, socialists, oh heck let’s build the Great Wall of the Rio Grande just because we have so damn much extra cash here in Amurka.

  45. So far, there’s been no discussion of foreign policy at all. Strange when we are at war in three countries at a time of massive doubt.

  46. re: immigration, they’re all talking about the southern border, yet the northern border is never mentioned. Last I heard, the federal govt was trying to update a survey of our northern border, but Bush cut funding for the project, so, I believe, fewer than 100 surveyors trying to define our northern border with little equipment to get through the terrain in order to do so.

    • Have they ever caught a suspected terrorist coming over the Mexican border? They caught the Millenium Bomber guy on the Canadian border.

      Wonder why they’re not worried…?

      • Damn Canadians. Trying to spread their evil socialist health care and beer into America. Where is the demand to shut that down?

  47. What does it say when an illegal Mexican takes the time to have a better understanding of America than the 7 clowns posturing in NH?

  48. Watch out for those hosers….. they’s all socialists with their free health care and progressive taxes and tight gun control….. commies I tell you! /foaming rant off

  49. TPM on TPaw’s choke:

    Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty blew his first big chance to draw a distinction between himself and his top rival, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. For the past 36 hours, Pawlenty has ribbed Romney for being the architect of “ObamneyCare” — the mandated universal private health insurance plan that Romney pioneered in Massachusetts, which served as a basis for the new national health care law.

    But offered a chance by CNN host John King to confront Romney with the barb in person at a presidential primary debate in New Hampshire Monday, Pawlenty demurred.

    Kiss o’ death?

  50. Yes, it’s long past time to bring our troops home. There is no justification for them being there. In Iraq OR Afghanistan.

    Once again, they want to let our generals run our military. They don’t want to be in control of our military.

    Okay, Ron Paul gets it as far as the military goes.

  51. God loves Israel. That’s why it wasn’t a country for almost 2k years.

    God loves Republican conservatives. That’s why the Constitution pisses them off so bad.

  52. Libya – Libya – Libya. No mention about the fustercluck that was/is Iraq, hmm wonder why?
    Oh, that’s correct it was their fearful leader Georgie-boy who lied us into that.

  53. A quick glance around the web leaves an impression. These freaks are more distasteful, more dishonest, and more stupid than we realized before. Gathered together they feed off each other and the result is just too abhorrent for words. I will do everything within my power, short of running around with a gun and/or pillowcase full of grenades, to keep any and all of them away from the White House. Now I’m going to pound a bunch of beers and watch some Hulu to drive the dark thought from my mind.

    G’night, good people. We see the enemy and know them by their fruits. We can’t let the sheer exhaustion from each additional outrage allow the stupid and the greedy to shape the future. We can’t.

  54. Gingrich wants a “fundamental” change in US policy toward the Middle East. But, of course, he proposes nothing.

  55. “Our friends no longer trust us”??? And that’s supposed to be Obama’s fault? Bush was the one who pissed off the rest of the world by lying about the threat posed by Iraq and by taking his eye off Afghanistan. And Ricky supported Bush all the way in that.

  56. Polls mean jackshit! I don’t care what anybody says, you cannot assess what a nation of nearly a third of a billion think by asking what 900 of them chosen at random think. The math is being misapplied. You can only use statistical analysis like that on known facts, not uninformed opinions.

  57. oh, puke – Palin is more qualified to be President than Biden. T Pawl

    Mittens: “Anyone on stage could be better Pres. than Obama”

    • Romney did a great job of taking a position that covered every possible angle of every single issue. I’m still attempting to stop gagging.. Trying to please every single possible voter with every single answer, as well as trying to hog the most time. And that fakey phoney smile.. Blech….

  58. I couldn’t watch…or listen…and thank goodness there is no Smell-A-Vision…’cause me thinks they would STINK.

  59. When will they ever learn? The more you lower taxes on corporations, the more individual people have to pay to keep our government running.

    It’s a false premise to try to say how much each man, woman, and child will have to pay to cover our debts. Revenue can also be raised from corporate taxes, tariffs, and other sources. We can also find ways to make foreigners pay taxes and increase revenues that way. But to try to say that only individuals will pay taxes is a false premise.

  60. A 2 hour Republican debate and no one addressed Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security?

    Seven crazed wussies. No serious contenders.

      • I went over there and voted for Mittens as the “least insane” – I didn’t realize that one could comment within one’s vote, so I registered and commented separately a couple of times. If you go there (, you’ll see certain respondents with their choice in a green line with a comment below it. Most people explained their choices with comments like “who cares, the American people lose, Obama won, the Democrats won, etc. Most of the choices seemed to be done by “most crazy” or “least crazy”.

  61. Sorry, late to the game. Had to pick up my sis, husband and niece at the airport. Watched early part of debate, hurled and turn it off. Came home, watched the end of it, hurled and kicked my TV. And what was with John Kings muttering while the idiots babbled on and on and on.

    Dumb-Herman Cain
    Dumber- Timmeh Pawlenty
    Dumbest- Crazy Shelly (I heard her comment about the tea party being a wide swath that includes democrats and independents…) Liar!

    Newt, looks to recover, stood the toughest, Mitt looked normal compared to all the crazies, Ron Paul is losing it….(his mind)

  62. The 2012 election will have a huge base in the Social Security/Medicare question. The R’s are out to undo between 70 and 50 years of American acceptance. /They are trying to tell America these programs are bad and don’t work. Problem is, most folks who are in that range know that is pure, unadulterated crap.

    Which sort of has the effect of making them wonder how much else of their claims is the same.

    Never piss off old people.

  63. Brief mention of Medicare , as it is now, not being around for long.
    The usual blather about not touching current (55 and older).
    Privatizing was mentioned.
    It wasn’t a lengthy ‘debate’ that’s for sure.

  64. K, I’m the latest to the game, I plead tomatoes and hot tub. Did any of them say “job creators”, because I need another glass of wine? Did Cain acknowledge that he is , in fact, his brother’s keeper?

  65. so to summarize the platform rather than the politicians;

    less corporate taxes, less regulation privatize everything government is bad god is great

    that;s what 7 people took 2 hours to say.

  66. Have another glass of wine – don’t recall if Cain mentioned anything about assisting anyone in a time of need.

    I do believe the blessed phrase “job creators” was mentioned – I don’t recall in what context – sorry so you may still raise the bottle to pour another glass!

    (mmm,mmm, mmm I smell the sweetness of tomatoes on the vine. Eating a ripe tomato fresh off the vine – food for the gods!)

    • oh, “job creators”, not j’ob creation’—I stand corrected.

      The context must have been “rich people are the job creators” ( they just can;t decide between all the millions of qualified job seekers at the moment.)

    • Don’t you sort of wish that whenever they mentioned what 5th paraphrased above, the whole cut taxes and regulation bullshit, the entire assembly of reporters and citizens in attendance would rise up and say “You lie!”.
      Drinking to job creators and producers of tomatoes everywhere.

      • I think if the citizens and reporters in attendance said “you lie” they’d be admitting that they all lied to themselves too and then they’d all start crying and apologizing and go on and on about how bad they felt about it all and how they were going to straighten up and fly right from now on and then start droning on about how it must have happened and if only they’d just….. and then we’f have to listen to it all and fetch them more kleenex and it would just be a bloody drag…and then they’d want us to be their sponsor for their 12-step program and insist on getting our phone numbers to …you know… just talk….you know? and so

        NO I DO NOT WISH IT! :D..

        • Whatever was I thinking? While I wish with all my heart that these folk would put down the Ayn Rand crack pipe, look at their fellow humans and realize that what advances the life of one advances the entire human condition, I am so not ok with these dysfunctional folk calling me to expound on their victimhood.

  67. I only watched during the commercials on MSNBC as there was a scheduling conflict. I did watch the last 5 minutes and I got the impression that this was a GOP version of Woodstock. Not one of them tried to post a challenge to another or put another of the group down.

    • Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, Walt. That’s why T-Paw didn’t back up his slam on Romney. That’s why they all balked at saying which of the other candidates they would choose to be in their administration. Obviously they each think they are better qualified than the others or they wouldn’t challenge them for the job.

  68. Glad-handing, Walt – pretty much sums it up.

    T-Pawl wouldn’t even utter his “Obamney Care” while Mittens was in the room.

    You chose wisely on your evening viewing!

    • Well Mitt has those wide shoulders you could land a 757 on and those magic underwear. Timmeh is a punk.

    • Finally! A Candidate who has the courage to stand up and fight for thin crust and refuses to be bullied by Chicago gangster style deep dish pizza dough.! That’s who I want running this countrr!

    • Finally! A Candidate who has the courage to stand up and fight for thin crust and refuses to be bullied by Chicago gangster style deep dish pizza dough.! That’s who I want running this country !

  69. Apparently CNN iwill be hosting a Tea party debate soon—said John King about 25 minutes-in..

    1) The “Tea Party” isn;t a political party, it’s a chimera of a corporate propaganda exercise and GOP front to appear dynamic/
    2) The Teabaggers don;t know the meaning of the word ‘debate’
    3) So CNN is going to give the rabid Right Wing twice the air-time exposure…how convenient
    4) So who is going to be in the line-up?

    • Valid observations, 5th. I wouldn’t mind them doing that if they spent time before the “debate” explaining to their viewers just how much the Tea Party is not a “grass roots movement” but a Koch Industries plot to destroy our country and, more importantly, to promote this program as part of the “debate” coverage itself.

      But instead of having candidates for president “debate,” they should have all of the various Tea Party leaders answers questions, while standing at the same kinds of podiums the Republicans used tonight, about what THEY would do as president. Only they should press them when they lie or distort reality. I think it’s important for the American people to understand just how out-of-touch these Tea Party people are.

    • CNN picked Romney as their favored candidate, which is why he was in the center. (O’, not making that up)/
      CNN’s Repub/Dem Insider poll gives Romeny the WIN, Bachmann sloppy second.

      It;s over… Romeny’s the candidate, but will Bachmann be his VP prick? Oooooh.!!

  70. Weird…so I’m watching Boomerang (ya, ya..) and Sealab 2020 is on. It’s an episode where one of the Sealab people sold out to a company to drill for oil in a protected area. The episode is dated 2000 and most of the staff is worried about pollution and killing off the area.

    “Let’s just give the oil company a chance…” the traitor says.


    • I don’t know, Zooey. The people I met there were sure nice enough, but clearly their state legislatures have not read (or fully understood) the Constitution which they all were required to take an oath to support and defend (by that very same Constitution.)

      Perhaps you should write to the governor and ask him:

      (Perhaps you could turn this into a post to encourage all of our visitors to contact Gov Bill Haslam.)

    • Ironic? – these ‘you might be interested in these articles’ is at the bottom of that articles page! (yest they had photos accompanying)

      Tennessee are you reading these? Better get on with the prosecutin’…

      3D porn channel launches in France

      British firm advertises for naked female web coders

      Webcam hacker uses “hot steam” ploy to get nude pics

      Men lie about sex; companies lie about cybercrime

    • So, if video of the Governor of Tennessee signing this bill into law gets transmitted over the internets and causes me distress (which they should know it would since I once took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and they never told me it would expire) , can I have this law enforced against them?

        • Just looked up Tennessee GOP to see if it had any offensive pictures.
          Noticed a menu link for “Teenage Republicans” which sounded hopeful.
          ut what the Tenessee Teenage Republicans site DID have was this:

          This week’s blog contains information on the accomplishments of the Bush administration in 2005. Although Many people on the left side of the aisle would argue about the victories the Bush administration gained this year, many goals were accomplished. All of the accomplishments will be discussed in this week’s blog so check it out!

          and on the blog page, there was this:

          Fiscally speaking the United States remains on track to cut the deficit by 2009, by continuing restraint on spending and pro-growth economic policies the United States economy will continue expanding. </b< In order for the United States President Bush has called upon the US Congress to make his tax cuts permanent.

          OH and I just provided the 474th hit since, at least December 2005.

  71. Did you hear the beginning when the candidates…bah-ha-ha-ha…told the audience a little bit about themselves?

    Timmeh Pawlenty: I’ve been married for 22 years, have to lovely daughters and I’m a neighbor….

    “and I’m a neighbor…???” WTF was that suppose to mean?

  72. …just looked outside. OH! Full moon! Almost…so the Kluckery of Krazy was thrown off by an almost full moon.


  73. Well, I’m off to bed, it’s been fun, boys and girls. I had a busy and exciting day getting my eyes examined and picking out new frames with Wayne. BTW, when we were chatting with the optometrist the subject of “Colours of Infinity” came up, and he (the dr) jotted down the info about how to find it – eventually in the discussion I mentioned that he could come here and search the archives for it. I wonder if he stopped by tonight and saw our Klusterphucky. Oops! Well, maybe we’ll find out when we go to pick up our glasses.

    Goodnight, all.

    • Too funny, 5th. I’m going to have to read that closer tomorrow. My eyeballs are going bleary — too much time on the computer today.

      I just realized that I kept forgetting Newt was in the “debate” tonight. He made very little impression this evening — either way. That doesn’t bode well, does it?

      • Gingrich never had a chance anyway. He’s too short and he has no charm. His only reputation was that he’s clever and an intellectual ( GOP standards). but GOPers HATE actual intellectuals. Gingrich has also done jack shit, poltically, since he got kicked out. He’s not energetic, he’s boring and he’s been on TV every other damn day for 15 years. He’s the GOP Chia Pet–everyone knows him but who the hell is actually buying?

        • That’s a good way to look at it.

          I think the pundits (pundints in Palinese) like Gingrich, and think the people ought to like him too (for the intellectual bullshit), but the teabagger/repiggies out there aren’t into thinking — they’re into what feels good and what makes them feel safe (even if it totally doesn’t make any sense to anyone else).

  74. Wow. By the time I get to this thread, there’s almost 500 posts and everyone’s crashed out.

    It’s too late for me to read through all the posts, so forgive me if I cut to the chase:

    Who ended up being declared The MasterDebater?

    • In that respect – all!

      It wasn’t much of a ‘debate’ that’s for certain – I believe the media are calling it for Mittens.

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